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新疆/阿克苏市第一人民医院激光去红血丝多少钱乌鲁木齐/激光美白嫩肤哪家好乌鲁木齐/整形美容医院整形怎么样 在上下扶梯的时候一定要留神,尤其是当你还戴着眼镜的时候。Take care when stepping on and off the escalator; take extra care if you wear bifocals.登上电梯之前,仔细检查自己和自己的孩子的衣物有没有松开或垂挂的可能被卷入扶梯的部分,比如鞋带、 绳子、手套等。Before stepping on, check your child#39;s clothing (and yours) for loose or dangling parts (like shoelaces, drawstrings, mittens) which can be trapped in moving parts.检查手镯饰品等容易弄伤自己的装饰物。Check your arms for bracelets and jewelry that may get caught.握紧自己的包、相机,以及其他的随身物品。Hold on securely to your bags, cameras, and other things you may be carrying.一定要格外注意小朋友的安全。Pay close attention to small children.让孩子面向前方站,不要随意移动。Teach your children to always face forward and stand still on the escalator.告诉孩子千万不要坐在扶梯台阶上。Remind children never to sit on the steps.刚学会走路的小孩子千万记得要站在台阶中间而不是台阶两侧,扶梯的衔接部位很容易夹住软橡胶鞋或者小靴子。Keep toddlers#39; shoes firmly on the step and away from the side. Soft rubber soles on children#39;s shoes and boots can get caught in gaps between escalator wall and steps.穿露脚趾的拖鞋或凉鞋应该避免乘自动扶梯,赤脚乘扶梯更是大忌。Do not use floppy sandals and open-toe shoes in escalators. Always wear shoes when taking the escalator.如果带着小孩子购物的话还是搭乘电梯井比较合适,上下扶梯不适宜平衡手推车,很容易翻倒。Use the elevator if you are shopping with a child in a walker or stroller. Escalator steps are not designed to accommodate strollers; these will not be balanced and may tip over.如果别无选择,抱着小孩子,另一只手扶着小推车,再乘扶梯。If you must carry a stroller on the escalator, remove the child from the stroller. Carry the child and have one hand free to hold onto the handrail and keep your balance.告诉孩子不要倚靠扶梯扶手,这样会拖慢其速度,还会导致其他人失去平衡站不稳。Tell your child not to lean on the handrail. This can slow down the escalator and may throw other people off balance.上扶梯前,确定应急按钮的位置。该按钮一般是在底层,但有时候也在侧壁台阶旁边。Take a little time to locate the emergency stop buttons on every escalator before you get on. These may be near the bottom, but sometimes alongside, the stairs.上下扶梯要看准台阶。Watch your step when you enter or leave the elevator.对于井式电梯,如果门忽然打不开,不要慌张,按下警报,然后等待营救人员。If the elevator doors fail to open upon stopping, push the alarm button and wait until help comes.不要用手强行阻止正在闭合的电梯门,站稳。Do not stop the closing doors of an elevator with your hands. Stand clear.发生火灾时避免使用电梯。Do not use elevators when there is a fire.生命只有一次,留心方能安全。Life has No reset Button, Think Safety. /201306/245949新疆/治疗胎记价格

