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泰州哪家医院包皮手术靖江人民中医院泌尿外科高港区妇幼保健人民中心医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 Beijing’s stimulus plan for the Chinese car market helped October motor vehicle sales to grow at their fastest pace in 10 months, driven by a tax cut on small cars.在中国政府对中国汽车市场的刺激性计划帮助下,由于小型汽车减税措施的带动,10月份的汽车销量出现了10个月来的最快增长。Chinese car buyers have been holding back on purchases of big-ticket items such as cars, while consumer spending on other items remained strong on the mainland, which today celebrated another record “single’s day” shopping holiday.中国汽车买主近来对于买入汽车之类的高价商品有点迟疑——尽管中国内地对其他商品的消费出依然十分强劲。今天,中国内地欢庆了又一个创纪录的“光棍节”购物节日。However, the industry has seen some signs of recovery in recent months, with October motor vehicle sales rising 11.8 per cent year-on-year, to 2.2m vehicles, according to the state-backed China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. This was an acceleration from the 2.1 per cent pace recorded in September.不过,最近几个月汽车业已出现了部分复苏的迹象。根据政府持的中国汽车工业协会(China Association of Automobile Manufacturers)的数据,10月份汽车销量同比增长11.8%,达到220万辆。这一增幅高于9月份录得的2.1%。Sales of sport utility vehicles, the fastest-growing segment and a car popular with the rapidly growing middle class, rose more than 60 per cent in October over the same month a year ago.运动型多功能车(SUV)的销量增长最快,这种车在快速壮大的中产阶层中极受欢迎。今年10月,这种车的销量同比增长逾60%。Bill Russo, a motor industry consultant in Shanghai, said: “There’s a bounce because of the tax reduction and... has been a trend, even in the slowdown period, of high growth in SUVs, particularly recently launched vehicles in that category are doing quite well.”驻上海的汽车业咨询师比尔拉索(Bill Russo)表示:“之所以会出现反弹,一方面是由于减税……另一方面是由于,即使是在放缓的时期,SUV也存在高速增长的趋势,特别是最近推出的此类车型销售非常好。” /201511/409655泰州治疗梅毒的方法

泰州男科哪里好泰州阴茎延长技术多少钱 Memories of the 1990s are haunting China’s rust-belt cities as strapped state-owned employers look at cutting jobs, with Wuhan Iron amp; Steel the latest company said to be laying off thousands of workers.上世纪90年代的记忆正在困扰中国的铁锈地带(rust-belt,指衰落的老工业地带——译者注)城市。资金拮据的国有雇主考虑采取裁员行动,据悉武汉钢铁(Wuhan Iron amp; Steel)是最新一家裁减大批工人的国企(编者注:据武钢官方微信“幸福武钢”消息,武钢集团表示,目前并没有“裁员”)。The dismantling of market pricing reforms and the “iron rice bowl” system of life-long jobs in the 1990s eliminated thousands of state-owned small or medium-sized enterprises, which specialised in everything from industrial boilers to wedding photographs. SOEs now account for about a third of China’s productive capacity and an even smaller portion of urban employment, even though in some smaller cities they still dominate.90年代,市场化定价改革和“铁饭碗”终身就业制度使数以万计的国有中小企业倒闭,此前这些企业经营着从工业锅炉到婚纱照的各行各业。如今国企占中国生产力的大约三分之一,占城镇就业的比例更小,即便国企在某些较小城市仍占主导地位。Since then, years of precipitous growth and cheap state-backed credit have left many sectors of the Chinese economy bloated on debt and unprepared for a downturn. Heavy industry has been particularly hard hit by the sharp drop in prices for coal, energy, iron ore and steel.自90年代以来,多年迅猛增长和国家持的廉价信贷使中国经济中的很多部门积累沉重债务,并且对低迷没有准备。近期,随着煤炭、能源、铁矿石和钢材价格大幅下滑,重工业受到格外沉重的打击。The biggest SOEs typically employed hundreds of thousands of workers until a debt crisis and economic slowdown in the late 1990s forced millions of workers into early retirement on meagre pensions. Twenty years later, many remain the largest employers and taxpayers in their cities, still employing tens or even hundreds of thousands despite mounting debt burdens and collapsing prices.曾几何时,最大型的国有企业往往雇用数十万工人——直到90年代后期的一场债务危机和经济放缓迫使数以百万计的工人提前退休,领取微薄的养老金。20年后,这些国企仍是所在城市最大的雇主和纳税人,仍然雇用数万甚至数十万工人,尽管债务负担越来越重,尽管产品价格不断下降。Chinese media this week said Wuhan Iron amp; Steel, one of China’s largest mills, would lay off up to 11,000 workers, although the producer has denied the plans. The reports follow an announcement in October of 100,000 lay-offs at Longmay, a state-owned coal miner near the Siberian border.中国媒体本周报道称,中国最大钢厂之一武汉钢铁将裁员多达1.1万,尽管该企业否认了裁员之说。有关武钢裁员的报道发表之前,靠近西伯利亚边境的国有煤炭企业龙煤(Longmay)今年10月宣布裁员10万。While small SOEs have mostly vanished, the biggest have bulked up on state-backed loans as Beijing tried to create national champions . The Rmb4tn stimulus unleashed after the global financial crisis resulted in “blind investment” by the SOEs, according to Hu Xingdou, a professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology.尽管小型国有企业大多消失了,但在北京方面创建国家冠军企业的努力推动下,最大的国企近年借助国家持的贷款发展壮大。据北京理工大学(Beijing Institute of Technology)教授胡星斗介绍,全球金融危机爆发后北京方面释放的4万亿元人民币刺激资金导致了国有企业的“盲目投资”。Beijing has orchestrated mergers of big, centrally owned state groups but local governments are reluctant to take the next step of slashing employment rolls or shutting down excess capacity that could trigger debt defaults.北京策划了大型央企的合并,但地方政府不愿迈出可能引发债务违约的步子,进行大举裁员或关停过剩产能。The talk of downsizing at Wuhan Steel comes after a decade in which it consolidated smaller mills in central China, built a state-of-the art new mill in southern China and fought off attempts by state-owned Baosteel in Shanghai to dominate its market. But now steel prices have dropped and China’s anti-corruption campaign has claimed Deng Qilin, the irascible former chairman who in happier times enjoyed chain-smoking his way through long interviews with journalists.过去10年期间,武钢兼并了华中地区一些规模较小的钢厂,在中国南方打造了一家先进的新钢厂,并挫败了位于上海的国企宝钢(Baosteel)主导市场的企图。但现在钢材价格已经下降,武钢的前董事长邓崎琳也已在中国的反腐败斗争中落马;在经营较好的时期,脾气暴躁的邓崎琳在接受记者们的长时间采访时一根接一根地抽烟。Reports of lay-offs at Wuhan Steel recall steps perfected in the 1990s such as forcing “early retirement” of older or female workers, or spinning off non-core businesses to local governments. Sporadic protests have hit some depressed cities but the country has so far avoided the mass demonstrations that roiled the industrial north-east two decades ago.有关武钢裁员的报道让人联想起90年代就已相当完善的措施,如强迫年龄较大的职工或女职工“提前退休”,或者剥离非核心业务,由地方政府接手。一些经济不景气的城市出现了零星抗议活动,但中国迄今避免了20年前东北重工业地带爆发的大规模示威。 /201512/417785泰州男科医院那家好

