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In Europe it is hard to find two more solid democracies and flourishing economies than Sweden and Germany. Yet the strong performances of radical right protest parties in elections on Sunday show that even these models of prosperity and efficient government are infected with a virus that sps over the entire continent.在欧洲,很难找到两个比瑞典和德国民主更稳固、经济更繁荣的国家了。不过,极右翼抗议党派(protest parties)在上周日选举中的强劲表现明,就连这些繁荣兴旺、政府高效的典范国家,也被一种横扫整个欧洲的病毒感染了。Neither the Sweden Democrats, with 12.9 per cent of the vote in national legislative elections, nor Alternative for Germany (AfD), with 12.2 per cent and 10.6 per cent respectively in elections to the state parliaments of Brandenburg and Thuringia, came anywhere near outright victory. But their share of the vote shot up, demonstrating that few, if any, mainstream European conservative parties can assume themselves to be immune to the threat from unconventional movements on their right flank.无论是在全国立法机构选举中获得12%选票的瑞典民主党(Sweden Democrats),还是在勃兰登堡州(Brandenburg)和图林根州(Thuringia)议会选举中得票率分别为12.2%和10.6%的德国新选项党(AfD),都谈不上是大获全胜。但它们得票率的大幅上升明,很少有(假如真有的话)哪个欧洲主流保守党派能够想当然地认为,自己可免受比自己更右翼的非常规运动的威胁。Less than two weeks ago, an opinion poll suggested that Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front, would win the second round of the country’s 2017 presidential election against Fran#231;ois Hollande. In Britain, the ed Kingdom independence party, which, like the National Front topped the national polls in May’s European Parliament elections, is set to defeat the ruling Tories next month in a by-election in Clacton, southeast England.不到两周前,一项民调结果显示,法国国民阵线(National Front)主席马琳#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)在2017年的法国总统选举中对阵弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)时,将在第二轮投票中胜出。在英国,英国独立党(UKIP)像法国国民阵线一样,在今年5月于本国举行的欧洲议会(European Parliament)选举中得票率名列第一。在下月于英格兰东南部的克拉克顿(Clacton)举行的补缺选举中,英国独立党有望击败执政的英国保守党(Tories)。From France and the Netherlands to Austria and Greece, the radical right is an established phenomenon. Even though it has never held power in an EU country, it is remoulding political landscapes. A minority government beckons in Stockholm because the 49 seats won by the Sweden Democrats have denied an absolute majority to the victorious parties of the left.从法国、荷兰到奥地利、希腊,极右翼势力的崛起已是既成事实。尽管这股势力从未在某个欧盟(EU)国家掌权,但它正在重塑欧洲的政治格局。斯德哥尔很可能会出现一个少数派政府,原因是瑞典民主党赢得了49个席位,导致在选举中获胜的左翼政党无法形成绝对多数。AfD’s success – it now holds seats in three of Germany’s 16 state assemblies as well as the European Parliament – is one factor behind the electoral collapse of the liberal Free Democrats. For most of the Federal Republic’s history between 1949 and 2013, the FDP was the nation’s third party, an essential element of coalition governments and the pro-business voice in German politics. Now it has no seats in the Bundestag, the lower house. The latest miserable results in regional elections have removed it from the upper house where the states are represented.如今,德国新选项党在该国16个州议会中的3个拥有席位,在欧洲议会也拥有席位。该党的成功,是导致自由派的德国自民党(FDP)在选举中溃败的因素之一。