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哈密治疗痘痘多少钱图木舒克市比基尼脱毛价格图木舒克去除眼袋多少钱 Spanned only 23 years, Qi was the shortest kingdom among the four others existed in the Southern Dynasties and the first king, Xiao Daocheng was later known as Emperor of Gao.齐是四个朝代中存在时间最短的,仅有23年。其第一代君王萧道成被称为齐高帝,齐高帝萧道成借鉴了宋灭亡的教训,以宽厚为本,提倡节俭。Not taking the same track of Liu Song, Xiao Daocheng cautiously ruled with mercy and advocated thrift in his four-year reign. Upon his death bed, Gao Di urged his son, Wu Di to follow his suit and avoid fighting and killing each other within the royal family.他在位共四年,临死前,要求其子武帝继续其统治方针,不要手足相残。Taking his father warning, Wu Di ruled consistently, thus gained a relatively stable period in the south.武帝遵其遗嘱,继续统治国家,使南朝又出现了一段相对稳定发展的阶段。Although there was no war with Wei in the northern front, the government of Southern Qi was repleted with corrupted officials, cruel bureaucracy and the situation in the remote areas was even graver.齐武帝时,与北魏通好,边境比较安定,江南经济有一定的发展。但南齐内政腐败,官吏贪婪残暴,边远各州尤甚。For example,the governor Cui Qingxu in Liang city gathered 10 million silver; Xiao Yi 30 million in Jing Zhou and Cao Hu 50 million in Yong Zhou.崔庆绪在梁州搜刮1000万,萧嶷在荆州搜刮3 000万,曹虎便在雍州搜刮5000万。The rules were: subjects were exploited by their governor who in his turn was grabbed by Emperor.官吏掠夺百姓,皇帝勒索官吏。Cao Hu was the example in case in which he was put to death and his money was taken by Emperor Xiao Baojuan.皇帝萧宝卷见曹虎钱多,就把他杀掉,财产归为己有。After the death of Wu Di, Qi was on the same route of Liu Song in that the royal families murdered each other. When it came to Dong Hunhou,he almost put the entire ministers in court to death out of his suspicion, hence brought turmoil to Qi.武帝死后,齐国的皇帝又走上了宋灭亡的老路,他们纷纷杀戮自己的兄亲、叔侄,至东昏侯时,因其疑心过重,几乎将朝内大臣全部处死,这样一来齐国的江山又被动摇了。In 501, Xiao Yan, half-brother of Xiao Daocheng took the advantages of this disturbance, led an uprising in Xiangyang (now Xiangfan City, Hubei), seized the capital Jiankang and named his dynasty Liang.公元501年,萧道成的族弟萧衍在襄阳起兵,攻进建康,结束了齐的统治,并称帝,建立梁朝。 /201601/421832石河子市治疗黄褐斑要多少钱

石河子做隆鼻多少钱While the new media artist Lu Yang was studying at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou in the 2000s, she drew up a series of works dealing with mind control. Many were deemed too sensitive, even borderline unethical, and remain unrealized. But with the help of the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan, Ms. Lu was able to obtain dead frogs that had been used in a medical dissection to produce one of the works. The result is a six-minute called “Reanimation! Underwater Zombie Frog Ballet” (2011), in which frogs wired to electrodes dance in water to a funky electronic beat.当新媒体艺术家陆扬于2000年代初在杭州的中国美术学院学习时,她绘制了一系列有关精神控制的作品。许多作品被认为过于敏感,甚至近乎不合伦理,因而仍未实际做出来。但在日本福冈亚洲美术馆的帮助下,陆扬得到了曾用于医学解剖的死青蛙,来创作一个作品。其结果就是2011年的《复活!僵尸青蛙水下芭蕾!》(Reanimation! Underwater Zombie Frog Ballet)。这段六分钟视频中,青蛙被连接到电极上,随着强烈的电子节拍在水下跳舞。Since graduating in 2010, the Shanghai-born Ms. Lu, 30, has produced a series of boundary-pushing multimedia works that explore neuroscience, mortality and religion.自2010年毕业以来,今年30岁、出生于上海的陆扬已经创作了一系列突破界限的多媒体作品,探索神经科学、死亡和宗教。In “Uterus Man” (2013), she collaborated with musicians, manga artists and others to create a project centered on an anime-style character called Uterus Man who rides a “pelvis chariot” and skateboards on a winged sanitary pad.