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After joking about working for the music streaming service following his tenure in office, U.S. President Barack Obama may be the only person qualified for Spotifys newest employee posting.美国总统奥巴马曾笑谈希望在退任之后给音乐串流公司工作,这回Spotify公司开启了一个职位,一个给奥巴马量身定做的职位;At least eight yearsexperience running a highly-regarded nation; and a Nobel Prize are among the requirements for Spotifys new position ;President of Playlists;.这个“曲单总裁”职位的要求包括“至少八年治理一个大国的经验”和“曾经获得诺贝尔奖”;Who you are ...familiar with the Spotify platform, with experience in programming playlists at a federal level. Anything from an eclectic summer playlist, to a celebratory, I just found my birth certificate playlist,; the job description, posted Tuesday, s.职位介绍中表示:“你要熟悉Spotify的平台,曾经在联邦层面制定曲单。比如说一个特别的夏日歌曲单,或者是一个‘找到出生啦’曲目清单。”And in case the listed requirements were too subtle, Spotifys CEO and founder Daniel Ek tweeted the job posting to the president from his official account.如果这还不够清楚的话Spotify的首席执行官和创始人丹尼尔·艾科还在自己的推特上把这份工作直接推荐给了奥巴马。According to Natalia Brzezinski, wife of the former Swedish ambassador to the ed States, Obama told her husband at the White House last week ; Im still waiting for my job at Spotify... Cuz I know yall loved my playlist.;前瑞典驻美国大使马克布里辛斯基的妻子娜塔莉亚·马克布里辛斯基说,奥巴马上周在白宫告诉她丈夫说“我可还在等Spotify的招聘,你们肯定会喜欢我的音乐播放单”。Last August, the White House released two music sets ;hand-created; by the president of the ed States for daytime and evening.去年八月,白宫曾发布总统亲自编排的白天和晚上两份音乐播放清单。来 /201701/488318




  What do the governments of Belarus, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Russia have in common, apart from their lack of enthusiasm for participatory democracy?白俄罗斯、文莱、柬埔寨、老挝和俄罗斯几国的政府除了都对参与式民主没兴趣之外,还有什么共同之处呢?Beijing claims they have all recently come out in support of its position on the South China Sea. It says they back its arguments, either that maritime disputes should be resolved bilaterally or that the arbitration case brought by the Philippines against Beijing’s claims is illegitimate.中国政府宣布上述政府最近都站出来持其在南中国海的立场,称它们持自己的观点,包括海上纠纷应通过双边协商解决,以及菲律宾对中国的领土主张提出的仲裁案是不合法的。This is no accident. A judgment on the Philippines case is expected within months. Beijing is working hard to persuade other countries that the court of arbitration in The Hague has no right to adjudicate on its claims.此事绝非偶然。菲律宾提出的仲裁案预计将在数月内得出裁决。北京方面正努力说其他国家相信,海牙仲裁法庭无权对中国的主张作出裁决。During recent weeks, Wang Yi, the wily Chinese foreign minister, has been courting counterparts with renewed vigour, with visits to Brunei, Cambodia and Laos designed to keep Southeast Asia divided in its approach to China.近几周来,深谋远虑的中国外长王毅一直以充沛的精力拜访同行,访问了文莱、柬埔寨和老挝,意图分化东南亚对中国的态度。Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, last week became the latest senior diplomat to side with China’s opposition to external interference the US in the South China Sea.俄罗斯外长谢尔盖#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)上周成为持中国立场的最新一位高级外交官,表示反对对南中国海问题的外部干预——意指美囀?China has drawn huge attention and criticism for its construction of islands and military facilities on contested reefs. But diplomacy is an equally important part of its strategy for dominating these waters, which contain rich fisheries, vast oil and gas reserves and key global trade routes.中国的填海造岛、以及在争议性岛礁上建造军事设施的举动,已引起极大关注与批评,但外交同样是其主导这片海域的重要策略。该海域含有丰富的渔业资源、大量石油和天然气储量,以及关键的全球贸易路线。The unfolding public relations battle over the Philippines arbitration case shows that policymakers in Beijing are worried China will look like a rogue international rule-breaker because of its defiance of The Hague tribunal.围绕菲律宾仲裁案展开的这场公关战显示出,北京的政策制定者担心中国会因藐视海牙法庭而被看作野蛮的国际规则破坏者。The Philippines contends that China’s claim to “historic rightsover almost the entire South China Sea based on its “nine-dash linemap has no basis in international law. Manila also claims large parts of these waters, as does Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.菲律宾称中国基于其“九段线”地图对几乎整个南中国海提出的“历史性权利”主张没有任何国际法依据。菲律宾政府也对该海域大片区域提出主张,文莱、马来西亚、台湾和越南也一样。Although the judges are not considering overt questions of sovereignty, if they rule in the Philippinesfavour on this issue, it would significantly undermine China’s claims.虽然法官不会考虑主权问题,但如果他们在这件事上的判决倾向菲律宾一方,将对中国的主张造成严重破坏。