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On the edge of the Sahara Desert I have come face to face with an ocean of water,but not a drop that I can drink.So I gonna step up to search.在撒哈拉沙漠的边缘 我看到了一片汪洋大海 但不是淡水 我无法饮用 所以我得继续寻找水源This looks like a tidal estuary.Tidal estuary could mean fresh water.这儿看起来像是潮汐河口 潮汐河口说明可能有淡水But not here.An estuary is where a river meet its sea,but it hasn#39;t rained for a long time,so the river isn#39;t flowing.不是这里 河口是河流到达了它的入海口 但因为长时间没有下雨 河流已不再流动However, you can track the fresh water down.Come on. Let#39;s pick it up a bit now.然而 还是可以追踪到淡水的痕迹 我们现在得加快点速度Even a dry riverbed is worth following.即使是干涸的河床也不应该放过All of this stuff,is all sand far,it might not look like much,but this stuff can keep you alive.这些植被 周围都是沙子 它看起来也许很不起眼 但却可以让你活下来It#39;s got enough moisture in it to help hydrate you.它含有非常丰富的水分 能缓解你脱水的症状You get this all along the coast on estuaries.这种植物在河口沿岸随处可见Let#39;s fill our pockets, okay?Keep munching on it.让我们用这些塞满口袋 我接着嚼The dried up riverbed may not have seen rain for some time,but it still sustains life.已经干透的河床也许许久没有降雨 但仍然供养着生命As long as I can get up high,it#39;s a good place to set up camp.只要爬得够高 会是个宿营的好地方These acacia trees,these are always good in the desert.They give you good shade.这些刺槐树 在沙漠里总能帮上你的忙 为你遮挡阳光Also for shelter it means get off the ground away from the insects and animals that will give you grief in the night.还可以提供庇护 帮你远离地面 避开那些会在夜晚袭击你的 昆虫和动物Some big ones over here.Go right up into this one.Use some of these parallel limbs as well.这里有几棵大树 可以直接在这树上宿营 利用这些平行的树枝 Article/201611/479972

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I remember a couple of years ago I used to get very little sleep.我记得几年以前我经常失眠。And I really struggled with making the right decisions.而且很难做出正确的决定。I#39;d be running on four hours of sleep, and when I was presented with something healthy to eat我的睡眠时间是四个小时,当我面临一些健康的饮食and an unhealthy choice, it was really hard for me to pick the healthy one.和不健康的选择的时候,我真的很难选出健康的一种。And now a couple of years later, I get plenty of sleep and it#39;s so much easier to make the better decisions.几年之后的现在,我有了充足的睡眠,就更容易做出更好的决定了。So whether you need to refrain from eating something unhealthy,所以无论是你需要避免食用不健康的食物,or you need to actually do something productive like working on your project,还是想做一些高效率的事情,比如在你的项目上花心思,getting plenty of sleep will make it so much easier, and I can attest to this from my own experience.获得充足的睡眠都会让这些简单起来,我自身经历就足以明。So the first big idea for strong willpower is to get adequate amounts of sleep.所以对于强大的意志力来说第一要点就是获得充足的睡眠。When you don#39;t get enough sleep you#39;re prone to all kinds of stress, and cravings, and temptation.当你睡眠不足时,就会有各种各样的压力,渴望和诱惑。Research has shown that being sleep deprived is very similar to being mildly intoxicated研究表明缺乏睡眠就类似于轻度迷醉,which is probably not the best time to be making decisions.此状态不是做出决定的最佳时机。And too little sleep has been shown to cause problems that mimic those associated with ADHD.睡眠太少会导致一些与ADHD(注意缺陷多动障碍)相关的问题。So getting enough sleep is absolutely one of the most important things you can do for your willpower.所以获取足够的睡眠绝对是你能为意志力所做的最重要的事情之一。Now just like you go to the gym to build muscle and get stronger,就像是你去健身房锻炼肌肉并变得强壮,you can do the same thing for your brain. And the activity that trains your brain is meditation.你也可以为大脑做同样的事。训练大脑的活动就是冥想。It makes your brain grow denser, packing in more grey matter just like a muscle bulking up from exercise.它会让大脑变得更稠密,生出更多的灰色神经组织,就像是经过锻炼变得强壮的肌肉一样。And research has shown that those who meditate really do have more grey matter in their prefrontal cortex.研究表明在那些冥想的人的前额皮质里真的有更多的灰色神经组织。And the prefrontal cortex is the area associated with decision making and willpower.并且前额皮质与做决定和意志力有关。It#39;s the part of the brain that gets you to say no to something unhealthy,它是大脑中让你否定不健康东西的部分,and it#39;s the part of the brain that gets you to get up and start working on your project.是大脑中让你起床并开始工作的部分。And the impact of meditation is fascinating.冥想真的很吸引人。Even after only a few weeks of being consistent with it,尽管只是短短几周的持续冥想,we can aly observe the brain structure physically changing.我们就可以发现大脑结构产生的物理变化。You don#39;t need to meditate for hours either.你也不用冥想好几个小时。Even a very short period of meditation is effective.就算是非常短时间的冥想也是有效的。You can start with five minutes of meditation focusing on your breath刚开始你可以先做五分钟专注于呼吸的冥想,and move up to ten, fifteen, or however long you like,然后增加到十分钟,十五分钟,或者是你喜欢的时间长度,but it#39;s much better to be consistent and do only five minutes than be inconsistent.但是持续的只做五分钟比不持续的要好的多。