在德意志联邦共和国1949年至2013年历史的大部分时间里,德国自民党都是第三大党,是联合政府不可或缺的组成部分,在政界属于亲商派。如今,该党在德国议会下院——德国联邦议院(Bundestag)——中已没有席位。由于最近在地方选举中遭遇惨败,该党在代表各州的议会上院中也被扫地出门。AfD attracts disaffected voters from all parties. It is no longer a single-issue movement, mixing its original hostility to the euro and German-guaranteed financial bailouts with support for small businesses and improved education.德国新选项党从各个党派那里把心怀不满的选民吸引过来。该党不再是一个聚焦于单一问题的运动,而是一面继续反对欧元和德国担保下的金融纾困,一面持小企业和改善教育。Rightwing populism displays different characteristics from country to country, possessing a nastier far-right streak in Greece and Hungary than in Germany and the UK. One crucial element in the rise of AfD, the National Front and Ukip is the decision of their leaders to steer clear of explicit racism, let alone uniformed violence. Instead they aim to build respectability by concentrating on law and order, immigration, the overburdened welfare state and perceived threats to national identity.右翼民粹主义在不同国家展现出不同特征:与德国和英国的情况相比,希腊和匈牙利右翼民粹主义带有更令人反感的极右色。德国新选项党、法国国民阵线和英国独立党崛起的背后有一项关键因素:他们的领导人决定不诉诸露骨的种族主义,更别说身着制实施暴力行为了。相反,他们关注法律与秩序、移民、负担过重的福利国家以及人们眼中国家认同受到的威胁,打算以此赢得尊重。In contrast to Ukip and AfD, however, the origins of the Sweden Democrats lie in fringe rightwing extremism rather than traditional conservatism. They exploit popular misgivings about high immigration levels and the alleged failure of multiculturalism in a country that has long served as a haven for refugees from Iran to the former Yugoslavia.但与英国独立党和德国新选项党形成反差的是,瑞典民主党起源于边缘的右翼极端主义,而不是传统的保守主义。他们利用了民众对移民大量流入的担忧、以及某些人口中多元文化主义在瑞典的失败——长期以来,瑞典一直是从伊朗到前南斯拉夫等各国难民的避难所。Like AfD, the Sweden Democrats revel in the fact that political and cultural elites treat them like polecats. They calculate that this contempt bestows on them an outsider status that helps their cause in an era of widesp disillusion with establishment parties.像德国新选项党一样,瑞典民主党陶醉于一个事实:政治与文化精英像对待臭鼬一样对待他们。他们认为,这种蔑视赋予了他们一种局外人的身份,在当权党派普遍令人失望的时代,这种身份有利于他们事业的发展。Across Europe the question is not if the radical right will come to power like Mussolini in 1922 or Hitler in 1933, but the extent to which its xenophobic populism will influence mainstream parties. At the moment the radical right is blowing its trumpet hard. But the walls of European democracy, like Jericho, are still standing.欧洲各国面临的问题,不在于极右翼势力是否会像1922年的墨索里尼(Mussolini)和1933年的希特勒(Hitler)那样上台执政,而在于排外的民粹主义会对主流政党产生多大影响。目前,极右翼正在卖力地自吹自擂。但欧洲民主的城墙就像杰里科(Jericho)一样,仍然屹立如初。 /201409/329633

A Chinese mother has become a walking dictionary by memorising the English-Chinese Dictionary from cowt to cover, reported the People#39;s Daily.一名中国妈妈成了活字典,她记住了整部英汉词典,《人民日报》报道。Li Yanzhi, 51, from Xi#39;an, Shaanxi Province, is able to explain the meaning of every single word in the 2 ,458-page book, which consists of 220,000 entries.今年51岁的李艳志来自西安,她能说出字典里每个单词的意思,总共2458页,包含了22万个词条。Ms Li, who divorced more than 20 years ago,undertook the mission in order to receive more translating work.李女士20多年前离婚,她背诵单词的目的是为了获得更多的翻译工作。This helps her support her 26-year-old son who suffers from autism and is not able to take care of himself.