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Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of modern Singapore and one of the most influential global leaders of the 20th century, has died aged 91, half a century after he led the tiny Asian city-state to independence in 1965.965年领导新加坡这个亚洲小国实现独立的半个世纪后,现代新加坡国父0世纪最有影响力的世界领袖之一李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)3日凌8分点去世,终1岁。Singapore’s first prime minister, Mr Lee ruled the island nation from 1959 for three decades, overseeing its transformation from tropical Southeast Asian backwater in the declining years of British colonial rule, into one of the most remarkable economic success stories of the 20th century.作为首任新加坡总理,李光耀959年开始治理这个岛国长0年,在他的领导下,新加坡从英国殖民统治衰落末期一个落后的东南亚热带小国,转型0世纪最成功的经济故事之一。He combined an authoritarian streak and appetite for social engineering with a determination to cement Singapore’s status as the most business-friendly location in the region by eliminating corruption and building a politically neutral jurisdiction based on the British legal system.他把威权手段与对社会工程的喜爱结合在一起。他决心确立新加坡作为亚洲最亲商国家的地位——通过根除腐败,并建立以英国司法体系为蓝本、政治中立的司法制度。That helped propel Singapore from an economically deprived port city of the 1950s with per-capita gross domestic product of just 0 to an Asian financial powerhouse with GDP per capita of ,000, according to the World Bank.世界(World Bank)数据显示,这帮助推动新加坡从20世纪50年代一个经济落后、人均国内生产总GDP)仅为550美元的港口城市,变成了人均GDP高达5.5万美元的亚洲金融中心城市之一。On the international stage Mr Lee’s sharp intellect meant his advice was sought by US presidents from Lyndon B Johnson to Barack Obama, and by European leaders such as Helmut Schmidt, the former West German chancellor with whom he remained close.在国际舞台上,李光耀的犀利智慧引来历届美国总统——从林登#8226;B#8226;约翰Lyndon B. Johnson)到巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama),以及西德前总理赫尔穆特#8226;施密Helmut Schmidt)等诸多欧洲领导人向他寻求建议。他一直与施密特保持着密切联系。He was one of the first to spot the potential of China under Deng Xiaoping, the former Chinese leader whose pro-market reforms unleashed the economic juggernaut that is now the world’s largest economy on purchasing parity terms.李光耀是最先发现中国在邓小平领导下的发展潜力的人士之一。中国前最高领导人邓小平的市场化改革释放了一列经济快车,按购买力平价计算,中国现在是全球最大经济体。But it is as the architect of modern Singapore, an island with a population of a small mainland Chinese city, that he will be remembered. He led Singapore out of a shortlived union with the Malayan Federation in 1965, two years after breaking colonial ties with Britain.但李光耀被后人铭记的将是缔造了现代新加坡,这个岛国的人口相当于中国内地一个小型城市。摆脱英国殖民统治两年后,李光耀965年带领新加坡脱离其与马来西亚联邦的短暂联盟。“He will go down in history as the moderniser of Singapore and the leader who pulled it all together,says Michael Barr, associate professor at the School of International Studies at Australia’s Flinders University.澳大利亚弗林德斯大学(Flinders University)国际关系学院副教授迈克尔#8226;巴尔(Michael Barr)表示:“他将作为新加坡的现代化推动者,作为带领新加坡走上崛起道路的领导人名垂史册。”来 /201503/365700As the first China-made large aircraft roll off the production line, plans for the larger C929 to rival the Boeing 777 are well under way.作为第一台中国本土制造的投入生产线的大型客机,C929抢占劲敌波音777地位的计划正在酝酿中。The China-made large passenger aircraft C919 that made its debut at an exhibition in November 2010 will begin to roll off the production line from Nov.2 this year. Its maiden flight is expected to be in the third quarter of next year, according to Wang Jian, chairman of the AVIC Electromechanical Company speaking at the International Forum of Civilian Aircraft Electromechanical Systems held in Nanjing on Oct. 23.2010年九月,中国制造的大型客机C919第一次在展览会亮相。今1日起,该客机将投入生产线制造。在103日于南京举行的民航飞机机电系统论坛上,中航机电系统有限公司董事长王建说,它的首次航行将于明年第三季度进行。The C919 has been developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), which develops home-grown passenger aircraft, including the short range jet ARJ21. The single-aisle narrow-body passenger aircraft C919 has been marketed over the past years aimed at competing with the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320.C919是中国商用飞机有限责任公司研发的,该公司研发包括短途引擎ARJ21在内的本土客机。单通道窄体的C919客机已经在过去的几年中被推入市场,目标就是和波音737以及空客320竞争。Wang said as of now, a total of 514 China-made C919 aircraft have been ordered by 21 customers around the world.王说,至今,共计514架国产C919客机已经被世1家客户预订。Wang said that according to the current plan, the C919 will make its maiden flight in the third quarter next year, or possibly in 2017.王说,依照现在的计划,C919将在明年第三季度首次航行,或者可能在2017年。The C919s ;successor; - the wide-body aircraft C929 has also entered the research stage in terms of key technologies. According to Wang, the C929 will use domestic engine and have a capacity of more than 300 passengers, aiming to replace the Boeing 777 in the future.C919的姊客机,宽体C929就关键技术而言已经进入研究阶段。