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铁门关市驼峰鼻矫正多少钱伊宁除皱的费用2 more deaths, one new MERS case reported in S.Korea韩国MERS疫情病例新增1例至180人,死亡人数增加2人至29人South Korea says there have been two more deaths from Middle East respiratory syndrome, bringing the number of fatalities in the country to 29.韩国方面表示有2人死于中东呼吸综合症,死亡人数增加2人至29人。The Health Ministry said there was also one new case, taking the total infections to 180.卫生部表示MERS疫情病例新增1例至180人。the outbreak is the largest outside Saudi Arabia.这是沙特阿拉伯以外疫情爆发最为严重的国家。Each of the cases has been traced to medical facilities.每一病例都追溯到医疗设备上。Seventy-seven people remain hospitalized and are receiving treatment.目前有77人仍住院观察并接受治疗。Most of the deaths have been elderly patients or those who had existing illnesses.大部分死者为老年患者或已身染疾病的患者。 译文属201506/382884石河子市下颌角整形多少钱 KNOCK KNOCK LIVE | The David Beckham Package贝克汉姆来敲门!Oh my God!!! Oh my God...我的老天爷啊!!!我的天...Im David.我是 David。We know who you are! Oh my God—I know who you are...我们知道你是谁!我的老天--我知道你是谁...Youre on Knock Knock Live, and I brought a few friends. So if you dont mind, can they come in?你们上了《谁来敲门》实境秀,我带了几个朋友来。如果你不介意的话,他们可以进来吗?Yes! Welcome! Come on in.可以!欢迎!快进来吧。How are you? Nice to meet you.你好吗?很高兴认识你。Wow!哇!I dont know any of your names, so you...maybe you can...我不知道你们任何一个人的名字,所以你...或许你可以...Im Claudia, the mom.我是 Claudia,妈妈。Nice to meet you, Mom—the most important one.很高兴认识你,妈妈--最重要的人。Im Victors son, soccer player.我是 Victor 的儿子,我是足球员。Soccer player?足球员吗?Victor Gonzalez. Youre my best player.Victor Gonzalez。你是最棒的球员。Thank you, thank you.谢谢你、谢谢你。Can we offer you something to drink?我们能帮你准备什么喝的吗?Im okay at the moment, actually. Im very good, Im very good.其实我现在觉得很好。我很好、我很好。Oh my goodness! I cant believe this.我的老天!我真不敢相信。Well, Im here for a few reasons. Uhhh...one of the reasons Im here today—my friends at Sprint and Direct 2 You are gonna be giving you seven brand new iPhones.这个嘛,我来这是有几个原因的。唉...其中一个我今天来这的原因--我在 Sprint 电信到府务的朋友要送你们七全新 iPhone。Wow!哇!My friend Christina is here... So, these are the phones.我朋友 Christina 在这... 那,这些是手机。Thank you.谢谢你。Youre welcome.不客气。Thank you.谢谢你。Thank you!谢谢!Plus, I also have a plan, the all-in plan, and you dont have to worry about paying your bills for the next 10 years.另外,我还有一个方案,“全都包方案”,你们在接下来十年都不用担心电话费了。No phone bills! Thank you!没有电话费!谢谢你!Yeah, youre welcome, youre welcome. But, one of the main reasons why Im here is I was told about your family, and I was very honored to come down here and be welcomed into your home, and actually meet you, you know, one-on-one. Because Ive heard so much about you, Ive heard how much you work. Ive heard, you know, what an amazing family together—youre such a tight-knit family. So, thanks to my friends at Sprint, I have this for you. So, you can go ahead and open it, if you would like.对啊,不用客气、不用客气。但是,我来这的主要原因之一是,我听说了你们家的情况,而我很荣幸能来到这并被欢迎到你们家里,实际地和你们见面,你知道,面对面见面。因为我听说过很多关于你们的事、我听说过你们多么努力工作。我听说了,你知道,你们是一个多棒的家庭--你们的家庭如此亲密。所以,多亏我在 Sprint 电信的朋友们,我有这东西要给你们。那么,你可以打开它,如果你乐意的话。Okay. Oh my God! Oh my God! 100,000! Oh, thank you!好的。我的天啊!我的天啊!十万元!噢,谢谢你!To know that my parents have 100,000-dollar check, this... Its so great to know that my parents dont have to struggle anymore.知道我的父母有张十万元票,这... 知道他们不用再辛苦地打拼真是太好了。This is very exciting. Im still an emotional wreck.这真是太令人兴奋了。我现在脑袋还是转不过来。It feels like a dream. It feels like Im gonna wake up and be back to reality. But...our lives have changed. My life for my son has changed. He can have so much more. Before, it was work, work, work; paycheck to paycheck. And now we can actually spend time as a family, go places, and enjoy ourselves for once.