The US and the EU, which are concerned about China’s increasingly strident behaviour, have thrown their weight behind Manila, arguing that Beijing should respect the outcome of the case.美国和欧盟对于中国日益强硬的行为十分关注,它们对菲律宾政府予以持,认为北京应该尊重裁决结果。China is lining up its own team of supporters and is neutralising potential opponents with the promise of big infrastructure investments for those who play ball.中国正在组织自己的持者队伍,并努力让潜在的反对者中立化,对愿意合作者许以大型基础设施投资的承诺。Beijing wants to ensure that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the only regional body that regularly discusses security issues, remains divided and weak when it comes to the South China Sea.北京方面希望确保,唯一定期讨论安全问题的地区组织——东ASEAN)——在面对南中国海问题时仍然维持分裂、软弱的状态。Regional diplomats fear that it is succeeding.该地区外交官担心,这一策略正在取得成功。Mr Wang claimed after the visit to Brunei, Laos and Cambodia that Beijing had reached a “consensuswith these nations to oppose “unilateralactions, a euphemism for the Philippines case.在对文莱、老挝、柬埔寨进行访问后,王毅宣称,中国已经与这些国家就反对“单边”行动(对菲律宾行为的委婉说法)达成了“共识”。Laos and Cambodia, which rely heavily on Chinese investment, have long done Beijing’s bidding by preventing Asean from taking a harder line on the maritime disputes. But oil-rich Brunei, which is feeling the pressure of lower crude prices, has not previously sided so openly with China.由于严重依赖中国投资,老挝与柬埔寨长期以来一直按照北京方面的吩咐,阻挠东盟在海洋领土争端上采取更强硬的路线。但石油资源丰富的文莱——如今正承受原油价格下跌带来的压力——此前从未如此公开地站在中国一边。Meanwhile, Southeast Asia’s biggest nation, Indonesia, is trying hard to stay out of the disputes, insisting that a recent clash with China’s coastguard over illegal fishing has nothing to do with China’s geostrategic ambitions.与此同时,东南亚最大国家印度尼西亚正努力置身这些争端之外。该国坚称,最近围绕非法与中国海警发生的一起冲突与中国的地缘政治野心无关。This is music to Beijing’s ears.这种表态令北京方面感到悦耳。Donald Weatherbee, a visiting fellow at Singapore’s Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, says that “Indonesia and the other four targets of China’s South China Sea policy are in the same boat, but there is no captain or sailing directions新加坡东南亚研究所(Institute of Southeast Asian Studies)访问研究员唐纳德#8226;韦瑟Donald Weatherbee)表示:“印尼与中国南中国海政策其他四个目标国家同坐一条船,但他们没有船长或航行指南。”Divisions among China’s Southeast Asian neighbours have left the way open for it to alter the “facts on the waterby building military installations from runways to radar stations in the South China Sea.东南亚邻国间的分歧使中国得以一路畅通地通过在南中国海建立军事设施——从飞机跑道到雷达站——来改变“海上现状”。Ashley Townshend, a research fellow at the University of Sydney, compares Beijing’s actions to those of a rebel group trying to amass as much bargaining power as possible before being forced eventually to agree a ceasefire.悉尼大学(University of Sydne)研究员阿什#8226;汤曾Ashley Townshend)将北京方面的行为,比作反叛组织的成员试图在最终被迫同意停火前尽可能多地积累讨价还价的筹码。The next test of Beijing’s appetite for risk could come at the Scarborough Shoal, which it snatched from Philippines control in 2012. It is rumoured to be the next destination for China’s island-building barges.对北京方面风险偏好的下一场考验可能来自斯卡伯勒浅滩(Scarborough Shoal,中国称黄?岛)。中国于2012年从菲律宾夺得了对该岛的控制权。据称,这里将是中国大批造岛驳船的下一个目的地。If China does try to build up a reef that lies not far from Manila, the US would come under pressure to respond with more freedom of navigation operations or some other show of military force.如果中国真的试图在这处距马尼拉不远的岛礁填海造岛,美国将面临以更多的航行自由行动或其他展示军事力量的方式进行回应的压力。But Beijing is hoping it can continue to get away with incrementally changing the status quo and neutralising opposition.但北京方面正希望能够继续如愿地一边逐步改变现状,一边让反对的国家中立化。来 /201605/441139WASHINGTON The day started early. 华盛顿——那一天,我早早起床。Four of us from the Washington bureau were part of a team set to interview President-elect Donald J. 来自华盛顿分社的我们四个人是一个团队的成员,要在午餐期间采访候任总统唐纳#8226;J#8226;特朗Donald J. Trump)。Trump over lunch at The New York Times headquarters in Manhattan. 采访地点定在位于曼哈顿的《纽约时报》总部。Our first step? Get to New York.我们的第一步?当然是去纽约了。Our plan was easy: Take Amtrak’s 8 a.m. Acela, the high speed train from D.C. to New York Penn Station, and walk eight blocks up 8th Avenue to the Times building. 我们的计划很简单:搭乘美铁(Amtrak)早上8点从华盛顿特区开往纽约宾夕法尼亚站的高铁阿西乐(Acela),再沿着第八大道步行八个街区到达时报大厦。The train was scheduled to arrive shortly before 11 a.m., well ahead of the 1 p.m. start to the luncheon interview. 火车计划于上1点之前到站,远早于下点开始的午餐采访。