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义乌玻尿酸瑞兰二号价格义乌做双眼皮一般价格A:Mr Hughes? Do you have a minute?I would like to discuss something with you.B:What can I do for you?A:I was wondering,I have heard many of my co-wokers that your knowledge and experience in international markets is phenomenal. Also, I’ve heard the rumor that you speak fluent Janpanese. Is that right?B:Yes,that’s right.I do speak decent Janpanese.A:Right now I’m working on a product launch project to open up our Asian market. We have several upcoming events to take place for the Japanese cities. We ’ll be heading to Tokyo next month to get things started. What I would like to talk to you about is joining our team to help bring this project to completion.B:Excatly what kind of help did you have in mind?A:We aer looking for someone who is familiarwith the market and curtural issues to act as an advisor to our marketing staff. We would like to set up a partership,where we can help each other.B:So if I can help you as a consultant,what is in for me?A:We could give you an oncite office,as well as potential to develop your own contracts in Japan.At the same time, after helping with our project, we will be willing to split our profit with you.B:What kind of arrangement are you thinking about?A:You would have a share of 30% of our profits from the launch events. So,what do you say,are you willing to work with us?B:It sounds like a great offer ,give me a little time to think it over ,and I will get back to you by the end of the week. /201001/93752义乌口腔医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱 Housekeeping. May I come in?整理客房务,我可以进来吗?May I do your room now?我现在可以给您收拾房间吗?When would you like me to do your room, sir?您想叫我什么时候给您整理房间?Will it be convenient for you if I come to do the room in an hour?一个小时后我过来整理房间,您看方便吗?May I do the turn-down service for you now?我现在给您做夜床好吗?Ill clean the bathroom and replace the towels.我给您打扫一下卫生间,再换一下毛巾。Ill ask a chambermaid to do your room.我叫一个客房务员过来给您收拾房间。Im sorry that the flask is empty. Ill go and get you a full one at once.很抱歉,水瓶是空的,我马上去给您拿一瓶满的。We dont accept tips. But thank you, anyway.我们不收小费,不过还是要谢谢您。We always make up rooms early.我们总是较早收拾房间。Please let me know if you have any special requests.如果您有什么特殊要求,请告诉我。Making Up the Room整理客房Is there anything else I can do?我还需要做些什么吗?Anything else I can help?还有什么我可以帮忙的吗?Housekeeping. May I come in?整理客房务,我可以进来吗?Come in, please.请进。Im sorry to interrupt you, maam. May I do your room now,对不起.打扰您了。我现在可以给您收拾房间吗?You can do it now if you like. Im just about to go down for my lunch. But before you start, would you do this for me?如果你愿意,就收拾吧。我正要下去吃午饭。在你收拾房间之前,可以帮我做件事吗?Yes, what is it?好的,什么事情?I would like you to go and get me a flask of hot water. I need some hot water.我想请你去给我拿一瓶热水来。我需要一些热水。Ill get you some hot water right away. Maam, Ill leave it for you if you dont want to wait.我马上就给您打热水来。女士,如果您不想等,我就给您放在房间里好了。Youre right. I dont want to wait. Thanks for your help.好的。我不想等。谢谢。You are welcome.不客气。 /201404/2914541.Late for work 迟到 A:June, I'm sorry to be late, my kid was sick and I had to take her to the hospital.B:You should've called me, we worried about you.A:Sorry about that. A:朱恩,对不起我迟到了,我的小孩儿病了,我得送她去医院。B:你应该给我打个电话,我们都在为你担心。A:对不起。 2. Move to a new house 搬新家A: Betty, we are moving to a new house next month.B: You must be excited, do you need any help?A: No, thank you, we hired a moving company.A:贝蒂,我们下个月要搬新家了。B:心情一定很激动吧,要帮忙吗?A:不用了,谢谢,我们雇了搬家公司。3.Over compensation 加班补偿A: I don't get paid for overtime. Is there any overtime compensation forr that?B: You can discuss with your manager, and take some time off when it is not busy.A:我加班不加钱,咱们有加班补偿吗?B:你可以和你的主管谈,不忙的时候可以补休。4.Passed away 去世A: Bob, my dad passed away.B: I'm sorry to hear that. Please accept my condolence. Take time off as nesessary.A: Thank you so much.A:鲍勃,我父亲去世了。B:听到这消息我很难过,请接受我的哀悼,如果需要就请假吧。A:非常感谢你。5.Persoonal day 私人事假 A: What is a personal day?B: Personal day is for when you have to take care of things during work time.A: What are the examples?B: For example, if you have to apply for an ID and the government office issuing the ID opens only during yourr work hours. A:私人事假是什么意思?B:私人事假是为必须在工作时间办的私人事情设定的。A:能举个例子吗?B:比如,你必须申请身份,而政府受理身份的办公时间恰恰是在你工作的时间。 /200807/44934义乌市第三人民医院整形