这就像个梦。好像我会醒来然后回到现实。但是...我们的生活改变了。我给儿子的生活改变了。他可以拥有更多更多。在这之前,生活就只是工作、工作、工作;没半点积蓄。现在我们可以真正一家人度过时光、去不同地方,好好享受生活一次。This will help out so much. Oh my goodness! Can we really not offer you something?这会帮上大忙。喔我的天!我们真的不能替你准备什么吗?Actually, Id love a water.老实说,我很乐意来杯水。Yeah.好耶。Giving them the check for 100,000 dollars, you could see it just meant so much to them. I mean, this check is literally changing their lives. Congratulations. Youre an amazing family—amazing family.给他们那张十万元的票,你可以看出那对他们意义重大。我是说,这张票真的改变了他们的生活。恭喜。你们是很棒的一家人--很棒的一家人。Do we get to play soccer with you?我们可以和你踢足球吗?Yeah, of course!好啊,当然可以!Lets play soccer!踢足球萝!You know, Im very fortunate in my life. And to be able to do this for such a deserving family that works so hard, I mean, its an amazing feeling.你知道,我的人生很幸运。能够为这么努力奋斗、值得的一家人做这件事,我的意思是,这真是个不可思议的感觉。David Beckham!贝克汉姆!201508/395648三分钟搞定科技英语(视频+中英字幕) 第18期:微营销《三分钟搞定科技英语》属于《原来如此》系列的英语视频听力栏目,用一系列绘图拼接视频,生动形象地展示了科技英语知识,能够激发人们的英语学习兴趣 ,是拓展英语知识面,积累科技英语词汇,了解科技中的一些常识的极好材料。201511/408811乌市高新技术产业开发区镭射去痘印价格

新疆激光脱毛多少钱I admit this sounds strange,我承认这听上去有些奇怪but to cosmologists its like winning the lottery.但对宇宙学家来说,这就像是中了头Because to work out where the universe came from,因为要想探索宇宙的起源all we need to do is to stop time and make it run in reverse.我们只需让时间停止,并使时光倒流Rewind far enough回到远久之前and everything gets closer together.回到万物皆为一体的时候A lot closer together.紧密一体的时候All the galaxies,所有的星系in fact, every single thing实际上,每一个物体converges to a single point.都汇聚于某个点The start of everything, 13.7 billion years ago.137亿年前,一切起源的瞬间So its quite simple really.事情就是这么简单Follow the clues and we can deduce根据线索,我们可以推断出that a very long time ago,在很久很久之前the universe simply burst into existence.宇宙初现雏形的场景An event called the Big Bang.这就是,宇宙大爆炸But Im afraid we have to stop a moment不过在我们痴迷于爆炸和噪音之前before we get carried away by fire and noise.我要先在这里停一下At the very beginning,在一切开始之际the Big Bang actually happened in total darkness,宇宙大爆炸实际发生于完全黑暗之中because light didnt exist yet.因为那时,光并不存在To see it,要想看到它we would have needed some kind of cosmic night vision.我们就需要有某种宇宙夜视能力But even this,但即使这样a view from the outside is impossible.想要从外部来观看也是不可能的Again, it sounds strange,这听起来还是有些奇怪but space didnt exist then either.但在那时,空间也同样不存在So there was no outside.所以根本就不存在外部The only place there was was inside.宇宙只有内部This early universe was a very strange thing indeed.早期的宇宙的确是不同寻常There is still much I dearly love to know about it,对于它,我还抱有强烈的好奇心but standard concepts of time or space dont really apply.但时间或空间的标准概念在这里并不适用It was just a very tiny ultra hot fog of energy.它只是一团微小的极端高温能量雾Then it expanded然后,它开始膨胀with a tremendous flash of radiation,释放出巨量的辐射光from smaller than an atom to about the size of an orange从不到原子那么小,膨胀到橘子那么大in less than a trillionth of a second.只用了不到万亿分之一秒Almost no time at all.其过程极其短暂The universe simply inflated into existence.宇宙就在膨胀中产生了Unfolding, unfurling,不断延伸,不断展开getting bigger and cooler with every passing moment.随着时间的流逝,不断膨胀,逐渐冷却201508/394316新疆脱毛团购 和田开内眼角的费用

新疆解放军474医院修眉多少钱All cells of the body use vitamin A身体内所有细胞都利用维生素Ato regulate these events. Vitamin A helps调节这些活动,维生素A还帮助to form skin and mucus membranes and keeps them healthy.形成皮肤和粘膜,并使它们保持健康Skin and mucus membranes are important皮肤及粘膜对于in helping our bodies avoid infections帮助我们身体抵御感染十分重要and are found all over our bodies: eyes, mouth,而且遍布全身:眼睛,口腔respiratory tract, urinary tract and alimentary tract.呼吸道,尿道,以及消化道Carotenoids are dark colored dyes found in plant foods类胡萝卜素是一种在果蔬中的深色染料that can turn into a form of vitamin A.