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诸暨整形医院修眉多少钱义乌苏溪大陈镇疤痕修复多少钱4. As far as I... 就我所······ 用法透视 as far as的意思是“根据......而言”,这个句型中可以根据情况加入各种不同的动词。如:as far as I remember / recall / collect...:就我回忆......,as far as I know / tell...:就我所知......,as far as I can see...:依我所见......,as far as I can feel...:就我的感觉......。 持范例 1. As far as I recollect, there were few people in the village then. 据我回忆,那时候村子里几乎没人。 2. As far as I recall, they quarreled very often at that time. 就我回忆,那时他们经常吵架。 3. As far as I can see, he's a big liar. 就我所知,他不过是个大话精。 会话记忆 A: Have you seen Harry? 你见过哈利了吗? B: No. As far as I can remember he was supposed to be on a business trip to Lisbon. 我记得他应该去里斯本出差了。 A: Yes, but he was supposed to be back by now. 是的,可他该回来了。 B: Maybe you'll call his home. 或许你该给他家打电话 /200705/13026义乌隆胸哪个医院好 中级英语口语闪电速成[15] /200703/10682浦江人民医院激光除皱多少钱

义乌第二人民医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱So, to summarize, the idea is this:所以,总结来说,观点是:As our world becomes increasingly instrumented当我们的世界变得越来越工具化and we have the capabilities to collect and connect the dots我们有能力搜集和链接一个一个小点between what people are saying and the context theyre saying it in,将人们的话语和他们说这些话时所处得环境联系起来whats emerging is an ability to see new social structures and dynamics that have previously not been seen.那么呈现的将是洞悉社会结构和社交动态的新视野,那是以前我们没有看见过的Its like building a microscope or telescope这好像是造一个显微镜或者望远镜and revealing new structures about our own behavior around communication.展示了我们交流和行为间的新结构And I think the implications here are profound, whether its for science, for commerce, for government,我觉得其意义是深远的,无论是对科学而言,还是对商业、政府而言or perhaps most of all, for us as individuals.或许更重要的是,对我们每个人而言And so just to return to my son,所以我们把话题回到我的儿子when I was preparing this talk, he was looking over my shoulder,当我在准备这个演讲时,他在我身后看着and I showed him the clips I was going to show to you today, and I asked him for permission -- granted.我给他看了这段我今天将要给你们看的录相,我征求他的同意,他同意了And then I went on to reflect, ;Isnt it amazing, this entire database, all these recordings,然后我想,“这真是神奇的事情,整个数据库,所有这些录相Im going to hand off to you and to your sister; -- who arrived two years later --我会给交给你和你的”--是两年后出生的;and you guys are going to be able to go back and re-experience moments“你们两个将能够回顾重温that you could never, with your biological memory, possibly remember the way you can now?;你们生物记忆无法记得的这些时刻。”201705/509445永康激光祛痘印 Fiss and Amar Coleman. 费斯 阿玛尔科尔曼So many men and women who taught me so much but I will tell you this I still tell you this day I got my BA from Stanford. 很多老师教会了我很多 但我要告诉你们这个我仍然会说 我从斯坦福获得学士学位But my phd on the streets of Newark from folks who cared enough about me. 但我的士学位是在纽瓦克的街头巷尾拿到的它来自于足够关心我的那些人One of those people that I end with is a man named Frank Hutchins Frank was one of the most legendary tenant organizers in Newark history. 其中一个人名叫弗兰克.哈钦斯 最后我要讲他的故事弗兰克是纽瓦克历史上最传奇的承租人抗议组织者之一In the 1970s, he led the longest rent strike in one of our public housing project in the Central Ward of Newark. 