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乌市水磨沟区切双眼皮多少钱乌鲁木齐/县去红血丝价格新疆/祛痣要多少钱 你会看到学生们亲身解决一些身边的问题,领导同龄人,甚至教育他们的父母。201506/380920And the way we deal with that is we displace them we put them into a golden world, an imagined world,an age of heroes, the world to come.而我们处理它的方式就是将其替换掉我们将其放入到流金岁月,幻想的世界中,即将到来的,英雄的时代。And in the life of an individual, we often associate that with some object.当你以个人的状态生活时,我们经常将其和某种实体联系在一起。The white picket fence, the perfect house.那白色的尖桩篱栅,完美的房屋。The perfect kitchen-no bills on the counter in the perfect kitchen.完美的厨房-在柜台上面没有任何的账单。You know, you buy that Viking range, this is what your kitchen will look like.你知道,你如果买的是那种北欧海盗风格的煤气灶,那么你的厨房就是这个样子的。The perfect love life -- symbolized by the perfect necklace, the perfect diamond ring.完美的项链象征着完美的爱情,完美的钻戒。The perfect getaway in your perfect car.开上你的爱车逃离一切喧嚣。This is an interior design firm that is literally called Utopia.这是一个叫做Utopia的室内装饰公司。The perfect office-again, no cords, as far as I can tell.完美的办公室同样地,整齐有序。And certainly, no, it doesnt look a thing like my office.当然,不,和我的办公室一点都不像。I mean, theres no paper on the desk.我的意思是,写字台上空空如也。We want this golden world.我们渴望这样完美的世界。And some people get rich enough,and if they have their ideals-in a sort of domestic sense,they get to acquire their perfect world.当有些人足够富有的时候,而且他们的理想又存在于那种理家的观念,他们就能达到理想的生活方式。Dean Koontz built this fabulous home theater, which is I dont think accidentally-in Art Deco style.Dean Koontz以装饰艺术的风格建造了这个绝伦的小影院--我认为这不是偶然的。That symbolizes this sense of being safe and at home.这象征了这种家能给予安全的感觉。This is not always good, because what is your perfect world?但这并不一定总是好的,因为你到底如何定义完美的世界?What is your ideal, and also, what has been edited out?你的理想模型是什么,而且,把什么剔除出去了?Is it something important?是一些重要的东西吗?;The Matrix; is a movie that is all about glamour.那么,“黑客帝国”是一部关于魅力的电影大片。I could do a whole talk on ;The Matrix; and glamour.我可以就这个话题滔滔不绝。It was criticized for glamorizing violence,because, look-sunglasses and those long coats, and, of course, they could walk up walls and do all these kinds of things that are impossible in the real world.但是你知道,有批评者认为这对暴力进行了美化。因为你看-太阳镜,拉风的外衣,还有,当然,他们可以在墙上行走,做各种在现实世界中不可思议的事情。This is another Margaret Bourke-White photo.这是Margaret Bourke的另一张黑白照片。This is from Soviet Union. Attractive.来自前苏联,很不错。I mean, look how happy the people are, and good-looking too.我的意思是,看看这些人,多么的开心,也多么的俊俏。You know, were marching toward Utopia.你知道,我们正在向着Utopia的方向前进。Im not a fan of PETA, but I think this is a great ad.我并不太持PETA,但是我认为这是一个很好的广告。Because what theyre doing is theyre saying, your coats not so glamorous, whats been edited out is something important.因为他们的意思再清楚不过,你的大衣不够好看,缺少的就是一些重要的东西。But actually, whats even more important than remembering whats been edited out is thinking, are the ideals good?但是实际上,比铭记这一点更重要的是去思考,这种理想的模型真的是好的吗?Because glamour can be very totalitarian and deceptive.因为魅力这个东西是非常集权性和迷惑性的。And its not just a matter of glamorizing cleaning your floor.而且也不仅仅关乎于“祛除”是不是一个具有魅力的工作。201412/347067阿拉尔做激光脱毛多少钱

乌鲁木齐/整形美容医院黑脸娃娃好不好乌鲁木齐/去除肥胖纹哪家医院好 Well, one month later,一个月,之后I had a lot of data, and I was able to do another analysis.我收集了大量数据,足够再分析一回And as it turns out, content matters a lot.结果发现,内容很重要So smart people tend to write a lot --聪明的人,往往写很多 — —3,000, 4,000, 3、4千5,000 words about themselves,甚至5千字,自我介绍which may all be very, very interesting.也许真的,非常非常有意思The challenge here, though, is that但,很难匹敌the popular men and women最受欢迎男女are sticking to 97 words on average精选的that are written very, very well,97个字even though it may not seem like it all the time.虽然我们不一定,感觉得到The other sort of hallmark of the people who do this well高手们的另外一个杀手锏is that theyre using non-specific language.