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乌鲁木齐/激光除斑多少钱新疆/维吾尔自治区维吾尔医医院绣眉多少钱It#39;s settled: Llamas are the ultimate party animals.事实明,羊驼才是顶级的派对达人。A particularly adventurous llama named Serge proved as much when the animal -- assisted by a group of five intoxicated young men -- fled a circus in Bordeaux early Thursday morning to tour the town.上周四上午一只马戏团在波尔多的一个小镇上巡演的时候,一只羊驼在五个喝醉酒的青年的帮助之下趁机逃窜。这只极赋冒险精神的羊驼名叫赛尔日,它的行动明了羊驼才是顶级的派对达人。According to Sud Ouest, Serge roamed the streets with his new friends and even rode the city#39;s tram. Revelers documented the night of debauchery in photos that quickly sp throughout the social media world.据法国《西南日报》报道,塞尔日和它的新朋友们当街狂欢,甚至还乘坐了城里的电车。这只狂欢的队伍当晚还拍摄了许多照片,这些照片很快在社交网络上走红。It all started when the five friends wandered out of a nightclub before dawn Thursday and decided to visit a nearby circus to play with the animals, according to local reports. The group initially tried to coax a zebra out of its enclosure, but the animal reportedly refused. Instead, the young men settled for 8-year-old Serge, who happily followed the group around Bordeaux.据当地报道称,周四凌晨时分,这伙青年通宵熬吧后醉熏熏的晃荡到街上,决定拜访一下附近的马戏团,和动物们玩玩。据称这伙人一开始想要将一只斑马哄骗出笼,但被斑马拒绝了。然后这伙人成功地“勾搭”上了8岁的塞尔日,这只羊驼快乐地跟着这伙人全程巡游。The adventure finally came to an end after the tram conductor noticed there was a llama aboard and asked the passengers to depart the train. The group left the llama in the care of tram worker#39;s care until it was returned to the circus.直到电车售票员发现车上有一只羊驼,要求这些乘客离开,这场冒险才告以尾声。这伙青年将羊驼留交给电车工作人员看管后离开,随后羊驼被归还给了马戏团。The director of the traveling circus initially filed a complaint against the five men, prompting French police to detain them Thursday afternoon. Ultimately, however, the director withdrew his complaint, as Serge the llama was returned unharmed.这只巡游马戏团的经理起初起草了一份起诉书,打算于周四下午向法国警方报案,希望将这伙青年拘留。但考虑到塞尔日已经被完好归还,最终这位经理撤销了他的诉状。 /201311/263952伊宁市治疗痤疮多少钱 乌鲁木齐/美容整形医院治疗狐臭多少钱

乌鲁木齐/县哪家医院开眼角技术好乌市自治区人民医院治疗疤痕多少钱 One fear often voiced about Huawei, the Chinese telecoms equipment maker, is that it is a secret agent of the Chinese government. If it were allowed into the US, could it not embed hidden code into its devices that would enable the Chinese intelligence services to monitor everything passing along its networks? Now substitute the word Verizon for Huawei. Thanks to Edward Snowden, the US intelligence contractor gone rogue, we know that Verizon did something quite similar.关于中国电信设备制造商华为(Huawei),有一种担忧时常被人提及——人们担心它是中国政府的秘密情报机构。如果华为被允许进入美国,它难道不会在其设备中嵌入隐藏代码,从而使得中国情报机构能够监视该设备所在网络中通过的所有信息?现在,让我们把以上语句中的华为替换成Verizon。叛变的美国情报机构合同工爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)让我们得以了解到,Verizon曾做过非常类似的事。According to an order from a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Fisa) court, leaked by Mr Snowden, Verizon was required to hand over information about all calls made by its 120m customers. If that’s true, should Verizon be banned from operating in China, or any other country for that matter?根据斯诺登的曝料,《外国情报监视法》(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,简称Fisa)法庭曾命令Verizon提交其1.2亿用户的所有通话信息。