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上海玫瑰整形美容疤痕多少钱上海市玫瑰整形医院隆胸多少钱宝山区治疗祛斑价格 Volvo’s new S90 saloon has a familiar face. The car is the second big model to come off the Swedish brand’s heavily touted bn vehicle platform and follows the sleek, critically acclaimed XC90 sport utility vehicle.沃尔沃(Volvo)全新S90轿车有副“熟脸孔”。这是该瑞典公司备受吹捧、耗资110亿美元打造的车辆生产平台下线的第二款大型车,而第一款则是广受好评、外形典雅的XC90运动型多功能车(SUV)。The S90 has the same, T-shaped LED headlights — a nod to Thor’s hammer from Norse mythology — and a grille made of 23 rods of curved iron.S90同样配备了“T”字型LED大灯——取意于挪威神话中的“雷神之锤”,其格栅由23根呈现弧度的钢栏组成。“This is the face of Volvo,” says chief designer Thomas Ingenlath. “It’s confident, it’s proud and it is strong.”“这就是沃尔沃的前脸,”首席设计师托马斯英格拉特(Thomas Ingenlath)称,“它显得自信、骄傲、硬朗。”To that list could be added the word independent.这一系列的修饰语中还可以加入“独立”一词。Five years after falling under the control of Chinese industrial group Zhejiang Geely Holding in a landmark Asian acquisition, Volvo feels more Scandinavian — and more successful — than ever.5年前,中国浙江吉利控股集团(Zhejiang Geely Holding)完成了一桩在整个亚洲具有标志性意义的收购案,将沃尔沃纳入麾下。如今的沃尔沃感觉比以往更具北欧特色,也更加成功。The company is forecasting a large rise in profits and record sales this year. It is gaining credibility as an alternative to the three German premium carmakers. The privately held company is even preparing to tap the bond market for the first time.该公司预计今年利润将有大幅提高,并将创下销量纪录。其作为三大德系豪车品牌替代之选的声誉日盛。这家私人控股公司甚至准备首次进入债券市场融资。Now Volvo is trying to shake off its buttoned-up reputation and tell the world about its transformation.如今,沃尔沃正试图摆脱其内敛含蓄的名声,向世界宣告它的转变。“We’re a normal company,” says Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo’s understated chief executive, in an interview at the company’s Gothenburg headquarters. The group still shares part of the site with the truckmaker of the same name that used to own Volvo.“我们就是一家正常的公司,”行事低调的沃尔沃首席执行官哈坎萨缪尔森(Hakan Samuelsson)表示。他在哥德堡沃尔沃总部接受采访,该公司仍然与曾经的东家——同名的卡车制造商,共用部分办公地点。Mr Samuelsson’s predecessors had plenty of defending to do. Volvo, aS part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group between 1999 and 2010, suffered stagnating sales. It was not helped by uninspired products that were — Volvo executives now say — compromised by having to share parts, styles and skeletons with its US parent.萨缪尔森的前任们做过很多自我辩护的事。1999年至2010年期间,作为福特(Ford)旗下Premier Automotive Group(P)的子公司,沃尔沃经历了销量停滞不前的时期。了无新意的产品更是于事无补。沃尔沃高层如今称,当时生产的车型不得不与其美国母公司的其他车型共用零件和整体架构,风格如出一辙。“If this was a hospital, the patient would have been declared dead,” says one Volvo manager of the then lossmaking company.“如果有汽车医院的话,那么当时沃尔沃这个病人就已经被宣布死亡了,”一位经理谈到当时亏损的沃尔沃时说道。Under Chinese ownership, Volvo is getting on to the shopping list of drivers who normally prefer Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The XC90 put Volvo into a higher price category and has had consumer magazines agog with its sleek interior, in-car technology and advanced safety features.在吉利控股下的沃尔沃逐渐进入通常偏爱奥迪(Audi)、宝马(BMW)和奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)的车主的选购清单。XC90提升了沃尔沃的产品价位,消费者杂志大谈该车型时尚的内饰、车载技术和先性的安全性能。