它可以转变成一种维生素AOne carotenoid is beta carotene有一种类胡萝卜素叫β-胡萝卜素which is an antioxidant which protects cells from damage它是一种抗氧化剂,能保护细胞免于伤害and oxidative stress and和氧化therefore helps with decreasing the risk of cancer.因此它能帮助降低患癌症的几率Vitamin A also plays a role维生素A也在调节in the regulation of the immune system.免疫系统中发挥着作用It may help in the development of a certain type of它可以促进一种white blood cell called lymphocytes which are essential叫淋巴球的白细胞的形成in fighting infections from viruses and bacteria.淋巴球对于抵御病毒和细菌感染有十分重要Vitamin A also maintains the cell维生素A也能维护that keeps up the membrane associated with the eyes眼睛and respiratory, urinary and intestinal tracts.及呼吸道,尿道,肠道的膜上的细胞When vitamin A is deficient these cells become damaged缺乏维生素A时,这些细胞就遭到破坏resulting in leaks in the membranes发生细胞膜渗漏through which bacteria can then enter and cause infection.细菌便会通过细胞膜进入导致感染The units of vitamin A that you will see reported include你们会看到,维生素A的单位包括both micrograms and international units or IUs.微克和国际单位,简称IUIUs are used because foods contain compounds使用国际单位是因为食物中含有that can be converted to vitamin A in the body.可以在人体内转化为维生素A的成分Beta carotene is the most abundant of these compounds.β-胡萝卜素,是这些成分中最多的About one third of the beta carotene我们摄入的β-胡萝卜素约有三分之一that we consume from foods is converted to vitamin A会被转化为维生素Atherefore IUs take into account the ability因此使用国际单位能of the human body to use these sources of vitamin A.将人类身体利用这些维生素A来源的能力考虑进来The daily recommended intakes for vitamin A19岁以上成年男子for adult males, 19 years of age and above,每日推荐的维生素A摄入量are 3000 IUs or 900 micrograms. For women为3000个国际单位或900微克,女性所需的the intake is lower, 2310 IUs or 700 micrograms.摄入量少些,为2310个国际单位或700微克Pregnant and lactating women have increased needs:怀的和哺乳期的女性需要更多:2565 IUs or 770 micrograms for pregnant women妇需要2565单位或770毫克and 4300 IUs or 1300 micrograms for lactating women.毫克,哺乳期女性需要4300国际单位或1300微克Heres a list of good food sources for vitamin A.这里列出了含有维生素A的优质食物来源Green leafy vegetables and brightly colored orange绿叶蔬菜和颜色鲜亮的橙子and yellow vegetables are easy to remember以及黄色的蔬菜是很容易记住的as excellent sources of vitamin A.绝好的维生素A来源A sweet potato baked in its skin contains 24877 IUs一个带皮的烤红薯含有24877国际单位of vitamin A, mostly in the form of beta carotene.的维生素A,其中大多是β-胡萝卜素Even though this seems like a large amount of vitamin A尽管这看起来是很大量的维生素Athere is no evidence that food sources of vitamin A但是没有据表明含维生素A的食物can produce toxicity.会产生毒性As mentioned the body converts only a small amount像之前说的,人体仅将很少量的of beta carotene to the vitamin.β-胡萝卜素转化成维生素Heres some more food sources of vitamin A.这里还有更多的一些含维生素A的食物As you can see green leafy vegetables你可以看到,绿叶菜是维生素A的are excellent sources of vitamin A.绝佳食物来源Look for really dark green vegetables such as spinach看看深绿色蔬菜,比如菠菜which contains about 7370 IUs of vitamin A含有大约7370国际单位的维生素Awhich makes up 150% of这相当于每日推荐the total daily recommended intake.摄入总量的150%Beef liver is also an excellent source of vitamin A牛肝也是一种绝好的维生素A的食物来源which contains 27185 IUs of vitamin A含有27185国际单位的维生素Aor 545% of the total daily recommended intake.相当于每日推荐摄入量的545%Egg yolks and fortified egg substitutes蛋黄和强化的鸡蛋替代品are also sources of vitamin A也含有维生素Aalthough not as high as liver尽管其含量没有肝脏and green leafy vegetables.和绿叶菜所含的多When using supplements be cautious of any that在使用补品的时候,要谨慎选择contain more than 200% of the RDA for vitamin A.任何含有超过200%每日推荐维生素A摄入量的补品As mentioned vitamin A is stored in the body之前提到过,维生素A会被贮存在体内and can be toxic.并且会产生毒性201507/384555 栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201601/422212乌鲁木齐双眼皮吧新疆自治区人民医院美容中心




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