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网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:对某事物不屑He sniffed at my idea.他对我的想法很不屑。【讲解】sniff 是;闻,嗅;的意思。sniff at sth. 就是;对某物不屑,嗤之以鼻;。【情景一】人总是有梦想的。偏偏有人对别人的梦想不屑。He sniffed at my idea of becoming a doctor.他对我要成为一名医生的想法很不屑。【情景二】好的建议都应该听取,不要嗤之以鼻。不然损失大了。You shouldnt sniff at such a good offer.你不应该对这么好的提议嗤之以鼻。 /201205/181759Weve got,weve got coaches from the Voice,and what can we expect?今天节目嘉宾是《美国之声》的三大教头 我们可以期待什么呢Anything different this season than the last season?本季和上季比 有什么不同呢Weve up to the,weve up to the game to,Now we have 12 people in our teams,instead of 6我们扩大了可选择选手的规模 本季每个教头可选12人 而不是上季的6个Which is a longer blind audition,Well,blind moment,where is the best part,这就意味着较长时间的盲选 盲选时刻 是节目最棒的部分We dont get to see anything,but press our buttons somewhere.Thats my favorite part of the show.我们看不到任何表演 而只是在某处按下按钮 那是节目中我最喜爱的部分And I love push the button,its really fun.Now we have a really good time.我很爱按按钮 很有意思 现在我们相处很融洽So if you,you know the thing,as we really get into our teams,we really dedicate ourselves.你要知道事实是 当我们真正投入到队伍中去时 我们全身心投入And its interesting we have a lot of versatility this year.有趣的是 今年我们有更多多才多艺的选手The voice could be anything,lets just put in that way.《美国之声》无所不能 让我们暂且这样说Its a lot great people.Take some many different forms.And Ill say the biggest difference I think is the talent sp through out.有很多优秀的选手 各有特色 我会说最大的天赋的爆发不同是 我想是天赋的爆发So theres so many great singers.That makes it a lot,theres more challenging for us to kinda,you know,come up with the winner.有超多优秀的歌手 给我们以更大的挑战 从中挑出冠军Because its not assuring,theres not a couple people who really much better than anybody else,everybody is really,really good.因为你不能确保 有些人就一定没另一些人强 每个人都很赞 非常赞And your favorite part,Like you said itt not seeing them,and really figure out,你最爱的部分 是看不见选手 并真实的判断出Do I want to have that person.yes,its so cool.I may suck listen to the radio.我是不是想要这位选手 是的 很棒 听收音机 我可能糟糕透顶I mean,it really is,when you hear something you like,just hit the button,you know and hope to God.They dont like it too,right.确实是这样的 但你听到你喜欢的声音时 你只要按下按钮 并祈求上苍 他们都不喜欢它 是的Or hope to God,they pick you.Even though everybody is fighting for the same person.Right.或者祈求上苍 选手会选你 即使多人争抢同一选手 是的Because you must get frustrated,If you want that person and they pick somebody else.Im only have,which is really crazy.因为你会很沮丧 如果你想要的选手选了别人 我只有 这是多么疯狂啊Im only have the most intelligent thanks to say to the contestants,Right,and then,theyll go with me.我只有对选手致以睿智的感谢 是的 然后他们就会选我You are right,right,right.Youre right,right.Cant deny that.Lets talk about the X-Factor.你真是太对了 不可否认 让我们来聊聊X-FactorSo Paula Abdul is not coming back,and Cheryl is not coming back,and Nicole is not coming back.Have you any thoughts on that?Its really harsh,its.Paula Abdul不再回归 Cheryl不再回归 Nicole也不在回归 你们对此有何看法吗 问题真尖锐 是的 /201703/500155各位早安,欢迎收听独家专栏节目“E聊吧”,我是Ukki,天气预报说这几天会下雨,全国各地的朋友最近都跟我说他们所在的城市下雨了,而且雨很大,想不到在这个秋末冬初的季节还会下暴雨,不知道正在收听节目的朋友,你们所在城市的天气又是怎么样的呢? 