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铁门关市注射丰下巴费用新疆军区医院做红色胎记手术多少钱An office clerk in China has made headlines after allegedly dating men at the same time.在被报道同时与名男子交往之后,中国一名职员成为了新闻头条More incredibly, the young women, who lives in Shenzhen, has managed to buy a house after selling the iPhone 7s her boyfriends had given her, reported People Daily Online.据人民网报道,更令人难以置信的是,这名居住在深圳的年轻女子在将男友们送给她的iPhone7出售之后,已经设法买了一套房The woman, named Xiao Li, had demanded each of her boyfriends to buy her the newly released handset bee selling them a total of 0,000 yuan.该女子名叫小丽,她要求她的每一位男友为她购买新发布的苹果手机,而后将它们出售,总共赚得了万元人民币The shocking story was originally revealed in an online post, written by a web user with the screen name of Ao Jiao De Qiao Ba, bee being covered by media. The web user was thought to be a colleague of Xiao Li.在被媒体报道之前,这一令人震惊的事件最先是由一个昵称为“傲娇的乔巴”的网友在一个帖子中爆料的这位网友被认为是小丽的一位同事In the post, uploaded to a Chinese um called Tianya, Ao Jiao De Qiao Ba described how a co-worker had been dating men simultaneously.该帖子被上传至一个名为“天涯”的中国论坛上,“傲娇的乔巴”讲述了他的同事是如何同时与名男子交往的Part of the post, uploaded on October , wrote: Oh gosh, today all of my colleagues were talking about a female colleague who had boyfriends at the same time. How can she do that?月日上传的部分帖子写道:“我的天,现在我所有的同事都在议论这位与个男友同时交往的女同事她是怎么做到的?”The user then went on claiming that the female colleague, Xiao Li, had asked each of her boyfriends to buy her an iPhone 7 in September - shortly after it was launched in China.这位网友继续说,女同事小丽曾在9月份(iPhone7在中国发布不久后)要求每个男友都给自己购买一部iPhone7An iPhone 7 costs 5,388 yuan (650 pounds) to 6,988 yuan (8 pounds) in official Apple stores in mainland China.在中国大陆苹果官网,一部iPhone7售价为5388元人民币(650英镑)至6988元人民币(8英镑)不等The office worker then sold all of the iPhone 7s on a resale platm named Huishoubao in late September a total sum of 0,000 yuan (,500 pounds).小丽于9月末在一个名为回收宝的转卖平台上将部iPhone7全部转手,总共获得了万元人民币(1.5万英镑)Xiao Li reportedly spent all her money on the down payment of a house in her home town.报道称,小丽花掉了所有的钱,在她的家乡买了一套房子,交了首付The writer said in the post: I just knew about this news today. I was shocked. I have spoken to her several times. She is quite nice and outgoing. She is quite efficient at workplace. I could not believe it when I heard this.这位发帖人在帖子中写道:“我今天才知道这个消息简直震惊了我曾经和她说过几次话她十分友善和外向在职场上办事效率也很高当我听到这个消息时,简直不敢相信”A follow-up post by Ao Jiao De Qiao Ba claimed that Xiao Li had been fired by the company after the story was revealed.“傲娇的乔巴”随后的帖子称,在事件被曝光后,小丽已经被公司解聘了 8880乌鲁木齐鼻头大哪家医院好 第一句:One-way ticket to Wuxi, please.请给我一张去无锡的单程票A: Please give me a one-way ticket to Wuxi, sir?先生,请给我一张去无锡的单程票B: Soft seat or hard seat?软座还是硬座票?A: Soft seat, please. How much is the fare?软座车票多少钱?B: Fifty yuan.50元第二句:Can I have an express ticket?我能买一张快车票吗?A: Excuse me. Can I have an express ticket?打扰了,请问我能买一张快车票吗?B: Im sorry. It sold out.对不起,已经售完了知识延伸:如何购买长途车票,看似简单,但也困扰了不少人在美国单程车票是one-way,来回程用a round trip,而英国则说a single(单程),来回程说double return另外有些长途车票只要求在有效期内使用,中途可以下车可以问: how many days is the ticket valid?这张票有效期是几天?Can I make stopovers on the trip?我可以在中途下车吗? 193963A village in south-eastern China is painted orange, as farmers sun their persimmon harvests.中国东南部一个小乡村被染成了金黄色,这是因为当地村民都在晾晒他们丰收的柿子Stunning aerial images have revealed a sea of persimmons on rooftops in Quanzhou city in China southeast.一组令人惊叹的航拍图片显示,中国东南部泉州市的房顶成了一片柿子的海洋Persimmon production is a vital way of life the villagers in Fujian province.