如果这是真的,那么Verizon是不是应该为此被禁止在中国或任何其他国家运营?The question is posed half-facetiously. But only half. If Verizon – and most other US telecoms and internet carriers – routinely pass data to the government, does that not come awfully close to people’s suspicions about Huawei? One could argue that the National Security Agency, which monitors the traffic, is only looking for terrorist threats, not snooping on other countries’ governments Then again, how could we possibly know that?这个问题一半是玩笑,但还有一半是认真的。如果Verizon(以及美国其他大多数电信和互联网务商)定期向政府提供数据,那么这种行为与人们怀疑华为会做的事情岂不是没多少区别?有人可能会辩称,监视通讯活动的美国国家安全局(NSA)只是在寻找恐怖主义威胁,并没有窥探其他国家的政府。那么再问一句:我们怎么知道事实是否真的如此?Mr Snowden’s revelations are hardly that surprising. Yet imagining that such things go on and having them spelt out in black and white are quite different things. The US-Sino debate about cyber espionage will never be quite the same again.斯诺登披露的消息实际上没那么让人吃惊。但是想象这类事情正在发生,和明明白白地知道这类事情确实在发生完全是两码事。美中围绕网络间谍争论的形势已被改写,再也不会回到从前。First, we should be clear about what we have learnt. So far as we know, Verizon did not allow the NSA to listen in on all calls unfiltered. Instead, it handed over so-called “metadata”. To access conversations, the Fisa court had to issue a specific order. The same restrictions appear to hold for the Prism programme, which the NSA uses to monitor the communications of subscribers of nine internet companies, including Google, Facebook and Skype.首先,我们应该弄清楚我们到底了解到什么。到目前为止,据我们所知,Verizon不允许NSA毫无过滤地监听所有通话。相反,它提交的是所谓的“元数据”。要获取通话内容,Fisa法庭必须发出专门指令。棱镜(Prism)项目似乎也受到同样的限制,该项目被美国国家安全局用来监控包括谷歌(Google)、Facebook和Skype在内的9家互联网公司的用户通讯。These fine distinctions may not count for much. After initial silence from Beijing, recent days have been dominated by the sound of Chinese authorities clambering on to their high horse. Hua Chunying, foreign ministry spokeswoman, described China as “one of the major victims of cyber attacks” and urged the international community to draft regulations on cyber security. Wasn’t that precisely what President Barack Obama was supposed to have asked Xi Jinping, his Chinese counterpart, when they met away from prying eyes and ears (yeah, right!) in the Sunnylands estate this month?这些细微的差别可能没有什么意义。中国政府最近几天打破了最初的沉默,开始高调发表一些官方言论。中国外交部女发言人华春莹称,中国是“最主要的黑客攻击受害国之一”,并催促国际社会就网络安全制定相关法规。这不正是美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)本月与中国国家主席习近平摆脱了各种监视和监听(没错,真是如此!)、在“阳光之乡”(Sunnylands)庄园面对面交流时原本打算向后者提出的吗?Naturally, we should not take China’s professed outrage too seriously. It was almost comical to the People’s Liberation Army Daily describe Prism as “frightening” and accuse the US of being an “habitual” eavesdropper. So brazen are China’s intelligence services, they don’t even bother to hide the fact that they monitor citizens’ internet activity. If they don’t like what they see they simply take it down. Still, if China can’t claim the cyber equivalent of the moral high ground, nor very easily can the US.当然,我们不应把中国公开表达的愤慨太当回事。看到《解放军报》(People’s Liberation Army Daily)称棱镜计划很“可怕”,并指责美国是窃听“惯犯”,这让人感觉近乎可笑。中国的情报机构甚至不会费心去掩饰自己监视民众互联网活动的事实。如果他们不喜欢看到的东西,就会干脆将其删除。不过,就算中国无法在网络问题上占领道德制高点,美国要占领这一制高点也不太容易。From now on, in particular, it will be harder for Washington to make the distinction between state and commercial espionage. The US position has been that, while state-on-state spying is inevitable, business and economic espionage crosses a line. Washington will still try to make that case. Indeed, there is no evidence that the NSA has sought to steal Chinese commercial secrets.