“[Geely] bought Volvo because they assumed Volvo deserved a better future,” says Mr Samuelsson. “They wanted to release the tiger. And they are seeing that happening now, in steps.”“(吉利)收购沃尔沃,是因为他们认为沃尔沃值得拥有更好的未来,”萨缪尔森称,“他们想放出这只猛虎。现在,他们正在逐步看到这一切成为现实。”The company’s ambition draws comparisons with another resurgent premium carmaker — Jaguar Land Rover of the UK — which was also formerly part of the Ford stable and has since fallen into Asian possession.沃尔沃的雄心可与另一个东山再起的豪车品牌——英国的捷豹路虎(Jaguar Land Rover)作比。捷豹路虎以前也是福特旗下的品牌,后来被亚洲企业收购。So far, JLR’s profitability has left Volvo in the dust. The British-based group made 2.6bn in pre-tax profit in its last financial year — twice what Tata Motors paid Ford to acquire the two UK brands in 2008.目前为止,捷豹路虎的盈利能力令沃尔沃望尘莫及。上一财年,这家总部在英国的集团实现了26亿英镑税前利润——比2008年塔塔汽车(Tata Motors)从福特手中收购这两个英国品牌时付的代价高出一倍。Volvo made only 0m in operating profits last year, despite selling an almost identical number of cars — about 460,000.去年,尽管沃尔沃卖出了几乎与捷豹路虎相同数量的汽车——约46万辆,但其营业利润仅为2.6亿美元。Operating margins at Volvo are also thin — 2.2 per cent in the first half of this year. JLR, by contrast, makes operating margins close to 10 per cent, having built on the success of products conceived during the Ford era, such as the Range Rover Evoque.沃尔沃的营业利润率也很低——今年上半年为2.2%。相比之下,捷豹路虎的营业利润率接近10%,这建立在未被收购前构想的多款车型——如路虎揽胜极光(Range Rover Evoque)——大获成功的基础上。At Volvo, “we based our turnround exactly on a new platform, new vehicles, not just new-style vehicles,” says Mr Samuelsson. “I don’t think you can say that Jaguar has that same process. So that, of course, takes a longer time.”在沃尔沃,“我们的复兴完全基于新平台、新车型,而不仅仅是同车型的新款,”萨缪尔森称,“我想你不能说路虎也经历了一样的过程。所以,这当然会导致我们需要更多时间。”Volvo created Spa (scaleable product architecture), the first of two completely new modular building systems, for large cars. It has moved to innovative, four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines that will power the majority of its future cars. And by 2019, it will have a line-up of nine new or reworked vehicles: three sizes in three different styles.沃尔沃建设了制造大型车的SPA平台(scaleable product architecture,可扩展车体架构),这是两个全新的模块化生产体系中的第一个。该公司已开始采用创新性的、四缸汽油或柴油发动机,未来其大多数车型将依靠这类引擎提供动力。到2019年,它将拥有9款全新或改进版车型的产品阵容,在3种不同风格的车型中分别有3种不同的规格。Volvo is now moving into phase two of its turnround: capitalising on the investments, launching the new products, and sustaining a higher price point.沃尔沃如今正步入其复兴计划的第二阶段:利用投资、推出新产品、维持较高价位。Attention now turns to the second, smaller toolkit: CMA, which stands for compact modular architecture and is the big test of Volvo’s relationship with its Chinese paymasters.现在把目光转向第二个较小的生产平台:紧凑型模块化架构CMA,它将给沃尔沃与其中国东家的关系带来重大考验。Geely Auto, the Hangzhou-based volume carmaker also owned by Volvo’s parent, is working with Volvo to create midsize cars in a variety of shapes — hatchbacks, sedans and small SUVs. The platform is an attempt to find cost savings and make acceptable margins on small cars.总部位于杭州的吉利汽车(Geely Auto)也是沃尔沃母公司旗下的公司。吉利汽车正在与沃尔沃共同研发各种车型——掀背车、轿车和小型SUV——的中级车。CMA平台是在小型车领域寻找成本节省空间、创造合意的利润率的一次尝试。