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More bear poo.熊粪便更多了So, you know what,it doesnt make it a bad place to camp.你知道吗 这对我们的露营没有影响It makes it a scary place to camp.在这露营有点恐怖Were in the bears neighborhood now.我们现在和熊做邻居了Bears arent territorial.熊没有领域性This is purely a sign that theyve passed through.这只是显示它们曾经过这里Id go for this. Are you happy?Happy.就在这里吧 你们觉得怎么样 就这样吧Okay, first thing we want to do is clear this.好的 首先我们得清理一下这里And then we need to find some long logs.然后去找一些长的树枝These sort of things.Thatll do for one.就像这种的 这样就行了Get a longer one and run that to there.再找一根长点的从那头架到这头And then well just cover that.然后我们把它封好All this timber is avalanche debris.这些木材都是雪崩的遗留物With failing daylight,We dont have to waste time cutting trees.太阳要落山了 我们就不用花时间砍树了But Joes got other things on his mind.但乔在考虑其它的事情Im on a constant bear lookout now.我现在在巡视是否有熊出没Do you know what?你们知道吗Its so much easier with three people.三个人干活容易多了I cant imagine being out here by yourself.我不敢想象你自己在这儿会怎样Parts of it are magical.一方面 独自在野外是神奇的经历Parts, though, when youre tired,and you just want to, you know另一方面 特别是当你累了 你只想make camp fast and rest.赶紧搭个帐篷休息一下If the devil had a boot camp,this is what it would be like.This is evil.如果恶魔有个训练营 应该就是这个样子 太惨了I havent worked this hard since ever.我从来没这么辛苦地工作过This is bedding? Yeah.这是睡觉的地儿吗 对Spruce branches on top of the avalanche debris are ideal for both roofing and bedding.雪崩的遗留物最上层是云杉枝 它是帐篷顶部和底部的理想材料One layer underneath worth two on top, okay?底下铺一层比上面铺两层还管用 This is where were gonna lose most of our heat.在这里我们会消耗大量的热量Cause youll thrill in the morning, when youre cold,youll be grateful for every inch of bedding under you.当清晨你感到很冷打寒战的时候 你就会对身下的每一寸垫层感激不尽了I am beat, exhausted.Now its looking like a shelter.我太累了 崩溃了 现在看起来像个安身之所了I dont want the guys to have to kill for their dinner,So Ive brought it with me.我不希望他们杀生获取晚餐 所以我随身带了一些Nice. Im allergic to bunnies.But theyre gonna have to work for it.很好 我对兔子肉过敏 但他们得付出努力才行201705/511810The worlds biggest power station would be a huge game changer.世界最大的发电站将成为游戏规则的改变者J.P. Morgan knows its his opportunity to create the empire hes always wanted.J·P·根知道这是他的机会去创造自己一直想要的帝国But he also knows that getting the contract to power Niagara would require a massive investment.但他也知道 要获得尼亚加拉发电厂的合同将需要大量投资One his father would never allow.这是他父亲肯定不会允许的Morgan agonizes over his next move......until tragedy strikes.根对下一步计划非常苦恼直到噩耗传来His father has been in a horrible carriage crash.他父亲遭遇了一场严重的车祸Junius Morgan dies as a result of his injuries.朱尼厄斯·根死于车祸中所受的伤J.P. is now left in charge of the House of Morgan.J·P·根现在彻底接管了根财团The empire includes a vast portfolio of businesses invested in railroads, real estate, shipping, manufacturing......and electricity.这个帝国的资产组合很广 投资领域包括铁路 房地产 船运 制造 当然还有电力With his father gone, nothing is holding Morgan back.父亲离去后 再没有什么能够阻止根When Junius died it was truly a devastating moment for Morgan.朱尼厄斯死后 根肯定非常悲伤But also it ended up being a bit of a relief,不过他肯定也感到了一丝慰藉because after his fathers death he really came into his own.因为父亲死后 他就可以按照自己意愿行事了The freedom really helped him realize the full potential in some ways.这种自由能够帮助他释放很多方面的潜能 201606/447157Rescue crews in Indonesias western Aceh province are searching for survivors after a 6.5-magnitude earthquake hit Wednesday morning.周三早上印度尼西亚西部亚齐省遭6.5级地震袭击,救援人员正在搜寻幸存者。The regions army chief told reporters at least 97 people were killed and dozens more were injured. The death toll previously reported was 54.