新疆/伊犁哈萨克自治州友谊医院祛疤多少钱昆玉做黑脸娃娃多少钱 Getting enough sleep is a problem for a lot of people these days, and if you have trouble falling asleep fast, that just compounds the issue. The good news is you can learn to fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer so you can get all the sleep you need.近来,对很多人来说充足的睡眠都可望不可及,如果你很难快速入睡,那只会加重问题的严重性。万幸的就是你可以学会快速入睡的方法并且让睡眠更持久,以便达到你所需的睡眠长度。Lifestyle Changes to Help You Fall Asleep Fast改变生活方式助你快速入睡If you don’t aly work out, getting regular exercise can help you fall asleep more quickly, sleep longer and feel more rested when you wake up. People who are less sedentary reported waking up less through the night and having better sleep quality even when they get the same amount of sleep as someone who gets less exercise.如果你已经工作完毕,进行常规锻炼能帮助你更快入睡,时间更长久且醒来时感觉会更轻松。报告指出较少久坐的人在夜间更少醒来,即使是相同的睡眠时间,他们的质量也比少动的人的质量要好。Though conventional wisdom has it that exercising too close to bedtime makes it harder to sleep well, recent research suggests exercise at any time of day helps people get better sleep.虽然传统的说法是越接近睡前时间锻炼就会越难入睡,但最近的研究表示在一天中的任意时间锻炼,都会有助于人们的睡眠。Going to bed and waking up at consistent times throughout the week,(yes, including the weekend),can also help you fall asleep more quickly. Having a consistent bedtime routine, meaning what you do before bed as well as when you hit the sack, is key to falling asleep fast and staying asleep through the night. You’ll do better if you turn off the TV, computer, iPad, phone and any other devices about an hour before bedtime, and if at all possible keep them—and any thoughts of work—outside of the bedroom.在工作日按时睡觉,准时醒来(当然,也包括周末),这样可以帮助你更快地入睡。有一个固定的作息时间,也就是说在睡觉前该做什么,就寝时又该做些什么,这是快速入睡和深度睡眠的关键。如果睡前一小时你关掉电视,电脑,平板,电话以及其他设备,尽量把它们和关于工作的想法关之门外,这样会更好。Getting Ready for Bed: How to Fall Asleep Fast睡前准备:怎样快速入睡If you have trouble turning off your brain at bedtime, doing a little journaling to get thoughts out of your head may be helpful. If you won’t find it stressful, make a to-do list for the next day so you won’t keep going over what you need to do over and over again.如果在睡觉时你大脑无法沉静下来,那么写篇短日志也许会有帮助,它可以赶走你烦乱的思绪。如果你觉得不打紧的话,还可以为第二天写一个代办清单,这样你就不必反复念叨了。When it’s time for sleep, block out as much noise and light as you can. Use a white noise machine if there are outside noises (or a bedmate’s snoring) to bother you, and think about getting rid of your clock or turning it around if it glows brightly.在睡觉时,尽量关掉声源和灯光。如果室外的噪音(或室友呼噜声)打扰了你,你可以用白噪声机,再考虑一下取消闹钟,如果它要发光,就把它转过去。Keep the room you sleep in cool, since most people tend to fall asleep more quickly when they’re cool compared to when they’re hot.保持寝室的凉爽,因为比起燥热,大多数人更倾向于在凉爽的环境里入睡。Make your bed as comfortable as possible and try to enforce good sleep posture. Sleeping on your side or back with your neck straight is the best possible way to sleep. You may need to add a pillow between your legs to keep your hips in alignment while you sleep, too.尽量保持床铺整洁,摆出良好的睡觉姿势。侧身睡或者脖子伸直躺着睡是最佳的睡眠姿势。睡觉时,也许你也需要在腿间放一个枕头,以使其保持与臀部的一致。If you’re still having trouble falling asleep, try a progressive relaxation technique. For example, begin with your feet and feel them relax. Slowly move up your body, relaxing each part as you come to it. Or simply take deep breaths and imagine a calming scene.如果你仍然难以入睡,那就试试渐进放松技巧。比如,从揉脚开始,感觉它们在放松。慢慢地自下而上,松弛每个你到达的部位。或者深呼吸然后想象一个静谧的场景。Still Having Problems Falling Asleep?还有入睡难的问题吗?If these basic suggestions aren’t helping after a couple of weeks, you may need more help pinpointing what is keeping you from falling asleep fast. You may want to keep a diary for a few weeks detailing things like:如果这些基本建议在试用两周之后还没有效果,也许你就需要详细地找出阻碍你快速睡眠的关键因素。可能你也需要写几周关于细节的日志,如:how much sleep you get?你睡了多久?how much caffeine you drink?你喝了多少咖啡?what you eat?你吃了什么?how much you exercise?运动量如何?your energy level through the day?一天的精神状态如何?anything you try to help you go to sleep and how effective that was?你所尝试促进睡眠的每个方法都起了怎样的效果?Armed with this information you may be able to figure out what’s causing your problems with falling asleep, or you can take it to a sleep specialist to help you get to the root of the problem.掌握了这些信息,你可能就能找出睡觉难的原因了,或许你也可以将日志带到睡眠专家那帮助你找到问题的根源。 /201308/250865新疆/医大第一附属医院光子脱毛多少钱

新疆/省第一人民医院光子脱毛手术多少钱 乌鲁木齐/整形医院有美容科吗博乐做激光脱毛多少钱



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