It means upmarket Volvo must share parts with firmly mass-market Geely. That task has scuppered a high-profile former alliance with the DaimlerChrysler. “It’s very difficult to develop platforms and architectures if the brands are positioned very differently,” says Martin , associate professor at Stockholm School of Economics.这意味着,高端品牌沃尔沃必须与坚定地走大众市场路线的吉利共享零件。这样的任务破坏了此前沃尔沃与戴姆勒克莱斯勒(DaimlerChrysler)之间备受瞩目的合作。“如果不同品牌的定位截然不同,很难共同研发平台和架构,”斯德哥尔经济学院(Stockholm School of Economics)的副教授马丁斯科尔(Martin )。But the collaboration — enshrined in China Euro Vehicle Technology, a sister company to Volvo and Geely Auto — gives Volvo greater volumes for its engines. Geely in return gets European design and perhaps the chance to become the first Chinese carmaker to achieve global renown.但是,这次合作——双方成立了吉利汽车欧洲研发中心(China Euro Vehicle Technology,简称CEVT)——使沃尔沃可以生产更多发动机。吉利得到的回报是欧洲的设计,或许还有机会成为第一家享誉国际的中国汽车制造商。There is still some talk around Gothenburg and among suppliers of conflict between the Chinese and Swedish participants in and around CEVT.在哥德堡一带以及供货商中间,仍然流传着CEVT的中方和瑞方人员存在擦的说法。“Of course it has been challenging — God, I can tell you, there are days I wonder, ‘How the hell should we fix this?’,” says Mats Fagerhag, the former Ramp;D chief at Saab who runs CEVT.“这当然很有挑战性——天啊,我可以告诉你,有时我会想,‘我们到底该怎么解决?’”CEVT的负责人方浩瀚(Mats Fagerhag)称。他曾主管萨(Saab)研发部门。But he says the focused nature of the collaboration means Volvo and Geely have created a “smarter” way of integrating. “Somehow you are forced: let’s solve those cultural issues here quickly here because we have an important task to do.”但是他称,此次合作目标明确,意味着沃尔沃和吉利创造了一种“较聪明的”融合方式。“某种程度上你是被逼的:让我们迅速解决这些文化问题,因为我们还有重要的任务要去完成。” /201601/419975上海人民医院去眼袋多少钱

上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院脱毛手术多少钱上海玻尿酸隆鼻价格 上海市中西医结合医院激光祛斑手术多少钱

长宁打玻尿酸多少钱At billion, Uber has become more valuable more quickly than any other start-up we’ve seen in recent years — faster than Facebook FB 2.03% , Google GOOG 0.43% , Amazon.com AMZN 0.50% and Salesforce.com CRM 0.29% , according to our analysis of VC-backed start-ups founded since Uber was created in 2009. Earlier this month when the taxi service announced a round of financing that gave it a billion valuation at 5.93 years old, Uber set itself apart. At the same stage, Facebook was valued at about billion, while Google was just over billion.打车应用务公司Uber目前估值已经达到410亿美元。我们发现这家公司自2009年成立以来,是由风投持的初创型企业中增值最快的一家,超过了Facebook、谷歌(Google)、亚马逊(Amazon.com)和云计算务供应商Salesforce.com。本月早些时候Uber宣布了新一轮融资消息,公司估值在成立5.93年后达到410亿美元,在市场中脱颖而出。在同一阶段,Facebook的估值约为320亿美元,谷歌的估值则刚刚超过30亿美元。Uber’s valuation does not guarantee it will be the next long-term superstar. But if the company can use its rapidly rising valuation to accelerate its expansion, it has a real shot at both beating its competitor, Lyft, and growing beyond personal transportation. Further, it can expand it’s services — potentially to delivery, logistics, other adjacent markets. To be sure, Uber is facing an ever increasing amount of challenges, from legal battles with local governments, to bad PR for the way it portrays women, all of which could hamper its growth and damage its brand. Additionally competitors like Lyft are nipping at its heals and more will surely come as the market for smart-phone powered point-to-point transportation expands. Despite these problems, Uber’s lead is so large and its value has grown so quickly, it would have to stumble badly to lose the battle for supremecy in this new space.