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乌鲁木齐/整形美容医院疤痕好吗乌鲁木齐/医院治疗黄褐斑A special report on the future of the state国家未来的特别报告Go East, young bureaucrat向东方学习做官吧!Emerging Asia can teach the West a lot about government新兴的亚州可以教给西方很多关于政府管理的道理WHEN people talk about Singapore’s education miracle, they normally think of rows of clever young mathematicians. The hair-design and beauty-therapy training centres at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) are rather different. The walls are covered with pouting models, L’Oréal adverts and television screens. There is a fully fitted-out spa and a hairdressing salon. It all seems rather more “Sex and the City” than Asian values, though the manicurists, pedicurists, cosmetologists and hairdressers toil diligently.谈起新加坡非凡的教育时,浮现在人们脑海里的是成堆聪明年轻的数学家。而工艺教育学院(Institute of Technical Education, ITE)的发型设计和美容理疗培训中心却与所想大相径庭。中心的墙上到处是嘟着嘴的模特、欧莱雅的广告和电视。中心还有一个装备齐全的SPA馆和美发沙龙。整个的风格看似更像《欲望都市》里的场景,与亚洲品味格格不入,尽管里面的美甲师、足疗师、美容师、理发师可是在勤勤恳恳、辛辛苦苦地干活。Asked whether he wants to go to university, the holy grail of most Asian families, a young barber called Noel replies that he would rather open a hairdressing salon. Mei Lien wants to set up her own beauty salon; Shuner would like to work in hotels abroad.当问及是否想上大学——进入许多亚洲家庭心中的神圣殿堂,年轻的理发师Noel回答说他宁愿去开家美发沙龙。Mei Lien则说希望开家自己的美容院。而Shuner则想去国外的宾馆工作。Until recently ITE—dubbed “It’s The End” by ambitious middle-class parents—was the dark side of Singaporean education. The city state streams pupils rigorously and is unashamedly elitist: one school claims to send more students to Ivy League universities than any other secondary school in the world. But such a system also produces losers—and many of the bottom third who do not make it to university come to ITE.在不久之前,工艺教育学院的缩写ITE还被望子成龙的中产阶级家长嘲讽为是“It's The End”(到此为止)的缩写,被视为新加坡教育不光的一面。这个城邦国家严格地将学生三六九等分,毫不掩饰其对精英的崇拜:有一所学校号称比世界上其他任意一所中学向常青籘联盟高校输送的学生都多。但是这样一个体制也会生产出失败者——很多排名倒数几名不能上大学的就去了工艺教育学院。Since the 1990s the government has worked hard to change ITE’s image. It has not only spent a lot of money on new facilities and better teachers but also put a great deal of thought into it, scouring the West for best practice in vocational training. And it has encouraged students who are used to failure to take pride in their work. That has involved discipline (a list displays the names of class-shirkers) but also fun outside the classroom: ITE has sports teams and concerts just like any university.从上世纪九十年代起,新加坡政府努力改善工艺教育学院的形象。不仅花费大量金钱提升设施、聘请良师,还花费了许多心思,遍访西方国家寻找职业培训的最佳方式。政府鼓励原来那些对失败已习以为常的学生挺起胸脯投入工作。这不仅包含了纪律(逃课者的名字将公榜示众),还有课外的欢乐:工艺教育学院有运动队、开音乐会,和其他任何一所大学无差。201104/131778乌鲁木齐/美容医院脱毛 Obama: Demonstrators Reflect Growing Desire for Change in Iran奥巴马继续呼吁伊朗结束暴力行动U.S. President Barack Obama is continuing to call for an end to post-election violence in Iran. He said he does not want to intervene in the election dispute. The president said he senses a desire for change among the Iranian public.美国总统奥巴马继续呼吁伊朗结束选举后的暴力行动。他说,他不想干预选举争端。但是,奥巴马总统说,他能感觉到伊朗公众要求变革的愿望。The president is responding cautiously to events in Iran.奥巴马总统谨慎地对伊朗的事态作出反应。He made clear the ed States does not have a say in the choice of Iran's leaders, emphasizing that decision lies with the Iranian people.他明确表示,美国无权选择伊朗的领导人。他强调,作这一决定的应该是伊朗民众。"It's not productive, given the history of U.S.-Iranians relations, to be seen as meddling - the U.S. president meddling in Iranian elections," he said.奥巴马说:“考虑到美国和伊朗关系的历史,被看作介入伊朗选举,尤其是美国总统介入,是不会有成效的。”