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Major European Interest Rate Cuts Fail to Rally World Markets美国四百多万人领取失业救济补助Continued economic weakness has led to another round of interest rate cuts in Europe, while the number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits has reached a 26-year high.经济持续疲软引发欧洲新一轮利率削减,与此同时,美国申请失业救济的人数达到了26年的新高。For the third time in as many months, the European Central Bank has slashed interest rates - this time by three-quarters of a percent, the largest cut in the currency bloc's 10-year history. Central banks in Britain and Sweden cut interest rates even more aggressively. 欧洲中央在3个月里第三次降息,幅度为0.75个百分点,是欧元区成立10年来最大的降幅。英国和瑞典中央降息幅度更加大胆。ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet says Europe's anemic economic performance has greatly reduced any risk that lower interest rates will kindle inflation. 欧洲央行行长特里谢说,欧洲萧条的经济现状使得低利率引发通货膨胀的风险大为降低。"There is increased evidence that inflationary pressures are diminishing further," he said. "The decline in inflation rates is due mainly to the fall in commodity prices and the significant slowdown in economic activity largely related to the global effects of the financial turmoil." 特里谢说:“越来越多的据表明,通货膨胀的压力在进一步减小。通胀率降下来主要是由于农产品和矿产品价格下降以及经济活动的明显减少,主要是跟全球金融动荡的影响有关。”In the ed States, new claims for unemployment benefits moderated slightly last week, but still remain at levels indicative of a contracting labor market. Overall, more than four million Americans are receiving unemployment benefits, the largest number since 1982. 在美国,上星期首次申请失业救济的人数稍微减少,但是仍然维持在能够显示就业市场在萎缩的水平。总体看,美国共有400多万人在领取失业补助,是1982年以来的历史新高。Massive job cuts are no longer limited to America's battered financial sector, according to Deutsche Bank's chief U.S. economist, Joseph Lavorgna. 德意志首席美国经济学家约瑟夫.拉沃格纳认为,大量裁员已经不再局限于美国陷入困境的金融业。"The U.S. economy and, to a larger extent, the global economy just completely shut down," he said. "And companies are freezing all of their hiring, and in many cases laying workers off because demand [for their products] has completely collapsed." 拉沃格纳说:“美国经济,或者从更大范围看,全球经济已经完全停止运行。企业冻结所有的人员招聘,而且在许多情况下,正在裁减员工,因为产品需求完全崩溃了。”The Commerce Department provided further evidence of reduced demand for goods, reporting a 5.1 percent decline in U.S. factory orders for October, the biggest drop in eight years. 美国商务部报告说,美国10月份的工厂订单减少了5.1%,是8年来的最大降幅,从而进一步明需求下降这个事实。In addition, with the exception of bargain outlets, U.S. retailers are reporting weak sales figures for November.  此外,来自美国零售业的数据表示,除廉价商店之外,11月的销售疲软。"Rising food prices and the fear about losing your savings, losing your job, has all kicked in [intensified], and people are learning how to just say 'no' [to non-essential purchases]. December sales will be miserable," said retail analyst Candace Corlett. 零售分析师科利特说:“食品价格上涨以及担心失去积蓄、失去工作,这些都是零售业绩不好的原因,而且人们现在学会对不必要的物品说‘不’。12月的零售额会非常惨。”Many economists trace the economic slowdown to a credit crunch sparked by a wave of home foreclosures and mortgage defaults in the ed States. To help spur lending, resuscitate America's moribund housing sector, and boost the economy as a whole, the Federal Reserve has aggressively cut interest rates during the past year. 许多经济学家认为经济下滑是美国房主丧失房屋赎回权和拖欠抵押贷款引发的信贷紧缩所致。为了帮助人们借贷、重新振兴美国奄奄一息的住房业,进而推动整体经济,美国联邦储备委员会在过去一年已经几次大幅度削减利率。Yet, with interest rates aly at historically-low levels and no evidence of a pick-up in the housing market, the Treasury Department is reportedly crafting new, creative means to force mortgage rates even lower. Under one option, the federal government would invest in securities that finance loans for home purchases, stipulating a significantly reduced interest rate.The plan appeals to financial analyst Greg McBride."Lower mortgage rates are designed to put more buying power in the pockets of prospective home buyers," he said. "That helps anybody who is trying to buy a house, but it also helps people who are trying to sell them."But analysts point out the idea would do nothing to lower mortgage payments for existing homeowners who are in danger of default.200812/58008

