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Language Points1.lady first2.the first lady3.first impression4.first class5.love at first sight6.go first gear7.The first step is always the hardest.8.First come, first served. /201705/510740A: Hi, buddy, long time no see. How are you doing?A: 嗨!哥们,好久不见了,最近进展如何啊?B: Just so so.B: 还凑合吧。A: What happened to you? You look a little blue.A: 出什么事了?怎么看起来没精打采的。B: Well, my application for the market assistant in Pamp;G was rejected. It is the third time for me to receive a rejection letter.B: 我申请宝洁公司的市场助理一职被拒绝了。这已经是我第三次收到拒绝信了。A: Im really sorry to hear that. Dont worry! Other chances are waiting for you.A: 真是够让人郁闷的了。别担心,还有别的机会等着你呢。B: I really doubt if my choice to be further educated is right. The diploma is devaluating day by day. Well, what about you?B: 我现在真怀疑当初选择继续深造是否是个明智之举。现在的文凭含金量一天比一天低了。对了,你怎么样?A: My family want me to go to Departments of National Ministries. They think that I may make good use of my specialty as a foreign language student in foreign affairs department. In addition, the job there is very stable.A: 我家人希望我将来能够进国家部委工作。他们认为作为一名外语专业的学生,在对外事务部门工作能够充分利用我的专长。同时,那里的工作又十分稳定。B: Oh, sounds good. Good luck!B: 听起来不错,祝你好运啦!A: Thank you!A: 谢啦。 /201505/376946Todd: So, Rina, you were saying Lebanon, or Beirut, has really good night clubs. (Mm-hm) Ah, whats a really cool night club in Beirut?托德:丽娜,你说过黎巴嫩贝鲁特有非常棒的夜店。(嗯)贝鲁特非常酷的夜店都有什么?Rina: My favorite night club was rated 5th in Maxim magazine, and its called B. O. 18, and what it used to be was a Palestinian burial ground and,丽娜:我最喜欢的夜店在《马克西姆》杂志上排名第五,名字是B. O. 18,那里以前是巴勒斯坦的墓地……Todd: Wait a minute! (Yeah) It, theres no longer dead people there?托德:等一下!(好)现在那里没有死人了吗?Rina: No, no, no. It used to be. (OK) Just during the civil war, cause there was a 17 year war, and what it is, you walk up, you dont see anything, its just a big open space, but you see these, like, almost like subway stairs going down, and you go down these stairs and the theme inside this place is death, and its like a big coffin, so you have red velvet walls and all the tables are little coffins with Palestinian soldier pictures on it and single rows and its just a really good, its a really neat club. And I went to a lot of theme clubs, too, I went to one thats called The Music Hall and its like just, like a big theater, it was just amazing.丽娜:对,没有了,以前是墓地。(好)在长达17年的内战时期,那里什么都没有,就是一片开阔的空间,而现在那间夜店的楼梯像地铁楼梯一样,沿着这些楼梯走下去,里面是以死亡为主题的空间,就像一个大棺材一样,里面有红色天鹅绒的壁纸,所有桌子都是小棺材形状的,上面放有巴勒斯坦士兵的照片,以单行排列,那真的是一家又棒又干净的俱乐部。我去过很多个主题俱乐部,我去过一家名为“音乐厅”的俱乐部,里面布置的像大型剧院一样,非常不可思议。Todd: So, whats The Music Hall like?托德:那“音乐厅”是什么样的?Rina: Um, well they had that night I went, they had five different groups: One American group, one Spanish, one Lebanese, and they all just, its like a theater, like scene one, scene two, and each scene would be a different music, genre like, you know.丽娜:嗯,我去的那天晚上有五个不同的组:一个美国组,一个西班牙组,一个黎巴嫩组,就像剧院演出的第一幕第二幕一样,每个场景都是不同的音乐流派。Todd: Thats pretty cool.托德:那真是太酷了。Rina: Yeah, it was cool.丽娜:对,非常酷。Todd: So, at these night clubs, how do people dress? Whats the fashion?托德:那人们去这些夜店时会怎么打扮?如何打扮才时尚?Rina: Um, Lebanese girls, and people that were like Lebanese girls, theyre very trend conscious. Oh, yeah. Like if its in a magazine, theyre wearing it type thing. They look down on anybody, that doesnt.丽娜:嗯,黎巴嫩女孩有很很强的潮流意识。她们穿的衣像杂志里介绍的一样。她们有种高高在上的感觉。Todd: Ah, so.托德:这样啊Rina: Yeah, and its all like, done up like they went to the salon that day to go out sort of thing.丽娜:对,去夜店的那天她们会去沙龙做造型。Todd: Wow! (Yeah) So were talking, like the skimpy dressed that they have?托德:哇!(对)她们会穿暴露的衣吗?Rina: Everything. Oh, yeah.丽娜:当然会。她们什么都穿。Todd: Youre kidding. What do the guys dress like?托德:你开玩笑吧。那男性一般穿什么?Rina: Ah, the guys are, they dress prettier than some of the girls.丽娜:哦,男性比有些女孩打扮得还漂亮。Todd: No kidding.托德:开玩笑吧。Rina: Yeah, the guys dress really well, but very, just as I said, very trend conscious. Everybodys very image, image conscious. Its really a lot like Japan in that way.丽娜:男性很会穿衣,就像我刚说的那样,有很强的潮流意识。所有人都非常注意形象。其实在日本也是这样。Todd: Mm, oh cool. Thanks.托德:哦,真酷。谢谢你。 译文属 /201502/360403