但这样的估值并不能保Uber成为下一个持久的超级巨星。但如果该公司能将快速攀升的价值用于提高扩张速度,它就真的有可能击败竞争对手Lyft,并将业务延伸到个人交通领域之外。Uber可以进一步将其范围扩大到快递、物流以及其他相关市场。当然,Uber面临的挑战也与日俱增,比如和地方政府的法律纠纷,再比如涉嫌不尊重女性的糟糕公关,所有这些都可能对其发展和品牌产生不利影响。此外,Lyft等对手正在奋起直追;而且,随着基于智能手机的点对点(P2P)交通务市场继续扩大,必将出现更多竞争者。不过,虽然存在这些问题,但在如此巨大的领先优势和增速之下,除非Uber犯下大错误,才会在这个新兴领域的王者争夺战中落败。This comes amid the development of two important trends. First, among all VC-backed technology start-ups created since 2009, the rate at which their values have risen is three times faster today compared to just a decade ago. This increase in “time to market cap”, the measures how quickly companies increase in value, has become a major advantage for modern startups as they are able to build massive financial war chests at speeds never seen before. With this latest financing Uber has become the time to market cap champ.伴随Uber成长的有两大趋势。首先,就所有2009年以来成立并且获得风投持的科技初创公司来说,其价值上升速度与10年前相比快了三倍。作为衡量公司价值增速的指标,“市值形成速度(time to market cap)”的提升已经成为现代初创企业的一项主要优势,因为它们可以用前所未有的速度筹集到巨额资金。最新一轮融资过后,Uber已经在这场速度较量中成为冠军。What’s more, it appears that new markets are being dominated by one company, especially in tech. Uber’s latest valuation is partly driven by how quickly the company is expanding abroad, but it also reflects demand for a growing global market for on-demand transportation, and Uber’s dominance in this category for years to come.其次,新兴的市场看来都由一家公司主导,特别是在科技领域。Uber最新估值提升的部分动力来自该公司在海外的迅速扩张,但这也体现了全球按需交通务市场的不断扩张和由此带来的需求,以及今后几年Uber在这个领域的统治地位。We like to call Uber a “Category King” — companies that define, develop and dominate new markets. Airbnb is doing that in on-demand rentals. Salesforce.com did it in cloud-based CRM. Of the 80 or so billion companies founded since 2000, half are Category Kings. They are more valuable than all the other companies in their categories combined. These firms routinely take more than 70% of the total available market cap of their market.我们倾向于把Uber称为“细分类之王”,即那些定义了一个全新市场,并大力开拓,占据市场主导地位的公司。Airbnb就在按需租房领域扮演着这样的角色。在基于云技术的客户关系管理务市场,Salesforce.com也是如此。2000年以来成立而且市值达到10亿美元的公司有80家左右,其中一半都是“细分类之王”。它们的价值超过了本领域其他公司的价值之和,而且往往占据所在市场中所有公司总市值的70%以上。Uber is clearly being valued as the king of a new category that stretches way beyond taxi rides. Investors see potential in on-demand delivery from Uber vehicles, for instance. Unless Uber screws up, its competitors, such as Lyft and Sidecar, will fade into the background. If Uber truly proves to be the Category King in a vastly expanding new category, it’s record valuation will seem rational.显然,人们在评估Uber的价值时,认为其所统领的新领域将远远超越出租车务。举例来说,投资者就看到了Uber车辆的按需递送的潜力。除非Uber自毁前程,否则Lyft和Sidecar这样的竞争对手就只能生活在其阴影之中。如果Uber能明自己在一个大范围扩张的新领域居于王者之位,该公司创纪录的估值就应该属于合理水平。Al Ramadan, Christopher Lochhead and Dave Peterson are co-founding partners at Play Bigger Advisors, a San Francisco-based firm that coaches technology executives to build market-leading companies. Neither the firm or its partners have investments in Uber, Lyft, Google, Amazon.com or Salesforce.com.