But he said that does not mean he should remain silent about the violence that has erupted as protesters have taken to the streets to denounce the election results as fraud.但是他又说,这并不意味他对伊朗民众街头抗议谴责诈选而爆发的暴力行动应当保持沉默。"When I see peaceful dissent being suppressed, wherever that takes place, it is of concern to me and it's of concern to the American people. That is not how governments should react with their people," he said.他说:“当我看到以和平方式表示不同政见而遭到镇压,不管这种情况发生在什么地方,我和美国人民都会予以关注。那不是政府应该对自己民众作出的反应。”The president spoke in the White House Rose Garden Tuesday at the end of a press conference with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.奥巴马总统星期二和韩国总统李明举行记者会结束时于白宫玫瑰园发表了谈话。Once again, as he did during a session with reporters Monday, the president did not refer to any of the parties to the election dispute by name. He mentioned neither President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is declaring victory, nor reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has alleged election fraud.正如他星期一在记者会上讲话时一样,今天他也没有点名指出伊朗选举争端中的几个政党。他既没提到宣布胜选的艾哈迈迪内贾德总统,也没提到指控诈选的改革派候选人穆萨维。Mr. Obama did not weigh in on the charges of vote-rigging. But he did say the demonstrators reflect a growing desire for change in Iran.奥巴马没有对诈选指控表示他的观点。但是他确实说,这次示威游行反映伊朗的改革愿望高涨。"I do believe that something has happened in Iran where there is a questioning of the kinds of antagonistic postures toward the international community that have taken place in the past, and that there are people who want to see greater openness and greater debate and want to see greater democracy," said Mr. Obama.他说:“我的确认为伊朗发生了变化,人们对伊朗对国际社会一向采取的那种对抗立场表示怀疑,有些伊朗人希望看到自己的国家能进一步开放、进一步展开辩论以及进一步民主化。”The president said how that plays out over the coming days and weeks is something ultimately for the Iranian people to decide. But he said he stands strongly with those who believe the voice of the people should be heard and not suppressed.奥巴马总统说,未来几天事态会有什么样的进展最终得取决于伊朗人民。但是他说,他坚决与那些认为应该听从民意、而不该压制民意的人站在一边。06/74702Following their first major presidential debate, Republican White House contenders have made it clear they intend to make the 2012 U.S. presidential election a referendum on President Barack Obama's handling of the domestic economy. Political analysts say the strategy is no surprise and could make for a very close election next year.共和党总统竞选人首场主要辩论结束后,该党希望被提名的竞选人就明确表示,他们要将2012年总统大选变成一个针对奥巴马国内经济政策的全民公决。政治分析人士说,这个战略在预料之中,可能会让明年大选双方得票结果十分接近。Seven Republican contenders took part in the presidential debate, and political analysts generally gave the higher grades to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.7名共和党总统参选人参加了辩论,政治分析人士普遍看好前麻萨诸塞州州长罗姆尼和来自明尼苏达州的国会女议员米歇尔.巴赫曼。Romney has solidified his lead in the polls as the Republican frontrunner in recent weeks and is citing his business background as an advantage in discussing how to revive the U.S. economy.罗姆尼最近几个星期在民调中奠定了他领先的地位,并称他自己的经商背景是讨论如何重振美国经济的有利条件。"The right way for America to create jobs is to keep government in its place and to allow the private sector and the energy and passion of the American people to create a brighter future for our kids and for ourselves," said Romney.罗姆尼说:“美国创造工作机会的正确方式是,限制政府的作用,让私营部门以及美国人民的能量和热情发挥出来,为他们以及子孙创造更光明的未来。”Despite his lead in the polls, Romney still faces concerns from conservatives who question his previous moderate stances on issues like abortion, climate change and health care reform.尽管罗姆尼在民调中一直领先,但是他仍然受到保守派人士的怀疑。保守派人士批评他过去在堕胎、气候变化以及健保改革议题上的温和的立场。201106/140605可克达拉市抽脂多少钱