这样她才足以持自己26岁患有孤独症的没有自理能力的儿子。Ms Li is a lecturer in Financial English at Xian Transport University#39;s Economic and Banking School.李是西安交通大学经济与金融学院金融英语专业的一名老师。Since August 2013, she has been ing the dictionary six hours every day from 3am.自2013年8月份以来,她每天从凌晨3点钟开始阅读字典6个小时。Within 19 days, she finished the memorisation for the first time.在19天内,他第一次背熟了这本字典。According to People#39;s Daily, to succeed in the College English Test Band 6, which most university students in China are required to pass, the candidates need to understand 6,000 words.根据《人民日报》的报道,在大多数中国大学生都被要求通过的英语6级考试中,要想通过考试,就得记住6000个单词。In comparison, Ms Li#39;s vocabulary is extraordinary.相比之下,李女士的词汇量惊人。To help her memorising, Ms Li borrowed 465 English language magazines from the university library.为了帮助自己记忆,李女士从大学图书馆里借来了465本英语杂志。#39;My biggest dream is to enter The Brain to challenge myself, said Ms Li. The Brain is a popular reality TV show in China which uses a series of games, such as memorisation, to test the contestants#39; brainpower.;我最大的梦想是参加《最强大脑》挑战自己,;她说。《最强大脑》是中国的一款电视真人秀,使用一系列的游戏比如记忆来测试选手的智力。Ms Li said that son is autistic and cannot look after himself. Since her divorce more than 20 years ago, she and her son have been reliant on each other.她说儿子患有孤独症,无法照顾自己,自20多年前离婚以来,母子相依为命。As a single mother, Ms Li had to lock her son in the house whenever she went out for work. She said when she returned the house was always a complete mess.作为单亲妈妈,不管她什么时候出去工作都得把儿子锁在房子里。她说当她回到家里时,家里总是一团糟。But she said she never gave up.但是她说她从来就没有放弃过。#39;If I can fly I will fly, if I cant fly I will run, if I cannot run I will crawl,#39; she said.#39;No matter what you must move forward.#39;“如果我能飞,我就飞,如果我不能飞,我就跑。如果不能跑,我就爬,”她说。“无论发生什么,你都得向前进。”In order to improve their lives, Ms Li does translation work as a freelancer on top of her regular teaching. Through this,she has earned enough to buy herself a new apartment.为了提高生活水平,她除了教书外还做点翻译的兼职。现在她已经有钱购买一套新公寓了。Apart from English, Ms Li has learned to speak more than 10 different languages, including French, Russian, German,Japanese and Polish.除了英语,她还学会讲10多种不同的语言,包括法语,俄语,德语,日语和波兰语。She hopes that by memorising the 220,000 words from the dictionary, she can encourage students to learn English and increase their vocabulary.她希望通过记住这22万个单词可以激励学生们学习英语并提高词汇量。#39;Lecturer Li really is a living English-Chinese Dictionary,#39; says Zhang Xinjie, one of her students.她的一名学生说:;李老师真的是一部活的英汉词典。; /201503/363920

China#39;s first lunar rover could potentially be saved, despite experiencing mechanical problems, state media report.据中国官方媒体报道,尽管遭遇了技术问题,中国首只月球车“玉兔”存在被救活的可能性。The moon rover had ;awoken; from its scheduled dormancy and ;stands a chance of being saved;, a spokesperson ed by news agency Xinhua said.新华社的一位发言人称,月球车已从原定的冬眠计划中“苏醒”,并有“被救活的可能性”。The Jade Rabbit suffered a serious mechanical problem in January.今年1月,月球车“玉兔”遭遇了比较严重的机构控制问题。Its deployment on 15 December was the first successful landing on the Moon since 1976.去年12月15日“玉兔”月球车的部署是自1976年后的首次成功登月。The lunar rover was expected to operate for about three months.