Joel: Hey, Tom, I have a student that just got a working holiday visa for the U.K., and she asked me what she will be able to do when shes out there, but I dont even know what a working holiday visa is, and I havent been to the U.K., so I dont know what to tell her.乔尔:嗨,汤姆,我有个学生刚拿到了英国的假期工作签,她问我她在那里能做什么,可是我连假期工作签都不清楚,而且我也没去过英国,所以我不知道该怎么回答她。Tom: Yeah, the working holiday visa is a pretty new thing. I think it lasts six months, and you can work for three months. Its pretty popular among students. Is her English OK?汤姆:假期工作签是签新政。这种签的有效期是六个月,你可以工作三个月。这种签非常受学生们的欢迎。她英语好吗?Joel: Yeah, her English is pretty good.乔尔:她的英语非常好。Tom: Then she shouldnt have a problem getting work in, well, I used to work in a bar when I was at university and thats pretty good work. Its in the evening and the pay is usually pretty basic.汤姆:那她找工作应该不会有问题,我上大学时在酒吧工作过,那份工作非常不错。工作时间是晚上,拿基本工资。Joel: But you make tips, though, right.乔尔:可是你可以收小费。Tom: English people dont tip.汤姆:英国人一般不给小费。Joel: Oh, really.乔尔:哦,是吗?Tom: You just have to put the hours in. You might get bought a couple of drinks, but youll drink them up after the shift.汤姆:要做满时间。你也可以点酒喝,不过在换班后才能喝酒。Joel: Itd definitley make you English better too. Youre talking to people all the time.乔尔:这份工作一定能提高英语水平,因为你要一直和人们交流。Tom: The best way to improve. Youre expected to talk to the customers all night. But if you didnt like the bar, its a bit noisy and it can be quite smokey, she could work in a restaurant, out front, taking peoples orders. Thats another way to use her English and to get to meet some different people and that will tip.汤姆:这是提高英语水平的最好方法。你整晚都要和顾客交流。不过如果她不喜欢酒吧,觉得酒吧又吵又有很多人吸烟,那她可以去餐厅工作,做务员为人们点餐。这份工作也可以应用英语,而且可以见到不同的人,还有小费拿。Joel: OK, you tip at restaurants, but not at bars.乔尔:哦,英国人在餐厅给小费,可是在酒吧不给。Tom: Thats right. Yeah.汤姆:没错,是这样的。Joel: I see.乔尔:我知道了。Tom: And if she was struggling a bit she could work in the back of a restaurant.汤姆:如果她觉得有困难,那可以去餐厅后厨工作。Joel: Washing dishes or something like that. Yeah.乔尔:可以做洗盘子之类的工作。Tom: Thats not much fun.汤姆:那可不太有趣。Joel: Yeah, I used to wash dishes, that was my first job ever and I remember my legs being so sore from standing up all day. It was a terrible job.乔尔:对,我以前洗过盘子,那是我的第一份工作,我记得站了一整天以后,我的腿非常酸。那是一份糟糕的工作。Tom: I wouldnt recommend that one.汤姆:我不会推荐那种工作。Joel: Yeah. So the working holiday though, you said its three months but the visa is for 6 months, so you work for the second 3 months and then maybe youd study for the first 3 months?乔尔:嗯,你刚说可以工作三个月,可是签的有效期是六个月,所以是说前三个月学习,后三个月工作吗?Tom: No, its not for studying. Its a holiday. You travel. You go from place to place and you pick up jobs on the way.汤姆:不是,你并不是去学习的,是去度假的。你是去旅行的。你可以去不同的地方旅行,在旅行途中找工作。Joel: OK, so, but still you, the second half is when you would work?乔尔:哦,所以后三个月是工作时间?Tom: You can mix it up. You can work for a maximum of three months, but no more.汤姆:可以穿行。你最多可以工作三个月的时间,不能超过三个月。Joel: Oh, thats interesting.乔尔:哦,这很有意思。 译文属 /201504/369213

