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13. Asking about Car Insurance 13.询问汽车保险A: Hello, I wanted to ask you about car insurance prices.A:你好,我想问汽车保险的价格。B: Sure thing. Please, have a seat.B:没问题。请坐。A: Thank you. I just bought my first car.A:谢谢你。我刚买了我的第一辆车。B: Great, congratulations! What kind of car is it?B:很好,祝贺你!是什么类型的车?A: Its a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.A:是1994年的至尊奥尔兹莫比尔卡特拉斯汽车B: Oh, so its an older make.B:哦,这是一个老牌子。A: Yes, but its in good condition. So, how much would the payments be?A:是的,但是性能很好。那将付多少钱?B: Depends. Have you been in any accidents?B:不一定。你出过车祸吗?A: No, I have not.A:没有,我没有出过车祸。B: Have you gotten any driving tickets?B:你得到过驾驶罚单吗?A: Nope. That can affect the insurance rate?A:没有。那会影响保险费率吗?B: At times. Well, everything seems in order. You would have to pay monthly.B:有时会。好的,一切就绪。你要每月付75美元。A: That sounds great. A:听起来很棒。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/411825。

外教带你学地道口语 第73期:当地文化有了面试的机会就得知道该如何正确地推销自己。看看今天的节目就能学到并且给自己一个更好的开始。Im your man!我就是你最佳的候选人。 /201511/410612。

Todd: So Mark, if you dont mind me asking, how old are you?托德:马克,如果你不介意,我想问一下你今年多大年纪?Mark: Im 31.马克:我今年31岁。Todd: 31. OK, and so you probably dont remember but like... Im 37 and I remember watching television with no remote control. Like just the big square box you have to go up and turn.托德:31岁。那你可能不记得……我今年37岁,我还记得电视没有遥控器的那个时候。那时的电视像一个大方盒子,要走到电视那里去换台。Mark: Yeah, I remember that.马克:对,我记得。Todd: Was it the same when you were a kid?托德:跟你小时候的情况一样吗?Mark: Thats right. I think I actually had a TV like that up until about ten years ago when I was at a university student.马克:对,一样。我想大概十年前我上大学时还有一台那样的电视。Todd: Really.托德:真的吗?Mark: Yeah, you just pressed on the button.马克:对,要按下按钮。Todd: You know actually, the remote control is so much more convenient but I actually miss having to turn the knob because you dont have so many choices. You know. Like, you pick a channel and you stick with it and then you watch it, but with the remote control you just want to flick, flick, flick.托德:现在有遥控器方便了很多,不过我很想念转动旋钮的那个时候,因为当时没有那么多选择。选定一个频道,你就会一直看那个台,可是有遥控器的话,你就会一直换台,不停换台。Mark: Yeah, I call it flick-a-vision. Yeah. I quite like flick-a-vision.马克:对,我称之为快速换画面。对,我经常快速换画面。Todd: So whats flick-a-vision?托德:什么是快速换画面?Mark: Well, just when you watch each channel for maybe a minute or two and then change, change, change, change. Yeah, I often do that. Like you say you dont focus on the whole program.马克:就是一个频道只看一两分钟然后就换台,不停换台。我经常这么做。就像你说的,你不会看完整个节目。Todd: Right. And its terrible when youre sitting with somebody else and they have the remote control and they keep flicking away.托德:对。和别人一起看电视而遥控器又掌握在那个人手里时非常糟糕,因为他们会一直换台。Mark: Right, that causes a lot of family fights in my house. Yeah.马克:对,对,我们家经常因为这件事发生争执。Todd: Well, actually, you are a newly married man, so do you have any remote control wars with your wife?托德:你最近刚结婚,你有没有和你的妻子因为谁掌握遥控器发生过争执?Mark: Recently no. Not at the moment because I am living in a very small house with a small room. Its quite easy to get up and turn over the TV without using the remote. But were not fighting at the moment but I can see in the future we will be so the key there is probably to have two rooms with two TVs.马克:最近没有。目前没有是因为我生活在一个房间非常小的小房子里。不用遥控器也可以很方便地走到电视机那里去换台。虽然我们目前并没有因为这件事争执,不过我想以后我们可能会有争执,所以可以通过把两台电视放在两个房间里来解决这个问题。 译文属 /201511/410812。

Blow hot and cold三心二意;出尔反尔;喜怒无常。Mary blows hot and cold about her job;every day she changes her mind.玛丽对于工作的事情总是拿不定注意,今天想这样,明天又想那样。He tends to blow hot and cold.他可能拿不定主意。A:Look,the girl is so beautiful and she is smiling at me.看!那个女孩真漂亮,她对我笑呢。B:She is so lovely.她真可爱。A:I cant agree with you.shes pretty,but she always blows hot and cold.我不同意你的看法,她很美,但是她总是喜怒无常。背景音乐:Smile更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号:Emily_aiyingyu /201603/429167。

only to 结果却only too非常The police hurried to the spot,only tofind that the damaged car had been taken away.警察急忙赶到现场,结果发现被毁的汽车已经被人拖走了。He got to the station,only tofind the bus had gone.他到了车站,结果发现汽车开走了。I was only toopleased to help.我很乐意帮忙。A child are difficult as we know only toowell.小孩子都很难对付,就像我们知道的。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号:SmethilyFM /201604/434955。

Lesson 10. 玮柏篮球梦——J.V. Team篇第十课 玮柏篮球梦——J.V. Team篇hops跳跃力Hes got hops. Hes got ups.他弹跳力很好。He jumps very high.他跳的很高。My rabbit is so cute. I love watching it hop around my garden.我的兔子太可爱了。我喜欢看它绕着我的花园跳。Hang Time续航力Hes got hang time.他续航力很强。hang可以表示持久的意思When a girl asks you;can you hang;, youd better say ;yeah;.女孩问你持不持久的时候你最好说“是的”。explosiveness爆发力Hes got the explosiveness.他爆发力很强。handles控球能力Hes got the handles.他控球很厉害。drive in切入上篮drive through切入上篮,也指速食店里常提供顾客不用下车,直接点餐的务。I drove through all the defenders.我穿过所有防守,顺利得分。drive by运球过人He had a drive by last week.他上周开车经过时,被人开射击。Point Guard控球后卫Shooting Guard得分后卫Small Forward小前锋Power Forward大前锋Center中锋Starters先发球员,篮球队里有5个先发球员,通常都是球队最强的5个球员,他们就叫Starter。Substitutes/Reserve players替补球员Offense进攻Defense防守Full court trap全场盯人Man on Man defense人盯人(盯人防守)Zone defense区域联防Plays战术Clutch Time运动赛局中的危急关头,要紧关头It’s seven all now! It’s our clutch time!现在已经7点了!现在是我们的紧要关头。blown out一败涂地The tigers baseball team was blown out by a margin of 15 point.老虎对以15分的差距大败而归。big time风光、杰出、重要时刻、加重语气He was once a big time soccer player and led his team in scoring for 5 straight years.他曾经是个很风光的足球队员,带领队伍连赢5年。We lost big time to the Singapore basketball team by 30 points.我们输给了新加坡球队足足有30分之多。 /201705/504590。

unit 19找名胜古迹dialogue英语情景对话A:Excuse me, how do I get to the Forbidden City?A:请问一下,去紫禁城怎么走?B:Follow this road and turn right at the second intersection. ltll be right there.B:沿着这条路往前走,第二个十字路口右转。就到了。A:ls it far?A:远吗?B:No, it should only take you about 15 minutes by foot.B:不远,走路应该只要15分钟左右。A:Thank you.A:谢谢! /201504/368007。