“玉兔”月球车的预期运行期限是三个月左右。Earlier reports in Chinese media had suggested that Jade Rabbit, or Yutu in Chinese, had been declared dead on the surface of the moon.此前中国媒体的报道称,“玉兔” 已在月球表面“死亡”。However, Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday that the rover was awake and was able to pick up signals, although it still had a mechanical malfunction.但新华社周二报道称,尽管还存在机械故障,但月球车已全面苏醒,并能够正常接收信号。Experts are still trying to work out what caused the malfunction, Xinhua said.新华社称机构控制异常的故障仍在分析排查中。Some reports suggest the problems could have been caused by a build-up of sticky dust on the lunar surface.也有报告称机械问题是由月球表面积聚的粘性粉尘引起的。 /201402/275979


  They went for the luxurious caress of a French leather handbag (or several), the cathartic splash of a high-tech Japanese toilet’s bidet feature or the perfect selfie-stick pose in front of Bilbo Baggins’s round hobbit door, tucked into the lush hills of New Zealand.他们出去,是为了体验一个(或好几个)法国皮手包的奢侈触感,享受具有坐浴盆特色的日本高科技坐便器的畅快淋漓,或是在霍比特人比尔·巴金斯(Bilbo Baggins)隐藏于新西兰葱郁青山中的圆洞门前利用自拍架摆出完美造型。More than five million Chinese were estimated to have traveled abroad over the Lunar New Year holiday that ended on Wednesday, a 10 percent increase over the year before and the first time Chinese tourists bound for foreign lands outnumbered those vacationing domestically, according to Xinhua, the state news agency. Flush with cash and wanderlust, over 60 percent of mainland Chinese who chose to travel during the holiday — eschewing the traditions of gathering at home with relatives to eat dumplings and watch the Communist Party’s propaganda-drenched Spring Festival Gala — preferred to get their passports stamped, surf uncensored Internet sites and fill their suitcases with souvenirs.官方媒体新华网报道,本周三结束的春节假日期间,出国旅游的中国游客人数估计超过了500万,同比增长10%,出境游人数首次超过国内游人数。不少大陆人选择在春节期间出游,避开与亲人在家吃饺子、观看充满共产党宣传意味的春节联欢晚会的传统。由于资金充裕,旅游意愿又旺盛,其中60%的人更青睐跨出国门,畅通无阻地上网,往箱子里塞满纪念品。Li Zhao, 24, who works for a candy company in Beijing, took her family to Bali, Indonesia, for their first overseas vacation together. On the island they went white-water rafting, rode elephants and watched dolphins — along with masses of other mainland Chinese. “Almost all of the big tour buses I saw there had Chinese characters on them,” she said.24岁的李昭(音)在北京一家糖果公司工作,带着家人到印度尼西亚的巴厘岛度假。这是他们全家首次集体出国度假。他们在巴厘岛玩激流漂流,骑大象,看海豚——周围有很多同样来自中国大陆的游客。“我在那里看到的几乎所有旅游大巴上都有汉字,” 她说。Like a weeklong version of Black Friday in the ed States, the Lunar New Year holiday is increasingly known for astounding displays of conspicuous consumption by Chinese traveling abroad. The China Tourism Academy estimated that Chinese tourists shelled out more than 140 billion renminbi, or billion, during the holiday, Xinhua reported. The weakening yen and euro provided an additional lure to Chinese shoppers.就像是美国黑色星期五的加长版,为期一周的春节假期越来越出名的地方在于,中国出境游客令人瞠目结舌的炫耀性消费行为。新华网的报道称,中国旅游研究院估计,中国游客在春节期间的花费超过了1400亿元人民币。日元和欧元的疲软对于中国购物者来说是一种额外的诱惑。