We planned to strategize on the train about potential questions and follow-ups for Mr Trump, and could write on our laptops if other news broke that morning.针对可能会向特朗普提出的问题及需要跟进的内容,我们打算在车上制定好策略。如果上午出现其他突发新闻,我们也能在笔记本电脑上写稿。Then Mr Trump tweeted at 6:16 a.m.:结果,特朗普早上66分发了一条推文:Donald J. Trump(@realDonaldTrump):I cancelled todays meeting with the failing @nytimes when the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment. 唐纳#8226;J#8226;特朗Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump):我取消了今天和失败的@nytimes的会面,因为他们在最后一刻更改了会议相关条款。Not nice.这可不太奀?A flurry of emails ensued. 一连串的电子邮件接踵而至。Really? Is this fake news? It matters for what outfit I choose, wrote Julie Hirschfeld Davis, a fellow White House correspondent.是真的吗?是不是假新闻?这关系到我选什么衣,另一名白宫记者朱#8226;赫希菲尔#8226;戴维Julie Hirschfeld Davis)写道。At least he had the good manners to do it before we got on the train! wrote Mark Landler, another member of our White House team.至少他是礼貌地在我们上火车之前这么做的!我们白宫团队的另一名成员马#8226;兰德Mark Landler)写道。Eventually, there was a decision. 最后,我们做出了决定。We would all cancel our train tickets and regroup at the bureau, two blocks from the White House. 所有人都把火车票退掉,在距离白宫两个街区的分社碰面That proved to be a fateful move.) Dean says meeting definitely canceled, Elisabeth Bumiller, the Washington bureau chief, emailed.(事后明,这是一个灾难性的举动。)迪恩(指时报执行主编迪恩#8226;巴奎[Dean Baquet]——编注)说会议明确取消,华盛顿分社社长伊丽莎#8226;巴米Elisabeth Bumiller)在电子邮件里说。Elisabeth and I got to the bureau early and turned our attention to a morning television appearance 伊丽莎白和我早早到了分社,并把注意力放在了特朗普的一名高级顾问亮相的一档早间电视节目上。One of Mr Trump’s senior advisers suggesting that the president-elect no longer wanted to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton, a change from his heated rhetoric during the campaign. 这名顾问称,候任总统不再希望起诉希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)。这有别于特朗普在竞选期间的激烈言辞。Mark and Julie worked from home, shifting to what passes for a traditional workday in the postelection period.在家办公的马克和朱莉也转移了注意力,以为这是大选结束后一个平淡无奇的工作日。And then, at 9:13 a.m., came an email from our publisher’s executive assistant: Updated Invitation: It’s still happening. 然后,上3分,我们出版人的行政助理发来了一封电子邮件:最新邀请:仍按计划进行。Arthur Sulzberger Jr., The Times’s publisher, had apparently contacted Mr Trump’s office and convinced him to reconsider. 时报的出版人小阿#8226;苏兹伯格(Arthur Sulzberger Jr.)似乎联系了特朗普的办公室,并说他重新考虑。Mr Trump later tweeted (at 10:40 a.m.): The meeting with the @nytimes is back on.后来,特朗普(上00分)发推文说:恢复与《纽约时报》的会面。What followed was a logistical nightmare: How could we get from Washington to New York in time to meet with Mr Trump? I logged onto the American Airlines website to no avail; the site wouldn’t book a flight with less than an hour before departure. 接下来的事情,是一场组织安排上的噩梦:我们怎么才能及时从华盛顿赶到纽约,与特朗普见面?我登陆美国航空公American Airlines)的网站,但因网站不提供起飞前一小时内的订票务而一无所获。Mark had similar trouble. 马克遇到的难题类似。Julie, though, had better luck: She called our travel service and got a seat on a plane, and was soon in a cab to Reagan National Airport.不过朱莉的运气好一些:她给我们的旅行社打电话,买到了一张机票,很快便坐上了开往里根国际机场的出租车。Elisabeth and I jumped into a cab at 9:30 as Nicholas Fandos, the bureau’s intrepid clerk, called the travel service to book us tickets on the 10 a.m. Acela, which was scheduled to get into New York at 12:48 p.m. 90分,分社勇敢无畏的员工尼古拉#8226;凡多Nicholas Fandos)打电话给旅行社,为伊丽莎白和我订到了上午10点发车、预计于中午128分抵达纽约的车票后,我们匆匆上了一辆出租车。A cab ride later, and with minutes to spare, we boarded the train. 0美元打车到车站后,离发车只剩下几分钟。我们上了车。Julie made her flight thanks to a 40-minute delay at the airport. 多亏机场出现0分钟的延误,朱莉也赶上了飞机。Mark, who lives further out in Chevy Chase, got stuck in Washington.住在更远的切维蔡斯的马克则被困在了华盛顿。Our plans for polishing our interview approach fell by the wayside. 我们完善采访方式的计划被扔至一边。Elisabeth and I prioritized 10 questions and emailed them to Julie and to Maggie Haberman, our New York-based White House correspondent, who managed to print them out just before the interview started.伊丽莎白和我确定0个问题的优先顺序,并通过电子邮件把它们发给了朱莉和本报驻纽约的白宫记者玛#8226;哈伯Maggie Haberman)。哈伯曼赶在采访开始的前一刻将它们打印了出来。The Acela pulled into Penn Station a few minutes late, arriving at 12:55 p.m. 阿西乐抵达宾夕法尼亚站的时间是中25分,晚了几分钟。We bounded up the escalators, across the plaza to Eighth Avenue and 33rd Street and started jogging. 我们跳上自动扶梯,穿过通往第八大道3街的广场,并开始小跑。By the time we reached 36th street, a cab pulled up to let someone off. 