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Liar,Liar骗子,骗子A wife went to the police station with her next-door neighbor to report that her husband was missing.老婆与隔壁邻居到警察局报案 说她的老公失踪了。The policeman asked her for a description.警察要求,她形容一下。She said,;He is 35 years old,6 feet 4 inches,has dark eyes,dark wavy hair,an athletic build,weighs 185 pounds,is soft-spoken ,and is good to the children.;她说:“他三十五岁,六尺四寸,黑眼睛,波浪状的深色头发;体格健壮,体重185磅,说话很轻,而且对小孩子很好。”The next-door neighbor protested,隔壁邻居期提出反驳说:;Your husband is 5 feet 4 inches,chubby,bald,has a big mouth,and is mean to your children.;“你老公五尺四寸,胖嘟嘟 的,秃头,有一个太嘴巴,而且对你的小孩很刻薄。”The wife replied,;Yes,but who wants;THIS KIND OF STUFF;back?;老婆回答说:“你说对了,可是谁会要 这种没用的废物 回来呀?” /201504/368417



  If you are looking for a loan, serving your bank manager breakfast might just do the trick.如果你想要贷款,请经理吃个早餐说不定能帮你忙。A compound found in eggs makes people much more generous, new research suggests.最新研究表明,鸡蛋里含有的某种复合物会使人们变得更加慷慨大方。Scientists say that tryptophan, an amino acid found in some foods, can change our behaviour.科学家称,一些食物中所含的一种叫做色氨酸的氨基酸能够改变人们的行为。In experiments they found that consuming a small portion of tryptophan - the equivalent of that found in three eggs -doubled the sum volunteers gave to charity.研究者们通过实验发现,摄入少量色氨酸(大概是三个鸡蛋中所含该物质的含量)能够使被试捐款人的捐款数目增加一倍。Eggs and other foods such as fish and milk are rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that is converted in the body into the feel-good chemical serotonin.鸡蛋、鱼、牛奶等都富含色氨酸,色氨酸能在人体内转化为让人感到愉快的化学物质5-羟色胺。Psychologists from Leiden University in the Netherlands, writing in the Frontiers in Psychology journal, said:‘For the first time, we investigated whether the administration of a compound contained in food such as fish, eggs, soy, and milk can promote charitable donating.荷兰莱顿大学的心理学家在发表于《心理学前沿》期刊里的文章中写道:“这是我们第一次研究如鱼、鸡蛋、豆和牛奶等食物中含有的化合物是否会对慷慨捐赠行为产生促进作用。”‘Our study is the first demonstration that charitable donating can be enhanced by serotonin-related food supplements.’“我们的研究首次明了,通过增加包含色氨酸的食物摄入量能够促进人们的慈善捐赠行为。”The authors carried out an experiment on 32 men and women, in which half were given a powder containing 0.8 grams of TRP,and the others were given a harmless placebo powder.该实验包括男性、女性被试共32名,其中一半被试食用的是含有0.8克的色氨酸粉末,另外一半则食用一种无害的安慰剂粉末。Each participant was given #163;7.50 (.25)for taking part in the research and asked whether they were willing to donate part of their financial reward to charity.每个参与实验的被试都被给予7.5英镑,并被询问是否愿意把这些钱捐给慈善机构。Four boxes for Unicef, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, and World Wildlife Fund were left on a table.桌子上摆放着四个慈善机构的盒子,这四个慈善机构分别是联合国儿童基金会,大赦国际,绿色和平组织和世界野生动物基金会。When the psychologists counted the takings,they found that those given the TRP powder donated an average of 75p (.15),while those who received the placebo donated half as much.心理学家计算捐款数额后发现,摄入色氨酸粉末的被试平均捐出了75便士,而食用安慰剂的被试则只捐出了一半的数额Just how a food supplement could have such an effect is not clear, but the scientists suggest the involvement of oxytocin,the so-called ‘cuddle’ hormone produced by women during breastfeeding and lovemaking.