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Are You a Cosplayer?你是Cosplayer一族吗?What is a Cosplay?;角色扮演; 是什么?;Cosplay; is an event which people dress up as their favorite character from cartoons, animations and games and can take photos with them.角色扮演,一般指人们通过化妆来扮演卡通,动漫作品和游戏中的角色,并允许他人与自己合影The word is a compound word made up of ;costume; and ;play;.COSPLAY是英文Costume Play的简略写法History of cosplay角色扮演的历史Cosplay history can be traced back to the 1970s, when merchants selling Star Trek comic books dressed up as Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock as a marketing ploy at the ComicMarket convention held in Tokyo each year.角色扮演的历史可以追溯到世纪70年代在东京每年一度的漫画市场大会上,一些销售《星际迷航漫画书的商家,会以自己装扮成柯克船长和斯波克先生作为一种营销策略进行宣传销售The idea slowly caught on with customers, and now thousands of costume players crowd into ComicMarket every year.这种理念很受顾客欢迎,现在每年都有数千热衷角色扮演的人涌入漫画市场Throughout the country there are believed to be around 50,000 costume players.据说东京现在大约有5万人喜欢进行角色扮演What are players reasons cosplaying?这些人为什么喜欢角色扮演?;Cosplay to me is a way me to make great new friends with the same interests as I have, improve my sewing skills, creativity, and let me use my imagination to help bring an amazing characters to life.;角色扮演对我来说是一个认识志同道合的朋友的绝佳方式,还提升了我的缝纫技术,创造力,使我发挥想象把漫画中的人物扮演的栩栩如生I also really enjoy the challenge of making a good costume. I know a lot of people ask me why I cosplay, so these are a few reasons on why I spend so much time and money cosplaying.;-- Angela我还很享受制作精美道具的过程我知道有许多人会问我为什么进行cospaly, 以上这些就是原因;---安吉丽娜;Have a few reasons why I currently cosplay. I enjoy the challenge of creating something with my bare hands, discovering new ways to design and duplicate complicated outfits and accessories, and finally putting on the final product.我进行角色扮演有几个理由 我非常喜欢做手工,寻找做设计或者模仿漫画中装和配饰的新方法,然后最终做出成品这个过程While I enjoy wearing the costumes, I enjoy making them even more.我喜欢穿这些饰,更享受制作它们的过程 38193节目寄语: 每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高 特别声明: 该文章中的讲解为可可签约编辑根据改编的名著所编写的参考资料如有出入,请给予指正 啃嚼语段: Oliver was deeply grateful this offer of shelter and talked a long time with his new friend. 奥利弗对他能提供栖身之处深为感激,同他的新朋友聊了很长时间 His name was Jack Dawkins, but he was usually called ;The Artful Dodger;. 他叫杰克·道金斯,可人们都叫他“插翅神偷” ;Artful; because he was very clever at getting what he wanted;and ;Dodger; because he was very good at not getting caught when he did something wrong. 叫“神偷”是因为他能灵巧地得到他想要的东西; 而“插翅”则是指他做了坏事时,善于及时逃脱不被抓获 When he heard this,Oliver felt rather doubtful about having such a friend. 奥利弗听到这儿,对有这样一个朋友感到拿不定主意 However,he wanted first to meet the kind old gentleman in London,who would help him. 不管怎样,他先要见见在伦敦的这位好心的、会帮助他的老先生, After that,he could decide whether to continue the friendship with the Artful Dodger. 之后再决定是否与插翅神偷继续他们的朋友关系 59

Iktinos: I canrsquo;t believe wersquo;re in one of the worldrsquo;s most famous structures. Look at this architecture!我不能相信我们现在世界上最有名的结构之一看看这个架构!Pinda: Yeah, great, another old building. Irsquo;m going to sit in that bay window and rest my feet while you walk around.是啊,很棒,另一栋老建筑当你四处走动时,我要坐在凸窗变休息下Iktinos: Come on, come with me. Just look at these columns and beams. Theyrsquo;re over ,000 years old!来吧,跟我来只要看看这些立柱和横梁它们都超过00年了!Pinda: Right, theyrsquo;re old. Everything wersquo;ve seen these past two weeks has been old. Whatrsquo;s so special about this?是的,已经很旧了我们过去两个星期看到的一切已经旧了这个有什么特殊的吗?Iktinos: Are you trying to tell me that you donrsquo;t think this dome is impressive? Itrsquo;s one of the largest in the world. Look at those cornices and skylights. Irsquo;ve never seen anything like them.你想告诉我,你认为这个圆顶不令人印象深刻吗?这是世界上最大圆顶之一看看那些飞檐和天窗我从来没有见过任何那样的建筑Pinda: This building has a good facade, with nice balance and symmetry, but Irsquo;m so tired of looking at the same style of building, one after another. Arenrsquo;t we going to see anything else today?这个建筑具有良好的外观,具有很好的平衡性和对称性,但我讨厌看同种类型的建筑我们今天不看点别的建筑吗?Iktinos: We are seeing some of the most important monuments to human ingenuity.我们现在看到的是聪明人类智慧的最重要的圆顶Pinda: Yoursquo;re right, but Irsquo;m too tired to walk up and down all three stories. You go. Irsquo;ll stay here on this balcony.你说得对,但我太累了,不能上下三层走上走下你走吧我要呆在这个露台里Iktinos: What are you going to do here?你打算在这里做什么?Pinda: Irsquo;m going to think about how Irsquo;d remodel the building to bring it up to date.我会去思考我如何改建那懂楼,让它焕然一新Iktinos: Yoursquo;re hopeless!你真是没得救了!bay window ;建筑;凸窗bring it up to date 焕然一新 53