靖江割包皮哪家医院最好Chinese authorities recently arrested a female school caretaker who allegedly poisoned kindergarten students in revenge for not getting a pay rise.近日,中国警方抓捕了一名女性保育员,她被指控因不涨工资而报复幼儿园学生。The suspect, who works at Hongri Kindergarten in the city of Dongguan in China, reportedly added schizophrenia medication to the students#39; meals.这名犯罪嫌疑人在中国东莞市的红日幼儿园工作。据报道,当时她在孩子们的饭中投放了一种治疗精神分裂的药物。Identified only by her surname Yang in the reports, the caretaker was responsible for cleaning at the school and serving meals to the students.报道中只透露该嫌疑人姓杨,是一位在学校内主要负责清扫工作、并给孩子们送餐的保育员。On March 15, ten kindergarteners who had lunches served by the suspect were immediately sent to a hospital by their parents after exhibiting signs of dizziness at home.在3月15日当天,有10位孩子在家出现了眩晕等情况,随后家长便立即将孩子送到了医院。这些孩子都曾在幼儿园内吃过杨某送来的饭。The school#39;s surveillance footage caught the caretaker adding unknown substances to the children#39;s meals. An investigation would later yield a bottle of a schizophrenia medication called clozapine, which was found at the caretaker#39;s home.据幼儿园的监控录像显示,这名保育员很可能向孩子的食物中添加了某种有毒物质。警方在调查时在其家中发现一瓶叫做氯氮平的治疗精神分裂症状的药物。According to the People#39;s Daily, her request for an increase in wages was earlier denied by the school.据《人民日报》报道,杨某之前曾一直要求给其涨工资,但校方予以拒绝。Upon questioning, she confessed that she used her own antipsychotic medication to poison the students for revenge.在审讯过程中,她承认自己是为了泄愤,才在孩子们的食物中投放了自己的抗精神病类药物。The news has sparked a massive reaction from netizens with many outraged by the caretaker#39;s actions.该新闻引起了网友很大的反响,许多人这名保育员的做法感到十分愤怒。;How could you relate a pay rise to the innocent children?; a Weibo user wondered.一位微用户道:“你怎么能够将涨工资和这些无辜的孩子们扯上关系?”;She would be strictly punished,; another commented.另一位用户则:“她将会受到严厉的惩罚。” /201704/501869 泰州第四人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询泰州人民医院能治疗性功能障碍吗



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