去年年底上映的一部名为《初恋这件小事》的泰国青春片在网络上爆红。如果要说这部电影在剧情上有什么 特别之处,那倒也未必,其实讲的就是——初恋。观众称,这部电影的剧情基本可以分为三段内容:暗恋、互相暗恋、血形的happy ending(互相暗恋什么的……)据说89%看过这部电影的人都会深深地感同身受。不知道你是不是那89%的其中一员呢? 《初恋这件小事》,英文名为Crazy Little Thing Called Love,故事主体应该就是“暗恋”了吧。既然说起这个,大家知道“暗恋”怎么用英语来表达吗? 暗恋:one-side love 这个说法是不是很形象很直观呢?比如说,这种很老掉牙的让人看了鸡皮疙瘩掉一地自我恶心一下的话……:One-side love like a greedy leech absorbed my time and my mirth. 此外还有个不那么直观的说法,比如“unrequited love”;以及非常直译似乎没有太多“美感”的说法,类似于“fall in love with someone secretly”之类的。 其他和“喜欢上某人”的表达相关的,除了我们经常听到“fall in love with sb”之外,还有“have a crush on sb”的说法。值得注意的是,这个说法的用法比较广,比如我们可以这样用:Schoolchildren often have crushes on teachers.(小学生往往很钦佩老师。) 还记得Ukki读小学的时候也曾经钦佩过我的老师,那么你们呢?是否和我有过同样的经历呢?如果想跟我分享你的心情的话可以给我留言哦! 这期“E聊吧”我们学习了“暗恋”one-side love,remember to share with your friends. OK, so much for today, see you next time and have a nice day. Bye~~ /201111/159822

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:发火,大发雷霆  Lose就是失去的意思。Cool通常做冷或者是凉解释。不过在这个习惯用语里它是冷静的意思。中文里面就有现存的相同的说法。那就是;失去冷静;。 试想一个人如果失去了冷静,岂不是在生气吗?Lose your cool正是;大发雷霆;的意思。  我们来看个例子。假设约翰在开车;正在等红灯。突然一辆车子从后面撞了上来。约翰下了车来,走到后面开车的人面前,指着他的鼻子大骂。I am afraid I lose my cool. I call the other guy some nasty names and jumped out like he was y to fight. But then a traffic cop arrived on the scene and managed to calm us down. And it turned out the damage wasnt all that bad.  我当时失去了冷静,把那个家伙臭骂一顿。他也从车子里出来,好像准备动手。不过那个时候一位交通警到达了现场。他设法让我们的情绪都平静下来。后来我们发现车子的损害并没有多厉害。   说到这里,还有一个习惯用语要在这里顺便提一提。那就是,blow your cool。 Blow是吹的意思,但是blow your cool和lose your cool有着相同的含义。 /201208/196760网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic: 哪儿凉快哪儿歇着去Take a hike! 哪儿凉快哪儿歇着去吧。生活中总有这样一些很烦人的朋友,面对着他们,很多人都想说:“哪儿凉快去哪儿。”不知道你们身边有没有这样的朋友呢?【更多例句】If youre going to stand here insulting me, just take a hike.如果你站在这儿只是侮辱我,你最好滚开。The term ;take a hike;, means you want someone to leave.就是希望别人离开,有点“哪儿凉快去哪儿” 的意味。I am tired of you all complaining, take a hike.我听够你的抱怨了,你哪凉快哪呆着去吧!One of us has got to take a hike.如果我是你,我要让他走开。[本节目属] /201304/234382I couldnt wait for it.Thank you so much.我都等不及了 谢谢你Thats really sweet.Theres really another day.真贴心 今天真是好日子Just really drag ass,I got her poker chips.只是来去匆匆 我送她扑克筹码I got her a bigger and better poker chip.Are these the items.我给她更大更好的扑克筹码 就是这些This is ridiculous.This is our dog Wolf.真不错 这是我们的WolfWho are you that you have our animals.你是谁 怎么能有我们宠物的And this one.Thats Mabel.I thought Id love this.This one.还有这个 这是Mabel 我想我更喜欢这个 这个This is just in case,just thinking I might.What will Ellen and Potia dead think in their bed.就是想 你或许 Ellen和Portia会把什么放床上And then I thought,I thought this would be appropriate,I cant follow you.Now I can follow you.然后我想 这个不错 我不能跟着你 现在我能跟着你了Its just make up under my eye,This is nice and cripy.Beautiful.这眼下面是我的妆 这真又好又吓人 很漂亮Were just gonna buy one of these.