对于福建省的农民来说,柿饼加工是他们生活中至关重要的一部分Every year, locals make use of strong sun rays and lay out their fruits to dry bee they sell them at market.每年,当地人会利用强烈的太阳光照,将水果制成果干后拿到市场上去卖Traditional methods of drying the fruit can take much longer - up to 50 days.传统工艺制作果干需要的时间更久一点--可长达50天Dried persimmons are called Shibing in Chinese and are a popular treat.在中国,柿子晒干后被称作柿饼,是一种非常受欢迎的零食Common in China and many countries across East Asia, the fruit is also gaining popularity in the UK. Nothing is wasted. The discarded skins of the persimmons are fed to livestock.柿子这种水果不仅在中国和其他亚洲国家都很常见,在英国也颇受欢迎什么都不会浪费,连削下的柿子皮都可以用来喂牲口 8577乌市医科大学附属医院激光点痣多少钱

乌鲁木齐颈纹去除吐鲁番去抬头纹多少钱 If Hollywood ever had a lesson scientists it is what happens if machines start to rebel against their human creators.如果说好莱坞曾经给科学家们一个教训,那一定是机器人开始反抗它们的创造者——人类Yet despite this, roboticists have started to teach their own creations to say no to human orders.尽管这样,机器人学家已经开始教机器人拒绝人类的命令了They have programmed a pair of diminutive humanoid robots called Shafer and Dempster to disobey instructions from humans if it puts their own safety at risk.他们已经编程了一对小型的类人机器人,名字叫谢弗和邓普斯特,如果人类的指令对它们自己有危险,它们就会违背命令The results are more like the apologetic robot rebel Sonny from the film I, Robot, starring Will Smith, than the homicidal machines of Terminator, but they demonstrate an important principal.相比那些会杀人的终结者机器人,这个试验的结果更像是威尔·史密斯主演的《我与机器人中的那个会道歉的机器人索尼,但是它们都遵守重要的原则Engineers Gordon Briggs and Dr Matthais Scheutz from Tufts University in Massachusetts, are trying to create robots that can interact in a more human way.马塞诸塞州塔夫茨大学的工程师戈登·布里格斯和马特赫兹士正试图创造出更能以人性化方式交流的机器人In a paper presented to the Association the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, the pair said: Humans reject directives a wide range of reasons: from inability all the way to moral qualms.在人工智能发展协会上发表的一篇论文中,两人说:“人类会因为各种各样的原因拒绝执行指令:从没有能力做到对道德的顾虑”Given the reality of the limitations of autonomous systems, most directive rejection mechanisms have only needed to make use of the mer class of excuse - lack of knowledge or lack of ability.“鉴于自主系统的局限性,大多数指令排斥反应机制只需利用以前的理由——缺少知识或者能力”However, as the abilities of autonomous agents continue to be developed, there is a growing commy interested in machine ethics, or the field of enabling autonomous agents to reason ethically about their own actions.“然而,随着自动自主主体的能力不断提升,将会有越来越多人对计算机伦理学或者自主主体行为的道德性领域感兴趣”The robots they have created follow verbal instructions such as tand up and it down from a human operator.两人创造的机器人能够执行人的口头指令如“起立”和“请坐”However, when they are asked to walk into an obstacle or off the end of a table, example, the robots politely decline to do so.然而,如果命令他们走入障碍物或者走向桌子的边缘时,机器人会礼貌地拒绝When asked to walk ward on a table, the robots refuse to budge, telling their creator: orry, I cannot do this as there is no support ahead.当要求机器人在桌子上向前走时,机器人会僵持,并告诉命令发出者:“对不起,前方没有路,我不能这么做”Upon a second command to walk ward, the robot replies: But, it is unsafe.再一次要求机器人时,它会说:“但这不安全”Perhaps rather touchingly, when the human then tells the robot that they will catch it if it reaches the end of the table, the robot trustingly agrees and walks ward.当人告诉机器人在它们走在桌子边缘时,人们会接住机器人,那么机器人会非常信任人类然后继续向前走,这还相当令人感动Similarly when it is told an obstacle in front of them is not solid, the robot obligingly walks through it.