So I would personally highly recommend starting with five minutes if you#39;re just starting out.所以我个人强烈建议,如果你刚刚开始就冥想五分钟。I also get a ton of emails and messages, and what I used to do before was wake up我也会收到很多的邮件和信息,我之前都是早上醒来之后and check all that stuff first thing in the morning.先处理那些事情。And I would spend hours doing that, and then when it was time for me to actually do creative work,我会花好几个小时处理那些事情,然后当我应该做创造性工作的时候,I was just completely exhausted.我完全没有精力了。And this is because willpower#39;s like a muscle. It gets tired.这就是因为意志力就和肌肉一样,也会疲劳。It#39;s kind of like going to the gym to deadlift, and instead deadlifting first,有点类似于去健身房练举重,却没有先练它,you decide it#39;s a good idea to run on the tmill for two hours first and then deadlift.你觉得先在跑步机上跑两个小时再去练举重是个好主意。So by the time you#39;re done running, you probably won#39;t have the energy to deadlift,所以当你结束跑步的时候,你可能没有力气再去练举重了,and if you somehow do, it#39;s not going to be the most effective workout.如果你那么做,也不是最有效的锻炼。And that#39;s exactly how the brain works too.大脑也是那样工作的。You start out with your willpower for the day and then it just keeps getting depleted and depleted.一天开始就伴随着意志力的不断消耗。So one of the most important things I#39;ve done is to wake up and start with my creative work.所以我要做的一件重要的事就是醒来后先做创造性工作。I never check any of the messages first thing in the morning anymore早上我再也不查收任何消息。because I know my willpower#39;s going to get depleted.因为我知道意志力会逐渐消耗。And I know so many people who wake up and go straight to Facebook or do something else that isn#39;t important.我还知道很多人醒来后直接登Facebook或者做一些不重要的事情。Don#39;t do that. You#39;ll deplete your willpower,不要那么做。你会消耗掉你的意志力,and then you won#39;t be able to do what#39;s actually important.然后就无法去做真正重要的事情。Instead, wake up and do that important thing first before your willpower gets depleted.反之,醒来后,在意志力消耗之前,先做重要的事情。So those are the three of my favorite ideas from the book that I#39;ve found to be really effective in my life.以下是我从书中得到的三个我最欣赏的观点。这本书在我人生中真的很有意义。And to recap them briefly…简单重述一下…1. Make sure you#39;re not sleep deprived.一定不要失眠。Not getting enough sleep is one of the biggest enemies to your willpower.得不到足够的睡眠是你意志力的最大敌人。2.Just like you workout to build up muscle, you can meditate to build up your prefrontal cortex.就像锻炼肌肉一样,你可以通过冥想来增强你的前额皮质。3. Willpower#39;s like a muscle. It gets tired.意志力像肌肉一样,也会疲劳。Don#39;t wake up and get on Facebook first thing in the morning or do anything else that isn#39;t important,醒来后不要先登Facebook或者做一些其他的不重要的事情,instead do the most important thing first before your willpower gets depleted.在你意志力消耗之前先做一些重要的事情。 Article/201706/514897

  Despite his famous victory at Agincourt,Henry V remains a might-have-been,dead at 35 from dysentery.除去在阿金库尔战役中大获全胜 亨利五世一直碌碌无为 于35岁时死于痢疾So neither he nor his son, Henry VI,could prevent what the stealing of Richard#39;s crown had made inevitable - a long, bloody war between competing wings of the Plantagenet family.因此他和儿子 亨利六世 都不能阻止窃取理查王位 所带来的不可避免后果 金雀花王室中敌对两翼的漫长血战For 30 years, the houses of York and Lancaster slogged it out in a roll call of battles we know as the Wars of the Roses.整整30年 约克家族 和兰开斯特家族 在著名的玫瑰战争中展开拉锯战There are only two ways to feel about the Wars of the Roses.对于玫瑰战争 通常有两种感受Either the endless chronicle of violent seizures of the Crown makes you thrill to one of the great English epics,要么是漫长暴力的王位争夺 谱写出令人惊心动魄的伟大史诗or else it leaves you feeling slightly numbed.要么是让人渐渐麻木If you#39;re in the dazed and confused camp,the temptation of course is to write off the whole sorry mess如果你身处这片晃眼的刀光剑影中 最好的办法就是置身混乱之外as the bloody bickering of overgrown schoolboys,whacking each other senseless on the fields of Towton, Barnet and Bosworth.任由那些乳臭未干的孩子 在陶顿 巴尼特和斯沃思战役中 麻木机械地拔刀相向But there was something at stake in all the mayhem,但混乱之中 仍有亟待解决之事and that was the need to make the English monarchy credible again;那就是重振英格兰君主的威信to re-solder the chains of allegiance,which had once stretched all the way from Westminster重铸忠诚之索 它曾经一路从威斯敏斯特out to the constables and justices in the shires,and which had been so badly broken by the fate of Richard II.延伸至英格兰中部的治安官和法官中 因为它已被理查二世击得粉碎 /201612/482730

