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浙江省义乌芙洛拉整形医院激光脱毛多少钱义乌祛斑一般要多少钱Risking your career over a workplace romance? To paraphrase John Lennon, ;All you need is love; and a little wise advice.为了办公室恋情而拿自己的职业生涯冒险?这样很好的诠释了约翰·列侬的话,“你需要的仅仅是爱”,还有一些明智的建议。 Step 1 Keep it quiet at first1.秘而不宣Keep it quiet, at least at first. You may feel great the day after first hooking-up, but give it a few weeks before screaming to the world that youre madly in love.悄悄进行,最起码刚开始要保密。你们第一次亲密接触后你或许感觉非常幸福,但是最起码等几个星期的时间再向全世界宣布你的疯狂行为。Step 2 Cop to the affair2.小心别人抓把柄When you decide to confide in your colleagues (or are forced to after someone catches you in flagrante delicto), cop to the affair as matter-of-factly as possible. At this point, denials will only make you look foolish, or—if theres a conflict of interest—put your job at risk.当你们决定向同事们宣布(或者由于有人抓了你们现行),尽量实事求是。到了现在这种程度,矢口否认只会让你们看上去非常愚蠢,或者——如果有人和你们有利益冲突——你的工作会陷入险境。Check the cute stuff at the office door. If a coworker overhears you exchanging endearments like ;Honey Bear; and ;Lovey Pumpkin,; youll never hear the end of it.一定要注意办公室外的动静。如果有同事听到你们互相甜言蜜语,你们将再也没有机会发展了。Step 3 Dont have sex at workplace3.工作场合注意分寸Resist the urge to have sex on the conference room table, on the photocopier, or anywhere else at your workplace.一定要抑制在会议室办公桌,复印机或工作场合任何地方亲热的冲动。Step 4 Dont give preferential treatment4.不要区别对待Dont give your lover any preferential treatment. Even small favors can alienate other coworkers and create a hostile environment.不要给你的爱人特殊的照顾。即使小小的恩惠也会疏远其他同事,为你带来不利。Step 5 Act professional if romance ends5.如果恋情结束,表现要职业化If the romance ends, act as professionally as you possibly can. Remember, its not the love affair that will get you canned,but the stalking, accusations, and retribution that sometimes follow.如果这段办公室恋情结束,尽可能表现的职业化一点。记住,能够伤害你的不是恋情本身,而是之后的追踪,谴责和报复。Thirty-nine percent of Americans have at some point had a workplace romance, and 25% of these relationships resulted in marriage.39%的美国人都曾经历过办公室恋情,其中有25%的人最后步入婚姻的殿堂。201301/219388义乌苏溪大陈镇人民妇幼保健医院做去疤手术多少钱 视频文本:A strong cold wave is sweeping over most of China. Northern cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and others in Hebei Province are embracing the new year's first snowfall.Beijing saw snow at the beginning of November, but hasn't seen any of the white stuff since. The Beijing Meteorological Bureau says the snow will be followed by strong wind and a possible blizzard.Residents could experience a significant temperature drop between Tuesday and Thursday, when the mercury could dip to minus 15. The Central Meteorological Station is issuing an orange alert, warning most areas in north, central and east China can expect temperatures to drop 8 to 12 degrees Celsius in a single day.Under an orange alert, the departments of railway, communication, electricity and transportation must increase the maintenance of roads, railways and power lines. The station is also reminding people to dress warmly during the cold and to reduce outdoor activities.201001/93644义乌人民医院整形