该地区的陆军参谋长告诉记者,至少有97人死亡,数十人受伤。此前报道的死亡人数为54人。Witnesses in the area said the quake struck just after 5 a.m. local time. By the time it was over, homes, shops, mosques and other buildings had sustained major damage or had collapsed.该地区的目击者称,地震发生在当地时间上午5点之后。地震结束后,房屋、商店、清真寺和其它建筑物遭到重大破坏或倒塌。A local hospital was also damaged, so medical personnel have been sent to the area to help the wounded. Many survivors are being sent to Acehs capital for treatment.当地一家医院也被损坏,医务人员已被派往该地区帮助受伤人员。许多幸存者被送往亚齐省会接受治疗。This is Indonesias second major earthquake of 2016. But neither came close to the quake and tsunami that hit the country in 2004. The disaster killed tens of thousands of people and left millions homeless.这是印度尼西亚2016年的第二次大地震。但两次都不及2004年的地震和海啸。那次灾难造成数万人死亡,数百人无家可归。No tsunami warnings or advisories have been issued for the area as of Wednesday evening local time.截至当地时间周三晚上没有发布海啸警告或公告。译文属。201612/484472

Therere so many comic book movies now.现在有很多由漫画改编的电影I wanna get a sense of how many people actually know all the characters.我想要看一下 有多少人知道那些漫画人物So we went on the street and we asked people we said name as many as avengers as you can.所以我们上街采访了大家 让他们说出自己知道的复仇者And then we asked them, name as many presidents as you can.Ok?再说出他们知道的美国总统So which do you think......Well..well....lets find out. Name as many avengers as you can.你们猜哪个更多咧……算了 自己看吧 请列出你知道的复仇者So many avengers...... Captain America Hawkeye The Hulk. Um......Iron Man. Black Widow啊 有很多诶 美国队长 鹰眼侠 绿巨人 嗯……钢铁侠 黑寡妇Name as many U.S. presidents as you can. Wu....its where you get down.请列出你知道的美国总统 呃……去……这……难倒我了Um......say...... Obama. George Washington Um...... En...... Well......嗯……我想想 奥巴马 乔治·华盛顿 呃……嗯……还有……Name as many avengers as you can. Oh. Capitan America, Thor, Hulk Um......请列出你知道的复仇者 喔 美国队长 绿巨人 呃……Black Widow Hawkeye En...... Scarlet Witch Em...Quick Silver Um...... Iron Man黑寡妇 鹰眼侠 嗯…… 猩红女 银色快手 呃……钢铁侠Em......I think thats it. Is that it? Ok.....Hu.....嗯 差不多了吧?呼……Name as many U.S. presidents as you can. Em...... Grover Washington.再列出你知道的美国总统 呃…… 高凡·华盛顿Avengers? You mean like chif police Beck? En......Lets see...... Um....Bat Man复仇者?什么鬼?你说像贝克警长那种的?嗯……让我想一下 呃……蝙蝠侠?Robin Super Man Bat Man Avengers...... I dont know. I only saw different colors.罗宾?超人 蝙蝠侠 复仇者嘛……我不晓得名字诶 我只记得他们的颜色了Blue...pink...green...yellow...... Orange呃……有蓝色的……粉色的……绿色的……黄色的…… 还有橙色的 嗯Bangnet New revengers...... Hawaii Five O《霹雳网》 再说个不那么久远的 《夏威夷特勤组》Name as many U.S.presidents as you can. Aaa...forget it. I mean I dont vote.请说出你所知道的美国总统 擦……算了吧……我又不投票I dont know. Im not political and Im not religious.我不知道 我不关心政治也不信宗教But do you know any U.S. presidents? Oh yeah. Jackson...... Um...Pro那你多少还是知道些总统的吧?喔那当然 杰克逊啊 呃……那谁……普罗啊When was Pro president? En..You know I really dont remember. I dont know if some like there or maybe there.普罗啥时候当过总统了?呃……谁知道呢……我记不太清楚了 也许……可能……大概……在……1870s? Abraham Lincoln Tom Satison Thomas Jefferson Franklin D.Roosevelt Donald Trump1870年?亚伯拉罕·林肯汤姆·赛特斯 托马斯·杰弗逊 富兰克林·罗斯福 唐纳德·特朗普Name as many U.S. presidents as you can.请说出你所知道的美国总统Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Buren, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Tyler华盛顿 亚当斯 杰斐逊 麦迪逊 门罗 亚当斯 杰克逊 范布伦 哈里森 泰勒 波尔克 泰勒Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Athur, Cleverland, Harrison, Cleverland, Mckinley, Nixon菲尔莫 皮尔斯 布坎南 林肯 约翰逊 格兰特 海斯 加菲尔德 阿瑟 克利夫兰 哈里森 克利夫兰 麦金莱 柯立芝 尼克松Tafft Oh...George Washingtons Yeah. Thats it so far. You miss Kelvin Vorge塔夫特?喔喔喔……那个……乔治 华盛顿……嗯 差不多了 你漏了一个凯文.沃金First naming presidents, never forget Kelvin Vorge下次说总统的时候 千万不要忘了凯文·沃金Do you love clicking buttons that subscribing to things?喜欢订阅节目吗?Then click the button to subscribe to my channel and you will finally be happy.那就快点击订阅我的频道吧 有更多的精内容等着你哦!201706/514215

