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New research provides further evidence to suggest that sufficient vitamin D while pregnant can have health benefits for future children, with a recent Australian study suggesting that the vitamin could help prevent autism traits in offspring.新研究提供进一步据,表明怀期间摄入足够的维生素D能为宝宝的未来发展带来健康益处,最近的一项澳大利亚研究表明维生素D或能预防后代的自闭症。Autism -- or autism spectrum disorder -- is a lifelong condition where sufferers experience developmental disabilities such as an inability to communicate with others, interact socially, or fully comprehend the world.自闭症,或是自闭症谱系障碍,是一种终身性疾病,患者会经历发育障碍,比如无法与他人交流、无法与社会互动,或无法完全地理解世界。In their animal study, a team of researchers from the University of Queensland#39;s Queensland Brain Institute used the most widely accepted developmental model of autism, in which the mice behaved abnormally and demonstrated problems with social interaction and basic learning.在他们对动物的研究中,一组来自昆士兰大学昆士兰大脑研究所的研究人员使用了最为广泛接受的自闭症发展模式,研究中,小老鼠表现异常,并出现社交和基本学习障碍。The team of researchers gave the pregnant mice active vitamin D supplements, and found that pregnant females treated with active vitamin D in the equivalent of the first trimester of pregnancy produced offspring that did not develop autism deficits.这组研究人员让怀的老鼠摄入活性维生素D补充剂,并发现:期前三个月摄入活性维生素D的小老鼠的后代不会产生自闭症障碍。The discovery provides further evidence of the crucial role vitamin D plays in brain development, said lead researcher Professor Darryl Eyles, with the results also backing up QBI#39;s other recent human studies on the effect of vitamin D on autism.该发现进一步表明:维生素D对大脑发育至关重要,首席研究员达里尔·艾尔斯教授说道,该研究结果还持了昆士兰大脑研究所最近开展的维生素D对自闭症影响的其它人类研究。QBI#39;s 2016 study carried out with the Erasmus Medical Centre in The Netherlands looked at blood samples from 4229 pregnant women and found that those who had low vitamin D levels at 20 weeks#39; gestation were more likely to have a child with autistic traits by the age of six, suggesting a link between low vitamin D and brain growth and neurodevelopmental disorders.2016年昆士兰大脑研究所与荷兰伊拉斯姆斯医学中心共同开展的一项研究对4229名妇进行了血样检测,并发现在妊娠20周时维生素D低的妇,她们的孩子更有可能在6岁的时候发展自闭症特征,这就表明维生素D摄入量低与大脑发育、神经发育障碍之间存在联系。However commenting on the results of the new study, researcher Dr Wei Luan also pointed out that although vitamin D is crucial for health, including maintaining healthy bones, the active hormonal form of vitamin D cannot be given to pregnant women because it may affect the skeleton of the developing fetus.然而,在新研究的结果时,研究员魏栾士也指出:尽管维生素D对健康至关重要,能维持健康的骨骼,但妇不能摄入维生素D中的活性激素,因为这可能会影响发育中胎儿的骨骼。However, he also added that, ;Recent funding will now allow us to determine how much cholecalciferol -- the supplement form that is safe for pregnant women -- is needed to achieve the same levels of active hormonal vitamin D in the bloodstream.;然而,他还指出,;现在有了资金,我们能够确定需要多少胆钙化醇--妇可安全摄入的补充剂--就能在血液中达到和活性激素维生素D相同的效果。;Vitamin is produced by skin cells when exposed to sunlight, however it can also be found in some foods including oily fish (salmon, trout, tuna, sardines and mackerel), calf#39;s liver, soy and egg yolks.当暴露在阳光下时,皮肤细胞能产生维生素,但有些食物也含有维生素,包括富含脂肪的鱼类(三文鱼、鳟鱼、金鱼、沙丁鱼和鲭鱼)、小牛的肝、大豆和蛋黄。译文属 /201704/502987