在2013年的作品《子宫战士》(Uterus Man)中,她与音乐人、漫画家及其他人共同创作了一个项目,以一个叫做“子宫战士”的动漫风格的人物为中心,这个人物驾驶“骨盆战车”,并把护翼卫生巾当成滑板踩着。In “Moving Gods” (2015), which was featured in the China Pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale, Ms. Lu redefines the nimbus — the halo often seen in images of sacred figures — in what is meant to be a “sabotage” of ancient religious icons.在2015年的作品《移动神佛》(Moving Gods)中,陆扬重新定义了光背——即在神佛的画像中,背后常见的光晕——它意味着对古代宗教偶像的“破坏”。这个作品在2015双年展的中国馆里进行过展出。Her latest work is “Lu Yang Delusional Mandala” (2015), presented in September in a solo show at Beijing Commune. It applies concepts like stereotactic mapping and deep-brain stimulation to simulate a “delusion” in which Ms. Lu destroys her own body and work.她最新的作品是今年的《陆扬妄想曼陀罗》(Lu Yang Delusional Mandala),9月曾在北京公社的个展中展出过。它应用了类似于立体定向和深层脑刺激的概念来模拟“妄想”,陆扬在作品中对自己的身体和作品进行了摧毁。In an interview, Ms. Lu reflected on the human body, growing up in Shanghai and her collaboration with a Japanese asexual artist.陆扬在接受采访时思考了人体,回顾了在上海的成长,也讲述了与一位日本无性艺术家的合作。Q: How did you become interested in the subject of the body?问:你是怎样开始对身体主题发生兴趣的?A: When I was a child, I spent a lot of time in hospital emergency rooms because I had asthma. So naturally I became interested in the idea of medical treatment and the body. The body is fascinating to me because it is totally objective. There is no right or wrong. That’s why in my work I don’t indicate the value or the aim of things. I use a very cold and calm approach.答:从我还是个孩子的时候就开始了,因为我有哮喘,我在医院急诊室度过了很多时间。所以我自然而然地对医疗和身体的概念产生了兴趣。身体是很奇妙的,因为它是完全客观的,没有对和错。这就是为什么在我的作品中,不表达事物的价值或目的。我会用一种很冷、很平静的视角。Another theme in my work is religion. It’s more difficult to get into religion when you’re older because you’re more skeptical. But growing up, my family was pretty religious. I often my grandmother’s books about Buddhism, which made me really interested in religion.我作品中的另一个主题是宗教。当你年纪大一些时,就更难信仰宗教,因为会更加怀疑。但在我的成长过程中,我的家庭相当虔诚。我经常阅读我祖母有关佛教的书,这使我对宗教非常感兴趣。Q: Does your family have a background in art?问:你的家庭有艺术背景吗?A: My parents were just ordinary workers at a medical company. Now they’re both retired. I don’t talk about my art with my parents. But I think they’ve probably looked up my work on the Internet. They know I make art, and they know I can make a living. I can depend on myself, so for them that’s enough.答:我的父母只是一家医疗公司的普通工作人员,现在他们都退休了。我不和父母谈论我的艺术,但我想他们可能在网上搜过我的作品。他们知道我创作艺术,知道我能以此谋生。我可以依靠自己,所以对他们来说这已经足够。Q: Did you know from a young age, growing up in Shanghai, that you wanted to be an artist?问:你在上海长大时,从很小的时候就知道自己想成为一个艺术家吗?A: I always dreamed of being an artist. But after I entered middle school, I didn’t think it would be possible. I didn’t even know what artists did exactly. I only knew that artists could be creative in their work.答:我一直梦想成为一个艺术家。但在我上中学之后,我还不认为这是可能的。我甚至不知道艺术家到底是做什么的。我只知道,艺术家们可以在他们的作品中发挥创造力。I was able to get into the China Academy of Art because I really liked to paint. I was growing up at about the same time that Chinese contemporary art was beginning to emerge, so I learned about contemporary art early on. When I was in middle school, my classmates were interested in the latest trends, but I wanted to find more special things, so I started going to galleries and listening to Japanese music. Later, in high school, I subscribed to some magazines about contemporary art.我能够进入中国美术学院,是因为我真的喜欢画画。我成长在中国当代艺术开始萌芽的同一时期,所以很早我就了解了当代艺术。