乌鲁木齐/微针美容哪家医院好U.S. President Barack Obama has chosen the Defense Department's head of intelligence to oversee the nation's 16 intelligence agencies. Retired Air Force General James Clapper is the president's choice to be the new Director of National Intelligence.President Obama says General Clapper is one of the nation's most experienced and most respected intelligence professionals. "He has improved information-sharing, increased intelligence support to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, upheld civil liberties, and he played a key role in our effort to update and reorient our intelligence community to meet the threats of our time," said President Obama.If approved by the Senate, Clapper would be the fourth Director of National Intelligence. Retired Admiral Dennis Blair resigned last month after a series of conflicts with the White House.Mr. Obama introduced his nominee Saturday in a brief speech in the White House Rose Garden.Clapper spoke for only 40 seconds, saying nominees for Director of National Intelligence (DNI) are "better seen than heard.""We have the largest, most capable intelligence enterprise on the planet, and it is the solemn, sacred trust in the DNI to make that enterprise work," he said.Clapper has spent several decades in military intelligence. He led the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which analyzes images taken from above. He also headed the Defense Intelligence Agency, which often works closely with the CIA.Clapper is known for being blunt and direct. His manner has won praise in the military, but some of the lawmakers who will decide whether he is confirmed say he is not cooperative enough.President Obama says Clapper's no-nonsense style will be an asset in his new job."He possesses a quality that I value in all my advisors: a willingness to tell leaders what we need to know, even if it is not what we want to hear," added President Obama.Mr. Obama admits that coordinating the activities of 16 U.S. spy agencies is a major challenge, but he believes Clapper will be able to do so."In short, our intelligence community needs to work as one integrated team that produces quality, timely and accurate intelligence. And let us be honest, this is a tough task. But this will be Jim's core mission, he is eminently qualified, and he has my complete confidence and support," Obama explained.The president says the U.S. intelligence community has vastly improved since the terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon in 2001. But he says December's incident in which a Nigerian man boarded a jet headed for Detroit with explosives hidden in his underwear shows that more work lies ahead.Mr. Obama is calling on the Senate to quickly approve General Clapper's nomination. 美国总统奥巴马挑选国防部情报负责人监督美国16个情报机构的工作。美国空军退役将军詹姆斯.克拉珀是奥巴马总统新任国家情报总监的人选。奥巴马说,克拉珀将军是美国最有经验,也是最受尊敬的情报专业人士之一。他说:“他提高并增加了驻阿富汗和伊拉克美军的资源共享和情报持,维护了公民自由。他还在我们更新和调整情报机构,以适应当前这个时代的威胁中发挥了关键作用。”如果获得参议院批准,克拉珀将是第四任国家情报总监。退役的海军上将丹尼斯.布莱尔在与白宫发生一系列冲突后于上个月辞职。奥巴马星期六在白宫玫瑰园发表简短讲话,介绍了他提名的人。克拉珀只发表了40秒的讲话。他说,国家情报总监提名人“做出让人有目共睹的工作比夸夸其谈重要”。他说:“我们有全世界最大、最有能力的情报机构,对于国家情报总监庄严而神圣的信任使得这个机构能够运转。”克拉珀从事了几十年的军事情报工作。他曾领导美国国家地球空间情报局。该机构负责分析从上方拍摄的图像。他还曾担任国防情报局负责人。这个机构常常与美国中央情报局开展密切合作。克拉珀因他的直率和不拐弯抹角而闻名。他的这一行事作风在军中赢得赞扬,但是将决定他的任命能否得到确认的一些国会议员表示克拉珀的态度不够合作。奥巴马说,克拉珀严肃的风格将是他新工作中的一大优势。他说:“他拥有一种品质,这也是我对我所有的顾问非常重视的一点,那就是愿意告诉领导人们我们需要知道的东西,即使那并不是我们想要听到的。”奥巴马承认,协调美国16个情报机构的活动是一项重大挑战,但是他相信克拉珀将能够胜任这份工作。奥巴马说:“总而言之,我们的情报机构需要作为一个一体的团队,收集高质量的、及时的和准确的情报。让我们坦率地说,这是一项艰巨的任务。但是这将是吉姆的核心任务。他绝对有资格胜任这份工作,他拥有我完全的信任和持。”奥巴马总统说,美国的情报机构在2001年对纽约和五角大楼的恐怖袭击后已经获得了重大的改善。但是他说,去年12月一名尼日利亚男子将爆炸物藏在内衣里登上一架飞往底特律的班机的事件显示,还有更多的工作摆在面前。奥巴马呼吁参议院尽快批准对克拉珀的提名。