Photoshopping wedding photos can lead to hilarious results, and this post is one of them. Someone uploaded a photo of a Beluga whale ;attending; a wedding ceremony and reddit#39;s troll army is at it again.用PS处理结婚照可能会变得十分滑稽,这个帖子就是一个例子。某人上传了一只白鲸“参加”婚礼的照片,而社交新闻网站Reddit上的“水军”又把目标对准了它。Apparently, newlywed couples nowadays quite frequently go to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut to get some photos in front of these huge creatures. However this particular one caught the internet#39;s attention because the whale looks really invested in the ceremony. From transforming the Beluga into the best man, to making the whale in charge of the ceremony - the trolls found quite a few reasons why he is attending.显然,新婚夫妇们如今经常会去康涅狄格州的神秘水族馆,在这些巨大生物前拍一些照片。然而,这张特别的照片吸引了网友们的注意,因为这只鲸看上去真的像在参加婚礼。从转变白鲸为伴郎,到由白鲸主持婚礼,这些恶搞的帖子找到了不少白鲸会参加婚礼的原因。 /201703/495373

A superb imperial matchlock musket will be sold at Sotheby#39;s in London in November with an estimated price of 1.5 million pounds (.85 million).一把精致的御制火将于11月在伦敦苏富比拍卖会上拍卖,其估价达到了150万英镑(185万美元)。This rare and exquisitely produced musket is the first Chinese firearm with an imperial reign mark to be offered at auction.这把罕见且制作非常精美的火是拍卖的第一个具有皇家统治标记的中国火器。According to The Guardian, the musket was manufactured in the 18th century, specially produced for Qianlong Emperor (1711-99) in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).根据《卫报》报道,这把火是在18世纪专为清朝(1644-1911)乾隆皇帝(1711-99)制造的。It is decorated in gold and silver, and inscribed with Chinese characters meaning ;supreme grade, number one; on its barrel.这把火以金银装饰,筒上刻着意为“特等第一”的字样。Robert Bradlow, the senior director of Chinese works of art at Sotheby#39;s in London, said that the musket represents the pinnacle of Chinese imperial craftsmanship, and it is ;one of the most important Chinese treasures; ever auctioned at Sotheby#39;s.伦敦苏富比中国艺术品高级总监罗伯特·布拉德拉表示,这种火代表了中国御制工艺的巅峰,是苏富比拍卖的“中国最重要的宝物”之一。Emperor Qianlong, reigning from 1735 to 1796, was an avid hunter and art collector, who possessed a wide variety of imperial muskets.1735年至1796年统治中国的乾隆皇帝是一个狂热的猎人和收藏家,拥有各种各样的御制火。 /201610/475031China will appoint local government heads as river chiefs across the nation to clean up and protect its water resources, said a document published by the general offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council last Sunday.根据中共中央办公厅、国务院办公厅上周日印发的文件,我国将任命地方政府领导担任全国各地的河长,以清理和保护水资源。The central government expects to turn such practice into a nationwide mechanism by the end of 2018, said the document.该文件称,中央政府预计在2018年底将把这一举措变为一全国性的机制。China firstly appointed local government officials as river chiefs in 2007 to address pollution woes of a blue algae outbreak in Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Province.2007年,中国第一次将地方政府官员任命为河长,以解决江苏省太湖暴发的蓝藻污染问题。The practice was later adopted in several regions rich in water resources to ensure strong enforcement of environmental policies.这一做法后来被一些水资源丰富的地区所采用,以确保环境政策的强有力执行。Government officials will be hired as river chiefs at provincial, city, county and township levels, and heads of provincial regions will be general chiefs responsible for all rivers and lakes in the region, according to the document.根据文件,政府领导将担任省、市、县、乡级别的河长,省级区域的领导将任总河长,负责区域内所有河湖。Responsibilities will include water resource protection, pollution prevention and control, and ecological restoration. Their job performance will be assessed and they will be held accountable if environmental damage occurs in the waters they take charge of, the document said.文件称,河长的职责包括水资源保护、水污染防治和修复水生态等。