我在中学的时候,同学们都对最新的流行感兴趣,但我想寻找更特别的东西,所以我开始去画廊并且听日本音乐。后来,我在高中时订阅了一些有关当代艺术的杂志。Q: What were some of your early influences?问:有哪些东西对你产生了早期影响?A: I used to like Western rock music, but I don’t really listen to it anymore. I was also exposed to Japanese culture at an early age. In Shanghai, a lot of television channels played Japanese cartoons, so they had a big influence on our generation. My favorite thing today is still mainstream culture, like sci-fi movies with really good computer-generated effects and other really good Japanese animated movies. I don’t really like art-house films.答:我以前喜欢西方摇滚乐,但现在不怎么听了。我小时候也接触了日本文化。在上海,很多电视频道都播放日本卡通片,对我们这代人影响很大。我现在最喜欢的还是主流文化,像电脑特效非常好的科幻电影,还有其他很不不错的日本动画电影。但我不喜欢艺术片。Q: You often collaborate with other nonvisual artists, like the sound artist Wang Changcun and the composer Du Yun. How do these collaborations come about?问:你经常和非视觉的艺术家合作,如声音艺术家王长存和作曲家杜韵。这些合作是怎么开始的呢?A: Sometimes I search for musicians and sometimes they find me. I’ve collaborated with musicians who work in opera, death metal, electronic and pop music, and hip-hop. They are usually acquaintances or people I’ve discovered on websites like SoundCloud. The Internet is quite useful, because I don’t really interact with people that much. As long as I have access to a computer, I can make art.答:有的时候是我找音乐人,有时候是他们找我。我合作过的音乐人有从事歌剧的,有做死亡金属的,还有做电子和流行音乐以及嘻哈音乐的。通常是之前就认识人,或者是我在SoundCloud这样的网站上发现的。互联网很有用,因为我和人接触并不多。只要有电脑,我就能创作艺术。Q: What are the websites you go to?问:你通常都上哪些网站?A: One is Bilibili, a website for watching cartoons. I visit this every day.答:一个是哔哩哔哩(Bilibili),是个看卡通的网站。我每天都上。When I finish a work, I’ll upload it on Vimeo. For me, it’s important what average people online think. They’re not like people in art circles who might be really phony and say, “Oh, I like your work so much.” It’s boring if the only people who see your work are from one circle.我完成作品后,就会把作品上传到Vimeo上。对我来说,网上普通人的想法很重要。他们不像艺术圈的人,可能会很假地说:“哎呀,我太喜欢你的作品了”。如果看你作品的人来自一个圈子,就很没意思。Q: Do you identify as a Chinese artist?问:你认为自己是中国艺术家吗?A: It’s kind of inevitable that you’re labeled as one. If I have an exhibition abroad, they always say, “This is a Chinese artist.” But that’s why I say that I want to live on the Internet. That way, nobody knows who you are. People online only care about your work and whether it’s any good. They’re not thinking about who the person is behind the work. By living on the Internet, you can abandon your identity, nationality, gender, even your existence as a human being. I rather like this feeling.答:其实免不了会被贴上这个标签。如果我在国外办展览,他们总会说,“这是一位中国艺术家”。但这就是为什么我想活在网上。那样的话,没人知道你是谁。网上的人只在乎你的作品好不好。他们不去考虑谁是作品背后的那个人。在网上,你可以抛弃身份、国籍、性别,甚至是作为一个人的存在。我挺喜欢这种感觉的。Q: Can you talk about your 2013 work “Uterus Man”?问:你能不能谈谈你2013年的作品《子宫战士》?A: The human embodiment of “Uterus Man” in my work is a Japanese man named Mao Sugiyama, who had his genitals cut off and served them in a meal to other people. When I first heard about him I thought he sounded really weird. But then I noticed that he was a painter and that he had said that he hated gender labels and if he was just a painter then why did he need to have a gender? I was really moved so I got in touch with him. That’s how we started collaborating.答:我的作品里“子宫战士”的人类化身是一个叫杉山真央(Mao Sugiyama)的日本人。他做了生殖器移除手术,并将切除的部分做成食物给他人食用。我第一次听说的时候,觉得他非常诡异。但后来注意到他是一个画家,而且说过他痛恨性别标签,还说过如果自己只是一名画家,为什么还需要有性别。我非常受感动,所以和他取得了联系。我们就这样开始合作了。