In Tokyo, Chinese tourists cleaned out shelves of mechanized toilet seats, digital cameras and rice cookers, according to People’s Daily, the Communist Party mouthpiece. On Sunday, a 27-year-old Chinese woman spent more than 0,000 on clothes, jewelry, cosmetics and a ,000 Cartier watch at a South Korean mall, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported. An online Chinese shopping guide for Thailand recommended buying crocodile leather goods, snake medicine and visiting a tailor shop in the Holiday Inn Bangkok that supposedly helped outfit foreign leaders with suits and shirts for a diplomatic summit meeting.共产党喉舌《人民日报》报道,在东京的中国游客将机械化马桶座圈、数码相机及电饭锅抢购一空。韩国的《朝鲜日报》(Chosun Ilbo)则报道,一名27岁的中国女性周日在当地的一家商场花费逾30万美元(约合188万元人民币)购买了装、珠宝、化妆品和一块售价4.5万美元的卡地亚(Cartier)手表。网上的一份中文版泰国购物指南建议游客购买鳄鱼皮具和蛇药,前往曼谷假日酒店(Holiday Inn Bangkok)的裁缝店——据说这家店曾为参加外交峰会的外国领导人提供西装和衬衫。Yet even as countries have clamored to profit from the Chinese travel bug by loosening visa restrictions and hiring Mandarin-speaking sales clerks, Chinese tourists are finding that money does not always buy love abroad, including from other Chinese.然而,虽然各个国家纷纷放宽签限制、雇佣会讲汉语的售货员,急切地希望从中国人的旅游热潮中获利,中国游客却发现,有钱在国外也不一定能享受到笑脸,包括从其他中国人那里。Liu Yikun, 26, an accountant, took her mother along for what she thought would be a relaxing trip to Boracay, a tropical island in the Philippines famed for its white-sand beaches and Windex-blue waters. But she quickly discovered that droves of her compatriots had the same idea.26岁的刘亦昆(音)是一名会计,带着母亲一起前往菲律宾的热带岛屿长滩岛游玩。那里以雪白的沙滩和碧蓝的大海而闻名,她原本以为这会是一次令人放松的旅行,但很快就发现,很多同胞有着同样的想法。“I rolled my eyes when I saw Chinese tour groups going to the beaches,” said Ms. Liu. Desperate to avoid the crowds, the Lius fled to a less popular strip of sand and returned to Beijing before the peak travel days.“看到中国旅行团向海滩进发时,我翻了个白眼,”刘亦昆说。她和母亲急于避开人群,逃到了知名度较低的一片沙滩,并在交通高峰到来之前返回了北京。While complaints of Chinese manners — or the lack thereof — are a chronic source of embarrassment in China, occasionally there are more serious consequences. In New Zealand, some police officers blamed a recent spike in fatal car crashes and reckless driving incidents on the 40,000 Chinese tourists who flocked to the country over the holiday, according to The Press newspaper. On Monday, a driver from Beijing with a baby on board was filmed repeatedly crossing into oncoming traffic before a fellow motorist confiscated his rental car keys. A few days earlier, a Chinese tourist was charged with causing the death of a five-year-old New Zealand girl after his car crossed the median and collided with an oncoming vehicle. In court,“the man showed no emotion during the hearing,” Hong Kong’s Standard newspaper reported.尽管对中国人礼仪——或者说缺乏礼仪——的抱怨一直让中国感到难堪,但偶尔会出现更为严重的后果。新西兰《新闻报》(The Press)报道,一些警员将当地致命性车祸及鲁莽驾驶事件近期的激增归咎于在节日期间涌入该国的4万名中国游客。周一,一名来自北京的司机多次被拍到越过中线,驶进迎面而来的车流,直到另外一辆车的司机夺走了这辆租赁汽车的钥匙。几天之前,一名中国游客被控导致新西兰的一名五岁女孩死亡,他越过中线,撞上了一辆迎面驶来的汽车。香港《英文虎报》(The Standard)报道称,在法庭上,“这名男子在聆讯时面无表情。”Yet for most of the world’s largest group of outbound travelers, vacations pass without a hitch. Last year, Chinese took more than 100 million trips abroad, according to China’s state tourism administration. Over the New Year holiday, the most popular destinations were South Korea, Thailand and, perhaps surprisingly, Japan.