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2018年03月18日 12:12:52 | 作者:新浪极客 | 来源:新华社
JP Morgan Chase Buys Troubled Washington Mutual Bank美国“华盛顿互惠”宣布破产 As U.S. lawmakers grappled over a 0 billion dollar bank bailout plan, one of the nation's largest banks - Washington Mutual Incorporated - collapsed under the weight of its enormous bad bets on the U.S. mortgage market. What is seen as the largest bank failure in U.S. history.正当美国国会仍然就政府提出的七千亿美元拯救金融市场计划争吵不休的时候,美国规模最大的之一--华盛顿互惠--却由于无法承受其巨大的房贷坏帐而破产。这是美国历史上破产倒闭的规模最大的一家。With financial markets reeling over the recent crisis on Wall Street, the collapse of Seattle-based Washington Mutual could not have come at a worse time.当金融市场由于华尔街最新的危机而苦苦挣扎之际,总部设在西雅图的华盛顿互惠的倒闭,的确是雪上加霜。Federal regulators moved quickly, seizing the troubled mortgage lender late Thursday and selling the thrift's banking assets to U.S. investment bank J.P. Morgan for nearly billion. 联邦监管人员行动迅速,于星期四傍晚冻结了这家身陷困境的房贷发放机构的资产,然后以将近二十亿美元的价格转售给美国投资根大通公司。The Federal Deposit Insurance Company, FDIC, insures Americans' bank deposits of up to 0,000. But it says because of the deal it will not have to use its assets to cover Washington Mutual's deposits. 美国联邦储蓄保险公司为储户十万美元以下的储蓄投了保,但是表示,由于转售交易的达成,联邦储蓄保险公司不必利用自身的资产向华盛顿互惠的储户付赔偿。The FDIC had aly spent billions of dollars in its takeover of IndyMac, which collapsed in July. Some analysts say a Washington Mutual failure could have used up half the money in the government insurance fund.今年七月抵押贷款公司IndyMac破产的时候,联邦储蓄保险公司已经付出了几十亿美元。一些分析人士表示,假如华盛顿互惠破产,联邦储蓄保险公司将不得不动用一半的政府保险资金。J.P. Morgan Chase said it plans to close less than 10 percent of the two companies' branches. The bank has not yet decided which to close. Kelsey Wesley, a Washington Mutual employee says employees are nervous. But adds the company, commonly known as WaMu, has been good to them in the past. 根大通公司表示,将关闭两家公司百分之十以下的分行,但是没有明确说明将关闭哪些分行。华盛顿互惠雇员凯尔西·韦斯利说,的雇员都感到紧张担心。但是他也表示,公司一向待雇员很好。"I'm not gonna say that is not gonna happen but no matter what WaMu has a really impressive severance package and I think that's going to be carried on even if there is a merger," he said. 韦斯利说:“我并不是说这种事情不会发生,但是不管怎么说,华盛顿互惠向员工提供非常好的解聘待遇。我认为,即使公司被兼并,这些待遇也会得到执行。”John Graybill, another Washington Mutual employee said he is optimistic.华盛顿互惠另一位名叫约翰·格雷比尔的雇员说,他感到乐观。"Of course we are going to have some uncertainties and some questioning about what's going on. Have I been nervous? Sure. That's the nature of the whole beast," he said. "When a large company gets bought out you wonder about your job. Are heads gonna roll? You just don't know but we have faith in our bosses and the people upstairs." 他说:“我们当然对眼前发生的一切感到不安,心里也会有很多问题。我是否感到紧张?当然紧张。这正是问题的根源。一家大公司被别人收买购,你自然担心你的饭碗。是否会有人被炒鱿鱼?你心里没底,但是我们对我们的老板和管理层有信心。”FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Bair says this will be a seamless transition for the bank's customers. She says there will be no interruption in services and bankers can expect business as usual.联邦储蓄保险公司主席希拉·布莱尔表示,对于华盛顿互惠的顾客来说,过渡将会非常平稳。她还说,务不会受到影响,一切都照常如故。Washington Mutual has been saddled with billions of dollars of debt because it heavily invested in selling risky subprime mortgages to customers who later defaulted on them. 华盛顿互惠把很多资产投在高风险的次级房贷上,但是由于很多贷款者无法偿还贷款而负债高达几十亿美元。This is J.P. Morgan's second purchase of a financial institution left vulnerable by the subprime mortgage crisis. It bought Bear Stearns for more than two-billion dollars earlier this year.这是根大通第二次出手购买由于次级房贷危机而摇摇欲坠的金融公司。今年早些时候,根大通以二十多亿美元的价格收购了贝尔斯登公司。200809/50736Katie Couric: This morning on Today's Woman, the benefits of breastfeeding. Nursing is a wonderful way to bond with the newborn and get them off to a healthy start as well, but according to a recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics, less than 60% of women breastfed their newborn at the time they were discharged from the hospital. Dr. Judith Reichman is a gynecologist and contributor here of Today. Hey, Judith. Good morning.Dr. Judith Reichman: Good morning, Katie.Katie Couric: So I'm just looking at less than 60%...Dr. Judith Reichman: That's when they left the hospital and less than 21% percent were breastfeeding at the sixth month and many of them were