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义乌市妇幼保健院去眼袋多少钱东阳妇保医院激光点痣多少钱You probably know that the way to stronger muscles is a weight or resistance training program,你可能知道要长肌肉需要合适的重量或阻力训练计划,but do you know how weight lifting increases strength? 但你知道举重也能长肌肉吗?One way is by making muscles larger in circumference and hence heavier in mass.一种方法是通过增加肌肉的周长,从而使得质量变大。Muscles are composed of cells called muscle fibers.肌肉是由被称为肌肉纤维的细胞组成。Strength training increases the size of these muscle fibers.力量训练会增加这些肌肉纤维的大小。This form of muscle growth is called hypertrophy.这种形式的长肌肉称之为过度增长。Ultimately, muscle fibers hypertrophy by increasing their protein content.最终,通过增加蛋白质含量肌纤维过度增长。Strength training, believe it or not, increases the protein content of your muscles by damaging them.信不信由你, 力量训练会通过破坏它们增加你肌肉的蛋白质含量。The stress of lifting a challenging weight creates tiny tears in the structural proteins inside the muscle.一项具有挑战性的举重在肌肉内的结构蛋白中产生微小的裂缝。These tears activate cells on the outer surface of the muscle called satellite cells.就是这些裂缝会刺激激活肌肉外表被称为卫星细胞的组织。Satellite cells multiply and send cells to help repair the damaged areas.而卫星细胞会进行繁殖并送出细胞帮助修复受损的区域。These cells donate their nuclei to the damaged fibers, helping them to repair by increasing the size and number of proteins.这些细胞将自己的核心捐赠给受损的纤维,通过增加蛋白质的大小和数量帮助修复。In addition, through a complex sequence of events, your immune system also aids repair by boosting the protein content of these damaged muscle fibers.此外,通过一系列复杂的化学变化,提高这些受损肌肉纤维的蛋白质含量你的免疫系统也能帮助修复。A diet adequate in protein is important too in growing and maintaining strong muscles.而富含蛋白质的饮食对于增长和保持强壮的肌肉也同样至关重要。Consume too little protein, and your body will counteract your strength training efforts by robbing protein from your muscles.消耗的蛋白质太少,身体会从你曾经努力过的肌肉力量训练中抢夺走蛋白质进行中和。However, consuming more than 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight isnt beneficial either.然而,消耗身体每公斤超过1.5克也不是有益的。Finally, strength isnt just about beefy muscles.最后,力量不仅仅是结实肌肉的反映。Learning proper technique and how to activate more muscle fibers at once increases strength.学习适当的技巧及如何激活更多的肌肉纤维增加强度。This is why newcomers to strength training will often gain strength rapidly at first.这就是为什么新人在刚开始进行力量训练会很快增加力量的原因。Theyre learning more efficient patterns of movement.他们学习的是更有效的运动模式。 201401/271246义乌腋下脱毛哪家好 Europe’s zombie banks欧洲的僵尸Blight of the living dead活死人没有黎明Europe’s financial system is in a terrible state, and nothing much is being done about it欧洲金融体系现状极差,也没多少改观Jul 13th 20132013年7月13日“PROBABLY the most successful monetary-policy measure undertaken in recent times.” That isMario Draghi’s self-effacing judgment on the outright monetary transactions (OMT) programme,the promise made by the European Central Bank (ECB) last summer to buy the bonds of strugglingeuro-area governments. The ECB’s president deserves credit for bringing calm to bond markets.But in reality the situation is still awful, and Europe’s banks are at the heart of theproblem.欧洲央行行长德拉吉谦虚地作出评价:“也许,直接货币交易是近期最成功的货币政策。” 去年夏季,欧洲央行(ECB)许下诺言,要利用直接货币交易政策来购买欧元区经济困难国家的债券。ECB行长平定了债券市场,值得嘉奖。但是,实际情况还是很糟糕,欧洲各个现在处在了问题的中心。The euro-zone economy has contracted for six consecutive quarters. The IMF this week revisedits 2013 forecast down again: it expects the euro zone to shrink by 0.6% this year. (Just torub things in, the fund adjusted its forecasts for Britain upwards.) The outlook in the coreeuro-zone economies has worsened, thanks in part to a slowdown in China: in May German exportssuffered their sharpest fall for two years. But the brunt of the pain is being borne by theperipheral economies.