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新疆/注射丰唇一针多少钱博乐市哪家绣眉好And with this, we could analyze the history of introspection in the ancient Greek tradition,有了这些数据,我们就可以分析古希腊传统中有关于内省的历史,for which we have the best available written record.因为有着最完整的文字记录。So what we did is we took all the books, we just ordered them by time所以,我们先把这些书按照时间排列,for each book we take the words and we project them to the space,然后把这些字投射到字汇空间里面and then we ask for each word how close it is to introspection, and we just average that.然后我们问计算机这些字与内省有多少的相关性,再把它们平均起来。And then we ask whether, as time goes on and on,然后,我们不断地问计算机问题,these books get closer, and closer and closer to the concept of introspection.这些书就会越来越接近内省的概念。And this is exactly what happens in the ancient Greek tradition.而这正是古希腊所发生的事。So you can see that for the oldest books in the Homeric tradition,各位可以看到在荷马时代最古老的书籍,there is a small increase with books getting closer to introspection.与内省的相关性只有一点点。But about four centuries before Christ,但约在公元前400年左右,this starts ramping up very rapidly to an almost five-fold increase of books getting closer,它快速成长了五倍,and closer and closer to the concept of introspection.这些书与内省的概念越来越接近。And one of the nice things about this is that now we can ask最棒的是,我们可以问计算机whether this is also true in a different, independent tradition.在不同的、独立的传统文化中,是否也有一样的现象。So we just ran this same analysis on the Judeo-Christian tradition, and we got virtually the same pattern.所以,我们用同样的方法分析了传统犹太基督教的书籍,也得到了类似的趋势。Again, you see a small increase for the oldest books in the Old Testament,在最古老的旧约圣经中,你可以看到它缓慢地增加,and then it increases much more rapidly in the new books of the New Testament.之后在新约圣经中,它快速地增长And then we get the peak of introspection in ;The Confessions of Saint Augustine,; about four centuries after Christ.大约公元400年,圣奥古斯丁的《忏悔录》内省达到了最高峰。And this was very important,这个方法相当重要because Saint Augustine had been recognized by scholars, philologists, historians, as one of the founders of introspection.因为圣奥古斯丁已经被多位学者、心理学家、历史学家公认为是内省的创始人之一。Actually, some believe him to be the father of modern psychology.有些人认为他是现代心理学之父。So our algorithm, which has the virtue of being quantitative, of being objective, and of course of being extremely fast所以,我们算法的优点不仅可以量化,而且客观,当然速度也相当快it just runs in a fraction of a second几秒就可以跑完can capture some of the most important conclusions of this long tradition of investigation.并捕捉到若使用传统方法必须费长时间调查才能抓到的一些重点。And this is in a way one of the beauties of science,这也是科学美好的地方,which is that now this idea can be translated and generalized to a whole lot of different domains.它可以可以解读、归纳这想法,然后广泛应用在许多不同的领域上。So in the same way that we asked about the past of human consciousness,我们用计算机来分析过去的自我意识发展的方法,maybe the most challenging question we can pose to ourselves is或许是最具挑战性的问题,whether this can tell us something about the future of our own consciousness.是不是也可以告诉我们自我意识的未来趋向呢?To put it more precisely, whether the words we say today更精确地说,我们现在说的话,can tell us something of where our minds will be in a few days, in a few months or a few years from now.是否可以告诉我们接下来的几天、几个月或几年后,我们的心智会达到什么样的情况。201607/456878新疆/维吾尔自治区人民医院纹眉多少钱 I had heard of it and in fact. 我听说过它而且实际上I had even purchased several pairs of shoes while I was in high school and college He asked me if I would be interested in a job. 我甚至在高中和大学的时候 买过几双它的鞋子他问我 有没有兴趣在这家公司工作But the idea of attaching my fragile career plan to a small company run by a bunch of ex-jocks. 我觉得我的职业计划本就脆弱不堪若是再投身于一家前大学运动员开的小公司Was something I didnt think was a very good idea, so I said no We all make mistakes. 