A lot of people think it’s a feminist work, while others think that it’s a superhero story. People project what they’re aly thinking. My own opinion is that you can’t choose your gender when you’re born and it only matters in a social context. When you’re contemplating something, you don’t consciously think, “As a man, I think this” or “As a woman, I think this.” That’s why I think society’s gender divisions are pretty absurd.很多人认为这是一部女权主义作品,其他人则认为这是一个超级英雄故事。人们会投射他们已经有的想法。我自己的观点是,你出生时无法选择性别,性别只有在社会背景下才会成为一个问题。当你在思考一件事时,不会下意识地想,“作为一个男人,我这样想”,或者“作为一个女人,我这样想”。所以,我觉得社会性别的划分很荒谬。Q: You said you basically live on the Internet and your work is influenced by things you see online. Is there any influence from real-world events or politics?问:你说过你基本上生活在网上,你的作品受到你在网上看到的东西的影响。现实世界的事件或政治对你有什么影响吗?A: The older generation of artists really like to make works concerning politics or the nation. But I think there are limitations to this creative method. If you don’t understand politics, or if you’re not from that country, you can’t understand the works.答:老一代的艺术家真的很喜欢创作与政治或国家有关的作品。但我觉得这种创作手法存在局限性。如果不了解政治,或者不是来自这个国家,就无法理解作品。I don’t really understand these kinds of things myself. I’m really scared of going to museums, because I don’t understand a lot of the works. There are things that are common to all human beings and even animals. Basically, I spend my time chasing after those universal things we all have in common.我自己实际上就不了解这类东西。我很害怕去物馆,因为不理解其中的很多作品。有一些东西是所有人类,甚至动物,共通的。所有人类,甚至动物,存在共同之处。我的时间基本上都花在研究那些我们所共有的,普世的东西上。 /201512/412982乌鲁木齐/永久性脱毛价格 克拉玛依韩式三点双眼皮的价格

新疆/整形医院激光祛太田痣多少钱In the fields of science and culture, the Eastern Han exceeded the former Western Han due to the enhanced regime and the maintained stability of the society in its early period.东汉前期,政权进一步加强,国家趋于稳定,文化、科学技术等方面的发展都超过了西汉的水平。Wang Chong was a militant materialist and philosopher, whose main workLuAi/ie/ig (Discourses Weight in the Balance) lashed out at orthodox theology, and showed a rationalist critic of superstition and the thought of cosmic universalism.王充是唯物主义思想家和哲学家,著《论衡》 抨击封建神学,批判神秘主义和世俗迷信。Regarding yuan qi (primordial substance) as the original material basis of all things, heaven and earth included, he took matter as the point of departure in interpreting natural phenomena and life itself.他主张元气论,认为天地万物都是元气分化出来的,人与物禀气而生,气散而亡,天道自然无为,没有意志和神灵。His great book erected a monument in Chinese history of atheism in the method of demonstration and argumentation.他的著作用实和说理的方法,在中国无神论史上树起一座丰碑。Ban Gu was the editor of Comprehensive Discussions in the White Tiger Hall , but what earned his lasting academic fame is his History of the Han Dynasty .东汉班固是《白虎通义》的编撰者,但使他名声大震的却是《汉书》。Following the biographic-thematic style of Records of the Historian , Ban Gu spent twenty years finishing this voluminous work.班固花费20多年的心血,仿《史记》,著成了中国第一部断代史《汉书》。The book comprises 100 volumes, covering the history of 230 years from the peasant uprisings towards the end of the Qin Dynasty to the defeat of Wang Mang.《汉书》共100篇,叙述了秦末农民战争至王莽覆灭的230年的断代历史。In 105, Cai Lun improved the old technique of paper making, using tree barks, rags and old fishing nets to make paper,which was called Marquis Cai,s paper in honour of the inventor.公元105年,蔡伦改造了原有的纸张制造技术,用树皮、麻头、破布、旧渔网等原料造纸,被称为“蔡侯纸”。