Jeng: What did you do this summer? Cynthia: I worked at a summer camp as a nurse’s aide. I thought we would be giving simple first aid, but you wouldn’t believe the kinds of injuries the kids came in with. Jeng: You mean like poison ivy, bee stings, bug bites, and scraped knees? Cynthia: Yeah, we had those, but we also had some pretty serious cases. instance, the second day of the camp, one of the boys who didn’t know how to swim fell into the lake. He must have hit his head because he was unconscious when they brought him in. We couldn’t find his pulse and the nurse did CPR. Luckily, we got him breathing again right away, but that little boy had a concussion. Jeng: Wow! You’re kidding. That’s serious. Cynthia: That wasn’t all. It’s true that most of the kids came in with superficial scrapes, but some of them had some major wounds. We had to stop the bleeding and bandage them up. We had one girl who needed stitches after she fell out of a tree. Jeng: Geez, I never knew going to camp could be so hazardous to your health! 71

A Valley山谷I came, one evening bee sunset,一天傍晚,我在日落之前走下了一个山谷,down into a valley, where I was to rest.准备在那里休息In the course of my descent to it,by the winding track along the mountain-side,from which I saw it shining far below,当我沿着山麓上蜿蜒的小路下山时,我看到山谷在远处闪光;I think some long-unwonted sense of beauty and tranquility,这时,我觉得一种久违的对美和静的感受袭来,some softening influence awakened by its peace,moved faintly in my breast.一种被这安宁唤醒的柔情隐隐在心头升起I remember pausing once,with a kind of sorrow that was not all oppressive, not quite despairing.我记得,我怀着一种并不完全让人苦恼、也并不让人完全失望的悲哀停了一会儿I remember almost hoping that some better change was possible within me.我记得,当时我几乎希望我的内心深处可以有较好的变化了I came into the valley,as the evening sun was shining on the remote heights of snow,that closed it in, like eternal clouds.当夕阳像永远缭绕在山谷四周那些远远的山峰上的云朵一样环绕着众山时,我走入了谷地The bases of the mountains ming the gorge in which the little village lay, were richly green;小村为延入山谷的山麓部分所形成,一片青葱碧绿;and high above this gentler vegetation,grew ests of dark fir,cleaving the wintry snowdrift,wedge-like and stemming the avalanche.在那些柔软的草木之上,黑色的枞树丛像楔子一样伸出雪堆而挡住了崩落的雪Above these, were range upon range of craggy steeps,grey rock, bright ice, and smooth verdure specks of pasture,all gradually blending with the crowning snow.再往上便是一行高于一行的峭壁,灰色的石头,光亮亮的冰,还有一片片绿茵茵的牧场,所有这一切都渐溶入山顶的白雪Dotted here and there on the mountain side,each tiny dot a home, were lonely wooden cottages,so dwarfed by the towering heights that they appeared too small toys.山坡上稀稀落落的小木屋显得孤单,每一个小点就是一个人家,和上面那些巨峰相映,它们小得似乎连玩具都不如So did even the clustered village in the valley,with its wooden bridge across the stream,where the stream tumbled over broken rocks,and roared away among the trees.就是谷地中人口集聚的村子也是这样村庄所在地有一条小溪,它在零乱的石头上滚越而过,喧闹着在树木之间流远In the quiet air,there was a sound of distant singing-shepherd voices;村中有座小桥横溪而立在那安静的空气中,远处传来一种歌声,那是牧人的歌声;but, as one bright evening cloud floated midway along the mountain side,I could almost have believed it came from there,and was not earthly music.可是,当一片熣灿绚丽的晚霞在半山腰飘过时,我却几乎认为那乐音来自云中,决非尘世之音All at once, in this serenity, great Nature spoke to me;在这样的一片宁静中,大自然突然对我说话了;and soothed me to lay down my weary head upon the grass,and weep as I had not wept yet, since Dora died!它安慰我,使我把我那疲倦的头枕到草上,然后哭了起来—这是朵拉去后我第一次哭 53

Walk with me与我同行Walk with me, the path of life,与我同行,沿着生活之路,To explore every bend of the road;走遍每个角落,Enjoy with me the beauty of life,与我共享生活之乐,Along its wonderful way.沿着那条精的路Find comt with me, in each other arms,你我互相抚慰,When grief crosses our path;当悲伤出现在途中,Find strength with me, in each other strength,你我互相鼓励,When despair lies in wait.当绝望阻挡在路上Laugh with me, a single true laugh,与我同乐,用单纯而真实的笑容,To enlighten another distress;来驱散对方的苦恼;Cry with me, a single true tear,与我同泣,干净而纯洁的泪水,To understand true happiness.以理解真正的幸福Cherish with me, the wonders of life,与我同惜,生活的奇迹,As they need to be preserved;因为它们需要铭记;Rejoice with me, in the mysteries,与我同庆,在未知的世界,Of what is yet to be.那即将踏上的旅程Find peace with me, in each other souls,你我在对方灵魂中寻求安宁,When the world has gone insane;当这个世界已然疯狂;Find love with me, in each other hearts,你我在对方灵魂中寻求真爱,Until this life has been fulfilled.直到生活被爱填满And when the path comes to an end,当路走到尽头,I hope we can say from within我希望我们可以发自内心地说:Weve known the beauty of true love,我们已寻得真爱的美丽,Our love came from within.我们的爱发自内心

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