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义乌北苑稠江街道人民妇幼保健医院吸脂手术多少钱义乌市祛痣多少钱综合英语经典译文之生日快乐歌的起源! --1 19:6: 来源: 经典译文happy birthday to you“ where did that song come fromthe story of how the song ”happy birthday to you“ came to be, began as a sweet one, that later soured. two sisters, mildred hill, a teacher at the louisville, kentucky experimental kindergarten, and dr. patty hill, the principal of the same school, together wrote a song the children, entitled ”good morning to all.“ when mildred combined her musical talents, as the resident expert on spiritual songs, and as the organist her church, with her sister’s expertise in the area of kindergarten education, ”good morning to all“ was sure to be a success.关于“祝你生日快乐”一歌是如何产生的故事,一开始是件令人愉快的事,到后来就变了味,令人很扫兴事情是这样 的:有俩,一个叫玛德里德·希尔,路易思维尔市肯德基实验幼儿园教师,一个叫柏蒂·希尔,该校的校长 俩一道为儿童们谱写了一首歌,歌名为“大家早上好”玛德里德是当地赞美歌的专家,再加上她的音乐天分,又是当 地教堂的风琴师,而且她在幼儿教育方面也很有经验,“大家早上好”一歌无疑是个巨大的成功the sisters published the song in a collection entitled ”song stories of the kindergarten“ in 1893. thirty-one years later, after dr. patty hill became the head of the department of kindergarten education at columbia university’s teacher college, a gentleman by the name of robert h. coleman published the song, without the sisters’ permission. to add insult to injury, he added a second verse, the familiar ”happy birthday to you.“1893年,两发表了一部歌曲集,题名为“幼儿园的故事”三十一年以后,在柏蒂·希尔出任哥伦比亚大学师范学院幼儿教育系系主任之后,一个名叫罗伯特·h·科尔曼的男士未经俩的允许,私自出版了这首歌,在这首歌后又加上了一段,即大家熟悉的“祝你生日快乐”,这就构成了对俩的伤害和侮辱科尔曼先生增加的第二段歌词使这首歌很快就十分流行mr. coleman’s addition of the second verse popularized the song and, eventually, the sisters’ original first verse disappeared. ”happy birthday to you,“ the one and only birthday song, had altogether replaced the sisters’ original title, ”good morning to all.“最终,俩的第一段歌词消失了“祝你生日快乐”,这首唯一的生日歌完全取代了俩原来的歌曲“大家早上好!”after mildred died in 19, patty, together with a third sister named jessica, sprang into action and took mr. coleman to court. in court, they proved that they, indeed, owned the melody. because the family legally owns the song, it is entitled to royalties from it, whenever it is sung commercial purposes义乌双眼皮修复多少钱   The biggest surprise in Red Sorghum is undoubtedly Zhou Xun. Although she’s mostly known making movies, Zhou has portrayed a couple of classic TV characters, such as Huang Rong in Legend of the Condor Heroes and the young Princess Taiping in Palace of Desire. Obviously, her elegant pixie-like features haven’t kept her from pulling off the role of the 19-year-old Jiu’er. Not as natural as Gong Li’s portrayal, though, Zhou certainly delivers a powerful new voice through the character.义乌洗纹身的价格

义乌治疗疤痕的医院职场英语:简易7招帮助白领告别压力积累热情 -- ::56 来源: 踏入职场,开始朝九晚五的生活,日复一日,年复一年在美国,83%的人反映自己频繁地感到工作压力,有来自身边同事的,来自老板的,来自工作任务本身的如果你也是职场压力族的一员,记得你并不是一个人但是,工作会是你数十年的伙伴,不要让积累的压力磨掉最初的热情Do you feel like you’re always stressed on the job? Untunately, you’re not alone. Some 83 percent of American workers say they often feel stressed at their jobs. If this isn’t bad enough, apparently our workplace lives are just getting more stressful. The same poll by Harris Interactive Everest College found only 73 percent of workers cited frequent stress just last year, meaning our stress levels have risen by percent in just months.