跑到36街时,一辆出租车停车下客。Elisabeth and I jumped in, hoping that it might be faster. 伊丽莎白和我跳上出租车,希望这样或许能更快一些。It wasn’t. 但事与愿违。At 39th Street, as the interview with Mr Trump started, we handed over another bill, jumped out and started running again.9街时,因为对特朗普的采访已经开始了,我们递给司机20美元后下了车,又开始跑了起来。At the Times building, the elevators were crowded and slow. 到了时报大楼,电梯拥挤不堪,运行速度缓慢。After a maddening ride to the 16th floor (and a quick screening by the Secret Service), Elisabeth and I entered the boardroom, about eight minutes late.搭乘令人抓狂的电梯上6层(并迅速通过特勤局[Secret Service]的检查)后,伊丽莎白和我在迟到大约八分钟后走进了董事会会议室。Meanwhile, Julie was having her own delays. 与此同时,朱莉那边也出现了延误。After landing on time at La Guardia Airport, she hopped into a cab, bound for the office. 按时在拉瓜迪亚机场落地后,她迅速坐上一辆出租车往办公室赶。That worked until traffic perhaps made even worse than usual because of Mr Trump’s motorcade ground to a halt at 37th Street, along with Julie’s cab.起初一切顺利,直到包括她乘坐的出租车在内的车流7街停住不动了。或许是因为特朗普的车队的原因,当时的交通甚至比平时更糟糕。She arrived at the interview a few minutes after Elisabeth and me, but in time to ask Mr Trump about Stephen K. Bannon, the president-elect’s choice for chief White House strategist. 她比伊丽莎白和我晚几分钟到达采访现场,还是赶上了向特朗普提问,问题是关于被他选为白宫首席策略师的史蒂#8226;K#8226;班农(Stephen K. Bannon)的。I apologize for my delayed flight, she told the president-elect.抱歉,我的航班晚点了,她对候任总统说。After the lunch, and Mr Trump’s departure, Julie, Elisabeth and I hunkered down in the boardroom to write. 吃完午饭,且特朗普也离开后,朱莉、伊丽莎白和我趴在董事会会议室的桌子上开始写稿。Initially, the sp of food (salmon, beef tenderloin, frisée salad, barley salad with dried fruit) remained, but it was quickly cleaned up and taken away.起初,桌上摊开的吃的(三文鱼、牛里脊、生菜沙拉和水果干大麦沙拉)还在,但很快,它们就被清理走了。Shortly after 7:30 p.m., stories mostly finished, the three of us packed up and headed for the third-floor newsroom to check in. 晚上70分刚过,报道基本写好了。我们三个收拾好东西,去三楼的编辑部报到。Dean Baquet, the paper’s executive editor, had a few small thoughts, most of which were fairly painless. 报社的执行主编迪#8226;巴奎(Dean Baquet)有一些小想法,大部分都很轻松。Editors checked es in the story against the interview transcript, which was finally completed.编辑们对照着终于完工的采访文字记录检查了报道中的引语。Elisabeth ran for the 9 p.m. train back to Washington, where she needed to catch a flight in the morning. 伊丽莎白赶去乘坐晚上9点的火车回华盛顿,因为她第二天早上还要赶一趟从华盛顿起飞的航班。Julie and I booked rooms at a nearby hotel and bought tickets on Wednesday’s 9 a.m. train.朱莉和我在附近一家宾馆订了房间,并买好了周三上午9点的火车票。Another eventful transition day done.过渡时期精多变的一天又过去了。来 /201611/480013

  Several young activists who oppose China’s control over Hong Kong have been elected to the territory’s legislature in a sign of growing political polarisation and anger with Beijing.数名反对中国控制香港的年轻活动人士当选香港立法会议员。这一迹象表明,香港的政治分化和对北京方面的愤怒日益加剧。The victory by emerging politicians including 23-year-old Nathan Law, who cut his teeth during the Occupy protests of 2014, sets the stage for a further escalation of tensions with Beijing, which vehemently rejects separatism.罗冠聪(Nathan Law,上图右)等新兴政治人物的胜选,或导致香港与北京方面之间的紧张局面进一步升级3岁的罗冠聪是014年占Occupy)抗议期间首次登上政治舞台的。中国政府对分离主义持强烈反对态度。I will bring a new vision for the deomcratic movement, which is self-determination for the Hong Kong people, said Mr Law, who will become the youngest-ever member of the city’s 70-seat legislative council.罗冠聪将成为拥有70个席位的香港立法会有史以来最年轻的成员。他表示:我会为这场民主运动带来新的愿景,那就是香港人民的自决。Mr Law’s election was confirmed on Monday as results were released constituency by constituency. 周一,随着一个又一个选区公布选举结果,罗冠聪的当选得到了确认。The full outcome will not be known until later in the day.此次选举的全部结果要到当天晚些时候才会揭晓。Young people in the semi-autonomous territory have become increasingly outspoken since the failure of the Occupy movement to win democratic concessions from Beijing, with a growing number calling for self-determination or even independence.占中行动未能促使中国政府在民主方面作出让步。自那以来,这块半自治中国领土的年轻人越来越直言不讳,呼吁香港自决甚至独立的人越来越多。They accuse Beijing of undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy and rule of law through incidents from increasing political meddling to the abduction of five booksellers last year.他们谴责北京方面通过各种事件损害香港的自治和法治,比如加大对香港的政治干预以及去年带走五名香港书商。The rise of a more radical group of young politicians signifies a generational shift in attitudes to China, which resumed control of Hong Kong from Britain in 1997.