supplementing they weren't doing so breastfeeding. Katie Couric: So why do you think these numbers are so low?Dr. Judith Reichman: I think it's very difficult for the working women to breastfeed and sometimes there is difficulty in initiating it. I'm not sure that everybody realizes how truly important to the health both of the baby and the mother it is.Katie Couric: Why and what about formula? Is it as beneficial to the baby? Could modern-day formula(be) as mom's milk?Dr. Judith Reichman: Well. I'm gonna use this phrase that I often use. Breast is best, and it really is. The milk that comes from the breast has the absolute right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals. You can't do better and we don't even know everything that's in breast milk so formula can really, totally copy it. But it certainly is much better than cow's milk which has things in it that the baby simply cannot and should not digest.Katie Couric: Well. You can't give a newborn cow's milk, right?Dr. Judith Reichman: You absolutely should not. The protein in the cow's milk is wrong. Breastmilk has something called whey and CASEIN and the whey is way above the amount. It's about 72%. Cow's milk is just the opposite. It has the wrong currents of electrolyte. It has a protein in it which actually can cause changes in the beta cells of the pancreas and help increase risk of diabetes in an infant or in a child.Katie Couric: Oh, wow! OK. So breast milk, though, is on a positive side. Breast milk can prevent diarrhea, respiratory infections, ear infections and urinary tract infections.Dr. Judith Reichman: It has wonderful antibodies and has cells that eat up the bad bacteria. It coats the lining of the gastral and intestinal tract. It prevents bad proteins from getting in, and it actually decreases colitis and ulcer to colitis down the line.Katie Couric: Also when we talked about allergies, so we hear more about allergies these days, many more kids being diagnosed for the asthma. And there is some evidence that breastfeeding can help stave off this condition?Dr. Judith Reichman: Yes. It's thought that if a woman exclusively breastfeeds for six months, she can decrease the allergens. She gets antibodies. If she doesn't eat nuts for example, then the baby is less likely to get the allergies to nuts. So the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that all women who have a history of allergies or asthma in their family, breastfeed exclusively for 6 months.Katie Couric: Also mental development. There have been studies that show that breastfed babies are smarter, right?Dr. Judith Reichman: Yeah. Well. I wasn't breastfed, so I keep thinking how if I had been breastfed who knows what I would have done?(You've been brilliant. You aly are,so.) Fun? Thank you.(You would be too scary.) But in many cases there is some thought that increases cognition and that these children are not only a little smarter but the smartness continues down the line. so the longer a child is breastfed, maybe the better than brain develops.Katie Couric: Yeah. Come to think that I wasn't breastfed either. See? Think what we'll be today and we happen?. Al'right, what about childhood obesity?Dr. Judith Reichman: There are definitely some suggestions that it decreases obesity and also it decreases diabetes as I said before. Katie Couric: What about for the mom? I know that it delays the onset of your first period, but it also can help you to burn a lot of calories after your pregnancy, right?Dr. Judith Reichman: It's much easier to lose that baby weight if you breastfeed, and that's probably one of the chief reasons that women are anxious to do it. But in addition it decreases the amount of bleeding that a woman does after delivery. It decreases the ovulation. She's less likely to get breast cancer and ovarian cancer.Katie Couric: Well, the one thing I want to mention, though, too, is it's difficult to breastfeed. And I don't think new mothers are told this. It doesn't sort of in necessarily, instantaneously happen where the baby latches on, and it's like Madonna and child. So people should know that there're experts in hospitals, there's