The divide between Russia and the rest of Europe, spurred by the Syrian civil war, appears to be growing deeper. 由于叙利亚内战的刺激,俄罗斯和欧洲其它国家间的分歧似乎日益加剧。Three Russian warships reportedly canceled a planned refueling stop at a Spanish port as they made their way toward the Middle East.据报道,三艘前往中东的俄罗斯军舰在西班牙港口取消了计划的加油。NATO put Spain under immense pressure to not allow the stop. The secretary-general of the alliance said he was concerned the warships might be used to attack Syrian civilians.北约给西班牙巨大的压力不允许停留加油。联盟秘书长表示,他担心军舰可能被用来袭击叙利亚平民。But Russia denied the refuel was ever going to happen, saying the vessels have plenty of fuel for the entire voyage. The Spanish foreign ministry said the ships pulled out after Spain wanted to make sure they wouldnt attack Aleppo.但俄罗斯否认曾经加过油,表示船只有足够的燃料完成整个航程。西班牙外交部称船只退出,在西班牙确认他们不会攻击阿勒颇后。Spain has let dozens of Russian ships refuel in that port over the past few years, but criticism of the practice is rising, and its uncertain whether Spain will let it continue.在过去的几年里,西班牙让数十艘俄罗斯船只在该港口加油,但对这一做法的批评正在上升,西班牙是否将继续这样做还不确定。译文属。201610/474932

Why shouldnt you go on thinking about the unthinkable?为什么你不该继续想那些无法想象的东西Somebodys got to start sometime.或许有些人已经开始了Think how many things were unthinkable a century ago.想想在一个世纪以前有多少事情是无法想象的and yet people have thought them.还有人们曾想过的And often they also seemed quite unpractical.它们经常看起来不切实际Not all the things Stephen says probably are to be taken as gospel truth.史蒂芬说的东西 并不一定都被当作真理Hes a searcher. Hes looking for things.他是一个探索者 他正在探索And sometimes he probably talks nonsense. Well, dont we all?有时他可能是胡说八道 好吧 难道我们不也是吗But the point is...people must think.People must go on thinking.但关键是 人类必须思考 必须继续思考They must try to extend the boundaries of knowledge...他们必须试着扩展知识的边界and they dont sometimes even know where to start.有时他们甚至不知道从何开始You dont know where the boundaries are, do you?你不知道边界在哪 不是吗You dont know what your taking-off point is.你不知道你的起点是什么If we do discover a complete theory of the universe如果我们确实发现了一个完整的宇宙理论it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone not just a few scientists.它应该及时就成为广泛的原则 被每个人所理解 而不仅仅是少数的科学家Then we shall all philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people 然后我们所有人 无论哲学家 科学家 还是普通人 be able to take part in the discussion of why it is that we and the universe exist.都能够参与讨论 我们和这宇宙为什么存在If we find the answer to that it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason for then we would know the mind of God.如果我们找到 这将是人类理性的 最终胜利 因为我们知道了 上帝的想法201605/440417

栏目简介:Dozens of expats have been helping traffic police officers in downtown Jingan today. Its all part of efforts to educate foreigners about the citys traffic rules. Cui Huiao tells us more.201703/492625