义乌双眼皮医院义乌激光祛雀斑哪家医院好 Step 1: Make yourself comfortable (放松自己)You can do these techniques in almost any setting but the effects will be more profound if the mind is calm and the body relaxed. Try to find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably. Place your hands on your stomach and take a few deep breathes, feel your hands rise with every inhale, and sink back down as you exhale.Step 2: Stomach massage (胃部)With your hands over your bellybutton, begin making small circles in a clockwise direction. This should be done slowly with moderate pressure for about a minute, then gradually increase the size of the circling until you are rubbing the entire abdomen.Now bring the hands to either side of the bellybutton with the thumbs touching and fingers pointing down. With the index fingers of both hands you are going to draw a “heart” by first pulling up towards the bellybutton, then moving about a hands width to either side and finally down again bringing the fingers back to together. Repeat this for about a minute.Step 3: Back massage (背部)Next, bring the hands around to the back just below the ribs with the finger tips on either side of the spine. With a steady pressure, slide the hands down slowly towards the top of the hips. When you reach the hips, use the fingertips to make small circles along the waist, starting at the centre and working your way outwards. Bring the hands back up below the ribs and repeat this cycle 3 times.Bring the hands back to centre and turn the fingers downward. Let the hands slide down so that the fingers are on the middle of the sacrum, or tailbone. Once again make small circles with the fingertips using moderate pressure. Continue this for about a minute.Step 4: Pressure point (压痛点)Sit back and bring one leg up, resting the ankle on the other leg. With the opposite hand, place the fingers just above the ankle. Find where the second knuckle of the index finger is resting, and apply firm thumb pressure for 30 seconds. Release for about 10 seconds, then repeat. This may be sensitive at first so let the pressure build slowly. Repeat the cycle 3 times on this side, then again on the other leg.Place both feet back on the floor and the hands on the knees so that the middle fingers are resting on the knee cap. The thumbs should now be in the correct position on the inner leg just above the knee. Without moving the hands, begin applying pressure with both thumbs at the same time. Hold for about 30 seconds and then release. Repeat this cycle 3 times.Finally, bring one hand to just below the bellybutton with fingers together. Turn the hand so the fingers are pointing toward the spine and gradually apply pressure with the finger tips. Hold for about 30 seconds, then release the pressure. Repeat this 3 times.And that's how to massage away menstrual pain the Videojug way.If you are interested in learning other types of massage and pain relief techniques check out our other films here on Videojug.And that is one way to massage away menstrual pain.201002/96599东阳市中医院新院美容整形科

诸暨市妇幼保健院冰点脱毛多少钱In northern Chinas Zhalong Nature Reserve,在中国北方的扎龙自然保护区a pair of red-crowned cranes have staked out their nesting territory一对丹顶鹤正守望着它们的产卵领土in the stubble of a commercially managed reed bed.在一个商业管理的芦苇床残株里For centuries,cranes have been revered in China数百年来as symbols of longevity.鹤被中国人视为长寿的象征而备受尊崇Their statues were placed next to the Emperors throne.它们的雕像被放在皇帝的宝座旁The cranes have cause to celebrate.鹤因此而受到赞扬This chick is a sign of hope in difficult times.幼鹤在困难时刻就象征着希望Red-crowned cranes are one of the worlds most endangered species.丹顶鹤是世界上最濒临灭绝边缘的物种之一Over the last century,在过去的一个世纪China has lost nearly half of its coastal wetlands中国失去了近一半的沿海湿地and most of what remains is managed for the benefit of people, not wildlife.并且大多数改造地是为了造福人类而非野生动物A few months from now,从现在起的数个月this chick and its parents will face a long migration south幼鹤和它的家人将面临一场往南方的大迁徙to escape the harsh northern winter.来躲避北方的严冬Their route will take them along a coast它们将沿着海岸向前which has been greatly affected by human activity.然而这些海岸已经受到人类活动的巨大影响Along their journey, the cranes will be joined在它们的征途上by many thousands of other migrating birds.将有成千上万其他鸟类加入迁徙大军All heading south across the Bohai Gulf它们迁徙的方向横跨南渤海湾and along the shores of the Yellow and East China Seas,沿海岸的黄海和中国东海some even reaching as far as the South China Sea最远甚至抵达中国南海in search of a safe winter haven.寻找一个安全的冬季避难所 /201209/201656 义乌做双眼皮多少钱义乌市整形医院激光祛斑手术多少钱



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