由年轻政治人物组成的更激进组织的崛起,标志着香港人对中国的态度发生了代际转变。中国于1997年从英国手中收回了对香港的控制权。Hong Kong is facing further political turmoil at a time when its mainland-dependent economy is going through the worst time for 20 years, according to the city’s finance chief.按照香港财政司司长的说法,依赖中国内地的香港经济正经0年来最糟糕时刻。而就在这样的时刻,香港面临着进一步的政治动荡。More than 58 per cent of the territory’s 3.8m electors voted on Sunday, in a record turnout that underlines the deepening political rift between those supporting the establishment and those promoting democracy and greater autonomy or even independence.上周日,香港380万选民中有8%参与了投票。这一创纪录的投票人数凸显出,持建制派的人群与持民主、持香港扩大自治甚至走向独立的人群之间的政治分歧正在加深。Cheng Chung-tai, another newly elected legislator who is calling for a referendum on Hong Kong’s future status, said he would use all measures to promote this idea within the legislative council before the constitutional crisis when Hong Kong’s autonomy within China ends in 2047.另一名新当选的议员、呼吁就香港未来地位举行公投的郑松泰(Cheng Chung-tai)表示,他会在香港在中国内部的自治047年结束、从而引发宪政危机之前,动用一切手段在立法会内推广这一想法。David Zweig, a professor of social science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said that the rise of a new generation of politicians like Mr Law and Mr Cheng was pretty scary for the mainland because now you have a whole generation of young people who are not patriotic [toward China].香港科技大学(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)社会科学教授崔大David Zweig)表示,对中国大陆来说,罗冠聪和郑松泰等新一代政治人物的崛起相当可怕,因为如今你要面对整整一代不爱(中)国的年轻人。He compared the growing rejection of Chinese control in Hong Kong to the situation in self-governing Taiwan, where opposition to Chinese influence helped sweep the pro-independence Democratic Progressive party to power in January.他将香港对中国管控的日益拒绝与自治的台湾的局势相提并论。在台湾,对中国大陆影响力的抵制曾在今年1月帮助持独立的民进Democratic Progress Party)轻松胜选上台掌权。The more the mainland pushes, the more Hong Kong society pushes back, he said.他说:大陆越施压,香港社会反弹得越厉害。Before Sunday’s election, the Hong Kong government halted the candidacy of six politicians who were accused of having called for independence and it has threatened to take follow-up action against other candidates who support the idea.在上周日的选举前,香港政府中止了六名被控呼吁香港独立的政治人物的候选资格,并威胁要对其他持这一主张的候选人采取跟进行动。The blocked candidates have launched a judicial review against the decision, which could prompt by-elections if it is successful.被封杀的候选人已发起针对这一决定的司法审查,若审查结果如他们所愿,可能会导致递补选举。来 /201609/465395


  Plans for a new airline dedicated to the winter snowsports market were announced in Switzerland last week. PowdAir is due to begin operations in December, offering direct flights from six UK airports as well as Rotterdam and Brussels to Sion, capital of the Valais canton.PowdAir不久前在瑞士宣布了专为冬季冰雪运动旅游市场开设新航线的计划。PowdAir预定今年12月正式投入运营,届时将提供从六家英国机场以及鹿特丹和布鲁塞尔直飞瓦莱Valais canton)首府锡永(Sion)的航班。The services will be a boon for skiers, dramatically cutting transfer times to some of Switzerland’s top resorts. The runway at Sion is just two miles from the closest ski lift, at Veysonnaz. Verbier is 10 miles away as the crow flies, Zermatt is 24 miles. PowdAir plans to use a 109-seat Fokker 100 aircraft and fly five days per week, from Thursday to Monday. Seats will cost between 9 and 50 one-way, including ski carriage.直航是滑雪爱好者的福音,大大缩减转机前往瑞士诸多顶级滑雪胜地的时间。锡永机场跑道距韦松纳滑雪场(Veysonnaz)最近的升降梯只英里,与韦尔比Verbier)的直线距离为10英里,距采尔马特(Zermatt)也仅4英里。PowdAir计划使用109座的福克100型飞Fokker 100),每周飞五天(从周四至周一)执行直飞航线。单程票价(包括滑雪车在内)预定9-150英镑之间。Details of the airline were released at a meeting between airline executives and regional tourism officials at Sion Airport on Thursday. “We are in talks with local tour operators and resorts to put in place infrastructure for skiersonward travel from Sion,said Rob Stewart, a spokesman for PowdAir. “When skiers get to Sion there needs to be an efficient way of getting to the resorts rather than having to book a taxi.”航线的具体详情,会在PowdAir高管与锡永地区旅游局官员会议上宣布。“我们与当地旅行社以及滑雪场洽谈,为的是解决滑雪爱好者从锡永机场前往滑雪场的基础设施问题。”PowdAir发言人罗斯图尔特(Rob Stewart)说。“滑雪爱好者在抵达锡永后,需要便捷前往滑雪场,而不是预定出租车。”For the first winter season, flights will be operated by Trade Air, an existing Croatia-based airline. PowdAir will pursue its own Air Operator Certificate to enable it to run its own flights for the following season.对于今年的首个冬季旅游季,直航将由克罗地亚的Trade Air航空公司承飞。PowdAir将继续申请航线经营许可(Air Operator Certificate),以便在随后的冬季旅游季自己负责直飞航线。