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To Fanny Brawne, May 18 Wednesday morning My Dearest Girl, I have been a walk this morning with a book in my hand, but as usual I have been occupied with nothing but you I wish I could say in an agreeable manner. I am tormented day and night. They talk of my going to Italy. 'Tis certain I shall never recover if I am to be so long separate from you yet with all this devotion to you I cannot persuade myself into any confidence of you.... You are to me an object intensely desirable -- the air I breathe in a room empty of you in unhealthy. I am not the same to you -- no -- you can wait -- you have a thousand activities -- you can be happy without me. Any party, anything to fill up the day has been enough. How have you pass'd this month? Who have you smil'd with? All this may seem savage in me. You do no feel as I do -- you do not know what it is to love -- one day you may -- your time is not come.... I cannot live without you, and not only you but chaste you; virtuous you. The Sun rises and sets, the day passes, and you follow the bent of your inclination to a certain extent -- you have no conception of the quantity of miserable feeling that passes through me in a day -- Be serious! Love is not a plaything -- and again do not write unless you can do it with a crystal conscience. I would sooner die want of you than --- Yours ever J. Keats 199。

定下目标尽管你应该永远给你的选择留有妥协余地,你也应确切知道你到底想从某份工作中获取什么明确具体地寻找工作要比漫无目的地碰机会有效得多Tactics1) Job-Hunt Success If you're finding it tough to land a job,try expanding your job-hunting plan to include the following tactics:Set your target.While you should always keep your options open to compromise,you should also be sure to target exactly what you want in a job.A specific job hunt will be more efficient than a haphazard one.Schedule ample) interviews.Use every possible method to get interviews--answering ads,using search firms,contacting companies directly,surfing3) the Web,and networking.Even if a job is not perfect you,every interview can be approached as a positive experience.Follow upEven if someone does not hire you,write them a thank-you note the interview.Then,some weeks later,send another brief letter to explain that you still have not found the perfect position and that you will be available to interview again if the original position you applied --or any other position, that matter--is open.Do this with every position you interview ,and you may just catch a breakMake it your full-time job.You can't find a job by looking sporadically).You have to make time it.If you're unemployed and looking,devote as much time as you would to a full-time job.If you have a job while you're looking,figure out an organized schedule to maximize5) your searching time.Network vertically6).In the research phase of your job hunt,talk to people who are on a level above you in your desired industry.They'll have some insights that people at your own level won't have,and will be in a good position to hire you or recommend you to be hired.Keep your spirits up.Looking a job is one of the toughest things you will ever have to do.Maintain your confidence,stay persistent,and think positively,and eventually you will get a job that suits you.。

美国人常挂在嘴边的句地道小口语 -01-7 19:: 来源: 1、真是稀客   You are really a rare visitor.  、你说的头头是道  What you said sounded reasonable.  3、我真是反应迟钝  I am really slow-minded.  、你把我给搞糊涂了  You made me confused.  5、罪有应得  You deserved it.  6、已经无法挽救了  There is no way out.  7、别跟自己过不去  Don't give yourself too much pressure.  8、你有话直说吧  Just say it.  9、这可不是三言两语的事  It's not easy to explain in several words.  、天塌下来有我呢Nothing serious.It's up to me. 、车到山前必有路  You will find a way.  、破财免灾嘛  Lose money just to avoid mistune.  、成事不足,败事有余  Never make ,but always break.  、别在这挖苦我了  Don't make jokes about me.  、英雄所见略同  Great minds think alike.  、让你破费了  Thank you inviting me.  、有点不怎么对劲儿  There's something wrong here.  18、太阳从西边出来了  It never happens to you.  19、恭敬不如从命  I had better follow your advice.  、你可别小看我  Don't look down upon on me. 口语 地道 国人 nbsp。

英语教师必备:校园英语常用语500句() -- :5:30 来源: 301. Hey! What a coincident!哎呀,太精了3. I’m really having a bad day.今天我倒霉透了3. I guess today is just not my day.我觉得今天运气不佳3. I am in good mood today.今天我的心情不错3. I hate to be in your shoes.我也很同情你3. What’s your interest?你觉得什么有意思?3. I’m interested in electric music.我对电子音乐很感兴趣3. How interesting(exciting,boring)!多么有意思(惊奇,无聊)啊!3. On one hand, he’s patient with class, on the othe hand,he isn’t patient to his children,一方面,他对学生挺耐心,另一方面,他对自己的孩子不太耐心3. We sent a classmate to town to buy some paper.我们派了一个同学到市里买一些纸来3. When will you have more available?什么时候你们还有更多的可卖?3. He’s too poor to send his children to school.他太贫穷了,以致孩子无法上学3. Have you found the pen you lost?你找到你丢的那钢笔了吗?3. We are sorry you lost the game.为你们输了这场比赛而难过3. Will you try to tell the story in English?你能用英语给我们说说这个故事吗?3. If you can’t do it yet,try again.如果说你还不行,就再来一遍3. He tried to pass the exam, but he failed yet.尽管他很想通过这次考试,但还是没有做到318. He didn’t lose hope though he had failed twice.尽管失败了两次,他仍未失去希望319. Class is over now, let’s go and get something to drink.下课了,一块喝点水去吧3. She asked me to show her the poem that I had written.她想让我给她看看我写的诗 英语 常用 校园 必备。