It put an end to the use of bamboo slips as writing materials and became one of the four great ancient Chinese inventions. Chinese paper making was sp to Japan from Korea in the 7th century,to Arabia in the 8th and to Europe in the 12th, which contributed greatly to the development ol world culture.中国的文字记录方式脱离了使用竹简的时代,同时造纸术也成为中国古代四大发明之一,中国的造纸术在7世纪传人日本、朝鲜,8 世纪传人阿拉伯,12世纪传入欧洲,这都极大地促进了世界文化的发展。In the field of natural science, represented by Zhang Heng, the academe of the Eastern Han made great achievements.在自然科学方面,以张衡为代表的东汉学术界,有着很高的成就。Zhang Heng invented seismography and the Armillary Sphere so as to observe the universe and perceive earthquake. The theories of making this equipment are still in a wide application.张衡则以高超的工艺制造了“浑天仪”、“地动仪”等科学仪器,观察天象,感应地震。制造这些仪器的原理至今仍被广泛使用。The Mathematics in Nine Sections , completed in early Eastern Han after repeated revision over a long period, systematically summarized the important achievements in this field since the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States periods.《九章算术》完成于东汉初年。此前先后有多人对 其进行了修改、补充。该书系统总结了春秋、战国以来的数学成就。The book contained 264 applied mathematics problems and was divided into nine sections according to the methods of solution and field of application.书中收有264个数学应用问题,并依照问题的解法和应用范围分为9个部分。Its appearance demonstrated that mathematics in China had developed into a scientific system.《九章算术》的完成标志着中国的数学已发展成为一个科学体系。Emperor Shen Nong*s Material and Medica (Shengnong Bai Cao) is the earliest existent pharmaceutical work of the Eastern Han and the first systematic conclusion about the medicine application, known as the classic of the traditional Chinese pharmaceutical system.《神农本草经》是现存最早的药物学专著,为我国早期临床用药经验的第一次系统总结,历代被誉为中药学经典著作。The book is composed of three volumes, recording 365 kinds of medicine—252medicinal herbs, 67 animal drugs and 46 mineral drugs— together with their locations, their properties, their functions, their efficacy and their mixed application.全书分三卷,载药365种(植物药252种,动物药67种,矿物药46种)。书中对每一味药的场地、性质、采集和主治病症都有详细记载。对各种药物怎样相互配合应用,以及简单的制剂,都做了概述。Zhang Zhongjing was from the modern Nanyang, Henan province, one of the most eminent Chinese physicians during the last years of the Eastern Han.张仲景,今河南南阳人,是东汉末年的名医。During his time, many people were infected with febrile disease.汉末疫疾流行,大批人感染死亡。He learned medicine from his townfellow Zhang Bozu, assimilating from previous medicinal literature, and collecting many prescriptions elsewhere, finally writing the medical masterpiece Shanghan Zabing Lun or Treatise on Febrile Diseases .张仲景从师同乡张伯祖学医。他汲取前人医学著作之所长,广泛于写出了传世巨著《伤寒杂病论》。Due to Zhang ’ S contribution to Traditional Chinese medicine he is often regarded as the sage of Chinese medicine.后人尊称他为“医宗之圣”。Hua Tuo, a famous physician at the end of the Eastern Han, first employed the method of anesthesia in his surgical operation. He devised a series of exercises based on the movements of five animals (tiger, deer, bear, ape, and crane) known as wuqinxi , or “ Frolics of The Five Animals ”,which helps to enhance health.另外,东汉末年的名医华佗,是有记载以来第一位利用麻醉技术对病人进行手术治疗的外科医生,他创造的“五禽戏”是我国第一套体操性质的健身活动。In the field of agriculture, Fan Shengzhi (his book Fan Shengzhi Shu ) proposed measurements to ameliorate the harvest results. The peasantry was recognized as the provider of the whole society, and his work had to be estimated.范胜之著《范胜之书》,提出了改进农业生产的方法,认为农民要为全社会提供粮食,为此必须对其劳动进行评估。While men worked the fields, women had to spin and to wave.男人在田间劳作,女人应在家中纺纱织布。