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克拉玛依祛斑多少钱吐鲁番去色斑多少钱Both frankincense and myrrh were very expensive. A pound of frankincense cost the equivalent of a Roman labourer#39;s salary for a month, and a pound of myrrh twice as much. So when the magi bring frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus, they#39;re bringing not only gifts fit for a god - they#39;re also as valuable as their other gift, gold.乳香和没药都十分昂贵。一磅乳香的价格等同于一个罗马劳工一个月的工钱,而一磅没药的价钱是它的两倍。因此,当东方三贤将乳香和没药带给刚出生的耶稣时,他们送上的不仅是合适的敬神之物,而且价值也像他们另外送上的黄金一样珍贵。We#39;ve got no contemporary written sources, but this hand, other pieces of bronze sculpture of similar quality, and the ancient industrial slag recently discovered in south Arabia, show that Yemen was then a major centre of bronze production. Wahab Ta#39;lab#39;s hand is clearly the product of skilled metal-workers. If you look at it carefully you can see that it#39;s been cast using the lost wax technique, and very beautifully finished at the wrist. So our bronze hand is definitely a complete object, not a fragment broken off from a larger sculpture.除了铜手上这种简短晦涩的铭文之外,古代也门没有给我们留下任何书面文献。但众多质盘相当的青铜工艺品以及最近在阿拉伯南部发现的古代工业矿渣堆,明当时的也门也是一个青铜制造中心。瓦哈·塔拉布的手一定是工艺娴熟的金属加工匠的作品。仔细观察,你会发现它曾使用了脱蜡工艺,且腕部有精细打磨的痕迹,明它并非某件大型工艺品的一部分,而是一件完整的作品。Offering replica body parts to the gods is by no means peculiar to Arabia. You find them in Greek temples, in medieval pilgrim shrines and in many modern Roman Catholic churches - used to ask a god or a saint for bodily healing or as a thank-you for recovery. So perhaps Wahab Ta#39;lab wanted his broken finger healed, although the inscription suggests that it was a broader prayer, for general good health.向神灵敬献自己身体某一部分的复制品并非阿拉伯人独有的做法。在希腊神庙、中世纪神坛以及现代罗马天主教堂里都能看到类似的供品, 用于向神或圣人祈求病体康复,或用于康复后的还愿。Wahab Ta#39;lab#39;s hand speaks to us from a religious world that was dominated by local gods, who looked after particular places and peoples. But it was a world that wasn#39;t going to last.瓦拉·塔拉布献上自己的手时,他们的信仰世界还处于本土神庇佑一方子民的时代。但这样的时代很快便要终结了。 Article/201507/389649石河子激光去痘印多少钱 International efforts join Indonesia#39;s search operation for flight QZ8501各个国家加入到QZ8501航班印尼搜索行动International efforts are joining Indonesia#39;s search for AirAsia flight QZ8501.国际力量已经加入到亚航航班QZ8501的印度尼西亚搜索工作当中。Singapore has sent two naval ships.新加坡已派出2艘军舰。It#39;s also deployed another Air Force C-130 aircraft.同时还部署了一架空军C-130飞机。Singapore authorities note it#39;s not the first time Singapore and Indonesia have worked together.新加坡当局表示这已经不是和印度尼西亚的第一次合作。They say the two sides will be able to execute the search operation effectively.新加坡方面表示双方能够有效地执行搜救工作。Malaysia will deploy three naval fleets and an Air Force C-130 plane.而马来西亚将派出3艘海军舰队和一架空军C-130飞机。Other countries, including Australia, the ed States, Britain, South Korea and India will also send planes and naval fleets.而包括澳大利亚、美国、英国、韩国和印度等的其他国家也将派出飞机和海军舰队加入到搜索行动当中。Experts will also be sent in.有关专家也会被派去现场进行援助。 Article/201412/351447At least six dead in S. Korea chemical plant explosion韩国一化工厂发生爆炸造成6人死亡An explosion at a chemical plant in South Korea killed at least six workers and left one injured.韩国一家化工厂发生爆炸导致6人死亡、1人受伤。South Korea#39;s Ulsan Fire Department said the explosion occurred in the morning.韩国蔚山消防部表示此次爆炸发生在上午。An investigation is now under way to determine the exact cause of the accident.有关事故原因正在进行进一步调查。 译文属 Article/201507/384185乌市水磨沟区脸部激光美白多少钱

