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2012欧洲杯小组赛B组最后一轮比赛。南非世界杯亚军荷兰队风采不再,最终以1比2不敌葡萄牙,无冕之王荷兰三战全败小组垫底黯然回家。而在本组的另外一场焦点比赛中,德国队不出意外2比1小胜丹麦,三战全胜,昂首晋级八强。最终,德国和葡萄牙从准;死亡之组;B组顺利突围。Germany and Portugal both won their final group games to earn their places in the quarter finals. In the first game, Germanys Lars Bender scored the winner 10 minutes from time. It came after the Germans had taken a 19th-minute lead through Lukas Podolski and a Michael Krohn-Dehli header had given Denmark some hope.Germany, who qualifies with a 100% record, will now play Greece in the last eight. A Cristiano Ronaldo double put Portugal into the European Championship quarter-finals and sent the Netherlands out.The Dutch needed to win by two clear goals and started well as Rafael van der Vaart’s strike put them ahead. But the Netherlands faded badly and Ronaldo equalised before slotting in the winner. Portugal will next play the Czech Republic.201206/187265年仅5岁的艺术天才艾丽塔#8226;安德烈带着另一个充满活力的个展已经回到纽约。明亮、生动,活泼等词语用来描述这位天才澳大利亚女孩的艺术创作。Five-year-old art prodigy Aelita Andre has returned to New York with another vibrant solo show. Bright, vivid, and playful are words used to describe the paintings created by the Australian girl.Andre has been painting nearly all of her life, having crawled onto her first canvas. She created her first significant body of work before turning two-years old.Aly an art prodigy, her bold masterful style has garnered her worldwide attention, solo art exhibitions, and the distinction of being the youngest professional painter in the world.Last year, during her art exhibition at New York’s Agora Gallery, every one of her paintings was sold within seven days.Now, Andre is back for seconds. Bringing to market 22 colorful paintings, priced from 4,600 to 12,900 US dollars,Andre’s second solo exhibit is called ;Aelita Andre: Secret Universe;. The exhibition offers a look into the child’s mind. A mind filled with the fantasy of dinosaurs, unicorns and outer space.The exhibition runs until July 3 at the Agora Gallery in New York.201206/187267


Despite what happened and the horror and the loss除了那天的灾难 恐惧以及损失kind of amazing that Americans could rebound我很惊讶美国人能够重新振作and you know, they came back to New York,他们回到了纽约America came back to New York,不少美国人都回到了纽约and helped New York,并帮助纽约spent money in New York and visited New York.在纽约消费 游览We were able to do something so quickly,我们能够快速迅捷地so expeditiously in terms of getting back to order after the travesty of the World Trade Center when it came tumbling down.采取措施 来恢复世贸大厦倒塌后的正常秩序To have done that so quickly, its amazing.办事效率如此之高 令人惊讶不已You have the worst attack in the history of the country in the small little tip of the island在这个岛上的一小块地方遭受了史上最可怕的袭击and ten years later you go back and its filled with people.十年后你回到这里 发现依旧人山人海More people have moved there than ever in the history of that neighborhood.更多的人来到了这里 比附近地区历史最高人数还多Certainly it didnt have that many families.很明显 那里原本没有那么多人Now the playground is right around the spot where the planes hit, are filled with kids.现在 一个操场就建在飞机失事的地方 很多孩子在那里玩耍And so theres kind of this sense of like ;Yes, try it,fine, you can fly planes into our buildings,因此还有这种感觉 比如说;好啊 有种来啊 你能让飞机撞我们的大楼but, you know, were going to go back and build a new life for ourselves there.;但我们还会回来 在这里开始我们的新生活;America rebuilds and looks to the future.美国修复了伤口 继续展望未来400 years ago, adventurers crossed an ocean400年前 冒险家们远渡重洋and began an experiment that would become the ed States.并启动了一项后来成就了美国的伟大尝试They saved up every penny they had,他们省吃俭用so they could take treacherous ship ride to the ed States就为了能搭上危险的海船来到美国and then come to a country where there was nothing here.然后来到了一个一片荒芜的国家They had to make everything themselves,他们不得不白手起家build everything themselves.自食其力America was born out of adversity.美国诞生于逆境Its like in our DNA.这一点好像就写在我们的基因里At the start of new millennium,在新千年伊始the American experiment is still under way.美国的尝试仍在进行中This is an unfinished country.这是一个尚未成熟的国家Were not fully completed and settled and settled down.