这肯定不是一个好主意 于是我拒绝了所有人都会犯错I focused on my department store job through the holiday season Needless to say, if any of you have ever worked retail at Christmas. 假期间 我集中精力干我的百货店工作毋庸赘言 在圣诞节做过零售的人都知道You know it is a lot of hard work I wasnt sure it was going to be the career I was looking for. 这是非常艰苦的工作我不确定 这是不是我要寻找的职业So, I called my friend again to see how he was doing He was managing a small group of retail stores. 于是 我打电话给那位朋友 问他干得如何他正管理一小拨耐克零售店That the Nike Company had opened to get better distribution in some key running markets The year was 1979. 这些零售店开在关键市场 为耐克寻求更好分销渠道这是1979年He asked me again if I had any interest as there were a couple of assistant store manager jobs open. 他再次问我是否感兴趣当时有一些店铺经理助理的职位空缺And he could get me into one of them I had to think about it. 他愿意为我提供一个岗位我需要想想It was still retail but it was an entry point into the company. 这仍然是零售但这是进入公司的切入点What it did offer was a direct connection with sports and business and it was working with a lot of ex-athletes. Now I call them athletes and theyre jocks. 它能提供的是运动和经营之间的直接联系而且这里很多同事都是原来的大学运动员Id show a little bit of respect all the things I had a passion for. 我应该尊敬这些人所有这些 我都很有热情201609/465559即学即用英语会话词典E部分:在饭店务台进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16385昆玉开内眼角的费用

库尔勒市哪家隆鼻医院比较好图木舒克市双眼皮多少钱 031 transport Words Bus train bicycle car boat ship motorcycle van truck tram ferry barge speedboat yacht Coach airplane helicopter balloon minibus cruise ship scooter airport shuttle bus light railway Subway commuter train platform terminal bus/railway station carriage Phrases Use public transport Take a trip in/on a … Take to the air Drive a car Ride a bus Pedal a bicycle Driver’s license Traffic rules Beginner A: do you think we should travel by bus or by train? B; it’s a difficult choice. The train is a litter faster, but much more expensive. A; we could face delays if we travel by bus, thanks to traffic jams. B; buses are more cramped and you can’t walk around. A; that’s true, but I feel that I see more when I travel by bus. B; really? I think you see more traveling by train. a; so, which form of transport do you prefer to use? b; I prefer going by train, ever though it costs more. a: ok them. We’ll go by train. I’m sure we’ll have a good journey. Shall we go to the station and buy the tickets? B: the train aren’t usually full. We can get them on the day we travel. We should buy return ticket because they are much cheaper than getting two singles. A; we should take a packed lunch on the journey. The food they sell on the trains is always expensive. Intermediate A; how do you think the transport system in our city could be improved. B; I think that the public transport system could be made simpler. I never know where the bus routes actually go. The routes seem to twist and turn rather than going roughly in a straight line. A; I think we just need to build more roads. Then there would be more space for cars to drive and we’d have fewer traffic jams. B: if we built more roads, people would just fill them with cars again. I think we should discourage people from using their cars. A; how would you do that? B; I think we should do a few things at once. Improving public transport would encourage people to use that. If we also charge people to use their cars in the city centre, they won’t use their cars as much. A; I don’t know. I think it’s unfair to make drivers pay more money. They aly pay a lot of tax-petrol tax, for example. B; I think that they should pay more tax. Look at the damage they cause to the environment and people’s health by discharging all those exhaust fumes. A; the air would certainly be cleaner if there were fewer cars being used in the city. The problem is that people will see it as reducing their freedom. It well be unpopular. B; that’s a good point. Car owners will probably be against it, but people who use public transport will be in favor of it. /200705/13130乌鲁木齐/天山区固体硅胶隆鼻价格