本文作者艾尔o拉马丹、克里斯托弗o罗克海德和戴夫o彼得森是Play Bigger Advisors公司联合创始人。这家总部位于旧金山的咨询机构致力于指导科技公司高管如何打造市场领先的公司。该公司和这三位合伙人均未向Uber、Lyft、亚马逊或Salesforce.com投资。(财富中文网) /201412/349390 Babies think in logs. In logarithmic scales, that is. This means that newborns are able to notice when an image of eight ducks on a screen switches to an image of 16 ducks. We notice they notice because when the switch happens to the larger flock, there’s an observable spike in activity in the parietal lobe of a baby’s brain.婴儿的思维模式是对数式的,也就是以对数尺度思考。这意味着,当屏幕上一张8只鸭子的图像换成16只鸭子的图像时,新生儿能发现。我们发现他们能发现,是因为当画面换到较多动物的图片时,婴儿大脑顶叶活动出现了显著加剧。This isn’t just about babies noticing that something has changed — a switch on the screen between eight ducks and eight trucks lights up a different region of the brain. That babies can clock a large percentage increase in quantity, such as 100 per cent in the case of the ducks, but not a small one (say, between eight and nine ducks) is what defines their innate sense of numbers as logarithmic rather than linear. In contrast, integers, and the linear scale we place them on, is something that we have to learn by rote when our parents teach us how to count. It’s a cultural construct.这不仅意味着婴儿能注意到事物的变化,屏幕上由8只鸭子到8辆卡车的转换,点亮了大脑不同区域。婴儿能发现数量的大比例增加(在鸭子的例子中增量为100%),但发现不了数量的小比例增加(比如由8只鸭子变换成9只鸭子),说明他们对数字的先天认知是对数式、而不是线性的。相比之下,整数,以及我们强加于整数的线性标尺,都是当我们的父母教我们如何数数时,我们靠死记硬背才学到的。这属于文化构建。All of which makes me wonder, how would babies use a laptop? I recently bought a MacBook for the first time and trying to work with its default settings makes me feel positively infantile. There is a genuine possibility that a three-month-old would be better at handling its trackpad, with its “natural scrolling”, than I am.这一切让我不禁好奇,婴儿会怎样使用笔记本电脑呢?我最近购置了生平第一台MacBook,在尝试使用它的默认模式时,我觉得自己十足像个婴儿。三个月大的婴儿操作起它的“自然滚动”式触控板,真有可能比我强。Unlike the operation of a track wheel on a mouse, ing an article from top to bottom on the Mactraption requires an upwards movement on the trackpad instead of a downwards one. Is Apple right when it says that this method, which mimics how navigation works on touchscreen devices, is “natural”? And if so, does that mean that at some point on the path to adulthood I lost my innate understanding of how to scroll?从上到下读一篇文章,需要向下滑动鼠标上的滚轮,使用MacBook操作方法却不同,需要在触控板上向上滑动。苹果(Apple)解释说,这种方法模仿了在触控屏上导航的操作原理,称它是“自然”的,这么说对吗?如果对的话,这是否意味着在成长之路的某个时刻,我丧失了对如何滚动的先天认知?When natural scroll was introduced to Mac computers in 2011 some people were happy, others were a bit “meh” and some were properly cross. If I had a Mac at the time I probably would have been in that last group but it couldn’t have been as bad as when Microsoft removed the start in its Windows 8 operating system in 2012. That blunder deserves a spot next to “New Coke”.当Mac电脑于2011年引入自然滚动操作法时,有些人感到很高兴,有些人有点无所谓,还有些人完全反对。如果当时我也有台Mac,我多半属于最后一组人,但以糟糕程度来论,它比不上2012年微软(Microsoft)在Windows 8操作系统中删除开始菜单。这一错误在排行榜上的位置仅次于“新可乐”。