我们正准备买它呢I almost bought one of these the other day.So thank you.那天我差点就买了 谢谢你It comes free with make up,a make up of my eyes.This is after one of the award shows.这个我的眼睛上还带着妆 是在一个颁奖礼后的照片I look terrible.You are very sweet.Thank you so much.我看起来有点糟糕 真是太贴心了 非常感谢And Mabel,Wolf pillows are just really thoughtful and then creepy.Mabel 这个抱枕真是很用心 但是又有点诡异How do you get our dogs pictures.Sure.真搞不懂你是怎么弄到我的照片的 是啊Mike and Molly air is Monday at 9:30 on CBS.Really congratulations on the nomination.MIke and Molly在CBS的周一早上9:30直播 恭喜你的提名I will be rooting for you,because I love that movie.我会一直持你 我喜欢这个片子And I love you so much.Thank you very much.Happy birthday.Thank you.All right,we will be right back.Well be right back.而且 我也很喜欢你 非常感谢 生日快乐 谢谢 好的 稍等片刻 马上回来 马上回来 /201703/498057

snuff out 扑灭,消除Governments vowed to snuff out crime on campus. 政府部门誓要消除校园犯罪行为A mayor has taken actions to snuff out illegal gun dealing一个州长已采取行动,试图消除非法交易。Snuffing out crime is our best hope for safe streets and schools. 消除犯罪行为,拥有一个安全的街道和校园环境,是我们最大的期望。 play down 降低,缩小,轻描淡写Although our economy keeps growing at a decent rate ,we cannot play down the difficulties our country is facing.尽管我国经济以一个不错的速度持续增长,我们仍不能小看我们目前所面临的困难。Everybody is crazy for his heroic behavior but he just plays it down.人人都为他的英勇行为而疯狂,他却总是轻描淡写,一笔带过背景音乐:spicy girls 唱的viva forever 谢谢halls 真的很好听~~ /201006/106019Absent-minded professor:心不在焉的教授A notoriously absent-minded professor was one day observed walking along the street with one foot continually in the gutter, the other on the pavement.A student meeting him said:"Good evening, professor. What's the matter?""Well," answered the professor, "I thought I was all right when I left home, but now I don't know what's the matter with me. I've been limping for the last half-hour." /201001/95768

Those who wonder if the glass is half full or half empty miss the point. The glass is REFILLABLE.那些想知道这水杯是半满还是半空的人们都忽略了一点:这水杯是可以再装满的!单词记忆:refillable adj. 适于再装的(如包装材料等);wonder n. 惊奇;惊愕;奇迹;奇观 v. 惊奇;想知道;怀疑 adj. 奇妙的;非凡的glass half full optimistic 乐观的glass half empty pessimistic 悲观的 /201607/456917第一, 迷你对话A: Can I help you?先生,需要我帮助吗?B: It’s very kind of you to say so. I really need someone to help me.你这么说,真是太好了。我真的需要一个人帮助我。A: It is my pleasure. Just tell me what to do.能帮助你是我的荣幸,告诉我,要我做什么。B: Thanks. But nowadays more and more people won’t stir a finger when you need a hand.谢谢。但是越来越多的人在需要帮助的时候,一点忙都不帮。第二, 地道表达not stir a finger1. 解词释义Not stir a finger的意思是“不仅举手之劳”“一点忙都不帮”。2. 拓展范例e.g. He did not so much as stir a finger.他一点力都不肯出。e.g. Not that I don t want to stir a finger but that its beyond my power to do so.并非我不帮忙,实在是无能为力。e.g. He always says hell stir a finger, but when it comes to the crunch, he does nothing.他口口声声说他一定帮忙, 然而事到临头他什么也不帮。第三, 咬文嚼字need a hand:需要帮忙e.g. Need a hand to remove the box?要帮忙搬掉这只箱子吗? /201705/508211

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