the La Leche League I know. I got a pump from them. I felt like I'll see the cow. When I was in my kitchen. that nasty green bud through ...Dr. Judith Reichman: But you know what, the more you do it, but you really do it, the better you get out of it. And we really tell mothers trying to do it every 2 hours. If you don't get enough milk out, try again. Use the pump. Learn what you can do.Katie Couric: But talk to the experts because as I said I think a lot of women find it very frustrating and there are people on the hospital staff you should talk to even before you have your baby. If you're interested in breastfeeding just say, "Will you be available if I have any problems?"Dr. Judith Reichman: Absolutely, the first breastfeeding is probably the most important because at that time the colostrum comes out. (Right.) And that's chock-full of antibodies and good things for the baby, so the hospital has to make sure that the baby rooms in and is available and they have to help the mother nurse and then in her workplace ,if she can pump, all she needs is a small room to herself with perhaps a small refrigerator and she can continue to breastfeed that baby.Katie Couric: And very quickly, ideally how long should you do it? I did it for 6 months.Dr. Judith Reichman: We want 6 months exclusively. If possible, then add on a supplement for a year, and we encourage, the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages breastfeeding for 2 years.Katie Couric: Wow. Dr. Judith Reichman: Yes.Katie Couric: But when they can ask for it, they are too old. Right?Dr. Judith Reichman: Well. Mommy. Mommy.Katie Couric: I don't know. That kind of crazed me out. All right. Judith, thank you very much. If you'd like to learn more to each zone, right, about breastfeeding,just go to our website at today.msnbc.com.200707/15395

A problem, bbbbut…一个问题,但是……Let me teach you some phrases you might need to explain that theres been a mistake.让我教你几个你可能会用来解释误会的表达。I think theres been a misunderstanding. Or: Theres been a bit of a mix up.我想有一个误会。或者这里有点混乱。But what misunderstanding? What mix up?但什么误会呢?怎么混乱了?You could also use: Let me explain what happened... But...你还可以说:让我解释一下发生的事…… 但……Ah, good afternoon everyone. Hello.大家下午好。 你好。Tom, this is an excellent piece of work! Sorry?汤姆,这次工作完成得很棒! 什么?These are by far the best ideas youve ever had.这是你迄今为止最棒的点子。I dont understand.我不懂。Our stock management system!我们的库存管理系统!Can I see? … Oh, thats not mine.我能看看吗?这不是我的。I think theres been a misunderstanding. I did it. You?我想有一个误会,我做的。 你?I got your note Paul, here.我在这里收到的你的字条,保罗。No, no, that note was for Tom.不,字条是给汤姆的。Oh, then theres been a bit of a mix up.那么这里出了一点状况。Did you take that note from my desk? No, no!你从我桌子上拿走的字条吗? 不,不是的!I suppose you threw my pear salesman certificate on the floor at the same time too!我猜也是你把我的年度水果梨销售员书扔在地上的!I didn’t! Let me explain.我没有,让我解释一下。 /201701/483852

US Top Envoy Pushes Coordinated Anti-Terror Efforts Between Pakistan, Afghanistan美国要求巴阿两国加强反恐协调 A top U.S diplomat has urged Pakistan and Afghanistan to increase anti-terror coordination saying they must extend their governments' authority to their border regions in order to check rising militant activities. Speaking at the end of his three-day trip to Pakistan, Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher also supported Afghan and NATO concerns that al-Qaida and Taliban militants are freely using sanctuaries on the Pakistani side of the border. 美国助理国务卿包润石敦促巴基斯坦和阿富汗加强反恐协调工作。他说,为了控制日渐增加的恐怖活动,两国必须把政府权力扩大到边境地区。包润石在结束对巴基斯坦的3天访问时说了这番话。他说,他也和阿富汗和北约组织一样,担心基地组织和塔利班分子自由出入巴基斯坦境内的藏身之处。U.S-led coalition forces fighting Taliban and al-Qaida militants in Afghanistan have suffered their highest monthly death toll in the month of June since launching military operations in the country in 2001.  今年6月是美国为首的联军在2001年对阿富汗发动军事行动,打击塔利班和基地分子以来,联军部队伤亡最重的一个月。Coalition commanders and Afghan officials blame militant sanctuaries on the Pakistani side of the border for the rise in insurgent attacks.  联军指挥官和阿富汗官员把暴乱袭击的增加归咎于巴基斯坦边境一侧的恐怖分子藏身地。