As it turns out, a paper published in 2013 by Jing Chen and Robert W Proctor lends support to Apple’s choice. The researchers’ experiments measured the performance of test subjects when they used natural scrolling and also when they used the more traditional computer scrolling method. In almost all cases, subjects performed set tasks faster with natural scrolling. Matching one’s finger movement with the direction the content travels on the screen does appear to be better.结果,2013年Jing Chen和罗伯特#8226;W#8226;普罗克特(Robert W Proctor)发表的一篇论文持了苹果的选择。两位研究人员通过实验,测试了实验对象分别在使用自然滚动法以及较传统的计算机滚动操作法时的表现。几乎所有情况下,受试者使用自然滚动法时设置任务都要更快。手指移动方向与屏幕内容移动方向保持一致,看来确实表现更好。So that’s the science I ignored by switching off natural scrolling on my MacBook. As was the case with Windows 8, I needed some apps to correct the situation. It’s a testament to the modern world that whenever a big software company makes user experience decisions that some cabal of people (hello!) don’t like, there is an app developer standing by to make it all better. All hail app developers! (In case you are wondering: an app called Start8 adds back the Windows start and ModernMix forces Windows 8 apps to run in windows with a close button and stuff.)所以,当我关掉MacBook上的自然滚动功能时,是忽略了上述科学原理。而在Windows 8的例子里,我需要一些应用(app)来进行纠正。这明,在现代世界,每当一个大型软件公司作出关乎用户体验的新决定,而遭到一小撮人(比如我)的反对时,就有一个应用程序开发者准备让一切变得更好。应用程序开发人员万岁!(如果你好奇的话:Start8应用程序能加回Windows开始菜单,ModernMix能让Windows 8应用程序以窗口形式运行,并有一个关闭按钮,诸如此类。)Funnily enough, the app that rode to the rescue in the Mac situation was created by the developer Nick Moore, who wanted to be able to use natural scrolling in older operating systems. Bless him, he also made it possible to use natural scrolling on the trackpad while simultaneously allowing an old fogey to scroll on a mouse. Just what I needed!相当有趣的是,在Mac的例子中,赶来救援的应用正是开发者尼克#8226;尔(Nick Moore)研发的,他希望能在旧式操作系统上使用自然滚动。多亏了他,人们可以在触控板上使用自然滚动的同时,还允许一个老顽固使用滚轮鼠标。这才是我需要的!Scrolling isn’t the only thing where our preferences for visual frames of reference differ. In first-person computer games, one moves the mouse to the right to look right and left to look left but what to do with the mouse if you need to look up? Moving it away from you is the norm, but some prefer to “invert the Y-axis” — pulling the mouse towards them to look up. Where a game doesn’t allow inversion, there is typically, of course, an app to fix that.滚动不是区别我们视觉参照系偏好的唯一事物。在第一人称电脑游戏中,玩家将鼠标向右移动,视角便转向右方,鼠标向左移动,视角便转向左方,但假如你需要仰视,该怎么操作鼠标?将鼠标向外移动是正常现象,但有些人喜欢“反转Y轴”—— 将鼠标向内移动以获取仰视视角。如果一个游戏不允许反转Y轴(常有发生),自然会有个应用来解决这个问题。Concerning our preference for numbers, a more recent study seems to show that even as adults, we may retain some instinct for the logarithmic number sense we had as babies. Even if that’s true, there is no escaping the linear world once you inhabit it. For once, there is no app for that. But thank goodness for the apps that fix everything else, whether our preferences are natural or not.就我们对数字的偏好而言,最近的一项研究似乎明,即使我们已经成年,可能仍保留着一些婴儿时期拥有的对数意识本能。即使这是真的,一旦你进入线性世界,就再也找不到出口。这一次,没有应用来拯救你。但多亏了那些应用解决了其他一切问题,无论我们的偏好是否与生俱来。 /201501/352625上海华东医院光子脱毛手术多少钱上海市奉贤区奉城医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱



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