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义乌芙洛拉医院微创除狐臭费用义乌芙洛拉医院激光去胎记多少钱义乌美容院绣眉手术多少钱 Congratulation on winning the championship. That is very exciting! Wow, thank you, thank you so much祝贺您赢得总冠军,那让人非常兴奋!Wow, 多谢,非常感谢I think I know the answer to this, but did it feel different this time, was this different我想我是知道的,但我还想问这次您有什么特别的感受吗,而又是怎么样的不同感受Yeah, it felt a lot different是的,这次太不一样了You know two years ago, I decided to go back home你也知道两年前我决定回到家乡And my main goal was to bring a championship to a place havent seen one over fifty plus years我的主要目标是给这个超过50年没拿过总冠军的地方赢来一座总冠军奖杯And the To be able to还有就是我想去成为一位You know, bring it back to the hometown, and do something that a lot of people didnt expect, but we believed then, I meant every thing你知道,在不被看好的情况下,我们为依然对自己有信心,并且最终为家乡赢来了总冠军。这意味着一切Yeah, thats... it, it... Congratulation, it was very very exciting是的,那……再次祝贺您,那实在是太令人兴奋了So, you went away. That, look like one of those pictures you are on a boat. Did you go, where did you go this summer你夏天去旅行了,比如这张你在船上的图片,这个夏天你去哪了I was in Italy, this past summer这个夏天,我去了意大利Had a great time with a couple of friends and family of mine. And uh..., just there did a little celebrating我和几个朋友,还有我的家人在那里玩得很开心,我们只是庆祝了一下Now, when you start cause you have the train consistently when you are playing(我们知道)你开始比赛后,你会保持训练But when you are on vacation, do you work out at all? A little bit但是,当你度假的时候,你是否还会训练?有一点吧You do? Like what? Like How often you work out? Every day你有训练?你会怎么训练,多久训练一次?每天都会训练更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201701/489474迷你对话:A:Tom, is Jenny crying?Tom, Jenny是不是在哭?B:Can you take he away from me?你能把她弄走吗?A:I’m just coming for that.就来。B:She kept bothering me.她不停地烦我。A:She’s your sister. What she asked was onlyduck soupfor you. Why can’t you be good to her?她是你的。她的要求只不过是一桩小事。你怎么就不迁就她一下呢?B:But I am her brother, not her servant.可我是她哥哥,不是她的仆人。地道表达:cluck soup 轻而易举的小事持范例:Eg. My new boss isduck soup, but his wife is difficult to handle. 我的新老板是个好胡弄的人,但他的妻子却很难对付。 Eg. I cant kill a duck, But itsduck soupto a cook.我不会宰鸭,而这对厨师来说是易如反掌的事 Eg. Winning this game is going to beduck soup. 赢得这场比赛是轻而易举的事。 Eg. That vocabulary test wasduck soup.那次词汇测试真是小菜一碟。词海拾贝:1.take sb away from:把某人带走Eg. If a man empty his purse into his head, no man cantake it away fromhim. 如果倒空钱袋,追求知识把它们装入脑袋,那就无人能够把它们夺走。Eg. He was at that moment y to kill anyone who touched this girl, who tried to claim her, takeher away from him. 此刻,谁要是摸摸这个姑娘,谁要是企图占有这个姑娘,把她从他的身边拉去,那他马上可以结果了这个人。 Eg. The party was an orgy. Olivier became drunk and quarrelsome. Edouard led him from the room, and Olivier, ashamed, Begged his uncle totake him away.晚会成了一场毫无节制的狂欢作乐。奥利维尔喝醉酒,逢人就吵。爱德华带他离开那间屋子;奥利维尔感到羞愧难当,要求叔叔带他离开。2.come for:为......而来Eg. Did the drivercome for youin a new big shiny auto? 有个司机开一部大型闪亮的新车来接你吗?Eg. We have asked the Conrads tocome for dinner on Friday evening. 我们已邀请康拉德一家在星期五晚上来吃饭。Eg. About noon the next day the boys arrived at the dead tree; they hadcome for their tools. 大约在第二天中午,这两个孩子来到了那棵枯树跟前,他们是来取那两件家伙的。 Eg. Pleasecome for your mailwhenever its convenient. 方便的时候来取你的邮件。 3.be good to:对......友善Eg. By and large, the companysbeen pretty good tome. 总的来说, 公司对我一直很好. Eg. Iwas so good tohim; I never crossed him. 我对他那么慈爱,从来不违拗他。Eg. Hewasalwaysgood tothem and made sure that they had plenty of food. 他待他们一直很好,保让大伙吃饱。Eg. Shewas very good tothe children. 她对孩子们非常慈爱。 /201207/191476义乌去疤多少钱