本期内容:If you want success, youll need to be self-disciplined. There will be things in life you have to give up in order to reach your goals.如果你想成功,你需要自律。为了达到目标,人生中有些事情不得已只能放弃。You might not be able to do all the things you want, spend as much money you want, or spend your time the way you want. Instead, youll need to forgo immediate gratification and keep your eyes on the goal.或许你无法做自己想做的事情,自己想花多少钱就花多少钱,或者自己掌控时间。相反,你需要放弃当前的满足,把眼睛盯在奋斗目标上。单词及实用短语:1. self-disciplined 英 [selfd#618;s#601;pl#618;nd] 美 [selfd#618;s#601;pl#618;nd] adj.自律的2. reach one’s goal 达到目标3. forgo 英 [f#596;#720;ɡ#601;#650;] 美 [f#596;#720;rɡo#650;] vt.放弃;弃绝4. gratification 英 [#716;ɡr#230;t#618;f#618;ke#618;#643;n] 美 [#716;ɡr#230;t#618;f#618;ke#618;#643;n] n.满足;喜悦5. keep your eyes on 留心,把目光盯在……关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201610/469446

17. Key and Lock Problems (1) 17.钥匙和锁的问题(1)A: Are you locked out of your apartment?A:你把公寓锁上了吗?B: It appears that I am.B:好像锁上了。A: Did you forget your key inside your apartment?A:你忘了你的钥匙还在公寓里吗?B: No. I think I lost it somewhere in the city.B:忘了。我以为我把它丢在城里的某个地方了。A: Thats unfortunate. I think I could help you.A:太不幸了。我想我能帮你。B: Really? Do you have another key?B:真的吗?你有另一把钥匙吗?A: No, but the landlord does.A:没有,但房东有。B: He doesnt live here though.B:但他不住在这。A: I have his phone number. Ill just give him a call.A:我有他的电话号。我给他打个电话。B: Thank you. If you want, Ill talk to him myself.B:谢谢你。如果可以的话我可以亲自和他说。A: No, dont worry. I talk to him for you.A:不用,别担心。我替你和他说。B: Please I insist. I should be the one to ask for help since Im the one whos in need of it.B:请让我来吧。我应该是那个请求帮助的人,因为我是需要它的人。A: Alright, suit yourself. A:好的,随你。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/414980

7.Fundraising for Campaigns 7.竞选筹资A: Would you be interested in donating to our candidates campaign today?A:你有兴趣参加我们今天候选人的竞选捐款吗?B: Maybe. Can you tell me more about why you are raising money?B:也许吧。关于你为什么筹集资金,你能告诉我更多吗?A: Sure! Campaign ads are expensive, so we want to raise money for TV ads.A:当然!竞选广告是昂贵的,所以我们要为电视广告筹集资金。B: Some of those ads are so negative though.B:但一些广告是如此消极。A: Youre right, but the new ads are going to be positive.A:对的,但新广告将是积极的。B: How much money are you trying to raise?B:你想筹集多少钱?A: We need a few thousand dollars.A:我们需要几千美元。B: Is this the only way you are raising money?B:这是你筹集资金的唯一途径吗?A: No. We are doing phone banking and even having an event.A:不。我们正在做手机,甚至还有一个活动。B: What kind of event?B:什么样的活动?A: We are hosting a lunch with the candidate.A:我们为候选人举办一个午餐。B: I may be interested in donating for that. B:我可能会对为这个捐赠感兴趣。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/428828

小咖实用英语口语 第113期:充电宝宝 /201511/411173

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