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Toast Speech by Richard Nixon 尼克松访华祝酒词Mr. Prime Minister and all of your distinguished guests this evening:总理先生,在座的各位贵宾:On behalf of all of your American-guests, I wish to thank you the incomparably hospitality which the Chinese people are justly famous throughout the world. I particularly want to pay tribute, not only to those who prepared the magnificent dinner, but also to those who have provided the splendid music. Never have I heard American music played better in a eign land. Mr. Prime Minister, I wish to thank you your very gracious and eloquent remarks. At this very moment through the wonder of telecommunications, more people are seeing and hearing what we say to them than on any other such occasion in the whole history of the world. Yet, what we say here will not be long remembered. What we do here can change the world.我谨代表你们的所有美国客人向你们表示感谢,感谢你们的无可比拟的盛情款待中国人民以这种盛情款待而闻名世界我不仅要特别赞扬那些准备了这次盛大晚宴的人,而且还要赞扬那些给我们演奏这样美好的音乐的人我在外国从来没有听到过演奏得这么好的美国音乐 总理先生,我要感谢您好作的如此盛情和意味深长的讲话此时此刻,通过电讯的奇迹,在 观看、在聆听我们的讲话的人数是空前的也许,我们在这里的讲学不会长留于人们的心中,但我们在这里所做的事却能改变世界As you said in your toast, the Chinese people are a great people, and the American people are a great people. If our two peoples are enemies, the future of this world we share together is dark indeed. But if we can find common ground to work together, the change world peace is immeasurably increased.正如您在祝酒词中时讲的那样,中国人民是伟大的人民,美国人民是伟大的人民如果我们两国互相敌视,那么我们共同拥有的这个世界的前途就会暗淡无光但是,如果我们能找到相互合作的共同立场,那么实现和平的机会就将无法估量地大大增加In the spirit of frankness vvhich I hope will characlerize our talks this week, let us recognize at the outset these points: We have at times in the past been enemies. We have great differences today. What brings us together is that we have common interests which transcend those differences. As we discuss our differences, neither of us will compromise our principles. But while we cannot close the gulf between us, we can try to bridge it so that we may be able to talk across it.我希望我们这个星期的会谈将是坦率的本着这种坦率的精神,我们一开始就认识到这样几点:过去的一些时期我们会是敌人今天我们有巨大的分歧.使我们走到一起的,是我们有超过这些分歧的共同利益在我们讨论我们的分歧的时候,我们哪一方都不会在我们的原则上妥协但是,虽然我们不能弥合我们之间的鸿沟,我们却能够设法搭一座桥,以便我们能够越过它进行会谈So, let us, in these next five days, start a long march together. not in lockstep, but on different roads leading to the same goal, the goal of building a world structure of peace and justice in which all may stand together with equal dignity and in which each nation, large or small, has a right to determine its own m of govemnient, free of outside interference or domination. The world watches. The world listens. The world waits to see what we will do. What is the world? In a personal sense. I think of my eldest daughter whose birthday is today. As I think of her. I think of all the children in the world, in Asia,in America, in Europe, in the Americas, most of whom were born since the date of the foundation of the People Republic of China.,让我们在今后的五天里在一起开始一次长征吧,不是在一起迈步,而是在不同的道路 上向同一目标前进这个目标就是建立一个和平和正义的世界结构,在这个世界结构中,所有的人都可以在一起享有同等的尊严;每个囯家,不论大小,都有权利决定它自己的政府形式,而不受外来的干涉或统治全世界在注视着,全世界在倾听着,全世界在等待着看我们 将做些什么这个世界是什么呢?就个人来讲,我想到我的大女儿,因为今天是她的生日当我想到她的时候,我就想到全世界的儿童亚洲、非洲、欧洲以及美洲的儿童,他们大多数都是在中华人民共和国成立以后出生的What legacy shall we leave our children? Are they destined to die the hatreds which have plagued the old world, or are they destined to live because we had the vision to build a new world?我们将留给我们的孩子留下什么遗产呢?他们注定是要因为那些曾祸患旧世界的仇恨而死亡呢,还是因为我们缔造一个新世界的远见而活下去呢?There is no reason us to be enemies. Neither of us seeks the territory of the other, neither of us seeks domination over the other, and neither of us seeks to stretch out our hands and rule the world.我们没有要成为敌人的理由无论我们哪一方都不企图侵占对方的领土;无论哪一方都不企图控制对方;无论我们哪一方都不企图伸手去主宰这个世界Chairman Mao has written, ;So many deeds cry out to be done, and always urgently; the world rolls on, time presses. Ten thousand years are too long, seize the day, seize the hour!;毛主席写过:“多少事,从来急;天地转,光阴迫一万年太久,只争朝夕“This is the hour. This is the day our two peoples to rise to the heights of greatness which can build a new and a better world.现在正是只争朝夕的时候了,是我们两国人民去攀登伟大事业的高峰,缔造一个新的、更美好的世界的时候了In that spirit, I ask all of you present to join me in raising your glasses to Chairman Mao, to Prime Minister Zhou, and to the friendship of the Chinese and American people that can lead to friendship and peace all people in the world.本着这种精神,我请求诸位同我一起举杯,为毛主席,为周总理,为能为全世界人民带来友谊与和平的中美两国人民之间的友谊,干杯! 7。