义乌芙洛拉美容医院打溶脂针多少钱义乌玻尿酸多少钱 Finance and economics: Money in India: Taking notes财经:印度的货币:兑换钞票The government transforms base money into nothingness (and gold) .政府把基础货币变得一文不值(以及金本位)。Not much distinguishes a valuable banknote from any old piece of printed paper, as Indians discovered this week.本周,印度民众发现有价值的纸钞和旧版的打印纸没有太大差别。In a surprise televised address on November 8th, Narendra Modi, the prime minister, announced that the country’s two highest-denomination notes, worth 500 and 1,000 rupees (.50 and ) , were to be legally worthless with near-immediate effect.在11月8日,印度总理纳伦德拉-莫迪在一场令人震惊的电视讲话中宣布,本国两种最高面值的纸币,即500和1000卢比(约7.5美元和15美元)将在近期被正式废除使用。This odd variant of alchemy is the latest in a series of moves to curb illicit income; economists hope long-term gains will justify a chaotic spell as India adapts.这种让人摸不着头脑的纸币转变政策是打击不正当收入的一系列行动第一步。经济学家希望长远好处会让印度所经历的混乱政策变得有意义。The idea is not as barmy as it might first appear.这个想法可能并没有乍看之下那么疯狂。Mr Modi has implemented a flurry of schemes to flush out “black money”, the term Indians use for cash which is both unaccounted for and outside its formal financial system.莫迪先生实施了一系列计划来打击“黑钱”,这个词被印第安人用来描述除现金以外下落不明或游离在其正规金融系统之外的非法现金。Piles of ill-gotten income have long been easy to launder into gold or property, where using notes for at least part of a purchase is the norm.成堆的非法收入现金长期以来可以轻易洗白成黄金或者地产,因为这些在交易过程中一般至少使用部分纸钞。“Demonetising” high-value tender means existing notes must be traded in at banks and post offices before the end of the year.废除大额货币流通意味着在今年年底之前,现存的纸币必须在或者邮局被换掉。That will force those with suitcases of cash either to come clean or to renounce their loot.这将迫使那些拥有成箱现金的人要么明自己的钱是干净的,要么放弃他们的非法收入。Still, it is dramatic: central banks usually balk at moves that call into question the legal worth of the notes they issue.不过,这是戏剧性的:中央通常在对他们发行的票据的法律价值引起质疑的政策上犹豫不决。The hastily discontinued tender represents 86% of all the currency in circulation (equivalent to 11% of GDP) in a country where cash remains king.这些仓促地中断货币流通行为包括了在现金仍然占主导地位的国家中的86%的流通中的货币(相当于GDP的11%)。Many Indian residents found themselves with little still-legal cash on hand ahead of a forcibly imposed bank holiday and a two-day shutdown of ATMs.因为面对强制休假和自动取款机关闭的两天,许多印度居民发现自己手里几乎没有合法的现金。A senior bank executive in Mumbai admitted to raiding his daughter’s piggy bank to pay for tolls on his way to work.在孟买,高管说他打破他女儿的存钱罐付上班路上的通行费。The prospect of life with little or no cash, at least for a few days, cheered those who think Indians should be switching to smartphone apps and card-based payments, which are easier for the authorities to track and tax.只有少量现金或者没有现金的生活景象(至少那几天是)鼓舞了那些认为印度应该使用手机应用和卡付款的人,他们觉得手机应用 卡付款方便当局追踪和收税。That laudable aim will take time in a country where nine out of every ten workers still toil in the informal sector.这个值得称赞的目标在绝大数工人仍然工作在非正规部门的国家的实现需要时间。Though the number of Indians with bank accounts has risen sharply thanks to a government financial-inclusion scheme, most savings are still held outside the banking system.尽管印第安人与账户的数量急剧上升得益于政府的金融包容计划,大多数储蓄仍在体系之外。One-fifth of total economic output is said to be informal.五分之一的总经济产出据称是非正式的。Banks are among those who should gain from the scheme: much cash now secreted under mattresses should make its way into their coffers or into the mutual funds they offer.是这项计划的获益者之一:大量藏匿于床下的现金应该会进入他们的金库或者是他们提供的共同基金。 /201612/483415义乌割双眼皮哪家医院最好

义乌哪里可以种胡须生活当中我们常常会听到;留一手;这个词儿。不管是事先储备的、留出的钱或物,还是一些平时不会公之于众的秘密、技能等,都是为了防范最糟糕的情况出现时可以应应急。今天我们要说的这个短语就包含这个意思。Ace in the hole,(最后的)王牌;绝招儿。小对话:A: Doesnrsquo;t he worry about being fired? The company is trying to reduce expenses. 他都不担心被裁掉吗?公司正在努力减少开。B: He knows something about the boss---that is his ace in the hole. 他了解老板的一些事情,那是他应急时要打出的王牌。更多例句:That 100 dollars is my ace in the hole. 那100美元是我应急备用的钱。That spare can of gas in the trunk was our ace in the hole. 后备箱里那罐剩余的汽油是我们最后的储备。Dont play your ace in the hole until the critical moment. 不到关键时刻不要亮出你的绝招。当然,这个短语不仅仅表示应急时的紧急对策,还可以指足以压倒别人的条件。但并不一定唯一。比如:The terrorists regarded the hostages as their ace in the hole. 恐怖分子把那些人质当作他们手中的一张王牌。A good negotiator always has more than one ace in the hole. 谈判高手总有数张;王牌;在手。High technology remains the ace in the hole for foreign companies. 高科技仍然是外国公司的王牌。绝招就是我们应当修炼的,可以在某一个领域比其他人做的更好一点儿的技能。只有这样,我们才能更被需要,您说是吧。好了,希望需要亮绝招的时候,我们都能出手不凡。下期布朗尼加分再见吧。 /201203/175176 义乌市肿瘤医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱义乌疤痕



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