在工作中,你是不是时常感觉有压力?不幸的是,这并不是个体现象83%的美国人反映自己经常在工作时感觉很有压力更不幸的是,现代人的工作生活显然正在朝着更大压力的方向发展哈里斯互动调查公司为珠峰学院做了同样调查,报告显示73%人表示仅在去年一年工作时间里就频繁地感觉有压力这意味着仅仅个月,人们的工作压力强度就上升了%(小编注:Everest College,珠峰学院是美国及加拿大安大略湖地区开展职业生涯培训的盈利性社区学院体系)Unsurprisingly, work stress is bad your health and your productivity. Rushing around in a frenzycan actually infect your team with second-hand stress, according to DePaul University professor Robert S. Rubin. Plus, the more we rush, the less we’re able to focus on any one specific task.毫无疑问,工作压力对健康和效率都有负面作用据芝加哥德保罗大学的罗伯特·鲁宾教授讲,工作中风风火火行事的人,还会给自己的团队成员造成二手压力而且,越着急,越不能集中注意力去执行任何一个特定任务“No one wants to be seen as the slowest moving object in the solar system. You have to keep up with the Joneses—literally,” Ben Jacobson, co-founder of Conifer Research, told The Wall Street Journal.“没有人想要太阳系里移动速度最慢物体的美名不夸张地讲,你必须跟着攀比” (从事公司行为与文化研究的芝加哥公司)“常青研究”的联合创始人本·雅各布森在《华尔街日报讲道Whatever happened to workplace simplicity? It’s time to cut back on your stress by taking a few simple steps to declutteryour work life. Here are a few ways to go back-to-basics and show your career stress the door:办公室的简化想法去哪儿了?现在是时候采取一些简单的方法减压,调整你的工作生活了以下是一些回归根基、驱走工作压力的方法:1. Kick Your Email Addiction1. 从邮件中脱身This might be hard to face, but it’s best to just tacklethe truth directly: you have an addiction and it’s your inbox. So many workers spend much of their day just playing catch-up to their emails. You might be in the middle of work when you hear the sirenbeep of a new email zooming into your inbox, and suddenly your work is halted so you can take a look.这点也许很难做到,但最好直面真相:你上瘾了,罪魁祸首是收件箱很多人将一天中的大多数时间都花在查收邮件上当你听到新邮件到达的提示音时,也许你正在工作,然后就中断手中的工作去查邮件了It’s time to detoxfrom your inbox. Choose a few times during your day to check your email and stick to this schedule no matter what. instance, you can check once in the morning, once around lunch, and a follow-up time an hour or two bee clocking out. By limiting the amount of time you spend lost in your inbox, you can tune out the noise and allow yourself to focus.是时间戒掉收件箱之瘾了选择一天中的几段时间查收邮件,并且无论怎样都坚持这样的安排比如,你可以早晨查一次,午饭左右查一次,然后在下班之前一到两小时再跟进一次避免了沉迷于收件箱所花费的时间,你就可以清除干扰,集中精力. Steer Clear of Workplace Drama. 远离办公室闹剧You came to your office to work and yet somehow your workplace has become more political than an episode of House of Cards. Office politics hurts company morale, and 7 percent of workers feel office politicking also hurts productivity. Sadly, a study by Robert Half International found 60 percent of workers felt like they had to play the game.你去办公室工作,但不知怎的办公室变得比《纸牌屋的剧集还政治化办公室政治会影响公司士气,且7%的员工表示办公室的政治化同时影响效率可悲的是,“罗勃海佛国际”的一个研究显示,60%的员工觉得他们不得不配合办公室的政治游戏Don’t get caught up in stressful office politics. Let your work speak itself and take yourself out of negative situations where gossip flows and hurt feelings flourish. One of the best ways to simplify your work life is to steer clear of the drama.不要陷入压力重重的办公室政治中做好自己的事情,让工作成果自己说话远离那些流言蔓延、恶语伤人的负面情境简化工作生活最好的方法之一就是远离办公室闹剧3. Give Yourself a Break3. 给自己创造休息时间If you feel like you’ve hit a wall after lunch, know you’re not alone. According to research, your body hits a sleepiness peak around p.m.