本期主播:Sean-本科毕业于上海交通大学,现在就读于多伦多大学本期文章:;The Imitation Game;, Alan Turing amp; Me录制地点:加拿大 多伦多文:;The Imitation Game;, Alan Turing amp; Me客:Gift of the Gob垫乐:1. Alone with number《模仿游戏. 《模仿游戏电影原声3. Daydreaming. Alan Turing Legacy5. 夜空中最亮的星The epicentre of Manchester gay scene is Canal Street. Here, and in the surrounding side streets, are brightly lit bars, pubs and clubs of the queer night scene. Every year, the entire gay village is closed off Manchester Pride – a massive party over the August bank holiday weekend. I lived in Manchester whilst I did my clinical training and my best friend and I would always go to Pride – it was the highlight of our summer placement. Usually though, I would get tired and overwhelmed by the party atmosphere. There was, however, my oasis to retreat to. Just off Canal Street, and bordered by a University of Manchester building, there is Sackville Park – a tiny piece of green in the middle of the city centre. It is one of my favourite places in the world. By the canal, there is the Beacon of Hope, a lovely memorial to those who have lost their lives to HIVAIDS. And on a park bench in the middle, is a beautiful statue of Alan Turing. He is holding an apple, and the plaque at his feet declares ;Father of computer science, mathematician, logician, wartime codebreaker, victim of prejudice; along his name and dates. I fell in love with this memorial the moment I saw it, tears rolling down my cheeks. I found it by accident – I didnt know it was there. I just came across this tribute to a man who was a hero of mine, and it touched me deeply. I first about Alan Turing when I was about ten, in an annual. It had a small piece on the Turing Test. I was fascinated – my family didnt even have a computer at this point, but I was intrigued by the whole idea of Can Machines Think? So much so that Christmas, I was given a Vtech PowerPad – the type which had quizzes and word games, but you could do simple BASIC programming on it as well. I loved it. It was the start of a lifelong inmation technology addiction. I learnt more about Turing as I became a teenager, in bits and pieces – never the whole story at once. I was about sixteen, seventeen and struggling with my own sexuality when I finally it. Of how the man who contributed so much to the whole idea of the computer, the code-breaking war hero, was also gay. Of how he was persecuted, and how he died – probably by his own hand and far, far too soon. Sometimes someone story can touch you, and continue to touch you time and time again. The century of Alan Turing birth in , and the active campaign an apology and pardon from the UK government, started to bring my hero name to greater public attention. The amazing documentary Codebreaker: The Alan Turing Story was aired on Channel and completely broke my heart. Then the casting news The Imitation Game was announced. My reaction was… intense (the screaming and dancing sort). Finally, finally there was going to be a major film about Turing – and they had cast my favourite actor to play him. I have been looking ward to this movie ever since. When I got a chance to meet Benedict Cumberbatch, I just about managed to tell him how much I was looking ward to seeing his permance because I admired Turing so much. Now, my twitter feed is full of the buzz from Telluride and Toronto. People are talking Oscars. The press junkets have started and amongst the usual silly questions, there have been a few gems of answers and comments. Particularly this one from Mr Cumberbatch: ;And even in that he turned that moment of his life into work … by studying morphogenesis, the mutation of cells to adapt to environmental stimuli and try to conquer their conditions by mutating into other organisms or different versions of themselves in order to survive. As the oestrogen was ripping his body and mind apart.;Turing story has always got to me – and I think it has got to Benedict Cumberbatch and the other film-makers too. And I think that is going to show in his permance. I have never anticipated a film in the way I do The Imitation Game. I guess I might be too emotionally invested in it. But this is a film I have needed a long time, and if everyone is talking come awards season, that means Alan Turing might finally get some of the recognition he deserves. And I will be at a screening the first opporty I can feasibly get. Tissues packed. Because something tells me I am going to need them. 3637。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻1. a book on suicideA man goes into a library and asks a book on suicide. The librarian says, ;you know what, go away, you wont return it.;一个男人走进图书馆借一本关于自杀的书图书管理员说::“赶紧走吧,因为你不会把这本书还回来”Notes:1. a book on suicide 一本关于自杀的书. librarian 图书管理员 371969。

You Used to...你曾经……An old man and an old woman were sitting together in their back yard.一个老爷爷和一个老奶奶一起坐在他们的后院里;You used to sit closer to me,; said the old woman.“你以前都是紧挨着我坐的,”老奶奶说So the old man moved closer.于是老爷爷坐近了些;You used to put your arm around me.;“你以前都是搂着我的”So the old man put his arm around her.于是老爷爷用手臂环抱着老奶奶;You used to kiss me.;“你以前会吻我的”So the old man gave her a slight kiss.于是老爷爷轻轻地吻了她一下;After that, you used to nibble on my ear.;“然后你会咬我的耳朵的”With that the old man got up.听了这话,老爷爷站了起来;Where are you going?; she asked.“你干吗去?”老奶奶问;To get my teeth,; he grumbled.老爷爷抱怨道:“去拿我的假牙” 35。

英语学习笔记:slide vi. 滑动;下滑bottom n. 底部;底端superior adj. 高傲的;上层的copy that 收到收到all the way 一路到底look up on someone 看得起某人You can slide all the way down to the bottom.你可以一路滑到底部How have you been up there?你在那里过得如何?I drove all the way up to CQ.我一路开车到重庆Can you keep it down?你能不能保持安静?Never look down on people less superior than you.不要轻视不如你的人更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 7。