Japan's hopes of acquiring the jet touted as the world's most advanced fighter are being dashed. The commander of U.S. Forces Japan, in an unusually blunt remark, says even if American senators had not voted to halt further production of the F-22, there was little chance the aircraft would have been sold to its ally.F-22战斗机被称为世界上最先进的战斗机,日本获得这种飞机的希望正在破灭。驻日本美军司令在一次异常坦率的谈话中说,即使美国参议员们没有投票否决增购F-22战斗机,向盟国出售这种飞机的可能性也很小。The top American military commander in Japan rebuffed Tokyo's hopes of acquiring a new state-of-the-art fighter, just days after the U.S. Senate cut future funding for production of the combat jet. 在美国参议院削减未来生产F-22战斗机拨款的几天之后,驻日本美军最高指挥官打消了日本购买这种新的先进飞机的希望。Lieutenant General Edward Rice on Thursday said the F-22 Raptor was never intended to be sold to other countries, despite interest expressed by such allies as Japan, Australia and Israel. 赖斯中将星期四说,美国从不想对外国出售F-22猛禽战斗机,尽管日本、澳大利亚和以色列等盟国表示有意购买。"Given that the F-22 is not available to anybody in the world as an export aircraft, what is the best aircraft for Japan to purchase to secure their defensive needs of the available aircraft? I certainly am not in a position or would not take a position to try to suggest to the Japanese what aircraft they should buy," Rice said.赖斯中将:“考虑到美国不向世界上任何人出口F-22,日本为自己的国防需要所能买到的最佳飞机是什么呢?这不该由我回答,我也不想表态,不想向日本建议买什么飞机。”The Japanese and other allies may have to look at the smaller, slower and cheaper F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which has some of the advanced technology developed for the Raptor. 日本和美国的其他盟国也许不得不转向比较小,比较慢也比较便宜的F-35联合攻击战斗机(Joint Strike Fighter)。F-35拥有为猛禽战斗机开发的一些技术。President Obama has said it would be a waste of money to build more F-22's, a stance many U.S. lawmakers supported. His administration wants to shift more of the defense budget away from conventional warfare projects that have huge costs.奥巴马总统表示过,制造更多的F-22是浪费金钱。美国许多议员持这一立场。奥巴马行政当局想在耗资巨大的常规战争项目上少花些钱。But influential proponents of the F-22 in the U.S. Congress say that even if the Air Force does not want more of the twin-engine jets, they should be built for sale to allies. Supporters say the high-altitude supersonic fighter is ideal to counter any future threat from China's combat jets. 但是美国国会中持F-22的有影响力的人士说,即使美国空军不想再多要这种双引擎喷气式飞机,美国也应该生产它,卖给盟国。Japan's Air Self Defense Force primarily relies on F-4 and F-15 fighter jets. Defense officials here say their top preference to replace the aging F-4's remains the Raptor despite the funding cut by U.S. senators.日本空中自卫队主要依靠F-4和F-15喷气式战斗机。日本防卫官员表示,尽管美国参议院削减了经费,他们用来取代F-4的优先选择,仍然是猛禽战斗机。07/78897

UN: Significant Progress in Providing Aid to Quake Victims in Haiti联合国:海地援救工作取得重大进展The ed Nations reports significant progress has been made in providing assistance to hundreds of thousands of quake victims in Haiti. A senior U.N. official says the relief operation is being scaled up on all levels, with shelter topping the list of priorities.The ed Nations says things may be improving, but the crisis in earthquake-devastated Haiti is far from over. U.N. officials report nearly one-half million people have left the capital Port-au-Prince for outlying areas. They say 90 percent of these people are staying with host families who are in need of assistance.联合国表示,尽管情况可能有所改善,遭受地震灾害的海地经受的危机还远远没有结束。联合国官员报告说,有将近50万人已经从首都太子港搬往周边地区。他们说,这些人中有90%被寄宿家庭收留,这些家庭需要援助。U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs John Holmes calls Haiti a particularly difficult and complicated operation. He says he understands the frustration of aid workers who are not able to quickly reach the survivors with desperately needed assistance. 联合国负责人道主义救援事务的副秘书长霍姆斯说,在海地的行动是一次特别困难和复杂的行动。他说,他理解一些援救工作者的沮丧情绪,因为他们无法迅速帮助那些急需帮助的幸存者。"What I think we can see now is that we are beginning to make really significant progress in doing that, particularly on the food side, but, in some other areas as well," Holmes said. "So, the scaling up is happening significantly now ... But, we still have a significant way to go before we reach everybody with the aid that they need." 霍姆斯说:“我想我们现在看到的是,我们开始在这方面有了重大的进展,特别是食物方面,不过在其他方面也有进展。所以,目前的救援力度已经显著增加,但是要为所有人提供他们需要的援助,我们还有很长的路要走。”Holmes says health care for the injured and sick is getting better, although it still is not good. He notes most life-saving operations have taken place. But vital drugs are still lacking, and there need to be more surveillance systems to monitor the outbreak of epidemics.霍姆斯说,为伤者和病患提供的医疗务有所改善,尽管仍然不太乐观。他指出,大部分救死扶伤的手术已经进行完毕。但是仍然缺乏重要的药品,而且需要有更多监测系统以监控流行疫情的爆发。201002/96176