是不特定语言So in my case, you know,以我为例,你看;The English Patient; is my most favorite movie ever, ;英国病人;是我,最喜欢的电影but it doesnt work to use that in a profile,但它不适合,放在个人档案里面because thats a superficial data point,因为这是一个,肤浅的数据点and somebody may disagree with me有人可能,会有不同意见and decide they dont want to go out with me并且,决定不和我约会because they didnt like sitting through the three-hour movie.仅仅因为他们不愿意,花三个小时看一场电影Also, optimistic language matters a lot.还有,积极正面的语言很重要So this is a word cloud看这些关键词highlighting the most popular words that were used里面是,最常用的词语by the most popular women,最受欢迎女性,都在用words like ;fun; and ;girl; and ;love.;比如 ;有趣; “女孩”,还有 “爱”And what I realized was not that I had后来,我意识到to dumb down my own profile.没必要写一个,低智商简介Remember, Im somebody who said还记得吗,我说that I speak fluent Japanese and I know JavaScript我能讲流利的日语,并且熟悉网页编码and I was okay with that.这些都,没问题The difference is that its about being more approachable重点是,怎么写,让自己显得更亲切and helping people understand让别人知道,the best way to reach out to you.怎么采取主动And as it turns out, timing is also really, really important.除此之外,时机也非常重要Just because you have access当我们拿到to somebodys mobile phone number别人的,手机号码or their instant message account或者,聊天帐号and its 2 oclock in the morning and you happen to be awake,碰巧凌晨2点还没睡doesnt mean that thats a good time to communicate with those people.也许不是,联系他们的好时机The popular women on these online sites最受欢迎的女性spend an average of 23 hours一般会等 23小时in between each communication.再进行,下一次沟通And thats what we would normally do这也是我们,in the usual process of courtship.约会时的常规And finally, there were the photos.最后,轮到照片了All of the women who were popular所有,受欢迎女性showed some skin.都会,露一些They all looked really great,她们,看起来很棒which turned out to be in sharp contrast形成,鲜明对比的to what I had uploaded.是我当时,上传的照片Once I had all of this information,掌握了,这些信息之后I was able to create a super profile,我建立了一个,超级档案so it was still me,我,还是我but it was me optimized now for this ecosystem.只是,在这个生态系统当中,更优化的我And as it turns out, I did a really good job.事实明,我做得很不错I was the most popular person online.成了婚恋网,最受欢迎的人And as it turns out, lots and lots of men wanted to date me.后来,特别特别多男人想和我约会So I call my mom, I call my sister, I call my grandmother.我又打电话给,妈妈,,和姥姥Im telling them about this fabulous news,告诉她们,这个好消息and they say, ;This is wonderful!她们说 ;真棒 !“How soon are you going out?;“什么时候开始约会呀?;And I said, ;Well, actually, Im not going to go out with anybody.;然后我说 ;嗯,我不会跟任何一个约会的;Because remember, in my scoring system,因为,记得吧,要在计分系统they have to reach a minimum threshold of 700 points,至少达到700分才行and none of them have done that.这些男士们,都还不够They said, ;What? Youre still being too damn picky.;她们就说 ;什么?你还是太挑剔了;Well, not too long after that,然后,没过多久I found this guy, Thevenin,我发现这个人,戴文宁(Thevenin)and he said that he was culturally Jewish,他说他,接受犹太风俗he said that his job was an arctic baby seal hunter,还说他的工作是,猎捕北极小海豹which I thought was very clever.我觉得,这个说法很有意思He talked in detail about travel.他详谈了很多,关于旅行的事He made a lot of really interesting cultural references.引用了各种,有趣的文化He looked and talked exactly like what I wanted,他外表和谈吐,都是我想要的and immediately, he scored 850 points.当场就,拿下850分It was enough for a date.够约会了Three weeks later, we met up in person三个星期之后,我们见面for what turned out to be a 14-hour-long conversation谈了足足14小时that went from coffee shop to restaurant从咖啡店,到餐厅to another coffee shop to another restaurant,到另一家咖啡厅,再到下一家餐厅and when he dropped me back off at my house that night那天晚上,他送我回家之后I re-scored him --我重新评估1,050 points! --1,050分!--thought, you know what,看来this entire time I havent been picky enough.我一直还,不够挑剔Well, a year and a half after that,一年半之后we were non-cruise ship traveling我们去旅游,当然没有坐游船through Petra, Jordan,在约旦的,佩特拉when he got down on his knee and proposed.他单膝下跪,求婚A year after that, we were married,一年之后,我们结婚and about a year and a half after that, our daughter,又过了一年半,我们的女儿Petra, was born.佩特拉,出生了Obviously, Im having a fabulous life, so --可以看到,我很享受这段精人生,不过the question is, what does all of this mean for you?