王称,C929将使用国产发动机,载客量大于300人,目标是在未来取代波音777。来 /201510/406585Thailand is reeling from its deadliest violence since last year’s military coup, after an explosion in Bangkok’s main shopping zone killed at least 22 people yesterday and left scores more wounded.泰国正受到自去年军事政变以来最致命的一起暴力事件的不利影响。昨日,曼谷主要购物区发生了爆炸,造成至少22人死亡、上百人受伤。Police said a bomb detonated at the Erawan shrine in the Ratchaprasong district early in the evening, causing carnage in an area popular with both Thais and tourists.警方表示,傍晚一枚炸弹在拉查帕森(Ratchaprasong)购物区的四面Erawan shrine)被引爆,在这个深受泰国人和游客喜爱的地区造成大量伤亡。There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. It comes against a backdrop of rising political tensions in Thailand, but still came as a shock after a period of relative calm during which the military kept a tight grip on internal security.没有任何人立即宣布对这起袭击事件负责。爆炸发生在泰国政治紧张局势升温的背景之下,但在军方对内部安全保持严密控制的相对平静时期之后,还是令人们深感意外。Lieutenant Prawut Thawornsiri, a police spokesman, said 22 people had died and another 123 were injured. Reports suggested foreigners accounted for as many as eight of the dead and many more of the wounded. Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported that three Chinese nationals had been killed by the bomb.警方发言人普拉武他翁西里(Prawut Thawornsiri)中尉表示,事故造成22人丧生,123人受伤。据报道,多名外国人在爆炸中丧生,还有更多的外国人因爆炸而受伤。据中国官方通讯社新华社(Xinhua)报道,这枚炸弹造成3名中国公民丧生。While social media crackled with competing theories over who might be responsible, there was no immediate evidence to point in any direction.尽管社交媒体上充满了有关谁可能是幕后凶手的各种猜测,但并未发现指向任何方向的直接据。Thai Buddhists and visitors from China and elsewhere in Asia throng to the Erawan shrine, while the surrounding district of offices, shopping malls and upmarket hotels is also frequented by westerners.四面佛是泰国佛教徒以及来自中国和亚洲其他地区的游客蜂拥而至的地方,而周围的写字楼、购物中心和高档酒店区也是西方人经常光顾的地方。Mysterious blasts have occurred in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand since the military coup in May last year, although none caused anything like the destruction of yesterday’s attack.自去月的军事政变以来,曼谷和泰国各地发生了多起神秘的爆炸,尽管没有一起爆炸的破坏力达到昨日攻击的程度。Muslim separatist insurgents in south Thailand have used car bombs in the past, but they generally stage attacks in their own region.过去,泰国南部穆斯林分裂主义叛乱分子使用了汽车炸弹,但他们一般在自己所在地区发起攻击。The latest attack will add to anxiety in Thailand as a complex political power struggle plays out ahead of the succession to King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the ailing monarch of more than 69 years. The Ratchaprasong area is a longstanding venue for political protests in the capital as well as a symbol of the international pull of Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy.在泰国国王普密蓬阿杜King Bhumibol Adulyadej)移交王位之前,一场复杂的政治权力斗争拉开了帷幕,最近这起袭击事件将增加泰国的焦虑情绪。如今,患病在身的普密蓬已在位9年。长期以来,拉查帕森地区一直是曼谷政治抗议活动的爆发地,也是这个东南亚第二大经济体国际吸引力的一个标志。Political violence killed almost 30 people during the more than six months of anti-government protests that preceded the coup.在政变之前个月的反政府抗议中,政治暴力活动曾导致近30人死亡。来 /201508/393792

October 18th has been dubbed Adoption Day the day when both sides begin taking steps to carry out the provisions of the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).根据协议的规定,协议的签署各方必须要在联合国认可90天、也就是108日这一天,将这一被称为是“联合全面行动计划”的协议纳入实施。Secretary of State John Kerry says a finalized deal could have ramifications for years to come.美国国务卿克里这个星期表示,上述协议的达成以及纳入实施将在未来很长年里都具有影响力。“The Middle East remains a deeply troubled place, but every problem in the region would be made much worse if countries were to move towards nuclear weapons,said Kerry in a speech at Indiana University this week.他说:“中东地区目前仍然是一个问题重重的区域,但是假如各国都朝着研发核武器的方向发展的话,那么这一区域的所有问题都会变得更为不堪。”Ahead of Adoption Day, Iran muddied the waters by test-firing a medium range missile that may be capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.不过,就在上述协议即将纳入实施之前的一天,伊朗方面进行中程导弹试射的行为,无疑让局面变得不那么简单。上述中程导弹可以用来发射核武器。While Iran’s ballistic missile test does not violate the “letterof the JCPOA, it does violate the “spiritof the agreement, said Ilan Berman, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council.美国外交政策理事会的伯尔曼在接受美国之音采访时说,尽管伊朗测试导弹的行为并没有从文字上违犯今年七月间达成的核协议,但是从精神上违犯了各方达成的协议。“The (U.S.) administration, I think, made a tremendous strategic error in agreeing with the Iranians to take ballistic missiles out of the scope of the work of the JCPOA, and it is an effort that I think we are paying for now,he said.他说:“美国政府在同伊朗方面进行协商的时候,同意将弹道导弹方面的事宜排除在‘协议’之外,我认为,这是一个非常严重的、战略性的错误;我们现在已经在为这一错误‘买单’了。”来 /201510/404404

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