精挑细选:常用的地道口语短句(荐) -- :38: 来源: 1. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩). How do I address you?(我怎么称呼你)3. She turns me off.(她使我厌烦). So far so good.(目前为止,一切都好)5. Be my guest.(请便、别客气)6. That was a close call.(太危险了千钧一发)7. Far from it.(一点也不)8. It's a pain in the neck[麻烦的事(人)].(那真是件麻烦事)9. We're in the same boat.(我们处境相同). My mouth is watering.(我在流口水了). I ache all over.(我浑身酸痛). I have a runny nose.(我流鼻涕). Do you have any openings?(你们有空缺吗?). Think nothing of it.(别放在心上). I'm not myself today.(我今天心神不宁). I have a sweet tooth.(我喜欢吃甜食). the time being.(暂时;暂且;目前)18. Don't beat around the bu**. (别拐弯抹角了)19. **'s up in the air[悬而未决].(尚未确定). It slipped my mind.(我忘了)1. You can't please[使人感到满意和愉快] everyone.(你不可能讨好每一个人). I'm working on[着手;从事] it.(我正在努力)3. You bet!(当然!). Drop me a line[短信].(写封信给我)5. Are you pulling my leg[同某人开玩笑;取笑]?(你在开我玩笑吗?)6. I'll keep my ears open.(我会留意的)7. Neck and neck.(不分上下). I'm feeling under the weather.(我觉得不舒精神不好情绪低落)9. Don't get me wrong[误解].(不要误会我)30. You're the boss.(听你的)31. If I were in your shoes[处在某人的位置].(如果我是你的话)3. Over my dead body!(休想)33. It'll come to me.(我会想起来的). I will play it by ear[见机行事;临时现做].(我会见机行事的;到时候再说)35. Let's talk over coffee.(我们边喝边谈)36. Take it easy.(轻松一点;别紧张;放松放松;再见)[这是美国人最喜欢说的话,也可作离别用语}37. Let's give him a big hand.(让我们热烈鼓掌)38. As far as I'm concerned.(就我而言)39. I'm up to my ears[忙得不可开交;深陷于某事物中] in work.(我忙死了)0. You can't do this to me.(你不能这么对我)1. Just to be on the safe side. (为了安全起见). It's been a long time.(好久不见了)3. It's about time.(时间差不多了). I can't imagine why.(我想不通为什么)5. That's really something.(真了不起)6. Excuse me a moment.(失陪一会儿)7. I'm dying[很想] to see you.(我真想见你)8. I'm flattered.(过奖了)9. You can never tell.(不知道谁也没把握)50. I won't buy[相信;接受] you story.(我不信你那一套)51. It hurts like hell!(疼死啦!)5. It can't be helped.(无能为力)53. Sorry to bother you.(抱歉打扰你[事前])Sorry to have bothered you.(抱歉打扰你[事后])5. Stay out of this matter, please.(请别管这事)55. I'll make it up to you.(我会赔偿的)56. I'm very really terribly awfully extremely sorry.(十分抱歉)57. Let's give and get.(让我们摈弃前嫌)58. I've heard so much about you!(久仰大名!)58. Don't underestimate me.(别小看我)59. She gives me a headache.(她让我头疼)60. You're wasting you breath.(你在白费口舌)61. Don't get on my nerves!(不要搅得我心烦)6. His argument doesn't hold water.(他的论点站不住脚)63. You've got to do something.(你一定要想办法)6. Don't look wise.(别自作聪明)65. You're going too far!(你太过分了!)66. Don't bury your head in the sand.(不要逃避现实)67. Nothing works.(什么都不对劲儿)68. Money will come and go.(钱乃身外之物)69. He's been behind bars almost 30 years.(他坐了将近30年牢)70. You have my word.(我保)71. He hit the ceiling at the news.(他听到那消息暴跳如雷大发雷霆)7. You're too outspoken.(你太直率了)73. Every dog has his day.(凡人皆有得意时)7. Are you out of you mind?(你疯了吗?)75. He's been everywhere.(他到处都去过了)76. Who is to blame?(该怪谁?)77. There're a lot of rumors going around.(很多流言流传着)78. I don't feel up to that.(我觉得不能胜任那工作)79. I'm mad at myself.(我生自己的气)80. It's raining cats and dogs.(下着倾盆大雨)81. What the hell are you doing?(你到底在做什么?)8. I can't seem to get to sleep.(我好象睡不着)83. You look very serious about something.(你似乎有很严重的事)8. I hope I'm not in the way.(我希望没有造成妨碍)85. A fool never learns.(傻瓜永远学不会)86. What brings you to Beijing?(什么风把你吹到北京来的?)87. She looks blue.(她满面忧伤.) 口语 地道 常用 have。