为什么一种食品添加剂可以产生这样效果目前还不清楚,但科学家们认为这可能与后叶催产素有关,后叶催产素是女性在哺乳和性交期间会产生的一种所谓的“拥抱”荷尔蒙。They wrote: ‘It may be likely that the willingness to donate money to a charity is modulated by the effect that serotonin exerts on oxytocin levels.他们写道:“捐款的意愿可能受5-羟色胺对后叶催产素水平影响的调控。”‘Our results support the materialist approach that “you are what you eat”.“我们的研究结果持了唯物主义者的说法即‘吃什么东西就会产生什么行为’。”‘The idea [is]that the food one eats has a bearing on one’s state of mind. The food we eat may thus act as a cognitive enhancer that modulates the way we deal with the“social” world.#39;“人们所吃的食物会影响到大脑的状态。就这样食物扮演了认知促进者的角色,调控着人们应对‘社交’世界的方式。”Commenting on the research, Dr AdamPerkins, neurobiologist at King’s College London, said the study could be useful in prisons to encourage harmony among inmates.伦敦国王学院的神经生物学家亚当·帕金斯认为这项研究结果可以运用于监狱,对促进犯人间的和谐会非常有效。He said: ‘These results are interesting because they raise the possibility that dietary supplements containing TRP could be used to assist with boosting charitable attitudes and behaviour in the population.’他说:“这个研究的结果非常有趣,只要增加含有色氨酸的食物摄入量,就能很好地促进全民行善的意愿和行为。” /201504/369053

  Diamond ring to track spouse用来追踪另一半的钻石戒指British jeweler, Steve Bennett, has built the first engagement ring that also doubles as a tracking device.英国珠宝商史蒂夫·贝内特首创一款订婚戒指追踪器。The ring may look like any other diamond ring, but has the discreet addition of a bluetooth chip.这种戒指看起来跟其他的钻石戒指没什么两样,但是里边添加了不起眼的蓝牙芯片。It means jealous spouses will now be able to keep tabs on their significant other.所以,爱吃醋的人现在可以监视另一半的行踪。Smaller than a thumbnail, the sophisticated GPS tracking technology is slotted behind the jewel of the ring, which has currently been designed in two different prototypes.精密的GPS追踪器比拇指指甲还要小,被安装在戒指的珠宝饰物后面,目前有两种设计样品。The latest development in the wearable technology trend, one design boasts a sizable square-cut diamond with an eight-prong silver setting, while the other is composed of a violet marquise-cut diamond with an unusual square setting.顺应了可穿戴技术的最新发展潮流,一种设计采用大块方形切割钻石,配有八角形的银底座,而另外一种设计采用不规则方形底座托着紫罗兰色卵形钻石。But what both prototypes have in common is that they will report the location of the ring at all times.但是这两种样品有一个共同点,都能随时暴露戒指的所在地。 /201506/381127


  About a year ago, I moved into my boyfriend’s house in a new city. I’m renting out my old house for income as I look for work. I pay my partner 0 each month to cover my utility expenses. He pays his cleaning person 0 a month to clean the house twice a month. I am not convinced that the house gets cleaned well, and I have plenty of free time anyway. I offered to clean the house in lieu of the money I pay him, which would save him and me 0. He refuses, claiming that it would be as if he were paying me to clean the house. Would that be so wrong? NAME WITHHELD, SANTA FE大约一年前,我搬到一个新城市,住进了我男朋友家里。我正在找工作,所以把自己的旧房子租了出去,获得一点收入。每个月我给男朋友100美元作为生活费。他付160美元让清洁工每月打扫两次房子。我觉得房子打扫得也不是很干净,而且反正我有大量空闲时间,所以我提议自己打扫房子,免交日用品费。这样他能省60美元,我能省100美元。但是他拒绝了,说那样的话,感觉像是他在付钱让我打扫房子。我的提议真的很有问题吗?