但世界最大的出境旅游群体中的大多数人,都顺利度过了假期。据中国国家旅游局透露,去年,中国公民出境游突破1亿人次。新年期间最受欢迎的目的地是韩国、泰国,以及日本——这或许让人感到惊讶。Despite a longstanding territorial dispute with Japan inflamed by Beijing’s accusations that Tokyo must repent for crimes committed during World War II, around 2.4 million Chinese visited the country in 2014, up 83 percent from the previous year, according to the Japan National Tourism Organization.尽管中日之间存在长期的领土争端,而且中国指责东京应该为二战罪行忏悔也煽动起了民众的情绪,据日本国家旅游局(Japan National Tourism Organization)透露,2014年赴日旅游的中国游客人数达到了240万,同比增长83%。Not all Chinese citizens were thrilled about their compatriots fraternizing with China’s historic enemy. After word sp of the Chinese shopping spree for Japanese toilets, some irate Chinese took to social media to vent.并非所有中国公民都对同胞亲近历史上的敌人的行为感到兴奋。在中国人疯狂抢购日本坐便器的消息传开之后,一些愤怒的中国人通过社交媒体大肆发泄。“The Japanese are raking in Chinese tourists’ money to manufacture weapons,” wrote one microblogger, Xue Ziyu. “I wonder if these shoppers will sit comfortably on their toilet.”“日本拿着中国游客的钱制造着武器,”微用户薛子育写道。“不知这些坐在马桶盖的人是否还感到安稳。”On Thursday, the state-owned Global Times newspaper jumped into the fray with an editorial lashing out at Chinese shoppers for making “a mockery” of grass-roots efforts to boycott Japanese goods. “Chinese customers flooding to Japan for shopping by no means is Chinese people’s glory, nor is it Chinese manufacturing industry’s glory,” it said.周四,官方报纸《环球时报》加入论战,发表社论,斥责中国购物者让抵制日货的草根行动显得有些“讽刺”。该报称,“中国人却跑到日本去扫货,这肯定不是中国人的光荣,不是中国制造的光荣。”Still, some Japanese industries do not mind losing out on the influx of Chinese visitors.然而,有些日本行业并不介意失去蜂拥而至的中国游客。Along the side streets of Tokyo’s red-light district of Yoshiwara, the anterooms of bathhouses with names like Satin Doll, Candy Girl and Cute were filled with men’s loafers arranged neatly in one corner and strappy high-heels in another, evidence that their owners were mutually occupied elsewhere. “Come inside, the girls are happy to play,” cried a tout.东京吉原红灯区的小巷两侧,许多澡堂挂着“缎衣娃娃”(Satin Doll)、“蜜糖女孩”(Candy Girl)和“可爱宝贝”(Cute)这样的招牌。澡堂的前厅摆满了男人的拖鞋,这些拖鞋被整齐地摆放在一个角落,另一个角落则放着罗马高跟鞋,这说明它们的主人正在别处一起忙得脱不开身。一个招徕顾客的人喊道,“进来吧,姑娘们很愿意玩玩。”But Chinese men are no longer welcome in certain Yoshiwara establishments following a spate of incidents in which Chinese tourists behaved roughly with the masseuses, posted clandestine photos of them online or simply refused to pay for erotic services rendered.但是,在吉原的一些店家看来,中国男人不再受欢迎了。这是因为此前发生的一连串事件:有些中国游客对女师举止粗鲁,把她们的私密照片放在网上,或者干脆拒绝为自己享受的色情务付费。“More and more Chinese are coming,” the tout said. “But they get turned away because we know they make trouble.”“来这里的中国人越来越多,”那个招徕顾客的人说。“但他们会被拒之门外,因为我们知道他们经常制造麻烦。” /201503/361689。