欧元区经济萎靡的状况已经连续了6个季度了。IMF这周再次重新修订了对2013年度的预计:今年欧元区经济下降0.6%(另外,该组织调整了对英国经济的预测,认为英国今年经济能有所回升)。欧元区核心国家的经济前景进一步恶化了,部分是因为中国经济发展速度降低:今年五月德国向中国的出口量跌至了两年最低。但是,惨剧影响的却是边缘国家的经济。Greece is in its sixth straight year of recession; Spain’s unemployment rate stands at almost27%; Italy’s credit rating was downgraded this week. Beno#238;t Coeuré, an ECB board member, gotit right on July 10th when he said that the euro zone “is still engulfed in a severe crisis”. The OMT programme may keep the financial speculators at bay, but pressure can build on thestreets as well as in bond yields. Years of joblessness, economic hardship and edicts fromcreditor countries are straining the political fabric in Portugal and Greece.希腊的经济衰退已经连续6年了;西班牙的失业率高达27%;本周意大利的信用等级有所下降。ECB执行委员会会员Benoit Coeure在7月10日表示:“欧元区仍陷入严重的危机中”,事实确实如此。直接货币交易正常也许会阻止人们在金融上的投机行为,但是给人们和债券收益也增添了压力。连年失业、经济困难以及债权国的法令都让葡萄牙和希腊的政治岌岌可危。Credit corpses信贷不再Banks are central to Europe’s prospects. The fear, especially in peripheral economies, is arepeat of Japan’s experience in the 1990s, when “zombie” banks staggered along for years,neither healthy enough to lend to firms nor weak enough to collapse. There are the sameunvital signs in Europe. The average price-to-book ratio for European banks remains below one,suggesting that investors think lenders are worth more dead than alive. In America, wherebanks were recapitalised quickly, the ratio exceeds one. Italy’s two big lenders, UniCreditand Intesa Sanpaolo, have ratios of 0.34 and 0.42 respectively.欧洲的未来,都寄托给了。欧元区经济体都害怕,特别是欧元区边缘经济体,他们会重复日本90年代的经历——“半死不活”,几年来一直摇摇晃晃,死不下去也活不过来,借不出钱也倒不下去。欧洲也出现了类似迹象,奄奄一息。欧洲的平均市净率低于1,意味着投资商们认为这些借贷赖活着不如死了。美国迅速进行了资本重组,市净率超过了1。意大利两大借贷联合信贷和联合圣保罗的市净率分别是0.34和0.42。The suspicion of European lenders is well-founded. The amount of shaky loans keeps climbing:worryingly, there are more non-performing loans in the Italian banking system than there iscore “Tier-1” capital. Lots of peripheral banks have been loading up on their owngovernments’ bonds: Portugal’s three biggest banks increased their holdings of Portuguesesovereign debt by 16% in the first quarter of the year. Mortgages account for even more bankassets’ and house prices keep falling—at the fastest pace on record in Spain in the firstquarter.怀疑欧洲借贷不是没有理由的。不良信贷的数目仍在上升——在意大利系统中,不良信贷的数目比核心第一级资本还多,情况非常令人担忧。很多边缘国家的都依靠政府债券撑——葡萄牙的三大在今年第一季度买入了更多的葡萄牙国债,持有率增至16%。资产中房贷更多了,房价持续下降,西班牙第一季度房价下跌速度达到了历史最快。Weren’t the Europeans supposed to be cleaning up their balance-sheets? Private-equity firmsthat have raised billions to buy up distressed assets from European banks are kicking theirheels while they wait for deals to arrive. Regulators worry that banks, rather than writingoff or selling bad loans, have been fiddling with the models that dictate how much capitalthey need to hold. Danske Bank, a big Danish lender, was abruptly ordered by its supervisor tochange its calculations last month, lowering its capital ratio. Denmark is outside the euro,but even German politicians joke about the nasty surprises in their banks’ balance-sheets.难道欧洲的负债资产表不应该被清除吗?私募公司积攒了数十亿,想从欧洲手中收购了不良资产,现在这些公司一直在渴望这笔交易,等得急不可耐。监管部门担心,不会清除或者售出不良贷款,他们会动手脚改变模式,让人们不知道他们需要持有多少资金。丹麦大型借贷丹斯克上个月突然接到上级命令,要他们换个算法,降低资产比例。丹麦不属于欧元区,但是,德国政客们也在其资产负债表中开玩笑,嘲讽这个恶心的“惊喜”。