匿名,圣达菲It’s not wrong. It’s a shrewd request on your behalf. But I think you’re overlooking the real reason your boyfriend doesn’t want to do this: It would make him feel uncomfortable in his own home. It’s strange to pay someone you’re romantically involved with to do work for you, even if the compensation is somewhat indirect. Furthermore, giving you this responsibility would place him in an awkward position should you end up doing a subpar job — he can fire a cleaning person, but he can’t fire his girlfriend.你的提议没有问题。从你的角度讲,这是个聪明的提议。但我觉得你忽视了你男朋友不想这样做的真正原因:那会让他在自己家里不自在。付钱给跟他谈恋爱的人干活会让他觉得很奇怪,尽管不是直接给钱。况且,给你这个责任会让他陷入一种尴尬的境地——假如你打扫得不够干净的话。他可以解雇一个清洁工,但是不能解雇自己女朋友。This is an ethics column, so — ethically — I’m on your side. But ethics can’t be the only consideration in a dispute that combines the personal with the professional. This really has nothing to do with morality. Your boyfriend simply doesn’t want to add an unnecessary power dynamic to your relationship.这是一个伦理栏目,所以从伦理角度讲,我站在你这边。但是在一个既涉及人际关系又涉及职业关系的争论中,不应该只考虑伦理。这真的跟道德没有任何关系。你男朋友只是不想在你们的关系中增加一个无谓的变数。MOWING UNDER THE INFLUENCE醉酒后修草坪I’ve been using the same landscaper for a few years now. On a recent morning, he and I happened to be at the gas station at the same time. He was filling up one of his trucks. As he started the engine, I noticed that he had a Breathalyzer device attached to the ignition — similar to the kind issued to individuals who have been convicted of D.W.I. I am starting to have concerns about my safety and my property. Should I ask the landscaper about this? Is it grounds enough to dismiss him? NAME WITHHELD, WHITE PLAINS我用同一个园丁好几年了。前不久的一个早上,我和他碰巧同时去了同一个加油站。当时他正在给自己的一辆卡车加油。他发动引擎时,我注意到点火开关上装着一个酒精测量仪——类似于发放给曾经被判酒后驾驶的人的测量仪。我开始担心自己的安全和财产。我应该问问园丁这件事吗?这是否足以让我解雇他?匿名,白原市First of all, I have no idea why you think a D.W.I. arrest would make this person unfit to tend to your garden. Are you afraid he will get loaded and overprune the petunias? Second, he seems to have the Breathalyzer device attached to the same vehicle he uses for work, so he can’t even show up unless he’s legally sober (I suppose he could theoretically bring a six-pack in his lunchbox and get drunk while he worked — but then he wouldn’t be able to start the truck and drive home). If you want to ask him about his arrest record, that is your right as a person. And if you both had signed a contract when he was hired, and its language included some kind of morality clause, you would be legally justified in firing him. But I see no reason that you would fire a man you’ve employed “for a few years” over a crime that has no relationship to what you’ve hired him to do and only surfaced because you were peeping inside the cab of his vehicle.首先,我不明白你为什么觉得因酒驾被拘留过的人不适合打理你的花园。你是担心他喝醉后过度修剪你的牵牛花吗?第二,他的酒精测量仪似乎是和他的工作用车连接在一起的,所以除非他从法律上讲是清醒的,否则他根本没法来工作(我知道理论上他可以在午餐盒里装六瓶酒,一边工作一边喝醉,但是那样他就发动不了卡车,无法把它开回家了)。如果你想问问他的逮捕记录,那是你的个人权利。如果你们双方签了雇佣合同,其中包括某种道德条款,那你在法律上有理由解雇他。但我觉得你没必要因为一个跟他的工作无关的罪行(还是你往他的车厢里瞟了一眼才发现的)解雇一个为你工作了“好几年”的人。 /201411/343588

