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克拉玛依市治疗痤疮多少钱和田驼峰鼻矫正多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201612/480360新疆/职业病医院激光去痘多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452246新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson24:Optimism乐观主义346. I’ve got high hopes for this experiment. 我对这次试验抱很大希望。347. I’m confident we’ll win this game. 我相信这场比赛我们会赢的。348. Joe’s always an optimist. 乔一直是个乐观主义者。349. You seem pretty optimistic about your chances. 看起来你对自己的机会持乐观态度。350. Why are you so optimistic after what just happened? 为什么在发生了这些事情后,你还这么乐观?351. Optimism comes from hope. 乐观来自希望。352. Optimists always say the glass is half full, not half empty. 乐观主义者总是说,杯子有一半是满的,而不是说杯子有一半是空的。353. I’m not very optimistic about this new restaurant. 我对这家新开的餐馆不抱乐观态度。354. The investorsx are optimistic about our company’s future. 投资者对我们公司的未来持乐观态度。355. Optimism is a healthy outlook on life. 乐观是一种健康的人生观。356. I will deal with that if it happens, but until then I’m going to hope for the best. 如果那样的话,我会想办法处理的。但是在那之前,我还是朝好的方向想。357. It would be better to just try to calm down. 最好是尽量平静下来。358. Lots of people believe if you are optimistic, better things will happen to you. 很多人相信,如果你是乐观的,事情就会向好的方向发展。359. In the end, you will always be happier if you have pleasant thoughts and lots of hope. 最后,如果你思想乐观,充满希望的话,你就总是会更快乐些。360. Tomorrow has to be better, because it can’t possibly be worse than today. 明天肯定会更好,因为不可能比今天更糟了。【生词解读】1. optimism [5CptimizEm] n. 乐观;乐观主义2. optimist [`Cptimist] n. 乐观者;乐观主义者3. optimistic [7Cpti5mistik] a. 乐观的4. investor [in5vestE] n. 投资者;出资者5. calm [kB:m] vi. 镇定下来;平静下来 /200812/19247昆玉唇部激光脱毛价格

乌鲁木齐/臀部抽脂哪家医院好The Dakota Access pipeline isn#39;t operational yet,but it#39;s aly sprung its first leak.达科他输油管还没有运行,但它已经出现首次泄漏。Officials say the controversial pipeline leaked about 84 gallons of crude oil at a South Dakota pump station in early April.官员表示,四月初在南达科他州泵站,该备受争议的管道泄漏约84加仑原油。The relatively small spill was properly cleaned up soon after it was discovered. 该相对较小的泄漏在发现后不久就被清理。And the state#39;s Department of Environment and Natural Resources did add some information about the leak to its online database.国家环境和自然资源部在其在线数据库中添加了一些泄漏信息。But the agency says it didn#39;t issue a news release about the spill because it didn#39;t pose a threat to public health, drinking water systems or fisheries. 但该机构表示,它并没有开展关于泄漏的新闻发布,因为它不会对公共健康,饮用水系统或渔业构成威胁。Still, opponents of the DAPL say this incident highlights the concerns they#39;ve had all along,that the pipeline is a threat to the environment.不过,DAPL的反对者表示,这一事件凸显他们一直在关注,管道对环境会构成威胁。News of the leak comes just a few weeks before the pipeline is scheduled to officially be up and running. Construction on the project is complete, and it#39;s expected to be fully operational June 1.泄漏消息发生在管道预定正式启动和运行的前几周。该项目的建设已经完成,预计将在6月1日全面运作。译文属。 Article/201705/509693乌市做双眼皮修复手术费用 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/480337伊宁市做隆鼻手术多少钱

阿克苏市去雀斑多少钱There was nothing the pope could do about her plight.对于她的困境 教皇也无计可施Money, however, could do the trick.而金钱始终是万能的Two years and 34 tons of gold later,Richard was ransomed into freedom,but his kingdom was bankrupt.花费两年时间 缴纳了34吨黄金 理查重获自由 但他的王国已近崩溃The cost of acting out heroic war games was measured in blood as well as money.穷兵黩武的代价不止是流血 还得付出金钱Showing contempt for the defenders of the besieged castle by standing in front of them without armour,理查的大军围于被困的城堡前 理查不穿甲胄站在城前 以表示对守城者的轻蔑a lone archer#39;s bolt found the join between Richard#39;s neck and his shoulder.一名弓箭手百步穿杨 直接命中理查的脖子和肩膀之间The wound turned gangrenous.伤口腐烂生了坏疽Within ten days, the Lionheart was dead,a triumph of daredevil romance over common sense.不到十天 狮心王便与世长辞 超乎常理的崇尚鲁莽 狮心王可算是个典范His body was laid in a tomb at the foot of his father#39;s, in Anjou.他被葬在安茹的陵墓 紧挨在他父亲脚下The heart of the Lionheart was taken to the great cathedral at Rouen in Normandy, which seems fitting,狮心王的心脏被带至 诺曼底的鲁昂大教堂 那里似乎更合适since this city was always more of a capital to Richard than London.因为对理查而言 相比伦敦 这里才更像他的都城His brother, John, who succeeded him, was buried in England,mostly in Westminster cathedral,他的弟弟和继任者 约翰 被葬在英格兰 大部分被葬在威斯敏斯特大教堂because the monks of Craxton Abbey had taken care to steal away his entrails,因为克莱斯顿修道院的修道士 偷去了他的内脏making John in death, as he#39;d been in life,one is intended to say, gutless.这让约翰无论是生前 还是死后 都会被人看作是;没种的人; /201609/469119 We tend to fit in with the cat#39;s lifestyle.我们会主动去适应猫的生活方式Very much so.经常这样- The cat#39;s in charge? - No doubt about it.-猫是老大 -毫无疑问的It probably makes us quite unique,这也许令我们变得很特殊- in some respects. - Do you reckon?-某种意义上 -你赞同吗I reckon, most households, I think the cats are in charge.我同意 在大多数家庭中猫是老大- Not quite as much as this one, I don#39;t think. - Yes.-但在我们家尤其严重 -没错This is very much a feline-focused family, we are.我们绝对是以猫科动物为中心的一家By his purrs, I know more or less what he wants.通过他的叫声我多少能知道他想要什么They get their own way他们有自己独特的方式because as cats have become domesticated,因为在猫的驯化过程中they#39;ve learnt to change the way they communicate.他们学会如何改变交流的方式When an animal meows or purrs,当动物喵喵叫或呜呜叫时we tend to verbalise back to that.我们常常会回应之And it#39;s almost like we have this idea我们似乎认为of there being a conversation.这就是一种对话And I think that definitely does我认为这在肯定有助于have a part in strengthening the bond.促进宠物与人之间的感情重点解释:1.tend to 倾向 例句:I tend to think that she is right.我倾向于认为她是对的。2.in charge 负责例句:He is the vice-president in charge of sales.他是负责销售的副总经理。3.more or less 或多或少例句:I#39;ve more or less finished ing the book.我差不多已经把这本书看完了。 Article/201609/464918乌鲁木齐/除皱纹可克达拉治疗腋臭多少钱



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