None of this presages a full-scale collapse: European banks have more capital than they didbefore the start of the crisis. But lending is being throttled. As far as the periphery isconcerned, the ECB’s attempts to kickstart growth with ultra-low interest rates is one of theleast successful central-bank policies of recent times. Loans to non-financial firmscontracted in May by 4.1% in Italy, 5.0% in Portugal and 9.7% in Spain. Some of that is causedby the impact of recession. But it also reflects financial fragmentation. Banks in strongcountries are lending less across borders. Lenders in weak countries pay more to borrow thanbanks in strong ones. This divergence ripples through to customers: the difference in the costof borrowing between German and Spanish firms rose from a mere six basis points in summer 2011to 149 basis points earlier this year.所有的预测,都没表示欧洲全军覆没——毕竟他们现有的资产比金融危机刚开始时要多。但是贷款却仍受限制。就欧元区边缘而言,ECB试图开始靠超低利率拉动经济增长,然而,这却是央行进来最不成功的政策之一。今年五月,意大利非金融性公司借出的资金减少了4.1%,葡萄牙减少了5.0%,西班牙减少了9.7%。部分是受经济衰退的影响。但是,这也反应了财政的破裂。经济强国的向国外贷款的数目减少了。在经济弱国贷款要给的利率比在经济强国的贷款更高。这种分歧也波及到了客户——在2011年,如果公司在德国贷款,需要付的利率和在西班牙贷款相比,只相差6个基本点;到了今年早些时候,上涨到了149个基本点。Channel-hopping摇摆不定As long as Europe’s banks are not strong enough to lend, its economy will struggle to grow.Mr Draghi and his fellow policymakers should concentrate on three cures.只要欧洲没能力向外贷款,欧洲的经济就会上升得很艰难。德拉吉及其他ECB决策人应该全力于以下三个解决方法。The first is to unclog the lending channels. There are mechanisms for the ECB to try to lowerbank-lending rates in the periphery. But it could also usefully weaken the dependence of smalland medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on banks by helping prise open the capital markets—by,for instance, buying up securities backed by SME loans. That would mean helping some countriesmore than others, something that makes the ECB uneasy. But this horse has bolted: the centralbank’s policies are aly having an uneven effect across the euro zone. The EuropeanInvestment Bank could also ease credit by taking a “first-loss” position in SME-backedsecurities. There has been a lot of talk about this sort of thing, but too little action.一,清除借贷中的障碍。ECB中存在相关机制,可以试着降低边缘国家的贷款利率。但是,这样做同时也会有效减少中小型企业对的依赖性,他们有助于打开资本市场,比如,收购中小型企业贷款撑的券。如此一来,部分国家得到的帮助会多一些,如果出现这种情况,ECB会十分担忧。但是ECB却像头受惊的小马驹,他们已经出台了会导致欧元区国家享受不同待遇的政策。同时,在中小型企业撑的券中,欧洲投资也可以有损失时首当其冲,从而放松信贷。不过,大家都是语言的巨人,行动的矮子。The second cure involves lifting the cloud of suspicion over European banks. The ECB willundertake an “asset-quality review” before it takes up the role of euro-zone bankingsupervisor next year. Previous stress tests by national supervisors were not tough enough—andconvinced nobody. The asset-quality review is the ECB’s first and best chance to establishits credibility. Banks that fall short must be recapitalised—by raising fresh equity fromprivate investors, by bailing in creditors and, in some cases, by bringing in public money.二,消除对欧洲的疑虑。ECB会做一个资产质量评估,然后在明年,担当欧元区监管的角色。之前,国际监管机构也做个压力测试,不过力度不够,也没说力。这次的资产质量评估是ECB建立信誉的第一个也是唯一一个机会。落后的必须进行资本重组,重组的方法可以是从私人投资者那里筹集新的资产净值,可以是债权人纾困,在某些情况下,还可以引进公款。That raises the familiar spectre of the Spanish and Italian governments worsening their ownfinances by borrowing to prop up domestic lenders. That is a reminder of the importance of thethird cure: a proper banking union, supervised by the ECB, with a common resolution fund(proposed this week by the European Commission) and a joint deposit-guarantee scheme. The eurozone will not work without a banking union. Here Germany is the block: it hints that it mightconsider taking on such mutual obligations in the future, but not now. The problem is that nowis when the banks are half-dead. Waiting for zombies to come back to life is a fool’s game.