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郭敬明执导的处女座《小时代上映 -- :35: 来源: 郭敬明执导的处女座《小时代上映Tiny Times hits Chinese theaters" align"middle" src"http:www.58en.comuploadfile8638.jpg" md5"" valign"center" >由中国畅销小说家郭敬明执导的处女座《小时代于年8月8日在中国影院上映Tiny Times , the sequel to Chinese best-selling author Guo Jingming's directorial debut Tiny Times, opened in theaters across China on August 8, .According to Sina Entertainment, audiences the sequel were still a hit amongst young women in their twenties, who were still overwhelmed with watching lavish livestyles of the protagonists on the big screen.It was also reported that those who have aly seen the sequel couldn't get enough of the film and would like to see yet another chapter.Most audience members thought that compared with the first installment, the plot was much richer the second time around and the relationships between the characters were more complex.One male viewer said, "I just watch these kinds of films fun. My parents may say the film is surreal, but I think those in our age group can relate to the film."Tiny Times raked in 0 million RMB (.5 million) on its opening day."80 to 90% of our tickets were sold out, even during the daytime," said Cao Yong, manager of Anzhen UME Cineplex."This is very high a domestic film," Cao added. 郭敬明执导的处女座《小时代上映

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 婚前想想Am I with a good person?我的伴侣是个好人吗?Knowing what you know about your partner today, would you vouch them if they were a friend?现在要尽可能多的去了解你的伴侣,如果仅仅是朋友你敢对他她的人品打包票吗?Am I still me?我还是我吗?Being in love with someone should notrequire changing our identity to fit someone else idea of who we should be,on any level.和某个人相爱不应该要求自己改变或者去成为别人希望自己成为的人或者去达到别人要求的水准What is my gut telling me?直觉告诉我什么?You have intuition a reason. Listento yourself.对于一些缘由你一定有所直觉听从自己的直觉【知识点讲解】be in love with v.与…恋爱,迷恋; 爱恋;例句:Second, Miss Tang had many boy friends and might aly be in love with someone. 第二, 唐的男朋友很多,也许已有爱人.I think you have to Be in love with someone to get it up, JiII. 我想你还爱着某些人去干那个, 吉尔.George: I think I be in love with this woman. 乔治: 我想我是爱上这女人了.《年全部节目MP3资料包请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),关注之后后台回复:,即可自动获取![本节目属] 5633

你能来帮我洗洗碗吗- ::9 A:Can you give me a hand with the dishes?你能帮我洗碗吗?B:Sure. Should I wash or dry?当然我应该洗还是应该擦干?A:I wash and you'll dry.我来洗,你来擦干B:OK. Let's do it.好我们干起来吧

Officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo have launched a scheme to reduce the number of illegal weapons in the east of the country by offering 50 dollars each one that is handed in. But a B correspondent in Kinshasa says this campaign may prove counter-productive as the money gunner owners receive their weapons would allow them to buy two more on the black market.刚果民主共和国发起了旨在减少该国东部非法武器的行动,向每一上缴的武器提供50美元但是金沙萨一名B记者表示,这项运动会产生适得其反的效果,因为持者因上缴武器收到的钱足够在黑市场重新购买两武器 193"It is deeply disappointing to see a company build a business off my Chinese name without my permission, use the number 3 and even attempt to use the names of my children," Jordan said in a statement.

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Life lessons人生必学的课程You have to break the rules sometimes.有时你需要打破规则We follow rules so that things are in order and no one is disturbed unnecessarily. 我们遵守规则,这样事情就会有序,没人会受到不必要的干扰This is true in case of traffic and other company rules but when it comes to your life, there are rules made by people who are scared to do something apart from their routine and theree they made rules to prevent others doing so. 这适用于交通规则和公司的一些规则但是在你的生活中,有些规则是由一些除了日常活动外什么也不敢做的人设定的,他们设定规则来阻止其他人这样做But when time passes by and you think you arenot being directed towards your goal and these so called rules are your biggest obstacles, BREAK THEM. 但是随着时间的流逝,你认为自己没有朝着目标前进,那些所谓的规则是你最大的障碍那就打破它们吧Sometimes, we need to be bold and act courageously.有时,我们需要大胆一点,需要勇敢地行动起来apart from 除此之外(表示除…以外别无);例句:Apartfrompeppers and aubergines, many other vegetables grill well.除了辣椒和茄子,很多其他蔬菜也十分适于烧烤prevent from 防止;防备;阻止做某事例句:My only idea was topreventthe womanfromspeaking.我唯一的想法就是不让那女人讲话. bold adj.明显的,醒目的;勇敢的,无畏的;莽撞的;陡峭的 例句:He believes that students should be encouraged to experiment withboldideas.他认为应该鼓励学生们将大胆的观念付诸试验更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 387我带你去商场更换个大号的衣吧- :01:37 A:Come in and have some coffee, Anna. The kids have just gone out to the mall to hang out with their friends.安娜,进来喝杯咖啡孩子们刚出去和他们的朋友们逛购物中心B:I saw a lot of teenagers when Alan and I were there yesterday.昨天我和艾伦在那里的时候看到很多青少年A:They spend hours there, especially on weekends.他们在那里玩几个小时,尤其在周末B:Speaking of that trip, Alan bought a shirt at a department store, but the sleeves are too long. Do you know a seamstress or tailor who can shorten them?说起那次旅行,艾伦在商场买了一件衬衣,但是袖子太长了你认识什么裁缝师可以将它们弄短一点吗?A:I know several. But wouldn't it be easier to take the shirt back and exchange it the right size?我知道几个但是把衬衣拿回去换个合适的尺寸不容易一些吗?B:Isn't that complicated?那样不复杂吗?A:No, it's easy. We'll just take the shirt back to the men’s department and show them the sales slip. They'll exchange it the correct size or give you a refund.不,很简单我们只要把衬衣拿到男装部,给他们看销售发票他们要么会换个合适的尺寸,要么会把钱退给你B:We? Do you want to go with me?我们?你想和我一起去?A:Sure. I love going to the mall.好哇,我爱逛商场B:What do you do there… hang around, like the kids?你去那儿做什么……闲荡,像那些孩子一样?给某人许可-- 19:59:55 给某人许可1 .As you wish.随你的便. By all means.当然可以3. 1 don't mind,just我不在乎,就随你了. If you like.如果你愿意5. Of course.当然6.Please don't hesitate to do that.这事请放心去做7. No reason why you shouldn't.你没什么不应该的8. 1 can see no objection.我看没什么不可以的9. I don't find any objection.我看不出有什么不可以的. That's quite in order.这很妥当Dialogue(对话)Model 1A: Can I go home on vacation?假期我可以回家吗?B:I don't see any reason why not.没什么理由不让你回去A: You need my hand, don't you?你需要我帮忙,不是吗?B:Yes, but I think I can manage.是呀,但是我想我能对付Model A: Do you mind if I change the channel?我换一下频道你介意吗?B: Of course not.当然不A: What do you prefer, sports or music?你喜欢体育节目还是音乐节目?B: It all depends.那得看情况Model 3A: May I ask a favor of you?帮个忙行吗?B: What's it?什么事?A: Fetch me some water,给我弄点儿水来好吗?B:No Problem.没问题

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