  One of the biggest stunts online and in social media right now had very low-key beginnings on the professional golf circuit.目前在网络和社交媒体上最风靡的行为其实是在专业高尔夫球场上低调开始的。The so-called ice-bucket challenge—dump ice water on yourself, post and tag yourself on social media and challenge others to do the same—got its start among golfers as a way to support pet charities. In just a few weeks, it has become a major fundraising coup for patients and organizations with ALS, a neurodegenerative disorder. It is commonly called Lou Gehrig#39;s disease, after the baseball player who had it.这个叫做“冰桶挑战”的活动要求参与人将一桶冰水浇在自己身上,然后将整个过程发布在社交网站上,并提名其他人来接受挑战,这个活动最初是高尔夫球员为持宠物慈善发起的。在短短几周内,冰桶挑战成为为肌萎缩性脊髓侧索硬化症(ASL)患者和相关公益组织筹集善款的重要活动。肌萎缩性脊髓侧索硬化症通常被称为葛雷克氏症,是以曾经患有此症的一位棒球运动员的名字命名的。One common stipulation gives 24 hours to complete the dare from the time they are nominated; otherwise, the participant has to donate at least 0 to the ASL Association.被提名者要在被提名后的24小时内完成挑战,否则就要向ASL协会捐出至少100美元。The campaign has caught people ranging from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and performer Justin Timberlake.到目前为止,参与冰桶挑战的人包括美国新泽西州州长克里斯#8226;克里斯蒂、Facebook首席执行官马克#8226;扎克伯格以及艺人贾斯汀#8226;汀布莱克。As of Thursday, the ALS Association had raised .6 million in donations in two weeks. That compares with .4 million raised during the same two-week period last year. The donations came from existing donors and 145,918 new donors, said a spokeswoman for the group.截止上周四,ALS协会已在两周内筹集到760万美元的捐款。去年同期两周内的捐款总额为140万美元。该组织发言人表示,这些捐款来自已有捐赠人和145918位新增捐款人。 /201408/322038

  Cyclists in Paris are to be allowed to ride through some red lights in a bid by the mayors office to get more people on their bikes。在巴黎骑自行车的人将被允许闯一些红灯,市长办公室此举是为了鼓励更多的人骑自行车。At several junctions there will be separate signals for cars and bikes, and while cars will be held by a red light, cyclists will be permitted to turn right or go straight ahead。在几个十字路口,汽车和自行车将有各自的信号灯,当红灯亮起汽车禁止通行时,自行车可以右转或直行。In such scenarios, they would have to give way to pedestrians and other road users where necessary。这种情况下,必要时他们得给行人或路上的其他人让路。The new road rules will be rolled out from the end of July, the mayors office said, adding in a statement that the new rules will ;help improve the flow of cycle traffic;。市长办公室表示,这项新的道路法规将从7月底开始执行。在一项声明中还补充说新规定将有助于提高自行车交通流量。A survey was held in 2012 apparently proving that letting cyclists move more freely actually reduced the chances of accidents。2012年进行的一项调查似乎明了让骑自行车的人更自由地通行,真的可以减少事故发生的可能性。Paris has been battling a smog problem for several years, and the mayor’s office is keen to get more people riding bikes。巴黎几年来一直在与雾霾做斗争,市长办公室迫切需要更多的人骑自行车。In December, Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, said she wanted the city#39;s historic centre to become ;semi-pedestrianised; as she laid out a plan to tackle traffic and pollution in the French capital。巴黎市长阿娜·伊达尔戈在12月份说她想把这个城市有历史意义的中心区域变成半步行区,正实施计划整治这个法国首都的交通和污染问题。Ms Hidalgo said the proposed scheme would start at weekends but could be ;quickly; rolled out for the rest of the week。伊达尔戈女士说这一提议将在各周末执行,很快会在工作日全面铺开。The mayor also said that the amount of cycle lanes would be ;doubled by 2020; as part of a 100-million-euro bike development plan。市长也表示自行车道数量到2020年将会翻倍,这是“1亿欧元自行车发展计划”的一部分。 /201507/385636