201006/105591石河子大学医学院第二附属医院做红色胎记手术多少钱 Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple has produced products that have changed the way people around the world communicate, obtain information and entertain themselves. Here's a look at Apple’s success and what sets the company apart from other computer companies as it prepares for its founder and visionary leader to step down as CEO.在史蒂夫·乔布斯的领导下,苹果公司推出的一系列产品,从根本上改变了世界各地的人彼此之间通讯联络、获取信息以及的方式。Whether it’s iPods, iPhones or iPads, they have become a part of daily life for people around the world. Technology analyst Francis Lun in Hong Kong said the man responsible is Apple’s chief executive officer, Steve Jobs.不管是iPods, iPhones 或 iPads,它们都已经成为世界各地很多人目前生活中不可或缺的一部分。香港的一位科技问题分析人士弗郎西斯说,这些产品的背后,是苹果公司的总裁史蒂夫·乔布斯。"Steve Jobs actually changed the way that we download music, changed the way that we use handsets, and also changed the way that we use computers," said Lun.弗郎西斯说:“乔布斯改变了我们下载音乐的方式,改变了我们使用手提电话的方式,同时也改变了我们使用计算机的方式。”University of California Los Angeles management professor Richard Rumelt said the ideas behind Apple’s products are not original.加州大学洛杉矶分校的管理学教授理查德·鲁梅尔特说,苹果公司产品的概念并不是最创新的。“Apple didn’t invent personal computers, it didn’t invent [the] mouse and windows interface, it didn’t invent digital music players, it didn’t invent the smart phone or the tablet,” he said.鲁梅尔特教授说:“苹果公司并不是个人电脑的发明者,也不是鼠标和窗口界面等产品的发明一方;像iPods数码音乐播放器、SMART PHONE电话、以及TABLET平板大脑这些产品,也都不是苹果公司发明的。”Ted Rozolis of IEEE Computer Society said there is one thing Apple can do that other computer companies have not achieved.不过,国际工程师协会下属的计算机协会的一位专家罗佐里斯指出,苹果公司在某一个方面的成绩和能力,超过了其他所有公司。201108/151409北屯韩式三点双眼皮的价格

新疆/那家植眉效果好American telecoms美国电信A breath of fresh airwavesyou want呼吸新鲜的电波The scramble for spectrum could reshape Americarsquo;s telecoms industry频谱争夺战可能打开美国电信新局面JULIUS GENACHOWSKI, the head of Americarsquo;s Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has called wireless spectrum ;the oxygen that sustains our mobile devices;. Yet unlike oxygen, the airwaves over which telecoms companies transmit their wireless signals are in ever shorter supply. According to the FCCrsquo;s calculations, America needs to make 300 megahertz (MHz) of additional spectrum available by 2014 to avoid a ;crunch; that drives up consumersrsquo; mobile-phone bills and holds back innovation.美联邦通讯委员会(FCC)主席JULIUS GENACHOWSKI,将无线通讯频段称为;维持移动通讯设备工作的氧气;,但与氧气不同的是,如今电信公司用来传输无线讯号的波段比以往更加短缺。据委员会估计,为免移动电话用户账单攀升,创新停滞不前,引发;频谱危机;,到2014年美国需要新增300兆赫兹频段投入使用。Some critics reckon the regulatorrsquo;s projections are too pessimistic. But telecoms firms say an explosion of wireless data triggered by smartphones and tablet computers is indeed soaking up capacity fast. Hence the scramble for more airwaves. On December 2nd Verizon Wireless, the countryrsquo;s largest mobile operator, announced a .6 billion deal to buy spectrum from several cable-television companies. ATamp;T, another telecoms behemoth, has been telling anyone who will listen that its billion bid for T-Mobile USA, a smaller rival, should be approved in part because it would ease a capacity headache: ATamp;T has plenty of capital but needs more spectrum, while T-Mobile has the airwaves but lacks the capital to exploit them fully.有的家认为委员会的预测太过悲观,但电信公司指出,由智能机和平板电脑所引发的无线通讯数据的激增,实际上正快速占据频带容量,面向更多频段的争夺进而产生。12月2日,美国最大的移动通讯运营商威瑞森无线通讯公司(Verizon Wireless)宣布斥资36亿美金从几家有线电视公司手中收购波段。另一家电信巨头ATamp;T也正试图让每一个关心的人相信,它对T-Mobile USA这个小公司的价值390亿的收购企划应得以通过,部分原因是如此可缓和波段紧缺的困难:ATamp;T有足够的资金但需要更大的带宽,然而T-Mobile 有带宽却缺少充分开发利用的资金。