河长的工作表现将接受考核,负责的水体出现环境损害的,将被问责。The central government expects to turn such practice into a nationwide mechanism by the end of 2018, the document said.根据文件,中央政府希望河长制在2018年年底前成为全国推行的制度。 /201612/484393People who claim they suffer aches and pains in damp weather are wrong, scientists say.科学家们表示,人们认为在潮湿的天气里就会关节疼痛的看法是不正确的。There is no link between the two - instead cold temperatures just makes people more aware of their discomfort, new research confirms.最新研究实,这两者之间没有任何关联--事实上寒冷的天气只是会让人们更加意识到身体的不适。Almost 1,000 people with lower back pain, and around 350 with knee osteoarthritis were assessed in a study.一项研究评估了大约1000名腰疼患者和350名膝关节炎症患者的状况。Weather figures from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology were also sourced for the duration of the study period.在研究进行期间,澳大利亚气象局的天气情况也作为数据来源进行参考。Researchers compared the weather at the time patients first noticed pain with weather conditions one week and one month before the onset. They found no association between back pain and temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction or precipitation.研究人员比对了患者首次出现疼痛那周的天气和发作前一个月的天气。他们发现,无论是气温、湿度、气压、刮风还是降雨,都与人们的腰痛没有关联。However, higher temperatures did slightly increase the chances of lower back pain.相反,高温倒是会轻微增加患腰痛病的机率。Professor Chris Maher, of The George Institute, Sydney, said: #39;The belief that pain and inclement weather are linked dates back to Roman times. But our research suggests this belief may be based on the fact that people recall events that confirm their pre-existing views.#39;悉尼大学乔治研究院的克里斯·马厄教授表示:“早在古罗马时期,人们就认为疼痛与天气阴冷有关。但我们的研究明,这个观点可能是基于先入为主导致的。”#39;Human beings are very susceptible so it’s easy to see why we might only take note of pain on the days when it’s cold and rainy outside, but discount the days when they have symptoms but the weather is mild and sunny.#39;“人类是非常容易受影响的,所以很容易发现,我们为何那么清楚的记得在寒冷阴雨天气的疼痛,而事实上在温暖晴好的天气里,疼痛也一直存在。”But he and his team conducted a second study after people remained adamant that adverse weather conditions worsened their symptoms. They used data from new patients with both lower back pain and osteoarthritis.不过,在人们坚称恶劣天气会加重疼痛时,他和他的团队人员进行了第二项研究。他们使用了那些同时患有腰疼病和膝关节炎症患者的数据。However, the results were almost exactly the same - proving there is #39;absolutely#39; no link between pain and the weather in these conditions.然而,研究结果仍近乎一模一样--明疼痛与天气“绝对”没有关联。 /201702/490690

How to Make a Kite怎样制作风筝In kite making extremely thin strips of bamboo or wood are used to construct a frame,which is then covered with paper or gauze. Painting and mounting are vitally important. The kites are made to resemble animals,figures and musical instrument. Some have rigid wings while others have movable ones. Some can even make sounds like an organ,a gong or a drum while flying. With the application of new technology to kite making, China has an ever-growing variety of these exquisitely shaped and patterned creations.在制作风筝中,尤其是需要极其细的竹条或木材用于构造一个帧,然后用纸或纱布将其覆盖。绘画和安装是非常重要的。风筝做得像动物,人物和乐器。一些有刚性的翅膀,而另一些可移动。有些甚至在飞行时可以像器官一样发出声音,像锣鼓。随着风筝制作的新技术的应用,中国不断增长风筝的品种,精美的形状和图案创作。 /201609/465667