我们还没有完全完成使命并安定下来Therere still opening new space, new territory and were still incorporating new people仍有开放的新空间 新领域 我们仍然在不断吸纳新人who continually transform the very DNA of our society.他们会持续改变我们这个社会的基因The last decade of the 20th century20世纪的最后10年saw nearly 10 million new Americans welcomed into the country.近一千万的新美国人来到这个国家More than in any other decade of the countrys history.这个数字超过了美国历史上任何一个十年I think the unsung heroes, began with the first people with the courage to get on those very small wooden ships in 1607无名英雄不断涌现从1607年乘坐小木船来到这里的第一批勇敢的先辈们开始and have continued up to today.直到今天 仍是英雄辈出I always tell people, you just walk down the cab rank at National Airport我总是跟别人说 只要走到国家机场的出租车停靠站and list where people come from,记下人们都是来自哪里you realize that the spirit of immigration and the spirit of better future hasnt disappeared at all.就会意识到移民精神和追求美好未来的精神根本没有消失 /201305/238068UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Ibarra and the students and teachers at Lunsford Middle School in Chantilly, Virginia.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了伊瓦拉先生和Lunsford中学师生的课堂。What is the capital of Texas?德克萨斯州的首府是哪里?You know what to do, is it Dallas, Houston, Austin or El Paso? Youve got three seconds, go!你知道该做什么,它是达拉斯,休斯敦,奥斯汀还是埃尔帕索?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The capital of the lone start state is its fourth largest city Austin. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;这个州的首都是它的第四大城市奥斯丁。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Just outside of Austin, you can hop on highway 130 to toll road, and its one way to get from the states fourth largest city to its second largest, which is San Antonio.在奥斯汀附近,你可以跳上130高速收费公路,这是从这个州的第四大城市到它的第二大城市圣安东尼奥。But if you do take highway 130, starting next month, you might be able to make that trip a little faster.如果你在下个星期之后走上130高速路,你有可能让这次旅途更快。That is because the speed limit is going up for a stretch of 41 miles.那是因为速度限制提高了41英里。The new limit will be 85 miles per hours.新的限制会是每小时85英里。When that happens, this section of highway 130 will officially become the fastest road in America.在那个时候,130高速路的这部分会成为美国官方的最快的高速路。35 states have raised speed limits to 70 or higher.35个州的速度限制会提高到70英里或者更高。And the engineers who built this one, say that 85 is the safe and right speed for highway 130.据修建这条高速路的工程师说,85英里每小时是对高速路130来说安全而正确的速度。But some safety expert have raised concerns.但一些安全专家提出了质疑。They say that increasing speed limits leads to more accidents and more severe injuries in those accidents.他们说提高速度限制会导致更多的事故和事故中的伤害会更严重。 /201210/205169

How To Make Money From Home on HowcastEconomic downturns can be frightening, so pick yourself up and make some money in an environment you control.经济不景气让人恐慌,赶紧打起精神,在自己可以掌控的环境下办公吧You Will NeedInternet access Research Writing ability Communication skills Technical design skills Broadcast voice Friends Blog (optional) Soundproofing and recording equipment (optional) Be aware of internet scams claiming “fast and easy cash.”你需要有:可以上网调查写作能力交际能力技术策划能力好的嗓音朋友客(备选)隔音和录音设备(备选)Step 1: Search for ideasSearch for side job ideas, or a new career for free online. Don’t limit yourself to just one country. You can work remotely in Australia, Canada, the U.K. — any place in the world can be your zone of operations thanks to the internet.第一步 上网找点子在网上找一些可以免费弄的工作,不要把自己局限在一个国家,你可以选择澳大利亚,加拿大,英国,只要有网络,任何国家都可以。Step 2: Offer your creative talentsOffer your creative talent as a writer or editor on contract to firms and individuals. A market exists for someone who can provide incisive criticism, linguistic surgery, quick fixes, and inspired revisions.Try blogging to see if you can attract enough ers to pick up some advertising revenue.第二步 提供自己的创造天赋为单位或个人做一名作家或者一名编辑。那些提供尖锐的批评,语言修改,快速编辑和有启发性的的人,总是有市场的。Step 3: Contract with online servicesContract with online customer service and telemarketing companies who need people for order taking, sales, problem solving, or counseling.第四 网络为网络公司打电话,帮助下订单,卖产品,解答问题或者售后。Step 4: Experiment with auctionsExperiment with online auctions, learning to research, negotiate, and pull the trigger to make money on every sale.