  【视频讲解】Peacocks strut; bowerbirds build lovenests; spiders gift-wrap flies in silk. Such courtship rituals play an important role in what Charles Darwin called sexual selection: when the female of a species bears most of the costs of reproduction, males use extravagant displays and gifts to demonstrate their “reproductive fitness” and females choose between them.孔雀开屏,园丁鸟筑巢,蜘蛛用蛛丝把苍蝇作为礼物包起来。上述动物求偶仪式在达尔文的性选择理论中举足轻重。性选择理论中说:当雌性动物承受了繁衍下一代的大部分代价时,雄性们则会用精美绝伦的表演和礼物来表明自己是适合交配的,从而让雌性从中做出选择。peacock n.孔雀strut v.趾高气扬地走bowerbird n. 园丁鸟lovenest n.爱巢gift-wrap v.包装礼物- wrap v.包裹住courtship n.求爱- court v. 追求,拍马屁ritual n.仪式bear v. 承担,忍受 (to accept or endure something)- I can#39;t bear seeing you cry.reproduction n.繁殖,生育- reproductive adj.繁殖的extravagant adj.奢华的耀眼的 (fancy)- We are going on a less extravagant vacation this year.For human males, shards of a crystalline form of carbon often feature. A diamond engagement ring signals a man’s taste, wealth and commitment, all to persuade a woman that he is a good bet.对于男人们来说,碳晶体碎粒往往是他们求爱的重头戏。一枚钻戒透露出的是一个男人的品味、财富和承诺,进而使女人相信他就一个好选择。shard n.碎片 (a sharp piece of something)- shards ofcrystalline adj.结晶的carbon n.碳- carbon dioxide二氧化碳feature v.扮演主要角色signal v.预兆commitment n.承诺bet n.赌注,选择 (a choice made by thinking about what will probably happen)- This is your best bet.This particular courtship gift was dreamed up by an ad agency for De Beers, the cartel that sold almost all of the world’s diamonds throughout the 20th century. In the 1930s it started to promote a link between diamonds and marriage. Diamonds’ unmatched hardness would symbolise love’s endurance and their “fire”, or brilliance, its passion. Two months’ salary, the firm suggested, was what the ring should cost—a good investment since, as the admen said, “A diamond is forever.”“求婚就要给钻戒”的观念最初是由一家为戴#8226;比尔斯集团(De Beers)务的广告公司编出来的。戴#8226;比尔斯集团是钻石行业的卡特尔,该集团几乎垄断供应了上个世纪全球所有的钻石。在上世纪30年代,该集团开始做宣传,将钻石与婚姻联系在一起。钻石那无与伦比的硬度象征着爱情的持久,而钻石的“火光”或亮光象征着爱情的热烈。该集团当时称,两个月的工资就能买到一枚钻戒,配上广告中的宣传语 “钻石恒久远,一颗永流传”。这样算起来钻石还是一份不错的投资。dream up 想出De Beers 戴比尔斯(钻戒品牌)cartel n.卡特尔,垄断组织throughout prep.在...期间promote v.宣传unmatched adj.无与伦比的endurance n.持久- endure v. 忍受,接受,持久- He endured great pain.- The style endured for centuries.admen n.广告人 Article/201705/509080。


  In this American English pronunciation , you#39;re going to come with me to my home state of Florida and we#39;re going to do a Ben Franklin exercise where we study conversation.在这个美式英语发音视频里,你会跟我到我的家乡佛罗里达州,我们会做一个本·富兰克林练习,学习对话。Today#39;s topic: discussing plans.今天的话题:讨论计划。Not till two. Right, but we#39;re... And maybe somewhat after that. But we said we#39;d be there at 1:30.不到两点。 是的,但是我们...... 或许会是两点以后。 但我们说过我们会在一点半到那里。Right. I think they want to just chat, and, you know... Yeah. Stuff before. Sure.是的,我觉得他们只是闲聊,然后,你知道的...... 是的。 在那之前。 当然。Will it take, like 15 minutes to get there, or? Oh no. It#39;ll take... Ten? Five. Five.到那里要用15分钟还是? 哦,不。大概要用...... 十分钟? 五分钟。 五分钟。;Not till two.;不到两点。I notice my dad makes a Stop T here, ;not till, not till;, instead of ;not till;.我注意到我爸爸在这里发了一个顿音T,“not till, not till”,而不是“not till”。That makes the transition between these two words less obvious, it makes it a smoother link. ;Not till two.;这样会使两个单词之间的转换不那么明显,连接更加通顺。“Not till two.”;Not till two.; (loop two times) ;Right, but we#39;re...; ;And maybe somewhat after that.;不到两点。(循环两次)是的,但是我们...... 或许会是两点以后。Another Stop T here at the end of ;that; because it#39;s the end of a thought, the end of a sentence.在“that”结尾也有一个顿音T,这是因为它位于一个观点,一句话的结尾。Often we make those T#39;s Stop T#39;s in American English.在美式英语里我们通常会把这些T发成顿音T。;somewhat after that.; (loop three times) ;But we said we#39;d be there at 1:30.;两点以后。 (循环三次)但我们说过我们会在一点半到那里。;But we.; I actually dropped the T altogether here to make this even more connected and smooth. ;But we, but we.;“But we.”为了让它连接得更紧密更通顺,我把这里的T省略了。“But we, but we.”;But; is a function word, not too important, so it#39;s okay to reduce it.“But”是一个虚词,不是很重要,所以可以把它略读。;But we said we#39;d (loop three times) be there at 1:30.;“But we said we’d(循环三次)be there at 1:30.”Did you notice how I pronounced ;thirty;? I took this second T and made it a Flap T so it sounded like a D. ;Thirty, thirty, 1:30.;你注意到我是怎样读“thirty”的吗?我把这个T读成了浊音T,听起来像是D音。“Thirty, thirty, 1:30.”;But we said we#39;d be there at 1:30.; (loop three times)但我们说过我们会在一点半到那里。(循环三次)This was another Stop T. And, it was very quick, so it was hard to tell, but I think this was a schwa, ;at, at. At 1:30.; (loop two times)这里又有一个顿音T。它非常快,很难分辨,不过我觉得它是一个弱读音,“at, at. At 1:30.”(循环两次);Be there at 1:30.; (loop three times)我们会在一点半到那里。(循环三次)When you#39;re talking about the time of something, try pronouncing ;at; this way, very quickly.当你在谈论某事的时间时,试着这样读“at”,很快。;Right. I think they want to just...;是的,我觉得他们只是Another Stop T here. It#39;s the end of a sentence. ;Right.;这里在句子的结尾又有一个顿音T。“Right.”;Right. (loop three times) I think they want to just.;“Right. (循环三次) I think they want to just.”Did you notice how my Dad did not make a TH sound here, but rather just an H sound? And he connected it to ;I;. ;I think, I think, I think.;你注意到了吗?