北屯市祛疤手术多少钱Hi, everybody. Its now been 45 days since I nominated Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Judge Garland is a man of experience, integrity, and unimpeachable qualifications. Judge Garland is someone who Senate Republicans are on record saying is “a man of accomplishment and keen intellect;” a man whos “honest and capable;” a man whose “reputation is beyond reproach.” Those are all es from Republicans in the Senate.大家好!自我提名梅里克·加兰德出任最高法院大法官至今已经过去45天了。加兰德法官经验丰富、为人正直,出任这一职位对他而言实至名归。参议院的一些共和党人士称加兰德法官是“一位成就突出、才智出众的人”、是“诚实而有能力的人”、是一位“声誉无可指摘的人”。这些言论都来自于参议院的共和党人之口。But so far, most Senate Republicans have refused to even meet with Judge Garland. Which means theyve also refused to do their job and hold a hearing on his nomination, or an up-or-down vote. But theyve still found time to head home for recess over the next week.但时至今日,大部分的共和党参议员依然拒绝与加兰德法官会面。这也意味着他们依然不想承担他们的职责,召开关于他的提名的听会或进行一场表决投票。但再过一周他们就会忙着回家度假了。This is an abdication of the Senates responsibility. Every Supreme Court nominee since 1875 who hasnt withdrawn from the process has received a hearing or a vote. For over 40 years, theres been an average of 67 days between a nomination and a hearing. This time should be no different. This is not about partisan politics–its about upholding the institutions that make our democracy work.这是对参议院职责的亵渎。自1875年以来,任何一位最高法院大法官的提名都没有在听会或投票阶段被撤回。过去的40多年里,从提名到听会的平均时间间隔是67天。这一次也不应该出现例外。这不是两党政治斗争的问题,而是坚持让我们的民主体系正常运转的问题。Theres a reason Judge Garland has earned the respect of people from both political parties. As a young lawyer, he left a lucrative private firm to work in public service. He went to oversee the federal response to the Oklahoma City bombing. For the last 19 years, Judge Garland has served on the D.C. Circuit Court–often called “the Second Highest Court in the Land”–and for the past three years, hes served as that courts Chief Judge. In fact, Judge Merrick Garland has more federal judicial experience than any other Supreme Court nominee in history. With a brilliant mind, a kind spirit, and a good heart, he has dedicated his life to protecting our rights, and ensuring that the voices of everyday Americans are heard.加兰德法官能够赢得两党的共同尊敬是有原因的。作为一名年轻律师,他离开了待遇优厚的私人律所,来到公共部门务。他曾前往俄克拉荷马市爆炸案现场视察联邦应急处置情况。过去19年里,加兰德法官一直在华盛顿特区巡回法院供职,这一法院通常被称为“全国第二高等法院”,过去的3年里,他还是该法院的首席大法官。实际上,梅里克·加兰德法官拥有比历史上其他最高法院大法官提名人选更多的联邦司法经历。他头脑睿智、善良仁义,他把一生都奉献给保护人民权利的事业,确保每一位美国人都可以表达自己的意见。So there is absolutely no reason for Republican Senators to deny him the basic courtesy of a hearing and a vote–the same courtesy that has been extended to others. This refusal to treat a Supreme Court nomination with the seriousness it deserves is what makes people so cynical about Washington. Thats why poll after poll shows a majority of Americans think Senate Republicans should do their job; give Judge Garland a hearing; and give Judge Garland a vote.因此,共和党参议员们完全没有理由拒绝为他举行听会和投票,因为他们为其他人都做到了这一点。这种拒绝严肃对待最高法院大法官提名人选的做法,会让人们对华盛顿嗤之以鼻。正因如此,一轮又一轮的民意测验说明,大部分美国人都认为共和党参议员应该做好自己的工作,给加兰德法官一次听和投票表决的机会。