午饭后犯困的不止你一个研究表明,下午两点左右困意最浓Instead of taking a nap, which is still frowned upon in many workplaces, give yourself a little mental break. Take a few minutes to check in with friends on social media or take a walk outside to clear your head. Don’t stress if your attention is lagging -- instead, give yourself permission to let your mind wander.与其午间打盹讨人嫌,不如让自己在心理上放松下花几分钟时间在社交网络上看看朋友的动态,或者外出走走清醒头脑不要因为注意力不能集中而感觉有压力——相反,给自己走神的权利. Surround Yourself With Positivity. 营造正能量氛围It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re looking at a picture of a baby animal. This is certainly what researchers at Hiroshima University discovered when they found pleasant images such as tiny kittens make workers more productive.当你在看一张动物宝宝的图片时,很难感到有压力这也是日本广岛大学的研究人员的发现——诸如小猫照片等让人愉快的图片,可以让员工更有效率To cut down on stress, surround your office space with positive images. Don’t leave your office or cubicleempty -- fill it with plants, posters, and pictures of loved ones. A positive work environment can work as a pick-me-up when you get particularly stressed.为了减小压力,可以在办公室放些积极的图片不要让你的办公室或者格子间空着——用植物、海报和爱人的照片装饰起来积极的工作环境尤其能在你压抑的时候激励你5. Communicate Regularly5. 频繁交流It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t think your voice is being heard by upper management. In fact, less than one-third of workers felt management would change practices based on suggestions and feedback provided by employees. You want to be respected at your company, and the best way is to make your voice heard. Cultivate communication networks with your coworkers, your team, and your boss. If your workload is overwhelming, don’t be afraid to say something and ask practical solutions to cut down on your stress levels.如果你觉得上面的管理层听不到自己的声音,就很容易受打击实际上,不到三分之一的员工觉得管理层可以基于员工们的建议和反馈改变执行方式你希望被公司尊重,最好的方法就是说出自己的想法建立和同事、团队以及老板的沟通网如果觉得工作量太大,大胆讲出来,要求实际的解决方法来减小自己的压力6. Learn to Say No6. 学会拒绝You might want to do everything and tackle every possible challenge, but sometimes the biggest challenge is finding the strength to say no. Taking on too much responsibility is the best way to end up burnt out and feeling frayed. Research by the University of Calinia in San Francisco found people with difficulty saying no are more likely to experience stress. While unpleasant, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is bow out gracefully and avoid overextending yourself.你也许什么都想做,任何挑战都想接招,但有时最大的挑战是鼓起勇气拒绝担太多责任是让你过劳累紧张的最主要原因位于旧金山的加利福尼亚大学发表的研究表明,拒绝更容易带来紧张虽然拒绝别人不是件愉快的事情,但有时最健康的做法就是礼貌地回绝,避免操劳过度7. Take Note of Your Silver Linings7. 积累点滴喜悦It’s easy to let the little stresses on the job pile up and blot out the things you genuinely love about the job. Every day, take a few minutes from your schedule to jot downyour workplace “silver linings.” Write down a project you’re excited about tackling, a nice thing a coworker did, or even a reminder of why you love your job. It’s easy to make a mountain out of a molehill, but don’t let the daily grindrid you of your career passion. 工作中小小的压力很容易累积起来,进而掩盖你真心喜欢这份工作的方面每天,花几分钟时间记录下工作中的“点点希望”写下一个你为之兴奋的项目,一件同事做的好事,甚至一个提醒自己为什么喜欢这份工作的理由压力很容易积少成多让人喘不过气,但不要让每天的琐事磨掉你的职业Stress doesn’t have to weigh down your career. To become happier and more productive, it’s time to simplify your working life.压力不一定会压低你的职业高度想要更快乐高效,现在就开始精简你的工作生活吧义乌芙洛拉整形美容医院去除生长纹手术怎么样 义乌哪些大医院做脱毛的好

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