China#39;s top health authority has publicized new guidelines to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.中国最高健康部门日前公布了一项新的指南,以帮助人们保持健康的生活方式。The guidelines, named ;5125,; contain a series of healthy tips, including daydreaming for five minutes every day, and exercising each day for one hour.这一名为“5125”的指南包含了一系列健康小贴士,其中包括每天发呆五分钟,每天锻炼一小时。Citizens can do this, the guidelines suggests, by mastering a sport or joining a social group for athletics.该指南指出,民众可以通过掌握一项运动或加入一个运动社群来做到这一点。It also suggests that citizens eat a diverse diet; in accordance with China#39;s dietary guidelines, people should consume 12 types of food every day, and 25 types in a week.它还建议民众保持多样化的饮食;按照中国的饮食指南,人们应该每天摄入12种食物,每周摄入25种食物。Work stress, irritability, overeating, decreased attention spans and insomnia are all common health problems in society today.工作压力大,易怒,暴饮暴食,注意力不集中和失眠都是当今社会常见的健康问题。At the launching ceremony, Wu Tao, an emotions management expert, said that living with long-term emotional distress has many health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease and even cancer.在启动仪式上,情绪管理专家吴涛表示,长期的情绪困扰有很多健康风险,如心血管疾病,胃肠道疾病甚至癌症。If not effectively handled, these stressors can have a huge impact on one#39;s family life, work and social life.如果不能有效地处理,这些压力可能对个人的家庭生活、工作和社会生活产生巨大的影响。To this end, Wu suggested learning to understand and analyze one#39;s own emotional state, and practicing skills to effectively manage emotions.为此,吴涛建议人们要学会理解和分析自己的情绪状态,以及练习有效地管理情绪的技能。This way, with one#39;s emotions in check, it#39;s possible to convert pressure and other seemingly negative feelings into motivation.这样,通过检查个人的情绪,可以将压力和其他看似消极的感觉转化为动力。 /201611/476174To celebrate the International Women#39;s Day on March 8, 2017, a construction company invited its female construction workers to take a series of photo shoots in Xi#39;an, Shannxi province.2017年3月8日,为庆祝国际妇女节,陕西省西安市一家建筑公司邀请该公司的工地女工人们拍摄了一组照片。Rather than putting on their usual construction uniforms, the female staff dressed up in beautiful gowns and put on delicate makeup.女工们没有穿平时的工地制,而是穿起了漂亮的长裙,画起了精致的妆容。The photos, taken by professional photographers, came out so stunning that they could barely recognize themselves.这组由专业摄影师拍摄出来的照片实在是太美了,以至于女工们自己都认不出来了。;I seldom think myself as young and girlish, but I do feel something different today,; a young worker said.一名年轻的女工说道:“我很少认为自己很年轻、很少女,但是今天我觉得有点儿不一样了。”;The makeup makes me feel like another person. It looks beautiful but actually I feel more exhausted to put on makeup than to work on the construction site,; another worker said.另一名女工则说道:“化妆让我觉得自己像是变了一个人似的。这看起来很漂亮,但是事实上我觉得化妆比在工地上干活还累。” /201703/498696South Korea is a highly developed country and it seems like a beautiful country with a beautiful culture. It is also very safe.韩国是一个高度发达的国家,它似乎是一个美丽的国家,有着美好的文化。它还很安全。My friend from South Korea who is fiercely patriotic warned me that South Korea has a huge ;dark side;. My female professor from South Korea also echoed that sentiment.我有一位来自韩国的朋友,他非常爱国,但是他警告我说,韩国有一个巨大的“黑暗面”。我的来自韩国的女教授也赞同这一观点。Would you rather live in boring heaven or exciting hell?This an oft repeated phrase within the Korean expat community is the choice that many Koreans feel they have to make when it comes to whether they stay in their home country or look abroad for opportunity. Korea is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and as you can see from the below map density is essentially inescapable:“你是愿意生活在无聊的天堂,还是刺激的地狱?”当谈到无论是待在自己的国家还是展望海外寻找机遇时,这句在韩国外籍人士社区中常常被重复的话,是个让许多韩国人觉得不得不做出的选择。韩国是世界上人口最为稠密的国家之一,从下面的地图中可以看出,人口稠密是基本无法避免的。 /201704/503785

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