如此一来,人们熟悉的噩梦又出现了——西班牙和意大利政府靠借钱来持其国内的借贷,进一步恶化了其经济形势。这就提醒了人们,第三个解决方法的重要性:在ECB监管下,成立一个适当的联盟,并达成一致的重组基金(由欧洲委员会本周提出),建立一个联合存款保险体制。如果没有联盟,欧元区肯定解决不了经济危机。现在,德国成了拦路石——德国暗示人们,也许将来会考虑采用类似的相互债务责任制度,但现在不会。现在的问题是处于濒死状。等待尸体复活可不是个明智的选择。 /201307/247902The Welsh language威尔士语Dragonian measures龙之旋律Government meddling has created a new Welsh dialect政府干预创造了一种新威尔士方言Pay attention if you want a good job要想得到好工作可得注意啦IN THE Blue Boar, a pub so local that the landlord is surprised to hear its sign is missing, Roy Thomas picks up a text from his grandson. It contains the word “brechdanau”, meaning sandwiches. A Welsh speaker, Mr Thomas knows the word, but only because he has it in old books. “Ill probably text back in English,” he says. “Otherwise Ill make a mistake.”在一家名为Blue Boar的地方酒吧里,店主对于其店名正在逐渐丧失含义而感到吃惊。罗伊·托马斯从他孙子的课本里挑出了一段文章,里面包含着“brechdanau”这个单词,意为“三明治”。作为一名讲威尔士语的人,托马斯知道这个词的意思,但仅仅因为他曾在旧书里看过。他说:“我也许会将它改成英语,不然我会犯错的。”Waless native language is in decline. Between 2001 and 2011 the proportion of people in the principality who speak it fell from 21% to 19%, with the steepest decline in its rural northern and western heartland. Native Welsh-speakers continue to leave for work, to be replaced, in those beautiful districts, by English retirees. But a new kind of Welsh language is rising, giving hope to some and perplexing others.威尔士的本土语言正在衰落。在2001年到2011年间,讲方言的人比率从21%降到了19%,以北部农业区和西部中心区衰落最为明显。当地说威尔士方言的人不断离开家乡外出工作,取而代之的是,英格兰退休者们来到了这些美丽的区域。但一种新的威尔士方言正在崛起,这让一些人燃起了希望,也让一些人困惑不解。Welsh identity is linked to the Welsh language—far more than, say, Scottishness is linked to Gaelic—and the devolved government has done much to promote it. Almost a quarter of primary schoolchildren in Wales are now taught mostly in Welsh, and the proportion is steadily rising. Civil-service and media jobs often require it. As a result, the language is holding on, and sometimes even growing, in traditionally Anglophone south Wales, particularly in and around Cardiff, where politics and the media are clustered.威尔士的身份认同与威尔士语是联系在一起的—这种联系比苏格兰语与盖尔人之间的联系更加紧密——当地政府也为发扬威尔士语做出了不小的努力。在威尔士,近四分之一的小学生接受的是威尔士语教学,这个比例还在稳步上升。市政务和媒体工作也通常会对这方面有要求。其结果就是在传统的以英语为母语的南威尔士地区,这种语言延续下来了,有时还呈回暖趋势,尤其是在政治、媒体聚集的加的夫。But the Welsh that can be heard in schools and that is spoken by the sports commentators on the Blue Boars small television set is different from the kind that many native speakers grew up with. A standardisation centre at Bangor University has added new words, such as “cyfrifiadur” for computer. Old words that had fallen out of use in many parts, like “brechdanau”, have been revived. Grammar is more English and less complicated.但是人们在学校听到的、在Blue Boar酒吧的小电视机听到体育员讲的威尔士语和本地人从小听到大的威尔士语还有些不同。班戈大学的标准化中心在其中加入了新的单词,比如说表示电脑的“cyfrifiadur”。一些地方不再使用的古词,比如“brechdanau”,已重新进入使用。语法方面也更近英语化,不再那么复杂了。The new Welsh also sounds different. The second syllable of “tadau” (fathers) now has an a-sound in the north and an e-sound in the south. But in the 16th century it sounded something like the English “die”, and this is the way the new speakers have it. This is also the way the word is out loud: written Welsh emerged when the Bible was translated in 1588, and preserves the ancient pronunciation.新的威尔士语在发音方面也不一样了。