同样的,人们告诉机器人前方的障碍不是固体的时候,机器人也会无所畏惧地向前走To achieve this the researchers introduced reasoning mechanisms into the robots software, allowing them to assess their environment and examine whether a command might compromise their safety.为了实现这一效果,研究人员在机器人的软件程序中引入了推理机制,能让机器人评估环境并且判断这一指令是否会危及它们的安全However, their work appears to breach the laws of robotics drawn up by science fiction author Isaac Asimov, which state that a robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings.然而,他们两人的研究似乎违反了科幻作家艾萨克·阿斯莫夫制定的机器人法则,该法则规定机器人必须从人类的命令Many artificial intelligence experts believe it is important to ensure robots adhere to these rules - which also require robots to never harm a human being and them to protect their own existence only where it does not conflict with the other two laws.许多人工智能专家认为,确保机器人遵守这些法则是十分重要的——这些法则还包括机器人永远不能伤害人类,并在不和其他法则相冲突的前提下保护自己The work may trigger fears that if artificial intelligence is given the capacity to disobey humans, then it could have disastrous results.这项工作可能会引发担忧:如果人工智能使机器人能够违背人类的命令,那么它可能带来灾难性的后果Many leading figures, including Professor Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, have warned that artificial intelligence could spiral out of our control.许多领袖人物,包括霍金教授和马斯克都已警告过人工智能可能会失控Others have warned that robots could ultimately end up replacing many workers in their jobs while there are some who fear it could lead to the machines taking over.另一些人警告说,机器人可能最终会取代许多工人的工作,有些人担心机器人将接管一切In the film I, Robot, artificial intelligence allows a robot called Sonny to overcome his programming and disobey the instructions of humans.在电影《我与机器人中,人工智能让机器人索尼突破了编程,违抗了人类的命令However, Dr Scheutz and Mr Briggs added: There still exists much more work to be done in order to make these reasoning and dialogue mechanisms much more powerful and generalised.而戈登·布里格斯和马特赫兹补充道:“为了能让这些推理和对话机制更加强大和全面化,我们还有很多工作要做” 6可克达拉市彩光祛痘多少钱

可克达拉做韩式开眼角哪家好5.Cats5.猫Life as a kitten sure is easy. A newborn kitten gets to play with yarn and nestle with its siblings, and it only occasionally has to worry about one of its parents eating it. Domestic cats are extremely common pets that live in households all over the world, but many dont realize that kittens are at a substantial risk being eaten by older cats, even their parents. Cannibalism actually is the cause of .5 percent of all preweaned kitten deaths. If a mother senses that her kitten might be ill or is demed in some way, she will immediately kill and eat it in order to save resources other kittens and protect the others from possible diseases.小猫的生活轻松有趣新出生的小猫和毛线玩耍,惬意地依偎在兄弟身旁它们偶尔才会担心被父母当中的一方吃掉家猫是全世界家庭中最普通的宠物,但很多人并不知道小猫处在被老猫吃掉的极大危险中,即使它们是小猫的父母亲同类相食确实是.5%未断奶小猫的死因如果猫妈妈察觉到小猫生病了或是某种程度上有残疾,她会为了节省口粮以及保护其他小猫免受疾病的伤害而毫不犹豫地吃掉它Even more disturbing, however, are the ways that male cats sometimes kill kittens. After giving birth, a female cat will sometimes have a surge in hormones that nearby toms may mistake an invitation to mate. This causes them to become sexually aroused, but the female will obviously reject any advances because she isnt actually y to mate yet. Since the male is aly in a state of arousal and is slightly confused, he will try to mate with the kittens. When he figures out that the kittens are too small to mate with, he may bite their necks in disapproval, which can easily kill them.It bad enough that kittens have to be wary of a strict mother, but it even worse that they have to be on the watch sexually overbearing and violent males. It a tough life, being a kitten, even if you do get to be adorable all the time.