For tourism businesses, the flights present a chance to reverse the recent decline in UK visitors to an area that once relied on them. Marcus Bratter, chief executive of the Kings Group of hotels and restaurants in Verbier, welcomed the news, saying a decade ago Britons made up 80 per cent of his guests a figure that has now fallen to 20 per cent.对于旅游业界来说,直航有望扭转近几年英国游客前往该地区的颓势(该地区曾极度依赖英国游客)。韦尔比耶地区酒店与餐饮业集团Kings Group总经理马库斯?布拉特尔(Marcus Bratter)对直航消息大为点赞,并说10年前,英国游客曾占到旗下集团客源量的80%——如今该比例已大幅降0%。Sion currently operates as both a military base and civilian airport, but a reorganisation of the Swiss Air Force is due to see the fighter jets moved elsewhere, prompting the airport to focus on passenger flights.锡永机场目前是军民合用,但瑞士空Swiss Air Force)的重组将安排军用飞机迁往他处,从而使机场专司民航业务。Swiss International Airlines has this month trialled flights between London Heathrow and Sion, but has yet to confirm whether it will operate the route regularly next winter.瑞士国际航空公司(Swiss International Airlines)上月试营了从伦敦希思罗机场(London Heathrow)至锡永的直飞航班,但迄今仍未明确今冬是否开通定期航班。来 /201703/497244。

  Europe’s fightback against populism was going well for a couple of hours. 欧洲对民粹主义的反击取得了几个小时的胜利。On Sunday afternoon, it emerged that the far-right candidate had lost the Austrian presidential election. 上周日下午,有消息称,极右翼候选人在奥地利总统大选中折戟。But the good news from Austria was drowned out by bad news that same evening, from the other side of the Alps. 但当晚来自阿尔卑斯山另一侧的的坏消息吞噬了奥地利的这个好消息。Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, had lost his referendum on constitutional reform and confirmed that he will resign.意大利总理马泰伦齐(Matteo Renzi)在宪法改革公投中失利,并实他将辞职。The consequences for Europe of Italy’s referendum result are not as obviously dramatic as those of Britain’s referendum in June. 意大利公投结果对欧洲造成的影响不像今月英国退欧公投那样引人注目。The British voted to leave the EU. 英国人最终投票决定脱离欧EU)。The Italians have simply rejected some complex constitutional changes, which many experts regarded as ill conceived in the first place.意大利人则反对一些复杂的宪法改革,很多专家认为这些改革从一开始就考虑不周。And yet Brexit and the Renzi resignation do form part of the same story. 然而英国退欧和伦齐辞职却是同一个故事的一部分。The European project is under unprecedented strain. 欧洲一体化正面临空前压力。Britain’s decision to leave is the most striking evidence of this. 英国决定脱欧就是最明显的据。But, in the long run, the unfolding crisis in Italy could pose a more severe threat to the survival of the EU. 但长期而言,意大利正在爆发的危机可能会给欧盟的生存带来更严重的威胁。The reasons for this are political, economic and even geographic.其原因有政治的、经济的、甚至地理的。Italy, unlike Britain, is one of the six founding members of the EU. 与英国不同,意大利是欧盟6个创始成员国之一。The original European Economic Community was founded through the Treaty of Rome, signed in 1957. 原来的欧洲经济共同体(European Economic Community)是通过1957年签订的《罗马条约Treaty of Rome)创建的。While the British were always the most Eurosceptic of the big EU nations, the Italians were traditionally the most enthusiastic unifiers.英国一直是欧盟大国中最疑欧的,但意大利传统上是最热情的统一者。But attitudes to the EU in Italy have changed profoundly in response to the country’s long economic stagnation, the euro crisis and fears over illegal migration. 但意大利对欧盟的态度发生了巨大变化,这是该国经济长期停滞、欧元危机以及对非法移民的担忧的结果。It is hardly surprising that Italian voters are disillusioned with the status quo. 意大利选民对现状感到失望,这毫不令人意外。Italy has lost at least 25 per cent of its industrial production since the financial crisis of 2008. 008年金融危机以来,意大利工业产量至少萎缩了25%。Youth unemployment stands at almost 40 per cent. 年轻人失业率维持在近40%的水平。Unsurprisingly, many Italians associate the advent of the euro with a near-depression. 难怪很多意大利人将欧元的问世与几近萧条联系在一起。Indeed, some economists believe the euro has been disastrous for Italy’s competitiveness, taking away the tools of currency devaluation and creating a deflationary environment that increases the debt burden.实际上,一些经济学家认为,欧元对于意大利的竞争力是灾难性的,它夺走了汇率贬值工具并创造了一个通缩环境,加重了债务负担。Against this grim backdrop, it is possible that Mr Renzi will be one of the last Italian prime ministers to represent his country’s traditional pro-European stance. 在这种悲观背景下,伦齐有可能成为最后一批代表意大利传统亲欧立场的意大利总理之一。Of late, even he had taken to Brussels-bashing expressing understandable disillusionment with a lack of help with the hundreds of thousands of refugees landing on Italian shores. 