And heres a 9-year-old piano player who taught himself by listening to Frank Sinatras songs.接下来出场的是一位九岁的钢琴神通,他通过弗兰克·辛纳屈的歌曲而自学成才。All the way from Miami, Florida, please welcome Brandon.他来自佛罗里达迈阿密,下面让我们以热烈的掌声有请布兰登。Whats up, Brandon. How you doing?最近好吗,布兰登?Im very good. Im really excited.非常好。我今天非常激动。Good. Really excited. Yeah.非常激动。是的。Well, you look sharp, man. Thank you.你穿得很时髦。谢谢。I like the suit. Thank you. Yeah. I like the suit.我喜欢你的西。谢谢。嗯,我喜欢你的西。When did you start playing the piano?你什么时候开始学钢琴的?I started playing piano when I was 3. Wow.从三岁开始的。哦。Like when my fingers just started playing it, it leads me to everything I do today, really.当我的手指第一次接触钢琴时,是它成就了我今天所做的一切。Really? Yeah. It leads you to everything you do today? Pretty much.真的吗?是的。它成就了你今天所做的一切?差不多是这样。So Im assuming thats what youre gonna do the rest of your life. I hope so.所以,可不可以说它就是你未来想要干的事情。我希望是。What do you think of music today, the new music? What do you think of like, you know...你认为当今的音乐怎么样,这种新时代的音乐?比如说类似的音乐。It could be better. My man!可以更好些。跟我想得一样!Ive been...man, let me tell you something.你听我说。Ive been saying that to my kids, cause all my kids love hip-hop.我一直对我的孩子这么说,因为他们喜欢嘻哈音乐。It could be better, huh? Thats the same face I make.可以更好些,是吧?看我的嘴脸,跟你一样了。What about old-style crooners?你对以前的低吟歌手怎么看?Who do you like, those crooners? I really like to listen to Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett.你最喜欢谁?我非常喜欢弗兰克·辛纳屈和东尼·班尼顿。Tony Bennett? Yeah. Why Frank Sinatra, though?东尼·班尼顿?是的。你为什么喜欢弗兰克·辛纳屈?He treated his voice like an instrument, which I feel is very important.他的声音很像乐器发出的声音,我认为这是很重要的。I like to treat everything, like, my mind is rolling constantly with music.我喜欢我的思想和音乐一起不停转动。I think of that as an instrument, cause that gives me the inspiration for the piano.我将它看作是一种乐器,因为它让我对钢琴产生了灵感。Really? Yeah. I love this kid, man.真的吗?是的。我喜欢这个孩子。Lets talk about stuff for a minute. Well, what do you love about stuff?我们来探讨一些关于你的事情。你都喜欢做什么事情?Give me some rules you got. You got any rules?告诉我你的一些准则。你对自己有一些规定吗?Like, when you go outside, how do you go out?你一般出门穿什么?Pants and button-down. Pants and a button-down? Yep.衬衫和裤子。衬衫和裤子?是的。All the time? Pretty much.总是嘛?差不多。Do you wear shorts outside? No. My man. My man! Yeah!你穿短裤上街吗?不穿。好兄弟!好样的!耶!Man, people have been talking to me about Steve, I never see you in shorts.你知道有人一直跟我说,史蒂夫,我从来没见过你穿短裤的样子。You know, I just, when I go outside, Im a slack kind of guy.你知道,走出家门的我一般会穿宽松长裤。Me too. Yeah. So, what about your hair, man?我也是。恩,那你的头发呢?Howd you get this? I do my own hair. You do your own hair? Yeah.你的头发谁打理呢?我自己打理。你自己打理?是的。We got that in common, too.其实我和你一样。I love you, man. I love this dude so much can tie a tie, gel his hair.我很喜欢你。真是非常喜欢,能自己打领带,自己抹发胶。What about your parents, man? What do they think of all of this?你的父母呢?他们对这些事情怎么看?Well...I mean, are they proud of you?嗯,我的意思是说他们感到骄傲吗?Theyre proud of me. What about your dad?是的,他们很骄傲。你爸爸呢?My dad...We have nothing in common.我爸爸,我们之间没什么共同点。He likes sports, he will almost never wear pants.他喜欢运动,他几乎从不穿短裤。Thats why you didnt bring him, huh?这也是为什么你没带他来的原因,是吧?Hey, mom, did he just tell the truth? Dad doesnt ever wear pants hardly?这位母亲,他说的是真的吗?爸爸几乎从不穿短裤?He wears pants. He wears pants. No, he doesnt.他穿短裤。他穿短裤。我看不是。Yep. Youre just trying to make him look good on TV.您只是想让他在镜头前显得好看些罢了。Youve given two TED Talks, havent you? Yes, I have.你曾经在TED上进行了两次演讲,是吗?是的。What do you talk about on there?你在上面都说了什么?I talked about how the piano changed my life,我讲了钢琴是如何改变我的生活,and how I believe everybody has their own instrument,以及我相信我们每个人都拥有天赋,but maybe they just never took the time to find it.但或许他们从来没花时间去留意罢了。Thats an amazing statement from a 9-year-old kid这些话从一个九岁孩子的口中说出实在太惊人了,because what that actually says is, theres no one born that does not have a gift.他的意思是,所有人都拥有天赋。You just got to identify that gift because we all have.你所需要做的就是要去找到它。201706/512474

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