地球是多数人的幸福家园但信念是精神的一种状态人只要拥有信念,就不会轻言放弃倘若他不得已颠沛流离,就会再次建起一座房子,那是地球上任何飓风都无法摧毁的 The Light of a Bright Day By Helen Keller I choose my subject faith wrought into life, apart from creed or dogma. By faith I mean a vision of good one cherishes and the enthusiasm that pushes one to seek its fulfillment regardless of obstacles. Faith is a dynamic power that breaks the chain of routine and gives a new, fine turn to old commonplaces. Faith reinvigorates the will, enriches the affections and awakens a sense of creativeness. Active faith knows no fear, and it is a safeguard to me against cynicism and despair. After all, faith is not one thing or two or three things; it is an indivisible totality of beliefs that inspire me. Belief in God as infinite good will and all-seeing Wisdom whose everlasting arms sustain me walking on the sea of life. Trust in my fellow men, wonder at their fundamental goodness and confidence that after this night of sorrow and oppression they will rise up strong and beautiful in the glory of morning. Reverence the beauty an preciousness of the earth, and a sense of responsibility to do what I can to make it a habitation of health and plenty all men. Faith in immortality because it renders less bitter the separation from those I have loved and lost, and because it will free me from unnatural limitations and unfold still more faculties I have in joyous activity. Even if my vital spark should be blown out, I believe that I should behave with courageous dignity in the presence of fate and strive to be a worthy companion of the beautiful, the good, and the True. But fate has its master in the faith of those who surmount it, and limitation has its limits those who, thought disillusioned, live greatly. True faith is not a fruit of security, it is the ability to blend mortal fragility with the inner strength of the spirit. It does not shift with the changing shades of one's thought. It was a terrible blow to my faith when I learned that millions of my fellow creatures must labor all their days food and shelter, bear the most crushing burdens and die without having known the joy of living. My security vanished ever, and I have never regained the radiant belief of my young years that earth is a happy home and hearth the majority of mankind. But faith is a state of mind. The believer is not soon disheartened. If he is turned out of his shelter, he builds up a house that the winds of the earth cannot destroy. When I think of the suffering and famine, and the continued slaughter of men, my spirit bleeds, but the thought comes to me that, like the little deaf, dumb and blind child I once was, mankind is growing out of the darkness of ignorance and hate into the light of a brighter day. 997。

在家中的生活习惯用语 -- :36:38 来源: 我经常下班以后运动I usually work out after work. *work out“训练,运动”I usually go to the gym after work.I usually exercise after work.我开始慢跑锻炼Ive started jogging.Ive started jogging. (我开始慢跑锻炼)Since when? (什么时候开始的?)我戒烟了I quit smoking. *quit“辞职,改变习惯”No, thanks. I quit smoking. (不,谢谢,我已经戒了)Good you. (你真伟大)I stopped smoking.I dont smoke anymore.Ive become a non-smoker.I no longer smoke.你常做梦吗?Do you dream often?Do you often have dreams?Do you dream a lot?最近我总是丢三落四的Ive been getful lately.Ive been getful these days. 日常英语 英语口语。

口语小词:“囧”用英语怎么说 -- ::00 来源:   囧be sunksunken  网义:郁闷、悲伤、无奈、无语等等,示意很好很强大,指处境困迫,喻尴尬,为难  This is an ancient Chinese character, pronounced jiong. Itmeans "light shining through a window". Young Chinese use it to expressembarrassment, or a bad mood. Look at the character. Doesn't it looklike a disappointed face? 怎么 英语 口语 Chinese。

How names are called in AmericaPeople generally call each other by their first names much sooner in their acquaintance than people do in other walks of life.Taking that liberty too soon has closed many doors the offender.Theree,one must sense the proper moment to drop mal address and adopt subtle measures to prevent unwelcome intimate address.If you have been accepted wholeheartedly into a group,however important first names are in the world's eyes,it would be conspicuous1) you to continue beyond a certain time to call them by their last names,such as Mr.Robinson and Mrs.Harvin. If an older woman enjoys having young people call her first name,she will ask you to do so--otherwise don't.In the business circle,many people think it demeaning to be called by the first name,it is best to use ‘Mr.’‘Miss’ with a business superior or an employer.A divorcee can ask the courts her maiden name) if there are no children.But usually the woman of taste,with or without children,takes after divorce her maiden name with the divorced husband's name.The remarried divorcee with children does not incorporate3) her divorced husband's name in her new one.The children retain their real father's name,unless by legal adoption they take the name of the mother's new husband.Husband and wife call each other “Mr.” and “Mrs.”when speaking to people who are not their equals.To acquaintances they call each other “my husband” and “my wife”.To friends,they refer to each other their first names.Army officers are called by their titles in speech.Catholic priests are called “Father”.A senator) is customarily called “Senator” all of his life.A congressman5) is called “Mr.” both in and out of office.An ambassad6) or is called “Mr.Ambassador”. 966。