The snag is that allowing ATamp;T and T-Mobile to merge would stifle competition in the wireless market;which is why both the Department of Justice and the FCC oppose it. ATamp;T and Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobilersquo;s German parent, have pledged to fight on, but the mergerrsquo;s chances are slim. Verizonrsquo;s deal, by contrast, will probably be cleared by the FCC, which must approve transfers of licensed spectrum.问题在于,若允许ATamp;T 和T-Mobile合并,就会破坏无线市场的竞争公平;;这就是为什么司法部和联邦通讯委员会都反对它们合并。ATamp;T 和 T-Mobile 的母公司德国电信(Deutsche Telekom)已承诺会继续争取,但合并的希望渺茫。相反,委员会却极有可能会同意Verizon的交易,因为它没有权力阻止已得到使用许可的波段的易主。Could more wireless capacity be liberated from other businesses that do not need it? The FCC thinks so. It has come up with a proposal to persuade TV companies to part with some of their airwaves. It would solicit spectrum from broadcasters and then repackage it into larger lots to be sold in an auction. The revenue raised would be shared between the government and the broadcasters. The FCC thinks this could release up to 120MHz of TV broadcast spectrum.可以从其他行业释放出更多的无线通讯空间吗?它们并不需要那么多。联邦通讯委员会觉得可行,它已起草一项提案建议说电视公司出让它们的部分波段。委员会将设法从电视台买来波段,然后将之重新包装合并,进行拍卖,筹集的收入由政府和电视台分成。委员会认为如此可释放多达120MHz的电视广播频段。166085 April 18, 1906, California's San Andreas Fault snaps, shaking San Francisco for nearly 60 terrifying seconds .When the trembling stops, the disaster is only beginning. Gas lines rupture, setting off massive fires, some 700 people die. Most of the city is reduced to ruins. This trembling of the ground caused when masses of rocks suddenly shift below the Earth’s surface is called an earthquake. Hundreds of little earthquakes shake the planet every day, but most pass unnoticed. They usually occur along the boundaries of the thin plates that cover the Earth like an egg shell. Driven by the heat deep within the Earth’s core, the plates grind against each other along lines called faults. When a plate’s motion is blocked, stress builds up. Finally the fault gives way. The released energy raises through the Earth in the form of seismic waves .Scientists record these waves on a device called a seismograph.These zigzag lines show the strength of various seismic waves. Using the line, scientists grade the earthquakes on the Richter scale. For a quake to measure one number higher on the Richter scale, it must release about 30 times as much energy as the number below it. Every year about 100,000 earthquakes rumblethrough the ground hard enough for people to feel them. Of these, only about 1,000 are strong enough to damage property. But a powerful earthquake can be devastating. On average, about 10,000 people die each year as a result of earthquakes .The greatest recorded earthquake ever to hit North America measured a massive 9.2 .The tremor struck Alaska on March 28, 1964. A camera onboard a ship docked in Valdez recorded the draining of the entire harbor as a chasm opened up on the seafloor. There is no stopping the surface of the Earth from changing and moving, so engineers are focusing on ways to create better buildings, highways and bridges, structures that will remain safe and stay in one piece the next time the Earth begins to shake.1. fault : n.a large crack in the rocks that form the Earth's surface2. seismograph: n.an instrument that measures and records the movement of the earth during 3. chasm: n.a very deep space between two areas of rock or ice, especially one that is dangerous200811/54979乌鲁木齐/去疤价格乌鲁木齐/军区总医院切眼袋多少钱



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