Fan Shengzhi also made propositions for gardening, horse breeding, and the breeding of silkworms.他还对园艺、养马、养蚕提出了建议。In this period, calligraphy and painting no longer merely served as picture writing ,they began to develop into a kind of art.到东汉时期,书法、绘画已不单纯作为文字图形符号使用,它们的艺术地位逐渐显露出来。 /201512/413046 Tang of Shang:At the end of the Xia Dynasty, the Shang tribe became powerful gradually. Witnessing tyrannical activities of Jie, and the alienation of the popular will, Tang was determined to overthrow Xia.商汤:夏朝末年,商族逐渐强大,眼见夏桀暴虐,失去民心,汤决心灭夏。Meanwhile, Jie feared that the might iness of Shang might be a threat, so he summoned Tang to the capital and imprisoned him in Xiatai.同时,桀担心汤势力壮大而威胁自己,便将汤召人夏都,囚禁在夏台。The Shang tribe immediately sent a lot of money to Jie and bribed his favorites as well. Therefore, Tang was released.商族又送桀以重金,并贿赂桀的亲信,使汤获释归商。After this, he tried to win people’s support with benevolent policies.汤以仁厚收揽人心,争取人民的持。First,heenumeratedJie,simmoraty, calling on vassal states to desert Jie and submit to his authority. Then,to those who refused to follow his advice, he launched successive wars to eliminate Jie#39;s power.其一,汤历数夏桀的暴虐无道,号召夏的附属小国背弃桀,归附商;其二,对不听他劝告者,就先后出兵攻灭,以剪除桀的羽翼。The more he fought, the stronger he was, while Jie became isolated.商汤越战越强,夏桀陷于孤立的境地。Later, Tang moved the capital to Bo, and the preparation to attack the Xia Dynasty was finally made.汤还迁都于亳,以此为前进的据点,准备最后攻灭夏朝。Tang adopted Yi Yin’s suggestions to stop paying tribute to the Xia Dynasty in order to sound out the strength of Jie.汤还采纳伊尹的建议,停止朝贡夏朝以试夏桀的实力。Soon, Jie ordered Jiuyi tribes to dispatch troops to go on a punitive expedition on Tang. This indicated that Jie was able to maneuver the army of Jiuyi, so Tang and Yi Yin apologized to Jie at once, and resumed paying tribute.桀命令九夷族发兵征讨商,这说明桀还能调动九夷族的兵力,汤和伊尹就马上请罪,恢复向夏桀的进贡。A year later, Jiuyi tribes could not bear the inhumane control of Jie and rebelled one after another; Jie’s power was greatly weakened.一年后,九夷族忍受不了桀的残暴统治,纷纷叛离,使桀的力量大为减弱。Tang and Yi Yin took the opportunity of it, calling on all tribes to crusade against Jie. Consequently ,Jie was defeated at the battle of Mingtiao (East of the present-day Fengqiu in Henan). Tang established the second slave dynasty—the Shang Dynasty, and the capital was Bo.汤和伊尹见时机成熟,就由汤召集部众,出兵伐夏,在鸣条(今河南封丘东)一举攻灭了夏桀,建立了中国历史上第二个奴隶制王朝——商朝,定都亳。During his reign, Tang lightened taxes and encouraged production to appease the morale.汤建立商朝后,减轻征赋,鼓励生产,安抚民心。His influence sp to the upper reaches of the Yellow River, and many outlying tribes became vassal states.商的势力扩展至黄河上游,许多部落成为其属国。The Shang Dynasty became another powerful dynasty.商最终成为又一个强大的奴隶制王朝。Tang had been the tribe leader for 17 years and the king of the Shang Dynasty for 13 years after he founded it.汤为部落首领17年,建商后称王13年。He died of illness.后病故。Yi Yin:The establishment of the Shang Dynasty had a close connection with the assistance of Yi Yin.伊尹:商汤建朝与伊尹的辅佐是分不开的。Yi Yin, the prime minister, had been a dowry slave of Tang’s wife working in the kitchen.伊尹,宰相,曾是汤的妻子陪嫁奴隶,在厨房干活。He was very capable. In order to have Tang notice his ability, he sometimes cooked the meal delicious, sometimes salty or tasteless deliberately.伊尹很有才能,为了让汤发现自己,故意有时把菜做得很可口,有时却或咸或淡。When Tang blamed him for this, Yi Yin took the opportunity to utter his opinion about administration, and Tang was shocked. Realizing his talent, Tang freed Yi Yin and assigned him as the prime minister.