问题是,这一切对你有什么意义?Well, as it turns out, there is an algorithm for love.事实可以明,爱有计算规则Its just not the ones that were being presented with online.但不是我们,在网上看到的那些In fact, its something that you write yourself.而是,你自己写出来的So whether youre looking for a husband or a wife所以无论你要,寻觅另一半or youre trying to find your passion还是,找回or youre trying to start a business,又或者,要创业all you have to really do is figure out your own framework只需要,真真切切地,找出自己的框架and play by your own rules,按自己的规则,进行发挥and feel free to be as picky as you want.爱多挑剔,就多挑剔Well, on my wedding day,最后,在我的婚礼上I had a conversation again with my grandmother,我和姥姥,又谈了一回and she said, ;All right, maybe I was wrong.她说 ;好吧,也许是我错了“It looks like you did come up with“看来,你确实做了”a really, really great system.“一个,很棒很厉害的系统“Now, your matzoh balls.“可是,你的玛索球”They should be fluffy, not hard.;“该松软些,不能太硬了”And Ill take her advice on that.这个意见,我赞成201505/375694乌市高新技术产业开发区妙桃隆胸假体多少钱

新疆/皮肤整形美容医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱Here in the ed States less than a thirdof our fellow citizens 在美国只有不超过1/3的公民Have acknowledged the troubles that lieahead 认识到了未来的麻烦We have to engage in 我们需要参与进来We have to bring them around so we can allget to work 我们需要让所有人一起开展工作And dare I say it, change the world 我敢说这样就能改变世界And I think we can, heres why 我们肯定能原因如下We are at a tipping point 我们正处在一个临界点With just a little bit more education 只要再多一点教育With just a little bit more engagement, alittle bit more discussion 多一点参与多一点讨论With a few more hilarious comedy bits 多一点欢闹的喜剧元素People in the ed States will joincitizens of other countries 美国人就能联合其它国家公民And get to work on climate change 共同应对气候变化I want you to be y 我希望你们能够准备好I want you to spark this movement and giveit a direction 我希望你们让这一运动迸发出火花并给它一个方向I want you to change the world 我希望你们改变世界As an environmentalist, Im a fan ofwasting less 作为环保主义者我崇尚少浪费That would be common sense 这是常识I mean, if you drive less, well burn lessgas for example 例如少开车 就能减少汽油消耗If we waste less clean water, well havemore clean water 少浪费干净水我们就会有更多干净水But these are the easy examples 这些例子都很简单That would be the low hanging fruit 可以说是;很容易摘到的果实;Instead of just doing less 除了少浪费之外We have to find ways to do more with less 我们还需要设法用较少资源做更多事情Thats the key to the future 这就是未来的关键You are University of Massachusetts Lowellgraduates 你们是马萨诸塞大学洛厄尔分校毕业生You really are among the best in the world 你们是世界上最棒的人之一Thinking about new arrangements, new toolsand new elegantly engineered designs 你们能想出新部署新工具 全新且优雅的工程设计To reach for what I like to call the highhanging fruit 去摘那些;不容易摘到的果实;The big prizes, the great big prizes 也就是那些重大成果And thats what we want you to do for us.Im not kidding 这就是我希望你们为我们做的我没有开玩笑Change the world in new exciting and bigways 以令人兴奋的方式为世界带来重大变革Where do you see them all? Off your coast 哪里可以看到就在海岸边201510/406247 Chun jie kuai le!春节快乐!Wo shi lian he guo mi shu zhang pan ji wen.我是联合国秘书长潘基文。The Year of the Monkey has come. Im also a ;monkey;. Monkey implies intelligence, agility and good fortune. So, its a good year full of hope and energy.猴年到了。我也属猴。猴代表着智慧、灵活与好运。所以这将是一个充满着希望和活力的好年。This year is also the first year of the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. We wish to have a good start from the Year of the Lucky Monkey. I thank China and Chinese people for supporting the work of the ed Nations and myself in the past nine years. I hope we can all continue to work together towards a better future.今年也是可持续发展目标实施的第一年。希望幸运的猴年成为良好的开端。我感谢中国以及中国人民对联合国事业以及对我本人过去九年的持。我希望我们能够继续携手合作,创造一个更美好的未来。I wish you health, happiness and success in the Year of the Monkey. Hou nian da ji! Xie xie.我谨祝愿大家在猴年身体健康、阖家幸福、一帆风顺。猴年大吉!谢谢!201602/426823乌鲁木齐/自体脂肪隆鼻多少钱新疆/医科大学附属肿瘤医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱



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