最近,他甚至开始抨击欧盟——欧盟在解决抵达意大利海岸的数十万难民问题上没有提供帮助,他对此表达了可以理解的失望。The Renzi government has also chafed against the economic austerity prescribed in Berlin and Brussels.伦齐政府还对德国和欧盟提出的经济紧缩方案感到愤怒。Nonetheless, Mr Renzi remained basically pro-European. 然而,从根本上来说,伦齐仍是亲欧的。That is not true of the opposition parties that are now waiting in the wings. 而蠢蠢欲动的反对党派则不是这样。The Five Star Movement, led by comedian Beppe Grillo, played a prominent role in defeating Mr Renzi. 由喜剧演员贝格里Beppe Grillo)领导的五星运动党(Five Star Movement)在击败伦齐方面发挥了突出作用。Five Star is adamant in its demand that Italy regain sovereignty from Brussels and has proposed a referendum on leaving the euro. 该党坚决要求意大利应从欧盟那里夺回主权,并提出就脱离欧元区举行公投。Mr Grillo also sees his movement as part of a general anti-establishment wave across the west and hailed the victory of Donald Trump in the US as a triumph over the Freemasons, huge banking groups and the Chinese.格里洛还把他领导的运动视为一场席卷西方的反建制普遍浪潮的一部分,并称赞唐纳特朗Donald Trump)赢得美国总统大选是对共济会(freemason)、大集团以及中国的胜利。The reasons that Italian populism may ultimately threaten the EU even more profoundly than Brexit are not simply to do with Italy’s traditional commitment to the European ideal. 意大利民粹主义对欧盟的威胁可能最终会超过英国退欧,其原因不仅仅是与意大利一直以来对欧洲理想的承诺有关。Also crucial is the fact that Italy uses the euro while Britain has kept its own currency. 同样重要的是,意大利使用欧元,而英国保留自己的货币。So, while Brexit is a painful and complicated business, it does not directly threaten the survival of the single currency or risk unleashing a financial crisis. 因此,尽管英国脱欧是痛苦且复杂的,但不会直接威胁到欧元的生存,也不会引发一场金融危机。However, the chain of events set off by Mr Renzi’s referendum defeat could potentially do both.然而,伦齐公投失败引发的一连串事件可能会造成这两种结果。The immediate danger is to the Italian banking system. 眼下的危险是对意大利业体系的威胁。In the new atmosphere of crisis, the proposed recapitalisation of troubled lenders in particular Monte dei Paschi di Siena is threatened. 在新的危机气氛中,拟议的对境况不佳的资本重组(特别是西雅那银Monte dei Paschi di Siena))面临危险。That could lead to demands for state bailouts, which will be difficult given that the state is aly heavily indebted. 这可能引发政府纾困的请求,鉴于意大利政府已背负沉重的债务,纾困将非常困难。Revived worries about the size of Italy’s debt could then frighten investors, driving up interest rates and threatening the solvency of the Italian state itself.再度产生的对于意大利债务规模的担忧可能会让投资者感到恐慌,这将推升利率并威胁意大利政府自己的偿付能力。It would be much harder to organise an EU bailout of Italy than it was to rescue Greece. 与救助希腊相比,组织一场欧盟对意大利的纾困将困难得多。Given the size of the economy, the amounts of money involved could be far larger which would probably trigger a political revolt in the German parliament, particularly with parliamentary elections due there next September. 鉴于意大利经济的规模,纾困涉及的资金规模要大得多,这可能会引来德国议会的政治抗议,尤其是在明月德国将举行议会选举的情况下。At that point, the break-up of the euro would once again become a very real prospect.到那时,欧元解体可能会再次成为一种非常切实的可能。Set against this is the Italian talent for muddling through politically and economically while always avoiding ultimate collapse. 不过,意大利具有一种在政治和经济上得过且过又总能避免最终垮台的天分。The EU seems to have developed something of the same talent over the long years of the euro crisis.在多年的欧元危机中,欧盟似乎也培养出了这种天分。Yet even if Italy manages to patch together a new government and avoid a banking crisis, the broader picture is still bleak. 然而,即便意大利成功组建新政府并规避业危机,更广泛的前景仍然悲观。Its economy is stagnating and its political centre is disintegrating. 意大利经济仍在停滞,其政治中心正在瓦解。Nationalists and populists are also on the rise in EU countries including Spain, Poland, France and the Netherlands.此外,民族主义者和民粹主义者也正在其他欧盟国家崛起,包括西班牙、波兰、法国和荷兰。Britain has promised to submit its formal notification of its decision to leave the EU next March. 英国承诺将于明年3月递交其正式退欧决定通知。That same month, the union’s leaders are meant to gather in Italy to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Treaty of Rome. 同一个月,欧盟领导人将在意大利聚首,庆祝《罗马条约》签0周年。At this rate, it will be more of a wake than a party.按照当前的事态发展,那将更像是一场葬礼前的守夜,而非聚会。来 /201612/482051