The massive power and unprecedented popularity of the iPhone pushes Jobs from visionary to iGenius.iPhone巨大的成功和前所未有的普及让远见卓识的乔布斯成为了业界公认的天才。But unfortunately, the man who seems to have a solution for almost everything is increasingly haunted by his most personal challenge.但是不幸的是,那个对任何事似乎都有一种解决方法的奇才却被自己日益增加个人挑战困扰着。By now I have a liver of a mid 20th person who died in a car crash and was generous enough to donate their organs.现在的我迫切需要一个肝脏,几乎死于车祸的20人都非常大度去捐献他们的器官。And I wouldnt be here without such generosity.而我在这里从来没有这样的慷慨。So Im vertical. Im back at Apple, loving every day of it.所以我用实际行动回报这些帮助过我的人。我再次回到了苹果,热爱那里的每一天。It did inspire him.这确实激励了他。It did motivate him to work more and faster, create more things and, in fact, his creative output over the last five or six years is probably his greatest, his most prolific period.这激励他得更快更多的工作,创造更多的东西,而事实上,在过去5年或6年他的创意可能是他最大的,他最多产的时期。Running out of time but not drive, Jobs writes his next chapter and its a pinched term.时日无多但却游刃有余,乔布斯写下了他的第2章,这是一种没有办法的办法。词语解释:1. inspire v. 激发2. prolific a. 多产的163795

World's costliest cities 世界上生活成本最高的城市 Moscow tops the list, while American cities drop on Mercers' 'Worldwide Cost of Living' survey for 2008.A new survey finds Moscow is the most expensive city to live in for the third year in a row. This has the ruble strengthen against other currencies. Tokyo, it moved up two spots to second place. That pushed London down to third place and Oslo it jumped six spots to fourth, Seoul South Korea it rounded out the top five. Now the top ten European and Asian cities actually led the pack. The latest annual survey by research firm Mercer measures the cost of living for expatriates in 143 cities in countries on six continents. The trend this year shows the gap between the most expensive cities in the world and the least expensive, it actually appears to be widening. As far as American cities on the list New York is still the most costly city in the ed States, but it comes in at No. 22 on the global list. Los Angeles clocks in at No. 55, Miami No. 75, while Washington D.C. fell a whopping 22 places to 107th. The soft of US dollar led to an overall drop in the cost of living in 19 American cities compared to other major cities around the globe. For the six years in a row Asuncion Paraguay, it is the cheapest city to live in. For CNNMONEY.COM I'm Stephanie Elam. 参考中文翻译:最新调查显示莫斯科已经连续第三年成为生活成本最高的城市。因为卢布比其他货币更强劲。东京上升两位跃居第二,使得伦敦下滑到第三位。奥斯陆上升六个名次,跃居第四,韩国的首尔进入前五。目前前十位都由欧洲和亚洲的城市领导。调查公司Mercer根据六大洲143个城市的外国移民的生活成本来进行这个一年一度的调查。几年的数据显示,世界上生活成本最高和最低的城市之间的差距在逐渐加大。但就榜上的美国城市来看,纽约仍然是美国生活成本最高的城市,然而在全球榜上列居22位,洛杉矶第55位,迈阿密第75位,而华盛顿骤降22个名次下滑到第107位。美元的疲软导致美国19个城市的生活成本相对于世界上其他主要城市普遍下降。六年来,巴拉圭首都Asuncion一直是生活成本最低的城市。200811/57388

据国外媒体CNET报道,数天前,来自《纽约时报》的报道称,攻击谷歌和其他多家硅谷公司的源头是两家中国学校(上海交通大学和山东蓝翔技工学校)。对此,上述两所学校都予以了强烈的否认。上周四,《纽约时报》报道称,安全专家对攻击者的电脑进行了追踪,确认攻击电脑属于上海交通大学和蓝翔技工学校。 不过,周六,据美联社、中国官方新华社称,《纽约时报》的报道是毫无根据的。而山东蓝翔技校的发言人则表示,经过调查,根本没有据显示入侵的源头是学校的机器。 Chinese military and education officials have dismissed reports linking them with a cyber attack on the Internet search engine Google. In an interview with China Daily, they said that a recent accusation printed in the New York Times was false.In its report on Thursday, the New York Times linked two Chinese higher education institutions to cyber attacks on Google.The world's biggest search engine announced last month that it had been the target of a highly sophisticated attack in December. It said the hacking had come from a source within China.The report claimed the two education facilities have close ties with the Chinese military and also Google's competitor in China, Baidu.Pan Zheng, an expert from the National Defense University, told China Daily that the attacks on Google had nothing to do with the Chinese government, nor the military. He went on to say that a hacking location inside China doesn't necessarily mean the attacks were launched by the government or the military.Major General Luo Yuan from the Academy of Military Science said that web hacking is against Chinese law. He stated that the Chinese military would not go against the rules. He claimed that it was irresponsible to blame the military when there was such a lack of evidence.One of the accused schools is the Shandong-based Lanxiang Vocational School. School officials say they have been getting phone calls all day asking about the cyber attack. They say that the school provides lessons in I.T. and computing, and has no ties with the Chinese military.A professor from Shanghai-based Jiaotong University, the other named Chinese institution, said he is not surprised by allegations that students hacked into websites. However he said that such acts were not malicious in motive, and that the students may simply have been testing out their Internet abilities. The professor added that the IP address of the university was often hijacked.201002/96917

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