1970年代 他在纽瓦克中心区的一个公共住房项目中 领导了最长的拒付房租行动And this man I met in my first months in Newark, I was still a law student here. 在纽瓦克初遇此人的时候我还是耶鲁的一名法学学生And he still says this, until the final years he would always say I knew you were somebody. 他总这么说 直到他生命的最后几年 他说我知道你会成为大人物You see, he saw things in me that I didnt see in myself He saw things in me that he cared about and loved. 他看到了我自己都没看到的自我他在我身上看到了他所关心和深爱的东西And he wanted to do everything he could to make manifest in this world So Frank took me under his wings, some of my most early battles in the Newark. 他希望尽一切可能让这些表现到这个世界上我在纽瓦克的早期生涯 一直得到了弗兰克的照顾As a young graduate of Yale law school whore by his side, taking more slum wars. 当时我刚从耶鲁法学院毕业在他的庇护下 挑战贫困Defending the rights of residence championing those who might have been poor but had rich spirits. 扞卫居住的权利拥护那些物质贫乏 但精神丰富的人But I tell you this ive learned about life The days goes so slowly but the years fly by. 我想告诉你们 我从生活中学到的道理一天天看似过得很慢 但一年年却在飞逝The years took their toll on Frank and his health started to deteriorate. His eyes actually started to fail. 弗兰克一天天地老去他的健康状况每况愈下 他的眼睛逐渐失明And we started this little funny thing we would do every time we would see each other I would knock on the door and he open door. I knew he couldnt see me. 以致于每次见面时 我们都要重复这滑稽的一幕我会去敲门 他打开门 我知道他看不见我But I say Frank its Cory here. He would say I know. I see you Cory Booker. I see you. 我会说 弗兰克 科里来了 他会说我知道 我看到你了 科里.布克 我看到你了201612/476813永康吸脂专家

永康市脸部去痣价格My most recent book -- my previous book was called ;The Know-It-All,;我最新的书--我前一本书叫做《无所不知》,and it was about the year I spent ing the Encyclopedia Britannica from A to Z in my quest to learn everything in the world,它是关于那年我花在阅读大英百科全书,从A到Z在我探寻学习世界万物中or more precisely from Aak, which is a type of East Asian music,或更精确的说,从;雅乐;--一种东亚的音乐,all the way to Zwyiec, which is -- well, I dont want to ruin the ending.到最后一条;日维茨;,这是--我不想搞砸了演讲的结尾。Its a very exciting twist ending, like an O. Henry novel, so I wont ruin it.能够在结尾做转折是令人兴奋的,像是欧亨利的小说,所以我不想搞砸它。But I love that one, because that was an experiment about how much information one human brain could absorb.但我喜欢这想法,因为那是一个关于人脑能吸收多少信息的实验。Although, listening to Kevin Kelly, you dont have to remember anything.虽然,根据凯文凯丽的说法,你不需要记得这件事。You can just Google it. So, I wasted some time there.你只要能谷歌就可以了。所以我浪费了点时间在这上面。I love those experiments, but I think that the most profound and life-changing experiment that Ive done is my most recent experiment,我喜欢那些实验,但是我觉得最奥妙且改变生命的实验是我最近刚完成的实验,where I spent a year trying to follow all of the rules of the Bible, ;The Year of Living Biblically.;我花了一年的时间尝试按照圣经上指导的原则生活--;依照圣经指导原则生活的一年;And I undertook this for two reasons. The first was that I grew up with no religion at all.并且我想这样做有两个原因。第一,我成长在一个完全没有宗教的环境。As I say in my book, Im Jewish in the same way the Olive Garden is Italian.并且如同我书上所说,说我是个犹太人,就像;橄榄花园;被当成意大利餐厅一样离谱。So, not very. But Ive become increasingly interested in religion.所以,当然不是这样。但是我已经对宗教越来越有兴趣。I do think its the defining issue of our time, or one of the main ones. And I have a son.