  Suspended 2000ft above the ground, a Georgia bride and groom were literally floating on air on their big day as they tied the knot on a hot air balloon.在距离地面2000英尺(约609米)的热气球上,佐治亚州的一对夫妇在空中举办了一场别出心裁的浪漫婚礼。Sara and Joseph Stewart, from Canton, exchanged their vows during the unusual ceremony, watched by a single friend.只有一位好友同在热气球上见了这对夫妇--萨莎·斯图尔特和约瑟夫·斯图尔特相互交换誓言的那一神圣时刻。But it wasn#39;t all plain sailing, as the loved-up pair had had to keep their unique choice of venue a secret until the last moment in case the flight was cancelled due to bad weather.这一切并不是一帆风顺的,因为热气球的起飞会受天气状况的影响,所以两人将热气球婚礼的计划一直保密到最后。The unusual choice of venue also meant that Mrs Stewart#39;s father was unable to be with them as they exchanged vows, although he did give his daughter away beforehand.由于婚礼举办场所比较特殊,新娘的父亲无法当面见新人交换誓言,但在两人登上热气球之前,萨莎的爸爸牵着女儿的手将她交到了约瑟夫的手中。In the event, the only close friend to share the couple#39;s magical moment was Leslie, a military chaplain who performed the ceremony.热气球上除了萨莎和约瑟夫,只有作为牧师的两人的好友莱斯利在场分享了他们的喜悦瞬间。Rather than sending their friends invitations to a wedding, the couple invited them to their house the following day to watch the footage of the quirky ceremony and celebrate their marriage.与其他人直接邀请朋友去婚礼现场不同,斯图尔特夫妇在婚礼第二天邀请朋友们去家里观看他们在热气球上的浪漫婚礼视频,以此来为他们庆祝。Mrs Stewart, a wedding photographer, came up with the idea after her new husband revealed he had planned to pop the question on a hot air balloon, but decided it was too expensive.萨莎是一名婚礼摄影师,约瑟夫之前本想在热气球上向她求婚,但因为花销不菲只能作罢。两人在热气球上举行婚礼的想法就来源于此。#39;In my line of work I had seen so many different weddings and I didn#39;t want to copy anyone else#39;s,#39; she says. #39;I wanted to do something different.#39;“我在工作中看到过各式各样的婚礼,我不想重复他人的。”萨莎说,“我想做点与众不同的事。”#39;I wanted to do something I had never seen before. Joey told me that he had thought about proposing to me on a hot air balloon, so then I came up with the idea of getting married in one. He thought it was an awesome idea.#39;“我想做一些之前从未经历过的。当约瑟夫告诉我他本想在热气球上向我求婚的时候,我就想出了举办热气球婚礼的主意。他也同意并觉得很棒。”The couple married in August 2012 after dating for two years - but the soulmates had been friends since meeting during an American Football game at university in 2007.萨莎和约瑟夫交往两年后于2012年结婚,但是两人从2007年在大学的一场足球赛上相识后就一直是朋友。#39;We got a lot of great reactions from our friends and family,#39; added the happy bride. #39;I#39;m sure a lot of them thought we were weird for doing it, but I think after everyone watched the they agreed that it was a pretty cool idea.“我们的朋友和家人对此反应不一。”萨莎说,“我确定大部人肯定觉得我们这么做有点怪,但是我相信只要他们看到我们婚礼视频,一定也会赞成这是个很酷的想法的。”#39;We actually didn#39;t tell them about the balloon because we weren#39;t 100 per cent sure that we would be able to fly so we kept it a secret in case we needed to change plans.“实际上之前我们并没有跟大家说要在热气球上举行婚礼,因为我们不能百分百确定热气球一定能在那天顺利起飞,所以为了防止计划有变我们一直保密到最后。”#39;It really was the best day of my life. I loved when Joey was saying his vows to me because we were completely surrounded in a cloud of white. It was perfect, so still and beautiful.“那天真的是我生命中最重要的一天。约瑟夫对着我讲誓言的那个时候,我真是陶醉了,因为那时我们正被洁白的云朵包围着。宁静而美丽,简直太完美了。”#39;We started the ceremony on the ground so that my father could still give me away, and only immediate family came to see us fly. It was perfect.#39;“婚礼是在地面上就开始举行的,这样爸爸仍可以牵着我的手将我交给约瑟夫,当时在场观看我们热气球婚礼的只有我们最亲近的家人。这感觉很棒。” /201412/347528。