乌鲁木齐妇幼保健院激光去红血丝多少钱Surely the first thing that happened in the change to a modern kind of diet饮食方式向现代化的转变 最初肯定是这样的was when people controlled fire人们学会了控制火源and then probably just accidentally dropped food in it.然后很可能是无意间 将食物掉进火里And then they#39;d have tried that food接着 他们尝了尝火烧过的食物and they#39;d have found it was delicious.发现它们美味可口That set us off on a whole new direction,从此人类有了新的进化方向because the acquisition of cooking因为如果说学会烹饪was probably the most important increase有可能是人类历史上in the quality of diet in the history of life,饮食质量最重要的提高but certainly in the history of human evolution.那在人类进化史上 这点毋庸置疑Many scientists do not agree that cooking许多科学家都认为烹饪could have been the cause of such a dramatic step.不可能带来如此引人注目的飞跃They think that the ability to adapt to new environments他们认为适应新环境and to interact successfully with those around them以及与环境和谐共存的能力are also important influences.也都是重要的影响因素One of the major ideas is他们的主要观点之一就是that we evolved our large, complex brains我们进化出大而复杂的大脑to cope with our social environment.以适应社会环境的变化What we find in primate societies在灵长类动物社群中 我们发现is not necessarily the biggest, strongest individuals最高大 最强壮的个体which have the highest reproductive success,不一定是最高产的it#39;s often the cleverest -但常是最聪明的those that can manipulate others, form coalitions它们能够操纵其他同类 建立联盟and get themselves into a higher position of social standing.以提高自己的社会地位 Article/201505/374363乌市激光去除雀斑费用 They#39;re so familiar to us, we can forget how extraordinary they are.我们对太过熟悉,往往忘了它们有多么无与伦比。Even the simple act of shaking off water hides a spectacular technique.就连简单的甩水动作都暗含着高超的技巧。When you slow it down a thousand times, you can see the head turns a full 180 degrees.将速度放慢一千倍,可以看到头部的摆动幅度是整整一百八十度。This kickstarts a rotational momentum that corkscrews down the body.因此产生的角动量顺着身体螺旋向下传递。Expelling water from their fur quickly so they don#39;t get cold.用这种方式将水迅速甩离皮毛以免着凉。If you#39;ve ever been drenched by a dog, you#39;ll know how efficient this technique is.如果你曾被甩了一身水,就能体会这门技术的高效。Their physical abilities may be remarkable, but it#39;s their relationship with us that lies at the heart of their success.它们的体能卓尔不凡,但犬类如此繁荣的关键是它们与人类的情谊。We#39;ve trained them so that they#39;ll hunt for us, guard our homes, retrieve on command and herd our livestock.我们训练用以捕猎、看家护院、听令取物,以及放牧牲畜。But they also bring their own magic to this partnership.但它们也会向人类展露自己的魅力。Dogs seem to understand our needs and have a desire to help us out.似乎能理解我们的需求而且乐于施以援手。I#39;ve not taught her to do it, she#39;s just done it.我从没教过她,自己就会了。Jess, come here. Here. Sit down, then. Sit. Sit.洁丝,快过来 这里。坐下,乖,坐好。 Article/201505/374178乌鲁木齐西部医院去痘印多少钱

乌鲁木齐脱毛膏 Do you sometimes wish you were an only child? Yeah, so does your irritating little brother or sister.有时候是不是特别希望自己是独生子女?你那不愉快的弟弟或也是这么想的。You Will Need你需要Imagination想象力Self-control自我控制A little kindness一点温和Steps步骤STEP 1 Find solutions1.寻找解决方案Figure out exactly what your little brother or sister does that annoys you, then come up with a plan. If your sibling always messes with your stuff, ask your parents if you can keep your bedroom door locked when you’re out.找出你的弟弟或哪些行为激怒了你,然后制定计划。如果他们老是把你的东西弄得乱七八糟,问一下你的父母,外出时能否把卧室门锁上。Don’t be mean. Your younger sibling looks up to you, so set a good example (even if you feel like yelling!).不要苛刻。你的弟弟总是在仰视你,所以做个好榜样,即使你非常想要大喊大叫!STEP 2 Ignore him2.忽视他Try ignoring the little pest. Many times, younger siblings do annoying things for attention. If you ignore the bad behavior long enough, he’ll eventually give up.尝试着忽视这个小害虫。许多情况下,弟弟做让人生气的事情是为了引起你的注意。如果你忽视坏的行为,他最终会放弃。Ignoring doesn#39;t mean putting your hands over your ears and yelling, ;La, la, la—I can#39;t hear you.; Remember, negative attention is still attention.忽视并不意味着双手捂住耳朵,大喊“我听不到你说什么。”记住,消极的注意仍然是注意。STEP 3 Make a deal3.做交易Make a deal. Say something like, #39;If you give me some space while my friends are here, we can play your favorite board game after they leave.#39;做一笔交易。比如,“如果我的朋友在这里时你给我一点空间,他们离开后我就和你一起玩你最喜欢的棋盘游戏。”If your sibling is pestering you out of boredom, try suggesting a fun solo project, like asking him to draw you some pictures.如果你的弟弟是因为无聊才缠着你,建议有趣的单人游戏,比如让他为你画一些画。STEP 4 Give in4.屈If all your little bro or sis is really guilty of is wanting to play with you, give in once in a while. It will mean more than you think.如果你的弟弟或仅仅是想让你和他一起玩,偶尔可以屈一次。这样做的意义或许超乎你的想象。STEP 5 Involve your parents5.让父母介入When all else fails, get help from mom or dad. Don#39;t tattle—just ask for a suggestion on how to get the little twerp out of your hair for a while.如果所有方法都失败,向父母求助。不要饶舌,直接征求建议,怎样暂时把这个恼人的小家伙开。From 1986 to 2006, the number of American families with only one child doubled.从1986年到2006年,美国独生子女家庭的数量翻倍。 /201503/361433阿图什做隆胸多少钱喀什市垫鼻子多少钱



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