我认为,在我们的生活中,这是一个明确的议题,或者说是主要的议题之一。而且我有一个儿子。I want to know what to teach him. So, I decided to dive in head first, and try to live the Bible.我想要知道拿什么去教他。所以我决定投入其中,并且尝试依照圣经而活。201706/515873 VOA流行美语 116: blow it/wing itLarry和李华两人正在做菜,准备一会儿带到朋友家参加party。今天李华会学到两个常用语:to blow it和to wing it.(Cooking sounds)LH: Larry, 那是什么味道?(sniffing) .........哎呀,糟了!是猪排烤焦了啦!LL: What? Oh no! I ruined them. They're stuck to the bottom of the pot. I blew it!LH: 你在说什么啊!你是把猪排烤焦了,又没有吹坏什么东西!你怎么说blow it呢?LL: When I said "I blew it", I meant that I ruined the whole dish. To "blow it" means to make a mistake that leads to total failure, or ruins a good opportunity.LH: 噢,原来blow it是指犯了错,把事情搞砸了,或者错过了一个大好机会。你啊!还真是把这道猪排给搞砸了。这样吧!给你个将功补过的机会,再给我举个blow it的例子吧!LL: Well, the other day I was playing pool with Jack. I was just two shots away from winning, but then I blew it: I sunk the eight ball and lost.LH: 哈哈! 你玩台球输给Jack ! 八成是你太有自信,所以才会在最后关头输掉。LL: And last week, I finally got a date with that girl from my international relations class, but I blew it. I took a nap, overslept, and showed up at her place an hour and a half late.LH: 哎, Larry, 你几星期来一直要约那个女孩出去玩。终于约到了,怎么会睡过头,还迟到一个半小时的呢!我看你啊!你真是砸了这个好机会。LL: Yeah, well, it wasn't as bad as when you had that job opportunity last week and blew it!LH: 哟,你说到我头上来啦!我没有拿到那分工作又不是我的错!我怎么知道他们在我的电话里留了言。LL: That's because you forgot to check it. That was a really good job, too, and you blew it!LH: 我没有听电话留言。就算是我blew it。******LH: 哎,Larry, 现在可怎么办?我们一个小时后就得到Jane的家里,可是我们一道菜也没做好!LL: Well, we'll just have to wing it.LH: Wings? 你是说鸡翅膀?可是我们已经没有时间到店里去买了啊!LL: No, no, Li Hua, I said we have to wing it. That means, we'll have to do the best we can with limited time and resourcesLH: 噢,原来to wing it是说在有限的时间和条件下尽量拼凑。好吧!那你有什么好办法?LL: Let me see, what do you have in the fridge? (sound of fridge opening) Hmm, there's some tofu in here, and some green onions. And there's all these jars of weird Chinese sauces. Maybe we can wing it by making some kind of tofu dish.LH: 嗯,让我看看.......!对了!这儿有豆腐,有葱,还有...让我看这瓶子里是什么...噢,四川辣酱! 得了,我们可以做麻辣豆腐,这道菜又快又容易,只要把豆腐切块,再切些青葱,半个小时就可以完工咯!LL: O.K., let's get to work. (sound of sink/cooking sounds). This is a great idea. People will love it, and no one will even notice that we're winging it.LH: 没人会看出我们是临时凑出这道菜的。所以Larry, to wing it是不是只能用在临时把东西放在一块儿,就像做菜?LL: Not always. For instance, when I covered for Jack and taught his history 101 students last week, I didn't have time to prepare for the class, so I just winged it.LH: 你替Jack上课,可是事前没有时间备课。咦?那你是怎么临时备好课的呢?LL: I the ing assignment just an hour before class began. The students knew I was winging it, but they were very understanding.LH: 上课前一小时看看指定阅读些什么材料你就去上课啦!那学生当然知道你是在凑合咯!LL:Li Hua, pay attention to your cooking, don't blow it this time!LH: 你放心,你没看见我老守在炉子边吗! 我绝不会blow it !今天李华学到的两个常用语,一个是to blow it,意思是把事情搞砸了,或者是错过一个大好机会。另一个常用语是to wing it,是指在有限的时间和条件下,临时拼凑完成一件工作。 /200602/3336浙江大学医学院附属第四医院激光除皱多少钱诸暨整形医院整形美容



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