我爸爸在这里并没有发TH音,而是一个H音。他将它与“I”连读。“I think, I think, I think.”;I think they want to just.; (loop three times)是的,我觉得他们只是(循环三次)I#39;ve noticed some native speakers do this with the TH in ;think;. We use this phrase a lot. ;I think this, I think that.;我注意到了许多英语母语者都会这样发“think”里的TH音。我们经常用这个短语。“I think this, I think that.”And it#39;s not uncommon to hear the H sound instead of the TH. It#39;s a funny little reduction that we do of a content word. ;I think they.;把TH音发成H音并不罕见。这是我们对一个实词的很有意思的一个略读。“I think they.”;I think they want to just (loop three times) chat, and...; ;Yeah.;“I think they want to just (循环三次) chat, and...” “Yeah.”You probably noticed the ;wanna; reduction here.你可能注意到了这里的“wanna”略读。;I think they want to.; (loop three times)我觉得他们(循环三次)Very common in American English.这在美式英语里很常见。;I think they want to just chat, and...; ;Yeah.;我觉得他们只是闲聊,然后,你知道的...... 是的。Also, the word ;just;. We often reduce this so it sounds like there#39;s basically no vowel. ;Just (loop three times), want to just (loop two times).;还有单词“just”。我们通常会略读这个单词,所以它听起来基本上没有元音。“Just (循环三次), want to just (循环两次).”;I think they want to just (loop three times) chat, and...; ;Yeah.;“I think they want to just (循环三次) chat, and...” “Yeah.”;Chat.; Another Stop T at the end of this thought.“Chat.”在这个观点的最后又有一个顿音T。;I think they want to just chat, and...;我觉得他们只是闲聊,然后The word ;and; was very reduced, to just the schwa N sound, ;nn, nn.;单词“and”被略读为弱读音N,“nn, nn.”;Chat and.; ;Yeah.; (loop three times);You know, stuff.;闲聊,然后,(循环三次)“You know, stuff.”;You know.; Did you notice that this was the schwa and not the OO as in BOO vowel? ;You, you, you know.;“You know.”你注意到了吗?这里是个弱读音,而不是BOO里的OO元音。“You, you, you know.”We pronounce these two words together this way all the time. ;You know.; (loop three times)我们经常把这两个单词一起这样读。“You know.”(循环三次);Chat and.; ;Yeah.;;You know, stuff (loop three times) before.; ;Sure.;“Chat and.” “Yeah.”“You know, stuff (循环三次) before.” “Sure.”;Will it take, like, fifteen minutes to get there, or?;到那里要用15分钟还是?Let#39;s talk about the word ;fifteen; for a second.我们来讨论一下单词“fifteen”。Some people have a hard time hearing the difference between 15 and 50.有些人很难分辨15和50的区别。The sounds are a little different, but also, the stress is different.它们的发音有些不同,并且,重音也不同。;Fifteen.; Stress is on the second syllable there, ; teen, teen, fifteen.;“Fifteen.”重音是在第二个音节上,“ teen, teen, fifteen.”So it#39;s short long. For the word ;fifty;, it#39;s the opposite. It#39;s long short. ;Fifty, fifty.;所以它的音是短 长。而单词“fifty”则恰恰相反。它的音是长 短。“Fifty, fifty.”;Fifteen, fifteen.;;Will it take, like fifteen minutes (loop three times) to get there, or?;“Fifteen, fifteen.”“Will it take, like fifteen minutes (循环三次) to get there, or?”I reduced the vowel in ;to; to the schwa, like we almost always do. I did keep this as a True T though.我把“to”里面的元音略读为了弱读音,就像我们经常做的那样。不过我把这个T发成了清音T。The sound before was unvoiced, ;ts, ts, ts. Minutes to.; (loop two times)它前面的音是不发音的,“ts, ts, ts. Minutes to.”(循环两次);Fifteen minutes to get there, or?; (loop three times)15分钟还是?(循环三次)Did you notice this T? Stop T because the next sound was a consonant, the voiced TH.你注意到这个T了吗?它是一个顿音T,因为后面的音是辅音,发音的TH。;Get there, get there.;;Fifteen minutes to get there, or?; (loop three times)“Get there, get there.”“Fifteen minutes to get there, or?”(循环三次)How was this word pronounced? ;Or, or.; Just the schwa R sound, very quick. This is another function word, so I#39;ve reduced it.这个单词是怎么发音的呢?“Or, or.”只有弱读R音,很快。这也是一个虚词,所以我把它略读了。;To get there, or?; (loop three times) ;Oh no. It#39;ll take...;“To get there, or?” (循环三次) “Oh no. It’ll take...”Did you hear Dad? He reduced ;it will; to the contraction ;it#39;ll;. ;It#39;ll.; (loop three times)你听到我爸爸把“it will”略读为“it#39;ll”了吗?“It’ll.”(循环三次);Oh no. It#39;ll take...; (loop three times) ;Ten?; ;Five.; ;Five.;“Oh no. It’ll take....” (循环三次) “Ten?” “Five.” “Five.”What#39;s different about the pitch, the intonation of these two phrases?这两个句子的音调和语调有什么不同呢?;Ten?; ;Five.; ;Five.;十分钟? 五分钟。 五分钟。This one goes up in pitch, this one goes down.这一句语调上升,这一句下降。That#39;s because I#39;m asking the question here. I don#39;t know how long it will take.这是因为我在问问题,我不知道要用多久的时间。The statement, where my dad was sure, goes down in pitch.我爸爸的这句陈述句语调下降。If you#39;re not sure, your phrase goes up. If you#39;re sure, your phrase goes down.如果你不确定的话,语调上升,如果你确定的话,语调下降。;Ten?; ;Five.; ;Five.; (loop three times)十分钟? 五分钟。 五分钟。