“tadau”的第二个音节如今在北方有个“a”的音,在南方有“e”的音。而在16世纪,这个音听起来像是英语的“die”,这是新一代讲威尔士语的人所采取的读音。这也是官方读音:在1588年翻译圣经时出现了书面威尔士语,保留了古老的读音。Not everybody is delighted with the new lingo. “So bloody fake”, mutters the Blue Boars landlord at the television, while local comedians like Daniel Glyn mock the clunky phrases on stage: “I can speak English and Welsh, but neither of them proper, bach.” Jonathan Snicker of St Johns College, Oxford, says the change breaks the link between older villagers and the urbane young, who can struggle to understand each other.并不是每个人都乐于接受新的方言。电视里地方喜剧演员丹尼尔·格林在台上嘲弄笨拙的语句说:“我能说英语和威尔士语,但两种都不好,伙计。”看到这一幕时,Blue Boar酒吧的店主嘟哝道:“简直虚伪做作!”牛津圣约翰大学的乔纳森·思尼克说这种变化割断了老一辈村民和生活在城市的年轻人之间的联系,他们需要费一番劲才能理解对方。But Colin Nosworthy, a spokesman for the Welsh Language Board, points out that the birth of a new dialect is a good sign for a language. “Better a slack Welsh than a slick English,” he says—and many agree. Efforts are being made to sp the new dialect to a belt above Swansea, where Welsh is doing particularly badly. S4C, the Welsh-language broadcaster, is moving from Cardiff to Carmarthen taking Welsh-speakers with it. This years Eisteddfod, a cultural festival, is in nearby Llanelli.但威尔士语言委员会的发言人科林·诺维斯指出,一种新方言的诞生对一种语言来说是一个好的迹象。他说:“半拉子威尔士语总比流畅的英语好。”很多人都同意这一点。各方正在付诸努力将新方言传播到斯旺西海湾一带,那里的威尔士语很不得到重视。威尔士语广播S4C正在从加的夫转移到喀麦登,追随它的还有一批讲威尔士语的人。今年的文化盛会诗歌音乐比赛会将在拉内利附近举行。There are worse ways of trying to preserve a language, some of which are also being tried in Wales. A planned nuclear power station in Anglesey has run into opposition from people who worry that many of the 6,000 construction jobs would go to non-Welsh speakers, diluting the language. Protests from the same quarters have held up the building of 8,000 homes in Gwynedd. A few awkward phrases from schoolchildren seems like a relatively small price to pay.在保留语言方面有很多糟糕的方法,而威尔士正在尝试其中一些。一原计划在安格尔西岛建设的核电站遭到了人们的抵制,他们认为这项需6,000人的建筑工作大部分将由不讲威尔士语的人完成,这将削弱威尔士语。同一季度的抗议使得格温内思郡8,000住宅的建设计划搁浅了。这么看来学生的几句不正宗词句似乎代价相对较小。 /201408/321027义乌哪里开双眼皮比较好

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义乌眼科医院有做大眼开小眼手术吗 Research shows that whether a person is an optimist or apessimist is related to their quality of life, including their physical health.研究表明,不管一个人是乐观还是悲观,都他的生活质量息息相关,包括身体健康。The subjects involved first took personality tests in the1960s and then thirty years later they completed a follow-up self-assessment of their healthstatus.这个主题首次在二十世纪六十年代提出并做了人格测试,三十年后他们后续完成了健康状况的自我评价。Researchers found that not only did the optimists from the 1960s report better physicaland mental functioning thirty years later, but that optimists also lived longer on average than pessimists.研究人员发现60年代的乐观主义者不仅身心比30年后的人更健康,而且乐观主义者比悲观主义者更长寿。Its hardly clear that there is a causal relationship between optimism and health.很难理清乐观与健康之间的因果关系。it could be thatthey are related to the same underlying gene complex or set of mechanisms.也许是因为它们与相同的潜在基因或是一套机制有关。Still, it sure istempting to surmise that its partly a positive attitude that keeps people alive for so long.不过,可以肯定的是,一定程度上的积极心态能让人长寿。It mayactually be possible that a lot of what my parents have been telling me for years is true.实际上可能多年来我父母告诉我的许多事情都是真的。If you think positively, good things may happen to you.如果你积极地看待这个世界,好的事情就可能发生在你身上。If you think negatively, then you may doomyourself.如果你总是消极地看待一切,那样只会让你自己更郁闷。 201408/321927义乌芙洛拉整形美容医院副乳手术怎么样义乌復元医院打瘦脸针多少钱



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