  Two sisters on a bus in northern India beat up three men who they say were harassing them, and the of the encounter has gone viral in a country that has been the scene of much-publicized violenceagainst women.印度北部两用皮带抽三名对他们实施性骚扰的男子,同车乘客拍下的视频在这个公开对女性施暴的国家里传开了。The was filmed Nov. 28 by a passenger on the bus that was traveling between Rohtak, about 40 miles from New Delhi, and Sonipat,about 12 miles from the Indian capital. Both towns are in the state of Haryana.这辆公车从罗塔克县开往索内帕特县,车上的一名乘客于11月28日拍下了这个视频。罗塔克县距新德里40英里,索内帕特县距新德里12英里,这两个县都属于哈里亚纳邦。The sisters, Aarti Kumar, 22, and PoojaKumar, 19, are both students. They say they were subjected to lewd comments from the three men. They responded by attacking the men with their belts. The shows the other passengers silently watching the events. Such harassment of women is not uncommon in India,and there#39;s even a term to describe it: ;Eve teasing.;这两分别是现年22岁的Aarti Kumar和19岁的Pooja Kumar,两人都是学生。她们说那三个男人对她们说了些下流的话,她们就用皮带作了回击。从视频中可以看到其他乘客默默地在一旁观看,女性遭到此类骚扰在印度并不是稀罕事,甚至还有一个用来形容此类事件的词:“戏弄夏娃”。The men were arrested Sunday, and Haryana#39;s chief minister lauded the two young women, saying they would be honored during India#39;s Republic Day celebrations on Jan. 26.那几名男子已于周日被捕,哈里亚纳邦的首席部长称赞了两,他表示将在1月26日的印度国庆日上授予她们荣誉。The and the response of the young women attracted wide coverage in India#39;s media as well as on social media.视频和两的回应得到了印度国家媒体及社会媒体的广泛报道。 /201412/346138

  Local young people are facing a rare dilemma of the heart next month when Chinese New Year#39;s Day occurs at the same time as Valentine#39;s Day.春节正赶上情人节。单身的朋友们高兴了,不用再孤零零过情人节;有了主的就犯愁了,以前被骂重色轻友,现在还可能被骂娶了媳妇忘了娘。怎么办呢?那就一起过年呗。春节和情人节撞车,年轻人都犯愁了。Spend the holiday with your family or with your lover? Many saying they#39;ll try to do both.是和家人一起过节,还是陪自己的另一半?很多人说要两面皆顾。Chinese New Year#39;s Day, or the Spring Festival, is a traditional day for family reunions. With its arrival this year on February 14, the topic, ;To be with your parents or your lover on the day,; is arousing hot discussionon online forums.中国的传统春节一向是合家团聚的日子。今年春节正好在二月十四日,各大论坛上“陪情人还是陪家人”的讨论早已热火朝天。On a local parent-child forum sh.talk.iyaya.com, most participants said they will try to strike a balance.在上海一家亲子论坛sh.talk.iyaya.com上,许多参与讨论者都说不能厚此薄彼。;I#39;ll go to visit my grandparents#39; home with my parents during the daytime,and then go out dining with my boyfriend in the evening,; said an ID;piao; on the forum.一位名为“飘”的网友说道:“我会在白天和父母去爷爷奶奶家过年,晚上和男朋友出去吃饭。”Some young men said they would take their girlfriend home to have dinner with parents on the Chinese New Year#39;s Day.一些男士表示会带女朋友回家过年。Some hotels and restaurants said they will promote Valentine packages starting at the end of the month so young people can have a Valentine dinner ahead of time.一些宾馆和饭店表示会在一月底就开始情人节促销活动,这样恋人们就可以提前庆祝自己的节日了。The Shanghai Restaurants Association said restaurants which cover both family love and lovers#39; affection will win the market.上海饮食行业协会认为能同时提供家庭聚会和烛光晚餐的餐馆将赢得市场。;It will be satisfactory if the service and food can meet the needs of both seniors and young people,; said the secretary general of the association.协会秘书长说:“如果务和食物能同时满足老人和年轻人的需要,就能皆大欢喜了。” /201401/271371


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