  1. 再冷也不能拿别人的血来暖自己。(甄嬛)  No matter how ruthless, you shouldn’t use another person’s blood to warm yourself。  2. 贱人就是矫情。(华妃)  That bitch!  3. 娘娘容不容的下臣妾,是娘娘的气度。能不能让娘娘容得下,是嫔妾的本事。(甄嬛)  Whether you can tolerate me depends on your generosity. Whether I can be tolerated is up to me。  4. 在这后宫中想要升就必须猜得中皇上的心思。若想要活,就要猜得中其他女人的心思。(甄嬛)  To rise, you need to know the Emperor’s mind. To survive, you need to guess the other women’s mind。  5. 以色事人,能得几时好?(甄嬛)  One who savors seduction, won’t last。  6. 在这宫里,有利用价值的人才能活下去。要安于被人利用,才有机会去利用别人。(浣碧)  In the palace, if you have ability, you survive. If you survive being used, then you will have the chance to take advantage of others。  7. 别人帮你,那是情分。不帮你,那是本分。(甄嬛)  You are blessed if others help you, but they are not obliged to。  8. 不偏爱,懂节制,方得长久。(皇后)  No favoritism, no excesses, one will last。  9.这会咬人的,不叫。(曹贵人)  A barking dog never bites。 /201412/350402

  Writing is like “chatting up a woman”, Japan’s superstar novelist Haruki Murakami has said: “You can get better with practice to a certain degree, but basically, you’re either born with it, or you’re not.”写作就如同“和姑娘搭讪,勤练会让你有所提高,但归根结底,要看你有没有天赋。”日本著名小说家村上春树如是写到。The novelist was responding online to one of the questions he has received from fans over the last few days, in his new guise as Japan’s most literary agony uncle. He began posting on Jan 15 on a site, Murakami-san no tokoro – or Mr Murakami’s Place – set up by his publisher, Shinchosa, which has said he will be taking questions until the end of the month.自从村上春树化身文艺“知心大叔”,短短几天内,就有不少粉丝上网提问,而上面正是村上对其中一个问题的回复。本月15日,村上春树开始在网站“村上家”上与广大粉丝交流,回答粉丝的提问。该网站由其出版商日本新潮社设立,在1月底之前都会接受粉丝们的提问。Cats make regular, enigmatic appearances in Murakami’s fiction and one er was keen to know if the author of Norwegian Wood and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle might know where her lost cat had got to: “Cats just disappear sometimes. You have to love and appreciate them while they’re near you,” advised Murakami. Another wondered if the writer had any tips to stop his wife from burping; Murakami phlegmatically pointed out that “burping is far better than farting”.在村上春树的小说中,猫是“常客”,总是神秘莫测地出现。一位读者就很想问问这位《挪威的森林》和《奇鸟行状录》的作者,自己走失的猫咪去哪儿了。对此,村上春树这样建议:“猫儿们时不时就玩消失。所以当它们亲近你时,你要疼爱它们,欣赏它们。” 另一位粉丝则问村上是否有诀窍能让他的妻子停止打嗝 ,村上淡定地指出“(这么说请见谅)但我想打嗝总比放屁要好多了……”The novelist has replied almost entirely in Japanese, with an “unofficial” English translation carried out by a fan. One er, who was married with children and having an affair, asked if “there is some kind of rulebook for wicked women”. Murakami replied: “Cheating is what it is, but I think you should be careful about using the ‘D-word’ (divorce). It’s dangerous to actually utter it out loud.” He added: “I hope everything works out for you. You are not a terrible woman. This is rather common. But you must take great care in your actions.”村上基本上是用日语来回复的,而一位粉丝则给出了自己的“非官方”英文翻译。 有一位已经生儿育女的粉丝有了婚外情,她问村上,“有没有什么办法可以约束坏女人”。村上回答道:“偷情是一回事,但我觉得你应当慎重使用‘D’打头的那个词(divorce离婚)。轻易说出它是很危险的。”他又说道:“我希望你一切顺利,你并不是坏女人。婚外情很平常,不过还是慎重为好。”