For all of our political differences, Americans understand that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. And in the middle of a volatile political season, it is more important than ever that we fulfill our duties–in good faith–as public servants. The Supreme Court must remain above partisan politics. Ive done my job–I nominated someone as qualified as Merrick Garland. Now its time for the Senate to do their job. Give Judge Garland a hearing. Give Judge Garland an up-or-down vote. Treat him–and our democracy–with the respect they deserve.对于我们在政治上的分歧,美国人民都很清楚,让我们团结在一起的因素比让我们分裂的因素要强大的多。在总统竞选白热化的时期,我们作为公职人员,真心实意地履行我们的职责就显得尤为重要。最高法院的提名人选事宜理应超越党派政治之争。我已经完成了我的工作,我提名梅里克·加兰德这位有资格出任这一职位的人选。现在,轮到参议院做好他们的工作了。请给加兰德法官一次听、投票的机会。以尊重的心态对待他,以敬畏的心对待我们的民主制度。Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend.谢谢收听,祝大家周末愉快! 201605/441031 one is 1949 to 1991, when the Soviet Union broke up,第一个时期从1949年到1991年苏联解体and what we were dealing with, at that point and through those years, was a superpowers nuclear arms race.我们要关注的是在这些年间有一场超级大国之间的核军备竞赛It was characterized by a nation-versus-nation, very fragile standoff.这场核军备竞赛最主要的特点就是,国家之间的对立导致核战争一触即发And basically, we lived for all those years, and some might argue that we still do,基本上可以毫不夸张地说,我们那些年,有些人认为直至今日情况仍然是in a situation of being on the brink, literally, of an apocalyptic, planetary calamity.就像走在世界末日的悬崖边,Its incredible that we actually lived through all that.我们能活到现在简直是难以置信We were totally dependent during those years on this amazing acronym, which is MAD.这些年我们(之所以能活下来)完全是依赖于这个神奇的叫做MAD的东西It stands for mutually assured destruction.它是“确保相互毁灭”的缩写So it meant if you attacked us, we would attack you virtually simultaneously,它的意思是,如果...如果你袭击我,我也会袭击你,双方几乎同时发动袭击and the end result would be a destruction of your country and mine.这样做的结果就是你我两国同时被摧毁So the threat of my own destruction kept me from launching a nuclear attack on you. Thats the way we lived.因此由于担心我自己被毁灭,我不会发射(核武器)来对你进行核打击。这就是我们为什么能活下来And the danger of that, of course, is that a mising of a radar screen could actually cause a counter-launch,不过这么做的危险就是,雷达的一次误报就可能引发一次反击even though the first country had not actually launched anything.即使另一个国家事实上根本没有发射任何东西During this chapter one,在这个时期there was a high level of public awareness about the potential of nuclear catastrophe,民众很清楚地意识到确实可能发生潜在的核灾难and an indelible image was implanted in our collective minds一个难以抹掉的画面出现在每个人的脑海中that, in fact, a nuclear holocaust would be absolutely globally destructive那就是一次核灾难将带来全球性的毁灭and could, in some ways, mean the end of civilization as we know it.而且,从某个角度来说,这也意味着人类文明将走到尽头So this was chapter one.这就是第一个时期Now the odd thing is that even though we knew that there would be that kind of civilization obliteration,不过奇怪的是,即使我们知道可能会发生这种文明灭绝we engaged in America in a series -- and in fact, in the Soviet Union -- in a series of response planning.我们美国人正忙于一系列--事实上苏联也一样--一系列应对措施It was absolutely incredible.这简直让人难以置信So premise one is wed be destroying the world, and then premise two is, why dont we get prepared for it?一方面是我们随时都可能毁灭世界,另一方面我们却在考虑如何为此做好准备?So what we offered ourselves was a collection of things.所以,我们提出了一堆方案。Im just going to go skim through a few things, just to jog your memories.我将只回顾其中的几个,只是为了唤起你们的回忆If youre born after 1950, this is just -- consider this entertainment, otherwise its memory lane.如果你是1950年之后出生的,你可以把这些当作,或者是怀旧201605/440841乌鲁木齐/铁路中心医院激光点痣多少钱乌鲁木齐/如何去掉红血丝



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