Speaking to reporters after talks with Pakistani leaders, Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher said that al-Qaida and Taliban threat is growing in tribal regions of Pakistan. He reiterated that Afghan and coalition forces must tackle militants on their side of the border while Pakistani troops need to act on their side. 美国助理国务卿包润石在与巴基斯坦领导人会晤后对记者表示,在巴基斯坦的部落地区,基地组织和塔利班分子的威胁在增加。他重申,阿富汗和联军部队必须打击阿富汗这一侧的激进分子,而同时巴基斯坦部队也需要在巴基斯坦境内采取行动。 "We know that suicide bombers get trained there and they are coming in both directions," he said. "They come to kill innocent Afghans and they come to kill innocent Pakistanis. We can do a lot on the Afghan side in terms of stabilization and stopping people from trying to come across the border but in the end the Pakistanis have to take actions on the Pakistani side to get at these militants who are harming all of us." 他说:“我们知道,自杀炸弹袭击者在那里受训,来往于边界两边。他们杀害无辜的阿富汗人,也杀害无辜的巴基斯坦人。我们可以在阿富汗这侧进行大量的工作,来稳定局势,制止激进分子跨越边界,但是最终要巴基斯坦在巴基斯坦境内采取行动,追剿那些正在伤害我们的人。”Boucher says that Washington supports the Pakistani government's policy of securing the border areas by negotiating deals with tribal leaders to encourage them to expel foreign militants from their areas. But he says the ed States is opposed to striking deals with militant leaders.  包润石说,华盛顿持巴基斯坦政府维护边境安全的政策。巴基斯坦政府正在与部落地区领导人谈判,鼓励他们把那些外国激进分子赶出部落地区。但是他说,美国反对与激进分子领导人达成协议。"We don't support making concessions to violent leaders like Baituallah Mehsud. We don't support releasing terrorists in the wild so that they can strike again. But we do support working with the tribes so that the tribes become responsible for their own security," said Boucher. 他说:“我们不持向暴力激进分子领导人马苏德之类的人让步,也不持释放恐怖分子,放虎归山,以便他们可以卷土重来。但是,我们持与部落地区领导人一起努力,以便部落地区可以承担起保护他们自己安全的责任。”Mehsud is a self-proclaimed commander of the Pakistani Taliban militants and is believed to be closely linked to the al-Qaida network. He is blamed for a series of suicide attacks across Pakistan and for sending fighters across the border to help Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. 马苏德自称是巴基斯坦塔利班激进分子的指挥官。据信,他与基地组织联系密切。他被指控在巴基斯坦境内制造了一系列自杀炸弹袭击,他还向阿富汗境内派出战斗人员帮助阿富汗的塔利班暴乱分子。Relations between the two important U.S allies in the anti-terror war have strained in recent days over allegations that Pakistan is not moving against Mehsud and is not doing enough to check Taliban insurgents from crossing into Afghanistan.  阿富汗和巴基斯坦都是美国反恐战争中的关键盟友,但是两国最近关系紧张。阿富汗指责巴基斯坦没有采取行动打击马苏德,也没有采取足够的行动控制塔利班人员越境进入阿富汗。Richard Boucher says in his meetings with government officials and politicians he also discussed political issues and challenges facing Pakistan. The senior U.S diplomat rejected criticism the ed States is not happy with the emergence of the new Pakistani government after a general election in February and is still support President Pervez Musharraf even though he has become increasingly isolated.  包润石说,在与巴基斯坦官员和政界人士会晤时,他与他们讨论了政治问题以及巴基斯坦面临的挑战。包润石驳斥了有关美国对巴基斯坦2月选举后上台的新政府不满的说法。同时,包润石对有关美国依然持越来越孤立的巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫的批评也予以驳斥。The new ruling coalition is packed with anti-Musharraf parties calling for the president to step down or face possible impeachment in the parliament. However, there is a disagreement between major coalition partners on how to do it and also on how to resolve the issue of dozens of judges President Musharraf sacked in November when he imposed a six-week-long emergency rule in the country.  巴基斯坦新的执政联盟由反穆沙拉夫的政党组成,他们呼吁穆沙拉夫要么下台,要么面临议会的弹劾。不过,联合政府中的主要夥伴在如何对待穆沙拉夫以及如何解决被穆沙拉夫解职的几十位法官的问题上意见不一。这些法官去年11月在穆沙拉夫实施6个星期的紧急状态时被解职。But Boucher says this is not the main issue confronting Pakistanis. "Frankly, President Musharraf is not the issue right now. This is not the problem that Pakistan faces right now," he said. "The problem Pakistani people face is the danger of bombings, suicide bombers, rising food prices. There are energy difficulties. Their electricity is being cut off through load shedding."Critics of the new government in Pakistan say the political issues have prevented the rulers from focusing on issues such as widening trade and fiscal deficit, chronic power and energy shortages as will as rising militancy in the tribal areas. 批评巴基斯坦新政府的人士说,由于这些政治问题,执政者无法集中精力处理日渐扩大的贸易和财政赤字、长期的电力和能源短缺、以及部落地区日渐增长的激进分子活动等问题。200807/43295

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