更令人震惊的是公猫杀死小猫的方式分娩之后,母猫荷尔蒙分泌激增,周围的公猫会误以为这是母猫发出的交配邀请,便会性奋起来,但显然母猫会拒绝任何的求爱,因为它们并没有做好准备进行交配这时公猫已经是半清醒的状态了,它会试图与小猫交配当公猫觉得小猫太小而不能进行交配时,他会不以为然地咬断小猫的脖子,轻而易举地杀死它们对小猫而言,提防严酷的母亲已经足够不幸了,更糟糕的是还要提防性奋的霸道凶残公猫即使被那么多人喜爱着,小猫生存仍然艰难.Dogs.Eating your newborn children because you thought they were rats really is an honest mistake, and we can respect that. Dog lovers may be shocked to find that dogs would dare to kill and eat their own children, but it can happen a number of reasons. Similarly to mother cats, they might do this if they sense that a puppy is sick or demed, or if they feel nervous or stressed after giving birth. An imbalance of hormones in the mother might also cause her to neglect her children or cause depression, and this may lead to the mother killing her entire litter.吃掉被自己误认为是老鼠的新生幼犬确实是无心之过我们理解这种过失爱好者也许会震惊地发现居然会杀死并吃掉自己的孩子,但出现这种情况有很多原因类似猫妈妈,如果妈妈察觉到小生病或是有残疾,或是产后感到紧张、焦虑不安,它们也会做出同样残忍的事来荷尔蒙失调也会导致猫妈妈忽视幼犬或者引发抑郁症这些因素都可能会导致猫妈妈杀死自己全部的幼犬What really strange, though, is that mothers sometimes eat their puppies simply because they dont recognize them. In fact, some mothers mistake their newborn puppies rodents because of their fitful movements and squealing. Puppies are some of the most adored and coddled creatures in the world, but moody or memory-challenged mothers might not be so endeared.然而真正奇怪的是,有时母吃掉自己的孩子仅仅是因为它们认不出事实上,一些妈妈由于小断断续续的运动和号叫而将其误认为老鼠小是世界上最令人钟爱和宠溺的生物,但是喜怒无常、记忆糟糕的妈妈恐怕就就没那么讨人喜爱了3.Caterpillars3.毛毛虫Becoming a butterfly takes a lot of hard work and energy, so devouring undeveloped siblings a nutritional boost certainly isnt out of the question caterpillars. These familiar little bugs love to happily munch away until they eventually go through the stages of becoming beautiful butterflies. Caterpillars can become dangerous, however, when their case of the munchies gets a little out of hand. Even if they havent run out of their customary plants to eat, caterpillars have been known to eat butterfly eggs.蜕变为蝴蝶需要付出极大努力对毛毛虫来讲,吞食未成形的兄弟用来提高营养完全是有可能的这种常见的小虫子喜欢用力咀嚼直到它们最终破茧成蝶然而,一旦它们的小点心马上吃完时,毛毛虫就会变得十分危险即使常食植物没有吃完,毛毛虫本能驱使也会去吞食蝴蝶卵Cannibalism can help caterpillars in two ways. First, it weeds out the competition so that caterpillars in close proximity dont have to fight food. Second, eating the eggs of your own species has significant nutritional benefits caterpillars. example, one species of moth caterpillar can find pyrrolizidine alkaloid—an important defensive agent—in eggs of other moth caterpillars if they need more of it in their system. So really, there arent many disadvantages to blatant cannibalism when youre a caterpillar. If eating your fellow unborn kind helps to become a magnificent butterfly, then why not try it?同类相食的行为在两个方面可以帮助到毛毛虫第一,避免了恶性竞争,所以邻近的毛毛虫也不用互相争夺食物了第二,吞食自己本物种的卵对毛毛虫有极大营养例如,在一种飞蛾幼虫体内可以发现吡啶生物碱—— 一位重要的防御代理人——如果其他种类幼虫在自身系统中需要更多这种物质的话所以,当你是只毛毛虫时,就不能公然地说同类相食的诸多弊端如果吞食你未成形的同伴可以助你蜕变为华丽的蝴蝶,那为何不试试呢?.Hamsters.仓鼠Hamsters may be some of the cutest rodents alive, but that doesnt stop them from acting murderously every once in a while. While other animals may cannibalize with generally good intentions or simply by misunderstanding, hamsters can be pretty selfish in their motives murder.