第四 网上拍卖学会在线拍卖,主动调查,谈判,积极促成每个买卖的成功。Step 5: Design a siteDownload free templates to design sites for businesses using a free hosting service. Link streaming and advertising shorts to your site to excite potential customers. Consider freelancing as a web designer.With a home-based business, you can carry deductions into the next year if they weren’t advantageous because of current year losses.第五 建立一个网站从网上下载免费的模板,建立自己的网页,通过流动视频和广告来取悦自己潜在的顾客。Step 6: Work in entertainmentRecord samples of your voice, ing commercial copy, and interview with a local agent as a voice-over specialist.You may have to outfit a room with soundproofing and high-end recording equipment.第六 工作和相结合录自己的声音,成为一个优质的画外音人。不过你需要有一个录音室来隔音和录音。Step 7: Answer surveysPick up extra cash answering questions for survey websites and becoming a mystery shopper who rates stores and products for money and discount coupons. Provide feedback for online focus groups.第七 回答网上的问题通过在有偿的网站上回答问题来赚取一些外快。Step 8: Start a networkStart a network marketing group. Whether selling insurance, legal services, food products, or supplements, bring in as many downline sellers as you need to make money without having to drive to an office every day.第八 建立自己的营销网络建立自己的营销网络,不断扩大自己的线下顾客,不论你是打算卖保险,法律务,食品还是小配件,一定的客户群可以保你不用每天去办公室上班。A survey found that over 17 million Americans were working from home one day a month — an increase of 74 percent from 3 years previous.201007/109385Today in History: Tuesday, May 7, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月7日,星期二May 7th,1915, during World War I, a torpedo from a German submarine sinks the ;Lusitania; off the coast of Ireland. Nearly 1200 people aboard the British ocean liner including 128 Americans are killed. The sinking helps push the ed States into joining the war against the Germany two years later.1945 end of World War II in Europe as Nazi Germany signs an unconditional surrender at ally headquarters in France. The allies officially celebrate the Nazi defeat the following day.1954, in Southeast Asia, the Battle of Dien Bien Phu ends as Vietnamese insurgents overrun French forces after a 55 day siege. In Washington, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles foreshadows America’s long and costly involvement in Vietnam during the next two decades.“An epic battle has ended. But great causes have, before now, been won out of lost battles.1840, composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky whose ballets includes Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker, is born in Russia.And 1941, big band leader Glenn Miller and his orchestra record the swing era “Chattanooga Choo Choo”Today In History, May 7th, Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press. /201305/238535

Dont panic if you see that ugly white mark that indicates a salt stain. Theres an easy way to get rid of it – if you act fast.如果你看到鞋子上出现盐渍导致的难看的白色印记,不要惊慌。如果你快速采取措施的话,去除盐渍的方法很简单。You Will Need你需要#8226;Water水#8226;White vinegar白醋#8226;Clean cotton cloths清洁的棉布#8226;Towel毛巾Steps步骤Step 1 Treat it fast1.快速处理Treat the stain as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to remove.尽可能快速处理盐渍。停留的时间越长,要去除就越困难。Step 2 Mix vinegar and water2.将醋和水混合Mix two-thirds of a cup of water with one-third of a cup of white vinegar.将三分之二杯水和三分之一杯白醋混合。Step 3 Rub on shoes3.擦拭鞋子Dip a clean cotton cloth into the mixture and gently rub it into the stain, taking care not to saturate the leather.将清洁的棉布浸入混合溶液中,轻轻擦拭盐渍,注意不要把皮革浸湿了。Step 4 Rinse and wipe4.清洗Rinse with a water-dampened cloth and wipe with a clean towel. Let shoes dry.用清水浸泡的棉布清洗,并用干净的毛巾擦干。让鞋子晾干。Dont leave the shoes near heat or the leather could crack.不要把鞋子放在靠近热源的地方,否则皮革会断裂。Step 5 Repeat5.重复If the stain reappears, repeat the process until its gone.如果盐渍重新出现,重复以上处理过程,直到盐渍消失。Step 6 Shine your shoes6.擦亮鞋子Buff your shoes with a cotton cloth.用棉布把鞋子擦亮。More than 13 million tons of salt are applied to roads and streets in the U.S. each year.美国每年在道路上撒超过1300万吨盐。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/230076

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