The author of novels from Kafka on the Shore to Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, which sold 1m copies in a week in Japan, Murakami is clearly enjoying his online adventure. Questions he has answered range from the literary, to the intimate, to the playful – has Murakami ever wanted to be a cat? No, it turns out, although he has wished to be the wind.村上春树写过不少小说,从《海边的卡夫卡》再到前年在日本面世一周就热销百万册的《没有色的多崎作和他的巡礼之年》,无一不被粉丝熟知。现在,村上春树显然很享受他的网络奇遇之旅,他回答的问题既有文学困惑,也有私人问题,还有玩笑之语,比如,“村上先生,你想过做一只猫吗?”是没有,不过他倒是想过化成一阵风。Another er asked how the novelist feels about being named the frontrunner for the Nobel prize in literature. It’s “kind of a nuisance”, he said, according to the fan’s translation. “It’s not like I’ve been officially nominated or anything, it’s just unaffiliated bookmakers who are putting odds on me. It’s not a horse race!”另有读者问及村上“领跑”诺贝尔文学奖是一种怎样的感受。 根据粉丝的翻译,他的回答是:“其实挺困扰的,因为并非官方提名,只是被民间机构拿来定赔率罢了。这又不是赛马!”Two correspondents wrote to Murakami in English, one asking: “Do you think cats can understand how humans feel? My cat Bobo ran away when she saw me crying.” The novelist told her: “I suspect that either you or your cat is extremely sensitive. I have had many cats, but no cat has ever been so sympathetic. They were just as egoistic as they could be.”还有两位提问者使用了英文,一位问道:“ 你认为猫能理解人类的感受么?我家猫Bobo每次看到我哭就会跑开。”村上君的回答是:“我觉得要么是你家猫太敏感,要么就是你想多了。我养过许多猫,但它们从来都是以自我为中心,从没见它们表现出同情心。”And asked if he had any places where he stayed “for a while”, Murakami replied in English: “An easy question. In the bed with someone I love. Where else?”当被问到有没有什么地方是总会待上“一阵子的”,村上则用英文答道:“这个问题简单。和爱的人一起在床上。不然还能是哪儿呢?” /201501/357190

  1.You Are His Replacement.你是他的替代品Regardless of your sex, age or how menacing you actually are or aren’t, He has reigned supreme as the main man in his baby’s life for a long time。不管你的性别,年龄或者不管你是否真的构成了威胁,他都已经在他宝贝的生活中作为一个主要人物享有主权。No matter how hard you try to prove to him that you are a worthy individual for him to hand his reigns over to, he will probably never be entirely convinced。不管你多努力尝试着明你是一个可以让他移交主权的人,他可能都绝不会完全的信你。2.You Are Annoying And Immature。你很烦人很不成熟Even if you are the same age as her father or you’re the smartest human being to ever walk among us, he is still going to see you through a haze of irritation and condescension。即使你和他的父亲年龄一样或者你比我们周围的人都要聪明,他都能用恼怒或者高傲的态度来看待你。Particularly if there’s a generation gap, he is probably going to regard every movie, type of music or hobby preference of yours as completely ridiculous because he aly has his opinions on such things and he is not about to relent them to you。尤其是有代沟的时候,他可能会把每一部电影,每种类型的音乐或者你的种种兴趣爱好认为成完全的不合理,因为他已经在这些事情上面有自己的见解,他不会跟你讲这些。3.He Is Her Protector。他是她的守护者As a father, he has spent many years cherishing and protecting his daughter with all the strength and determination he is capable of. So, he’s not likely to feel an instant connection with the person who is taking away his baby girl.So beware: if you hurt his daughter, he will come down on you , and he’s constantly prepared to do so。作为一个父亲,他用了他所有的力气和决心保护、珍视他的女儿多年。所以他不可能很快的就能和要带走他宝贝女儿的人有感情。一定要注意:如果你伤害他的女儿,他会惩罚你,比如一吨左右的砖块,并且他一直都准备着那么干。 /201503/362748

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