有一次,汤就此事责问他,他就乘机向汤谈论了自己对治理国政的见解。汤大为惊奇,知道他是一个贤才,就免除他奴隶的身份,任为右相。Since then,under the design of Yi Yin, Tang made an active preparation to overthrow the Xia Dynasty.自此,在伊尹的谋划下,汤积极准备灭夏。After the death of Tang, Yi Yin assisted Tang’three children ruling the country.汤死后,伊尹辅佐汤的3个孩子为天子。King Tai Jia did not obey the decree made by Tang in his three-year reign, and Yi Yin persuaded him for many times, but failed. Consequently, Yi Yin shut him in Tonggong Palace, hoping him to have a self-reflection, and governed the state himself.太甲在位3年期间,不遵守商汤立下的法令,伊尹多次劝告无效,于是,伊尹把太甲关进桐宫,希望他反省,自己亲自执政。Living in the Tonggong Palace for three years, Tai Jia eventually regretted and went straight. Then, Yi Yin restored him.太甲在桐宫住了3年,终于悔过自新,伊尹又把政权交给他。TaiJia became benevolent and diligent, so the people began to live a stable life, and all vassal states admired him very much.太甲改恶从善, 勤政修德,人民生活安定,各属国都很钦佩。Living for more than a hundred years, Yi Yin had been the prime minister for twenty years, laying a solid foundation for the stabilization of the Shang Dynasty. He became the first capable official in Chinese history.伊尹活了100多岁,当了20年国相,为商王朝的稳定打下了坚实的基础,成为我国历史上第一个著名的贤相。Pan Geng: After the establishment, the Shang Dynasty moved five times in three hundred years due to the deluge of the Yellow River, or civil strifes.盘庚:商朝建立后的300多年中共搬迁5次,或避黄河泛滥之天灾,或避内乱之人祸。Among them,the most famous one was Pan Geng’s move to Yin (the present-day Anyang in Henan). Once settled, the Shang Dynasty had never moved, so it is also called Yin Shang.Pan Geng was the nineteenth king.其中最著名的是盘庚迁都。商定都殷(今河南安阳)后,再未迁移过,故商朝亦盘庚是商朝的第19任君主。He removed the capital to Yin after a fierce struggle.一番激烈斗争后,他迁都于殷。Kings succeeded Tai Jia all lived a decayed life. They were superstitious and paid little attention to state affairs.太甲后的历代君, 王生活逐渐腐化,迷信鬼神,不知发展生产。With the internal struggle for power and conflicts among the nobility intensified,arms were frequently appealed to.王室内部争权夺利,矛盾日趋尖锐,经常兵戈相见。At the same time, some vassal states did not obey the command, each going his own way and fighting with each other.与此同时,一些属国也不再听从商朝的指挥,各行其道,相互争斗。Pan Geng succeeded in peril.危难之际,盘庚继位。He was a sagacious and virtuous ruler. When analyzing the situation,he believed that the capital should be moved to Yin, but the notion offended the interest of the majority of nobles, and encountered strong objection.Meanwhile, the common people were in d of migration, and reluctant to leave their hometown.他是个贤明有德之君,分析形势后,他认为应迁都于殷。可是这一打算却触犯了大多数贵族奴隶主的利益,遭到了强烈的反对;而百姓因畏惧迁徙之苦,亦不愿离开故土。Determined, Pan Geng finally led his officials and civilians to trudge from the north of the Yellow River to Yin, in the south of the Yellow River.但是盘庚决心已下,终率领官民经过艰难跋涉,从黄河北迁都至黄河南面的殷地。When settled, the state began to practice Tang’s policy, so that the political situation tended to be stabilized, the declination held back, the goal to make the country strong was achieved, and a new economic and cultural prospect also came forth.迁殷以后,“行汤之政”,政治局势趋于稳定,遏制了商的衰亡之势,达到了迁都图强的目的,社会经济和文化也随着出现了一个新的发展局面。Wu Ding:Wu Ding, the best ruler after Pan Geng, left behind him a much-told story in history.武丁:武丁是盘庚以后最好的国王,历史上曾留下他借梦求贤相的佳话。He is supposed to have spent his early years among the common people, being familiar with their hardship;therefore, he formed a simple living habit. Additionally, he made friend with a slave, Fu Yue, who was twenty years older than he was.