(循环三次)Not till two. Right, but we#39;re... And maybe somewhat after that. But we said we#39;d be there at 1:30.不到两点。 是的,但是我们...... 或许会是两点以后。 但我们说过我们会在一点半到那里。Right. I think they want to just chat, and, you know... Yeah. Stuff before. Sure.是的,我觉得他们只是闲聊,然后,你知道的...... 是的。 在那之前。 当然。Will it take, like 15 minutes to get there? Or? Oh no. It#39;ll take... Ten? Five. Five. Okay. So we can leave at, like, 1:25. Yeah.到那里要用15分钟还是? 哦,不。大概要用...... 十分钟? 五分钟。 五分钟。好的,那我们就可以1点25分出发了。 是的。We might as well head back anyway. Yeah. That way we can still... Yeah. Stop and look at the alligators if we want. 我们最好还是回去了。 是的,那样的话我们还可以...... 是的。 想看的话可以停下来看看短吻鳄。Right. We probably won#39;t see much more. I was hoping to see... No. sandhill cranes, but.是的。我们可能不会再见到了。我还想看看...... 不。 沙丘鹤,但是。Right. We would definitely see, we would definitely see more alligators, but we probably wouldn#39;t see anymore of anything different.是的。我们一定会去看的,我们肯定会再看短吻鳄,不过可能看不到什么不一样的了。Well, we#39;ve seen enough of those I think.嗯,我觉得我们已经看的够多了。That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201706/513896新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson54:Brave Experiences勇敢的经历796. You’re very brave. 你非常勇敢。797. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. 我们唯一应该害怕的就是害怕本身。798. Playing contact sports builds character. 玩那些有身体接触的运动能够培养人的性格。799. He grew up in a rough neighborhood. 他在很艰苦的环境中长大。800. He jumped into the river to save that boy from drowning. 他跳下河去救那个落水的小男孩。801. He is certainly not a cowardu. 他当然不是一个懦夫。802. She didn’t panicv when the bear saw her. 当熊看到她的时候,她没有惊慌。803. It took a lot of nerve to go out in the stormw. 要有很大勇气才能走到进暴风雨中去。804. We all have to conquer some fears. 我们都必须克某些恐惧。805. Courage means different things to different people. 勇气对于不同的人来说有不同的含义。806. There is an amazing story of a man who managed to stop a robberyx. 有一个了不起的故事,是关于一个人阻止了一次抢劫。807. I wonder why he risked his life for a stranger. 我想知道他为什么会为一个陌生人冒生命危险。808. He said that he couldn’t just stand by and watch some innocent person get hurt. 他说他不能袖手旁观,看着无辜的人受到伤害。809. I just did what anyone would have done in my situation. 我所做的事情,别人在我的处境下也会这么做的。810. I really didn’t have time to think. I just acted. 我真的没有时间想了。我就是那么做了。【生词解读】1. coward [5kauEd] n. 懦夫,胆怯者2. panic [5pAnik] v. 恐慌3. storm [stC:m] n. 暴风雨4. robbery [5rCbEri] n. 抢劫;盗取;抢劫案 /200811/19277And scientists realised there was a barrier that was beginning to form at exactly the right time,科学家们意识到那道屏障正好也在当时开始形成something else that was created as the super-continent split apart: the Atlantic Ocean.超大陆的分裂还创造了别的东西:大西洋In the mid-Jurassic the new ocean flooded in,中侏罗世诞生了一片新的大洋cutting present day North America off from South America.隔开了今天的北美洲和南美洲Because of the oceans, animals would have been isolated on the newly formed continents因为有了海洋,动物被隔离在新生大陆上allowing them to evolve separately and creating many new types of dinosaur.使得它们独自进化成许多种新的恐龙It#39;s a process scientists call vicariance, but vicariance is very difficult to prove.科学家们称这一过程为地理分隔,但是地理分隔很难得到明Up until now it#39;s been very difficult to demonstrate the connection between vicariance and dinosaur diversity in the middle Jurassic.直到现在我们都很难明地理分隔和中侏罗世恐龙多样性之间的联系We have lacked any site that has sufficient high resolution to show us any connection between these processes.我们还没能找到一个地方能充分说明这些过程之间的关系But that was before Argentina.但这只是在阿根廷这次发现之前The first clues about vicariance came from something surprising,第一条地理分隔的线索来自一个令人吃惊的发现a discovery that seemed to have nothing to do with dinosaurs.这一发现似乎与恐龙没有任何关系。 Article/201706/513283

  栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431427Justin has vowed to be here every week as long as he possibly-- is in town,贾斯汀发誓每个星期都会来这 只要他可以在这个小镇上so--so you#39;ll be here every week.所以所以每个星期你都会来这And--#39;cause the last time you were here, we pranked some people in the bathroom.并且因为上次来这里的时候 我们在浴室里捉弄了一些人We surprised some women and scared them, and it was really fun. Yeah.我们使一些女人感到惊奇吓唬她们 那的确是很有趣 是的And so now, this is something you do on your own. What do you do?现在 你要做一些你自己可以做的事 你要做什么?I just love doing prank phone calls with my friends.我喜欢对我朋友玩电话恶作剧It#39;s, like, probably top five favorite things to do, so...这个 像 大概是我最喜欢做的前五件事情 所以……You#39;re just sitting around, and you just call people.你只是坐着 然后给别人打电话Do you ever tell them it#39;s you? No. No. No.你以前告诉过她们你是谁吗?没有 没有 没有I just let it play on. Okay, so make sure-- if you get a prank phone call, don#39;t hang up.我只是玩玩 好吧,所以确保--你如果接到了一个恶作剧电话 不要挂断It could be Justin. You don#39;t know. Don#39;t just hang up.他可能是贾斯汀打的 你只是不知道 不要挂断电话All right, so we#39;re gonna prank somebody now that we know is a big fan of yours.