特别是从现在开始,美国政府将更难把国家间谍活动和商业间谍活动区别开来。美国一直坚持这样的立场:国家与国家之间的间谍活动是不可避免的,而商业间谍和经济间谍活动则是越界行为。美国政府仍将试图坚持这一立场。事实上,目前没有据表明NSA曾试图窃取中国的商业机密。On the other hand, a 60-page report by Mandiant, a US computer security firm, found that 61398 of the PLA was directly responsible for attacks on US corporations.另一方面,美国计算机安全公司曼蒂恩特(Mandiant)发布的一份60页的报告指出,中国解放军(PLA)的“61398部门”( 61398)对针对美国企业的网络攻击负有直接责任。Even so, the lines look more blurred than they did before. It will be more difficult for Washington to portray China Inc as some unholy alliance between state and a phoney private sector. America’s most powerful technology companies, it turns out, are routinely obliged to act as if they were a branch of the government. Beyond China, governments of countries such as India have long pressed North American technology companies to share data that might impinge on national security, often to be told that this was technically or ethically impossible. Now they know that’s not true. Moreover, foreign governments have learnt that their own citizens’ data are considered fair game when it passes over the networks of US companies.即便如此,如今两者的界线也比过去更加模糊了。美国政府以后将更难把中国公司描述为某种国家与虚伪私有部门的邪恶同盟。事实明,美国一些最强大的科技公司经常要被迫听命于政府,仿佛它们是政府的下属机构。在中国之外,印度等国政府长期以来一直敦促北美科技公司分享有可能损害自己国家安全的数据,而得到的往往是:这在技术上、或在伦理道德上是不可能的。如今,他们了解到这根本不是实话。另外,外国政府还由此了解到,自己本国公民的数据在被传送至美国公司的网络上之后,也会被视为“美味的猎物”。“Our legitimacy and standing will be seriously compromised,” says Adam Segal, a cyber expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, of US preaching. “It is true that the Chinese are still doing it and we need to stand firm. But the politics is much more complicated now.”在谈到美国的说教时,美国外交关系委员会(Council on Foreign Relations)一位网络专家表示:“我们的合法性和立场将遭到严重伤害。没错,中国仍在这么做,我们也必须保持强硬立场。但现在这其中的利害关系变得复杂多了。”Huang Chengqing, who heads China’s network emergency response body, said Beijing had “mountains of data” on US cyber attacks. An article in Foreign Policy magazine this month detailed the work of the Office of Tailored Access Operations, a secretive unit of the NSA, in penetrating Chinese systems. When Mr Obama told Mr Xi that Chinese spying had to stop, it would have been interesting to hear how the Chinese president responded. We may never know. Or perhaps the NSA can tell us.中国国家计算机网络应急技术处理协调中心主任黄澄清表示,关于美国的网络攻击,中国政府拥有“大量数据”。《外交政策》(Foreign Policy)杂志本月发表的一篇文章,详细描述了美国国家安全局的一个秘密部门——获取特定情报行动办公室(TAO)——刺探中国网络系统的细节。在奥巴马告诉习近平中国必须停止间谍活动时,中国国家主席是如何回应的?如果能听听他的回答可能会很有意思。我们或许将永远不得而知。抑或,美国国家安全局可以告诉我们。 /201306/244951乌鲁木齐/哪家医院治疗腋臭好

新疆/空军乌鲁木齐/医院隆鼻多少钱One day a boy came to his teacher and said: Teacher, pa wants to know if you like roast pig.I certainly do, said the teacher, and you tell your father he is very kind to think of me.Days passed, and nothing more was said about the roast pig.一天有个男孩去对他老师说:老师,我爸想知道你是不是爱吃烤猪肉。当然啰,老师说,去告诉你父亲,多谢他想着我。好几天过去了,再没提起烤猪肉的事儿。Finally the teacher said to the boy: I thought your father was going to send me over some roast pig.Yes, said the boy, he did intend to, but the pig got well.最后老师对男孩说:我以为你父亲要给我送点烤猪肉来呢。是啊,孩子说,他是这么想的,可后来猪又没病了。内容来自: /201304/234942 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:都说,把你身边的三个朋友的价值平均下来,就是你自己的身价!还是多和牛人交朋友吧~。译者:koogle石河子抽脂瘦腿多少钱铁门关市治疗狐臭多少钱



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