武丁儿时曾在平民中生活过,不仅养成了简朴的生活习惯,还同一个比他大20岁,名叫傅说的奴隶交上了朋友。Though a slave, Fu Yue was bright and capable.傅说虽是奴隶,但聪明能干,文武全才。When he became the king, Wu Ding intended to have Fu Yue as prime minister, but feared that the other officials would not agree because of Fu Yue#39;s identity.武丁即位后想请傅说做宰相,但碍于其身份,又恐大臣不答应。It is said that Wu1 Ding had not uttered a word for three years. One day, he suddenly said that in the dream the forefather Tang had asked him to invite Fu Yue to be the prime minister.相传武丁三年不说话,后自称先祖汤托梦给他,让他请傅说为相。Then he described the appearance and locality of Fu Yue, ordering officials to look for him. Fu Yue was found among the criminals eventually.说出傅说的面貌和所在后,令百官到处去寻找,终于在罪徒中找着了。Since the Shang people trusted ghost, the nobility dared not to object when Fu Yue was appointed as prime minister.殷人信鬼,傅说做宰相,贵族们不敢反对。Thereafter, there were some innovations in politics, the state became stable, and the Shang Dynasty restored.其后,商在政治上进行改革,国家日趋安定,商朝因而复兴起来。King Zhou of Shang :King Di Xin, the last king of the Shang Dynasty is called Zhou, one of the notorious despots in Chinese history.商纣:商朝最后一个国王帝辛,叫做纣,是历史上有名的暴君。Quick-witted and Quick-tempered ,Shang Zhou in his early reign showed the abilities which surpassed the ordinary man.他机智敏捷,却又脾气暴躁。早年间,其统治能力超乎常人。He headed the troops to fight a long time war with the Dongyi tribe, during which he won the battle frequently.他曾亲自率兵与东夷进行了一场持久战,在战争中屡屡获胜。After the victory over Dongyi, he sp the advanced technology and culture of Shang to the Huaishui River and the Yangtze River valley, so he was a king who had made achievements and contributions.平定东夷后,他把商朝先进的生产技术和文化传播到淮水和长江流域一带,是个有成就、有贡献的君主。However, the constant war exhausted the state power, and tadded to the people’s burden.但是,长期的战争消耗了商朝的国力,加重了人民的负担。Meanwhile, the triumph developed Shang Zhou’thought of being proud and seeking for enjoyment, which made him become another notorious tyranny after Xia Jie.而战争的胜利,又滋长了商纣居功自傲和贪图享乐的思想,使他成为我国历史上继夏桀之后的又一个臭名昭著的暴君。In the later years, he was given over to drinking and women, preferring these to the proper governance of the country, and ignoring almost all the state affairs. His viciousness was beyond measures.在其统治后期,商纣沉湎酒色,荒淫无度,置朝政于不顾。Apart from this, he tried every means to extort money form people, so that countless jewellery and treasure piled up in Lu tai (Shang Zhou’s palace).大肆搜刮民财,无数珍宝堆满了鹿台。Shang Zhou favored a beautiful consort Daji, and committed all manners of e-vil and cruel deeds with her.宠信美女妲己,与她一起行凶作恶。His brother Wei Zi tried to persuade him to change, but got rebuked.他的哥哥微子前来进谏,却反遭指责。His uncle Bi Gan similarly remonstrated with him, but Shang Zhou had his heart ripped out so he could see what the heart of a sage looked like.他的叔叔比干来劝他,商纣却把他的心挖出来看看是什么样子。When his other brother Ji Zi heard this,feigning madness,he went to remonstrate with the kingly brother but,was imprisoned.他另一哥哥箕子虽然装疯指责他,也没能免遭囚禁。At that time,the Shang Dynasty was in imminent,danger.此时的商王朝已是岌岌可危。When King Wu of the Zhou launched a punitive expedition on Zhou, he was utterly isolated.武王伐封时,商王朝众叛亲离,军队倒戈。With his army changing the side in the war,Shang Zhou fled to the capital,set light to Lutai and committed suicide by burning himself.商纣逃回商都,在鹿台自焚而死。 /201511/407423乌鲁木齐/天山区割眼袋多少钱克拉玛依做黑脸娃娃多少钱



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