好的 所以我们现在开始来恶作剧别人 是我们知道的你一个狂热粉丝Let#39;s do it. And she actually-- she goes to college,让我们开始 她实际上她是大学生schedules her classes around watching my show, so she is a fan of mine and yours.她除了上课以为就是在看我的节目了 所以她是我和你的粉丝And what are you gonna do? What are you gonna say?你将要做什么?我要说些什么?So I was thinking, #39;cause she goes to UMass-- I got these notes here.让我想想 “因为她在马塞诸塞州大学上课”--我这里有一些笔记She is a really good student, so I think we should scare her她是一个很好的学生 所以我认为我们应该吓吓她saying that we got her grades, and they#39;re not doing too well. Okay.说我们得到了她的成绩 她的成绩不是很好 可以Who are you gonna be? Who you be? I don#39;t know. - ;Who you be,; I say.你要变成谁?你是谁?我不知道 “你是谁 ”我说I think I should be, like-- Who you be? Who you be? Who you be though? For real.我认为我应该 像--你是谁?你是谁?说真的 你到底想当谁?Right. All right. No, all right, so who do you think I should be?好的 都可以 不是 都可以所以你认为我应该是谁?I got two voices. I think I should either be John, with the deep voice, or...我有两种声音 我认为我可以是约翰 用低沉的声音 或者……I could be Peter. What do you think? You guys think Peter or John? Peter, okay.我可以是彼得 你认为怎么样?你们让我是彼得还是约翰?彼得 好的Peter? All right, cool. Okay, shh. All right. Shh. All right.彼得?好的 很棒 好的 嘘 好的 嘘 好的Hello? Hello. This is Peter from UMass. Is this Miss Melanson? Yes.你好?你好 这里是马塞诸塞州大学的彼得 是曼森吗?是的I#39;m actually the head of the English department,我是英语系的主任and it#39;s been brought to my attention that you#39;ve been missing some classes lately.这有个事情引起了我的注意 你最近旷了一些课Is that true? Um, no, I haven#39;t missed any class. This is Miss Melanson, correct?是这样的吗?嗯 不是 我没有错过任何一节课 是曼森 是吗?Yes. Jocelyn, yes. Okay, and your parents are LeeAnn and Steven? Yes.是的。乔斯林 是的 好的 你的父母是李安和斯蒂文吗?是的Okay. This--this isn#39;t funny to me. I don#39;t know why you#39;re laughing.好的 这个对我来说不是很好笑 我不知道你为什么要笑Well, it#39;s not funny to me. I didn#39;t miss any class.好的 对我来说不好笑 我没有旷过任何一节课You--did you go to class yesterday? No, it was a snow day.你你昨天去上课了吗?没有 昨天是下雪天Well, we actually had school yesterday. It wasn#39;t a snow day at all.好的 我们昨天实际上是有课的 昨天不是下雪天What are you gonna do about it? Okay. You got to make it up. You should probably--你要做一些什么?好吧 你需要补过这个错误 你应该--I#39;ll have to talk to the admissions department and figure it out, #39;cause...我想要说我找教务处解决这个问题了,因为……Say, ;Stop yelling at me.; Stop--first of all, you can stop yelling at me.说 “别对我大喊大叫” 停下来首先 你不要对我大喊大叫I#39;m sorry. Just calm down. ;My assistant wants to speak with you.;对不起 你先冷静下来 “我的助理想和你说话”One second, my assistant wants to speak with you. Okay.一秒钟 我的助理想和你说话 好的Yes, I#39;m his assistant, and I don#39;t do accents nearly as well as he does.是的 我是他的助理 我不学也和他口音差不多My name is Ellen DeGeneres, and that was Justin Bieber我的名字是 艾伦·德杰尼勒斯 并且那个是贾斯汀·比伯that was on the phone with you just now. Oh, my God.刚刚和你通话的人 哦,我的天We#39;re taping a show right now-- I know, youJustin was being--我们现在在录制一个节目--我知道 你--贾斯汀在--Justin, that was rude. That was rude. I#39;m sorry. It was his idea to call you.贾斯汀 之前很不礼貌 之前很不礼貌 对不起 打给你电话是他的主意But actually, Justin thought you should come to a taping, and so we#39;ll fly you out here.但是实际上 Justin认为你应该来录制节目 所以我们在这给你订了机票You#39;ll come to a show, you#39;ll meet Justin, and--would that be fun?你可以来我们的节目 你可以见到贾斯汀 你觉得开心吗?Oh, I#39;m about to start screaming. I#39;m jumping around. My roommate thinks I#39;m crazy.噢 我开始尖叫 我跳来跳去 我的室友认为我疯了Oh, my God! All right. All right, well-- Thank you so much.哦 我的天!好的 好的 好的--十分感谢你You#39;re welcome. And buckle down. Quit fooling around in that college there.不客气 我们倾尽全力 在那所大学停止恶作剧I#39;ll try not to. All right, we#39;ll see you soon. Okay, thank you so much!我不希望那样 好的 我们很快再见 好的 十分感谢你All right, bye. I love you guys. Ah, we love you too. Love you.好的 再见 我爱你们 嗯 我们也爱你 爱你 Article/201706/515311

  I think heat#39;s gonna be a big issue for everyone working on this face today.高温是困扰这我们的最大问题You know, it#39;s gonna be hot,hot as you like on there.会非常炎热 在那里会非常炎热You know, any issues, feeling weird,you know, water. You know, you can dehydrate so fast in these sort of climes,任何问题 奇怪的感觉 还有缺水 在这种气候下脱水很快so we just look out for each other there.所以我们都互相堤防When it#39;s at its highest and most intense,the sun is a brutal enemy.当正午太阳升到天顶 它无疑成了残酷的敌人Really, the heat out here is just relentless,说真的 这里的高温 太残酷了and we#39;ve just had to evacuate another of the crew with heatstroke.又有一位中暑的组员 需要疏散;Sahara; was an interesting one. We did have crew members dropping like flies out there.We had serious exposure to the heat.撒哈拉是个有趣的地方 很多组员都像只无头苍蝇 我们被暴晒And we weren#39;t getting any shade throughout the days.And your body can only take so much.白天里没有任何阴凉处 你的身体无法承受过度暴晒It was so hot.So, I watched the sound man, I was watching,the cameraman, thinking who#39;s going to be the next.太热了 我看着音响技师 我看着摄影师 心里想着谁可能会下一个倒下It comes home to you, when you#39;re evacuating people,当你疏散病人时 你就会明白how dangerous sometimes these scenarios are and how dangerous the weather can be.这种场景 这种气候会有多么危险Whether it#39;s dealing with the climate or the creatures,surviving in the wild is tough,无论是与气候 还是和生物打交道 在荒野中生存都是困难重重and extreme environments call for extreme techniques.极端的环境需要极端的技能I#39;m not expecting this to be particularly pleasant.我没指望这会是次 特别愉快的旅行 Article/201611/475705