东阳市整形医院脱毛手术多少钱我该怎么称呼您呢?How do I address you?请问您叫什么名字?May I know your name, please?打扰一下,您是格林先生吗?Excuse me. Are you Mr. Green?我是汤姆格林,您是?I’m Tom Green. You are?我想您是包罗马修斯先生,对吗?I believe you are Paul Mathews, aren’t you?你好。你是美国来的交换生吗?Hello. Are you exchange student from America?你一定是王教授的助手吧?You must be Mr. Professor’s assistant.你是那个在MD 公司工作的罗布次先生,对吧?You are that Mr. Roberts who works for MD company, aren’t you?你是个工程师吗?Are you an engineer?我能问一下,你是做什么工作的吗?May I know what you do?我是学英语专业的,你学什么专业吗?I majored in English and what was your major?大门旁边的那个年轻人是谁啊?Who is the young man near to the gate? /201104/133401浙大学医学院附属义乌医院激光去痘多少钱 星型典句:第一句:The exporters have the right to inspect the export goods before delivery to the shipping line.出口商在向船运公司托运前有权检验商品。A:The exporters have the right to inspect the export goods before delivery to the shipping line.出口商在向船运公司托运前有权检验商品。B:Yes, you have the right.是的,你方有这样的权力。A:The inspection should be compeleted within a month after the arrival of the goods.商品检验工作在到货后一个月内完成。第二句:Im worried that there might be some disputes over the results of inspection.我担心对商检的结果会发生争议。A:How should we define the inspection rights?商检的权力怎样加以明确呢?B:You said it. Im worried that there might be some disputes over the results of inspection.你说的是。我担心对商检的结果会发生争议。A:So we should write it down into the contract with details.所以我们应该把商检事宜详尽地写在合同里。B:Yes. Well accept the goods only if the results from the two inspections are identical with each other.是的。只有当双方的检测结果一致时,我们才能收货。其他表达法:商检机构和经国家商检部门许可的检验机构,依法对进出口商品实施检验。但本文中的商品的检验包括进口商自身的商品检验。We should inspect this batch of procelainware to see if there is any breakage.我们要检查一下这批瓷器是否有破损的。 /201209/199617义乌热玛吉3代

浦江县人民医院割双眼皮多少钱商贸英语实用对话 14:Business at the Office(14)Business at the OfficeBusiness discussions around the office I Accountant: Did you send out an invoice to the Sun Electronics Company? Clerk : Yes. Its also time to send them a statement now。 Accountant : Whats the total due on their account? Clerk : They owe 0,000. Accountant: Lets get all the invoices and statements out this afternoon, if we can. Clerk : I think we can. Ive aly started on them, How often do you send them? Accountant : We send them monthly.Business discussions around the office II Accountant : Heres our accounts department, Mr. Chen. Clerk : My job will be preparing the monthly statements for customers? Accountant : Yes, A big part of your job will also be to collect delinquent accounts. We often end up with bad debts. Clerk : How do you collect them? Accountant : We generally have to keep sending reminders. If they still dont pay, we threaten to put the matter in the hands of our lawyer.Business discussions around the office III Accountant : These are our account folders. Clerk : Will these files be part of my work? Accountant : Yes, youll need to write new clients names on the projecting tab of a folder, then file them alphabetically. And make sure you adjust the file drawers so that the folders are held upright. Clerk : What do the different colors indicate? Accountant : These indicate which products are sold to each client. Each of our products is color-coded. Clerk : So Ill find the cards for a given client together, color coded to show what products theyve purchased? Accountant : Right. Clerk : That sounds like a good system. Accountant: Each product, indicated by a different color, is numbered in a separate series. For example, our ampliphones, represented by red, would be numbered 1-500. Our portaphones, represented by yellow, would be numbered 501-1001, and so on. Clerk : That must avoid a lot of mix-ups. Accountant : Yes, it does. And over heres our computer system. Its sophisticated, but quite easy to use. Clerk : Are these computers used for data entry or billing? Accountant : We use them mainly for billing. /200707/15828 义乌激光祛斑价格义乌芙洛拉整形美容医院割双眼皮手术多少钱



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