仓鼠大概是最可爱的啮齿动物了但这并不能阻止它们时常的凶残行为其他动物进行同类相食可能有好的动机或仅仅是误解使然但仓鼠实施谋杀的目的相当自私Hamsters are very territorial, so some will kill and eat anyone that dares to live in the same cage. And of course, as in many other cases, mothers will often eat their young. This is extremely common in hamsters. One study showed that over 75 percent of hamster mothers ate part of their litters fairly soon after giving birth, and another survey showed that cannibalism ed 97.5 percent of all preweaned hamster deaths. Hamster mothers will do this in order to conserve resources because they know how many babies they can actually take care of, a number often smaller than the number of baby hamsters in a litter. As a plus, the eaten babies provide extra protein her in a taxing time of nursing. But hamsters dont cannibalize just any random baby. No, theyre far more selective. Studies show that hamsters actually prefer to eat their female babies instead of the males. It a strange thing a mother hamster to practice apparent misogyny, but perhaps she does this because she thinks males have a better chance of surviving. Either way, it pretty disturbing to think of these tiny fluff balls gleefully slaughtering their children and roommates.仓鼠非常有地盘意识一些仓鼠会吃掉胆敢和它们待在同一个笼子里的伙伴当然,像其他大多数情况一样,母亲通常会吃掉自己的孩子这在仓鼠的世界里也极其普通一项研究指出,超过75%的仓鼠妈妈会在分娩后立即吃掉部分幼崽还有一份调查报告指出,同类相食导致97.5%未断奶的仓鼠幼崽死亡仓鼠妈妈这样做是为了储存资源,因为它们知道自己实际能照料多少幼崽而这个数字通常小于仓鼠幼崽的总量好处是,被吃掉的仓鼠幼崽为仓鼠妈妈在辛苦养育期间提供了多余的蛋白质但仓鼠并不是噬食任意一只幼崽的,它们有很大的选择性研究表明,仓鼠更喜欢吞食自己的雌性宝宝而不是雄性宝宝仓鼠妈妈表现出的厌女症很奇怪,不过可能是它觉得雄性宝宝有更好的生存机会不管怎样,一想到这些绒毛小球一样的可爱动物愉快地杀戮自己的孩子和室友,就令人感到毛骨悚然1.Ladybugs1.瓢虫None of us want to believe that ladybugs could possibly belong on this list, or that these itty bitty insects would ever try to hurt anything. The cold, hard truth is that they do practice cannibalism, and that they are rewarded doing so. One study found that ladybugs that eat other ladybugs have higher chances of survival and develop more quickly. There also a benefit in eating others that have eaten better food, as the superior nutrition gets passed on to the murderous ladybug.没有人愿意相信瓢虫会有可能出现在这份名单上,或是这些小昆虫想要去伤害什么然而冷酷的真相就是,它们确实进行同类相食,还得到好处一项研究发现,吞食其他同伴的瓢虫有更高的生存机会,并会迅速成长吃掉同类还有一个好处是摄入了更好的食物,残忍的瓢虫噬食者得到了最大的营养Even more disturbingly, these cannibals like to prey on the weak. The most vulnerable targets tend to be ladybugs that cant move or have a soft exoskeleton because of the growth stage they are in. They also tend to be more cannibalistic when far from home. If ladybugs arent in their natural habitat and are invading new lands, then they are much more likely to eat other ladybugs instead of sticking to their normal diets. Next time someone picks up one of these pretty little bugs again, feel free to give them a friendly reminder that it might be in the process of digesting one of its little friends.然而更令人震惊的是,这些同类相食的瓢虫喜欢捕食弱者最易受到攻击的目标是那些不能活动、或是目前生长期内只有软软甲壳的瓢虫远离家时,瓢虫的同类相食行为变本加厉如果瓢虫没有待在自然栖息地,而是侵入到新领地,那么它们更有可能吃掉其它瓢虫来代替正常食谱下次某人再次捡起一只这种小虫子时,记得友情提醒下:说不定它正处在消化自己朋友的过程中翻译:murphy 前十网 651 A: I need a doctor right now!B: Tell me the problem, sir.A: My wife just passed out!B: Sir, it's difficult to understand you. Please take a deep breath and calm down.A: Don't tell me to calm down! My wife is passed out!B: I'm getting 9 on another line, sir.A: Okay, but hurry.B: Stay calm, sir, and talk clearly五家渠市麦格假体隆胸多少钱铁门关大腿激光脱毛多少钱



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