  【视频讲解】Other satirists are finding Mr Trump’s tendency to defy parody harder to handle.其他的讽刺作家发现川普先生的不太收到滑稽模仿影响。Defy1. 不影响,不为所动:不受…的影响;经受得住或顶得住:“So the plague defied all medicines”(Daniel Defoe)“所有药物都无法治愈的瘟疫”(丹尼尔#8226;迪福)2. 不从,不合作:拒绝屈…,或拒绝与…合作:Sam defied the court order by leaving the country.Sam 出国逃避法院程序。3. 违抗This was the first (and last) time that I dared to defy my mother.这是我第一次(也是最后一次)胆敢违抗我母亲。 “It’s really tricky now as satire has become reality,” Trey Parker, co-creator of “South Park”, a satirical cartoon which presented the Trump-Clinton contest as the “giant douche or the turd sandwich”, has said.“现在讽刺已经变成现实的情况真的很棘手”, 南方公园”的联合创始人Trey Parker这么说到,他曾将特朗普 - 克林顿的竞选以一则“巨型灌肠或者三明治”的讽刺漫画展示出来。Tricky 难对付的 (注意和trick 区别!)Parking can be tricky downtown.在市中心停车会很难。douche冲洗液Turd排泄物The Onion has the same problem.而洋葱网也有同样的问题。One of the satirical online paper’s recent headlines, “Eric Trump Scolds Father That He Mustn’t Inquire About The Businesses, For He’s Sworn Not To Tell,” is a pretty faithful description of the firewall between the 45th president and his family firm.在洋葱网的最近头条中,“Eric Trump 责骂其父亲,即他不可打听企业事务,因为他宣誓了不过问,”这是对第45位总统和他的家族企业之间所存在的防火墙的一个相当靠谱的描述。Scold 喜谩骂的人:经常唠叨或批评的人:“As a critic gets older, he or she usually grows more tetchy and... may even become a big-league scold”(James Wolcott)“当一个批评家衰老的时候,通常变得更为暴躁…甚至会成为一流的骂街者”(詹姆斯#8226;沃尔科特)Inquire1. 查询; 打听;What are you doing there?; she inquired. “你在那里做什么?”她问道。2. 提问:“I am free to inquire what a work of art means to me”(Bernard Berenson)“我有权就一件艺术品对我的意义提问”(伯纳德#8226;贝伦森)Swear 宣誓The allegations against them were made in sworn evidence to the inquiry.对他们的指控都是从调查中得到的宣过誓的词中提出的。swear at 诅咒,咒骂:Don#39;t swear at him;it#39;s all of my faults.别骂他啦,全都是我的错!Faithful 忠实He spends his time making speeches at factories or gatherings of the Party faithful.他花时间在工厂或者在该党忠实拥护者的集会上发表演讲。Indeed, many of the headlines generated by Mr Trump’s administration are deeply Onion-esque.事实上,特朗普政府颁布的许多标题都是“洋葱式”的。-esque后缀,表示“...特色的”,“风格的”Picturesque 风景如画的picturesque rocky shores.风景如画的岩石海岸Romanesque 罗马风格的Kellyanne Conway, a Trump spokeswoman, was briefly barred by CNN for using alternative facts—her references to a fictitious jihadist atrocity, which Ms Conway called the “Bowling Green Massacre”, were the last straw.特朗普发言人凯莉安.康威被美国有线电视新闻网禁止过发布非真实性的报道--文章中提到了一个虚构的“圣战暴行”,康威称“林格林大屠杀”是最后一根稻草。Fictitious 虚假的; 虚幻的We#39;re interested in the source of these fictitious rumours.对这些子虚乌有的谣言的来源感兴趣。Atrocity 暴行The killing was cold-blooded, and those who committed this atrocity should be tried and punished.这场杀戮非常残酷,那些犯下此暴行的人应该受到审判和惩罚。Massacre 大屠杀Jihadist 圣战主义者the last straw 最后一根稻草Mr Trump’s wife, Melania, has sued a newspaper for reporting lurid untruths about her on the basis that this cost her the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” of making millions as “one of the most photographed women in the world”.特朗普的妻子梅拉尼亚(Melania)也起诉过一家报道了她一些骇人听闻的不实信息的报纸,这篇报道使她成为了 “世界上最受关注的妇女之一”。Sue 诉讼Mr. Warren sued for libel over the remarks. 沃伦先生对那些提起诽谤诉讼。Lurid 骇人听闻的a lurid account of the crime.骇人听闻的犯罪报道once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 千载难逢的机会But those that do consider it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for their children to experience the life of a princess, if only for a week.但也有的家长觉得这是一次千载难逢的好机会,可以让自己的女儿体验一回当王妃的感觉,哪怕只有一周也好。No satirist could do better.没有讽刺家能做的更好的了。SNL’s response, in sending up Mr Spicer, is to shift the focus onto one of the relatively normal players in Trump world, to show how pervasively strange it is.美国综艺节目《周六夜现场》回应斯派塞先生时,是把焦点转移到特朗普团队中这个相对正常的工作人员之一,以突出如此奇怪的现象。Send up 模仿Pervasive 无处不在的 ...the pervasive influence of the army in national life. …军队在国民生活中无处不在的影响。At first glance, none of this should bother Mr Trump. SNL’s weekly audience of 10m represents less than half his Twitter following and is dominated by left-leaning millennials who would sooner work in an abattoir than vote Trump.乍一看,这些不应给川普先生带来任何困扰。