  The Obama administration is launching a final push to salvage negotiations on a transatlantic free trade zone before it leaves office despite growing political opposition in Europe.尽管欧洲的政治反对日益强烈,但奥巴马政府发起最后努力,希望在届满之前挽救旨在建立跨大西洋自由贸易区的谈判。While Washington has been working on compromises to give new life to the talks, the top US negotiator admitted that the prospects of success were hit by factors such as Britain’s vote to exit the EU. 虽然华盛顿方面在研究作出哪些妥协让谈判获得新的生命力,但美国首席谈判代表承认,英国公投退欧等因素减小了谈判成功的前景。Mike Froman, US trade representative, said Washington remained comm-itted to concluding the so-called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership this year.美国贸易代表迈克#8226;弗罗Mike Froman)表示,华盛顿方面仍致力于在今年达成所谓《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定TTIP)。He insisted the talks, launched in July 2013, continued to make progress, despite a series of sceptical comments by European ministers.他坚称,013月发起的谈判仍在取得进展,尽管欧洲的一些部长级官员发出了一系列质疑言论。The clear message we are getting from [EU] members is that, notwithstanding these [recent] comments there is a clear desire to keep moving forward, he said. 我们从(欧盟)成员国获得的清晰信息是,尽管出现了近期这些言论,但各方仍明确希望推进谈判,他说。And the closer you are to negotiations the more confident you are that in fact negotiations are moving forward.你距离谈判越近,就越有信心认为,谈判事实上在取得进展。US officials have spent the summer drafting a proposed package of compromises that will be at the centre of talks between Mr Froman and his EU counterpart, Cecilia Malmstr#246;m, in Brussels on Thursday. 这个夏季,美国官员们起草了一揽子妥协提议,这些将成为周四弗罗曼与欧盟贸易专员塞西莉亚#8226;马姆斯特罗姆(Cecilia Malmstr#246;m)会谈的中心议题。Although European leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel have in recent days expressed support for the negotiations, senior ministers in both France and Germany have called for the talks to be suspended.尽管德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)等欧盟领导人近来表达了对谈判的持,但法国和德国的资深部长级官员呼吁暂停谈判。Such comments, together with mounting antitrade rhetoric in the US presidential campaign, have raised doubts over whether any deal can be concluded before President Barack Obama leaves office in January and what future any talks would have after that.这些质疑言论,加上美国总统竞选中日益浓厚的反贸易措辞,使人们质疑协议能否在明月美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)下台之前达成?之后的谈判会有什么未来?In a sign of the difficult path TTIP faces, Mr Froman also questioned whether the European Commission, which has been leading the talks with the US, could make the hard decisions needed to conclude a deal. 突显TTIP面临棘手路径的一个迹象是,弗罗曼也质疑,主导与美方谈判的欧盟委员European Commission)能否做出达成协议所需的艰难决定。We’re saying: OK, we’re y to go, he said. 我们说,是的,我们准备推进,他说。We’re y to get in that end game, create these packages, these meaningful packages of outcomes. 我们做好了完成谈判的准备,拿出了这些计划,这些能带来结果的有意义计划。Are you?你们呢?Among the additional challenges, he said, was a ruling earlier this year that a deal struck by the EU with Canada would have to be ratified by parliaments in all 28 EU states, which would complicate all future European trade talks.他说,其他挑战包括今年早些时候欧盟与加拿大之间达成的一项协议将必须得到欧盟全部28个成员国议会的批准,这将让未来欧洲所有的贸易谈判变得复杂化。来 /201609/466509

  US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump apologized last Sunday night during the second presidential debate for his lewd remarks about women, but reiterated that was ;locker room banter.;在当地时间上周日晚进行的第二场美国总统大选辩论中,共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普就其有关女性的猥亵言论道歉,但重申这;更衣室玩;。The 90-minute contentious debate got off to a chilly start when the two candidates greeted each other without the traditional handshake.这场历时90分钟、火药味十足的辩论一开始便气氛冷淡,两位候选人彼此问候却未按惯例握手。It quickly turned into an acrimonious discussion of a 2005 that emerged last Friday in which Trump was heard using vulgar language and talking about groping women without consent.辩论很快便转到对上周五曝出的一005年视频的激烈讨论,视频中可以听到特朗普用粗俗的语言谈论未经女性同意就对其动手动脚的话题。Trump denied ever sexually assaulting women, but turned his fire on ex-president Bill Clinton.特朗普否认曾性侵任何女性,反而将矛头转向前总统比尔·克林顿。The defiant Trump attacked Bill Clinton for his treatment of women and vowed, if he won the White House, to put Hillary Clinton in jail for operating a private email server while serving as the US secretary of state.挑衅架势十足的特朗普攻击比尔·克林顿对待女性的方式,并许诺若他入主白宫,希拉里·克林顿将因出任该国国务卿期间使用私人电邮务器而锒铛入狱。Hillary responded that Trumps comments showed he was unfit for the White House.希拉里回应称,特朗普的显示出他不适合入主白宫。She also insisted there was ;no evidence; that her server had been hacked and that any classified information had ended up in the wrong hands.她还坚称;没有据;显示她的务器遭黑客入侵,也没有任何机密资料落到不法之徒手中。来 /201610/470474

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