《周六夜现场》每周1000万名观众人数还不到其推特粉丝的一半,而且他们深受那些宁愿到角斗场工作都不愿投票给川普的左派人物的影响。At first glanceVon Neumann was particularly interested in seeing if he could develop optimal strategies for these kinds of mutual games, because at first glance they seemed almost insolvable in theory.冯#8226;诺依曼最感兴趣的是想看看自己能否给这种互动游戏找出最理想的策略,因为乍一看来,它们在理论上几乎是无解的。Abattoir 屠宰场;角斗场Yet Mr Trump, who unlike his core voters devours the mainstream media and loves to hobnob with the celebrities who appear on shows like SNL, minds the lampooning a lot.然而特朗普先生却不像他的核心持者一样喜欢紧盯主流媒体,还喜欢看着像《周六夜现场》这样的节目喝上两杯。他对那些讽刺表演十分在意。hobnob with 与...亲密I used to hobnob with the rich and famous.我过去常与富有而又著名的人交往。the mainstream media 主流媒体We have been in some of the indicators is the mainstream media.我们在一些指标上已经是主流媒体了。Lampoon 讽刺“Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!” he tweeted last month.“一点都不好玩,演员十分糟糕,总在完全的讽刺。十分糟糕的电视节目!”他上个月发推特说道。Cast 演员The show is very amusing and the cast is very good.表演非常有趣,演员都很优秀。Hit 讽刺Hit it big 成功investors who hit it big on the stock market.投资者在股票市场上获得了成功hit up 【俚语】 请求,要求:尤指接近并向(某人)索要金钱:tried to hit me up for a loan 试图请求我贷款Hit on 吸引地注意:对异性吸引自发地且通常不受欢迎地注意:I can#39;t go into a bar lately without being hit on.最近只要去酒吧,没有不受到注意的SNL’s response was to start planning ways to take Mr Baldwin’s impression, which the actor has described as a civic duty, to a wider audience.《周六夜现场》回应称他们开始规划让鲍德温先生让更多观众熟知,而鲍德温称这是公民义务。Impression1. 曝光2. 造成强烈影响,The type of aid coming in makes no immediate impression on the horrific death rates.这种即将到来的救助不会对恐怖的死亡率造成立杆见影的强烈影响。civic duty 公民义务The researchers say these changes raise questions about the civic duty of public education.那些研究人员说这些变化提出了关于公共教育的公民责任问题。 Article/201706/512619。

  Fat Bird: Hey, are you two free on Saturday?胖鸟: 嗨,你们星期六有空吗?Bird1: Yeah! What do you have in mind?小鸟1: 是的。怎么了?Fat Bird: I'd like to take you to...胖鸟: 我想带你们去……Bird2: ...take us to dinner? 小鸟2: ……带我们去吃晚餐?Bird2: Cool! I really enjoyed that bug-pizza we had last time!小鸟2: 酷!我喜欢我们上次吃的虫子披萨!Fat Bird: No, no! 胖鸟: 不,不!Fat Bird: I want to take you to study a foreign language!胖鸟: 我要带你们去学外语!Bird 1amp;2: Study a foreign language?小鸟1和2: 学外语?Fat Bird: Sure! 胖鸟: 对!Fat Bird: Wouldn't it be great to speak another language? 胖鸟: 能说外语很棒,不是吗?Fat Bird: It would be so useful!胖鸟: 外语真的很有用!Bird 1: It would?小鸟1: 是吗?Fat Bird: Yeah, just think how much fun it would be to sing in another language!胖鸟: 当然,想想,用外语唱歌有多有趣!Bird 2: Really? Okay!小鸟2: 真的吗?好吧!Bird 1: Yeah, let's try it!小鸟1: 好吧,让我们试试!Dog: All right then, repeat after me!老师: 好了,跟我读! /200604/5790

  新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson26:TALKING ABOUT DATES谈日子376. When was the Declaration#61557; of Independence#61558;? 《独立宣言》是什么时候宣布的?377. Our spring break is from April#61559; 2 to April 16. 我们的春假是从四月二号到四月十六号。378. What’s tomorrow’s date? 明天是几号?379. Tomorrow is November#61560; 25. 明天是十一月二十五号。380. The convention#61561; starts on the 24th of March#61562;. 公约于三月二十四日生效。381. I have to complete my taxes by April 15th. 我必须在四月十五日之前交清税。382. Rent#61563; is due by the first of every month. 房租在每月的一号交。383. School starts on the 23rd. 学校二十三号开学。384. We have 3 days left until the 4th of July. 到七月四号,我们还剩下三天。385. Is the 30th on a Monday#61564;? 三十号是星期一吗?386. This office will be closed for the holidays. 这办公室节假日关门。387. The last game will be on the 9th of March. 最后一场比赛将于三月九号举行。388. My birthday is on May 19th. 我的生日在五月十九号。389. I have to finish this essay#61565; by next Tuesday#61566;. 我必须在下星期二之前完成这论文。390. I leave for Germany⑾ on the 11th of next month. 我下个月十一号去德国。【生词解读】1. Declaration [#61495;#61540;#61541;#61547;#61548;#61509;#61493;#61554;#61541;#61545;#61510;#61509;#61550;] n. 宣布;宣言;声明 2. Independence [#61495;#61545;#61550;#61540;#61545;#61493;#61552;#61541;#61550;#61540;#61509;#61550;#61555;] n. 独立;自主;自立 3. April [#61493;#61541;#61545;#61552;#61554;#61509;#61548;] n. 四月 4. November [#61550;#61509;#61557;#61493;#61558;#61541;#61549;#61538;#61509;] n. 十一月 5. convention [#61547;#61509;#61550;#61493;#61558;#61541;#61550;#61510;#61509;#61550;] n. 公约;协定6. March [#61549;#61506;#61498;#61556;#61510;] n. 三月 7. rent [#61554;#61541;#61550;#61556;] n. 租金;租费8. Monday [#61493;#61549;#61521;#61550;#61540;#61541;#61545;] n. 星期一 9. essay [#61493;#61541;#61555;#61541;#61545;] n. 论说文;散文;小品文10. Tuesday [#61493;#61556;#61546;#61557;#61498;#61562;#61540;#61545;] n. 星期二 11. Germany [#61493;#61540;#61526;#61509;#61498;#61549;#61509;#61550;#61545;] n. 德国 /200708/16928

  深圳基本英语100句 Word T-Y暂无文本相关专题: 新英语900句 /200708/17155

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