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新疆维吾尔自治区中医医院双眼皮多少钱乌鲁木齐激光去痣多少钱Chinas First Lady Peng Liyuan will need to make room under the spotlight, because Cheng Hong is coming in to share it. 继中国第一夫人彭丽媛惊艳亮相媒体后,中国国务院总理李克强的夫人程虹也给公众留下了深刻印象。State media on Sunday and Monday circulated pictures of Ms. Cheng, the wife of Chinas premier Li Keqiang, as she accompanies her husband on a tour of Africa, where the duo will work to boost Sino-African ties. 官方媒体周日和周一纷纷刊登了程虹陪同李克强出访非洲的照片,两人此行是为了加强中非关系。Ms. Cheng is stepping onto the public stage at a time when President Xi Jinpings wife Peng Liyuan is also building her own political persona. Ms. Peng gained attention last year by accompanying her husband on trips overseas, as well as in March, when U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama visited China to spend time with the presidents wife, who is also a well-known singer. 程虹进入公众视野时值中国国家主席习近平的夫人彭丽媛打造自己的政治形象之际。彭丽媛去年陪同习近平出访国外引来多方关注。美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马(Michelle Obama) 3月份访问中国时,彭丽媛还和米歇尔举行了会面。彭丽媛是中国著名的女歌唱家。But while Ms. Peng has gotten many plaudits for her dress sense, state media seems keen to stress Ms. Chengs scholarly achievements. 虽然彭丽媛以自己的着装风格受到不少好评,但对于程虹,官方媒体似乎更热衷于强调她的学术成就。This week, the official Xinhua News Agency touted on one of its official microblog accounts the academic achievements of Ms. Cheng, who has had a more than 30-year career as a well-liked English professor at Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing. According to Xinhua, Ms. Cheng met her husband while studying at Chinas top academic institution, Peking University. The pair have one child. 新华社本周在其官方微账户上介绍了程虹的学术成就。程虹在首都经济贸易大学教授英语已经有超0年的时间,深受学生爱戴。新华社称,程虹在北京大学进修时和李克强相识结婚,两人育有一女。Wives of political leaders have rarely been made so public, said Zhong Xin, director of Renmin Universitys Public Communication Institute. Chinas recent attempt to push them out into the limelight, she said, is an effort to take a more innovative approach to the countrys foreign relations. Such a diversification of figures involved in international communication, said Ms. Zhong, can help to create a friendlier, more accessible image for Mr. Li and also deepen understanding between diplomats. 中国人民大学新闻学院教授钟新说,政治领导人的夫人此前很少有这么公开的亮相。她说,近来领导人夫人亮相媒体是处理外交关系的一个更具创新性的方式。钟新表示,在国际交流中加入多样化的形象有助于为李克强打造一个更加友奀?更易接近的形象,同时也能增进外交官之间的理解。Ms. Cheng also brings her intellect to the table, said Ms. Zhong. She comes in not only as a wife, but also as a female intellectual, Ms. Zhong toldChina Real Time . 钟新表示,程虹还带来了她的才智。她的角色并不仅是总理夫人,还是一位女性知识分子。But some say that the apparently higher profile of the First Lady and Ms. Cheng is simply the product of greater media attention, not a deliberate foreign policy choice. Its the Internet thats creating these larger images, Chu Shulong, an expert on international relations at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said in an interview in March, when Ms. Peng became the talk of the town during Ms. Obamas visit. Politicians spouses have been involved in public events in the past, he noted--the difference now is that there are more online publications and social media platforms to spur greater chatter about them. 但一些人表示,彭丽媛和程虹的这种高调的形象只是媒体关注度加大的结果,而非刻意的外交政策选择。在奥巴马夫月份访问中国时,彭丽媛成最热门的话题,清华大学(Tsinghua University)国际关系专家楚树龙当时在接受采访时表示,互联网放大了领导人夫人的形象。他指出,过去政治家的配偶也参加公共活动,现在的不同之处在于有了更多的网络报道和社交媒体平台,这使得公众会更多地谈论她们。Xinhua said that Ms. Cheng has had a particular interest in American nature writing and has translated several books on the topic, including Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Places, a memoir by American environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams, and The Outermost House, which chronicles of life on Cape Cod, by naturalist writer Henry Beston. 新华社称,程虹对美国自然文学尤其感兴趣,已翻译了多部美国自然文学著作,包括美国环保主义者特丽·T·威廉Terry Tempest Williams)的《心灵的慰藉:一部非同寻常的地域和家族史Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Places)以及自然主义作家亨利·贝斯Henry Beston)的《遥远的房屋The Outermost House),后者纪录了贝斯顿在科德Cape Cod)的生活。According to other press reports circulating this week, Ms. Cheng has generally kept a low profile in her work and dedicated herself to family, for example in caring for years for an elderly family member who was suffering from cancer before the relative died. Li Xuejun, an editor of Mrs. Cheng s translated books who has known her for more than a decade, told the Beijing News that the premiers wife was an unassuming presence, one who never wears make-up. 据本周其他媒体报道,程虹在学校为人低调,在家也是“贤妻良母”,报道还举了程虹用五年时间照顾家中患癌症的老人、并陪她走到生命尽头的例子。多次出任程虹译著责编的李学军告诉《新京报》记者,认识程老师十几年,她都是素面朝天。Elsewhere online, social media users responded to Ms. Chengs Africa trip with praise. [Ms. Cheng] really has the temperament of a teacher who teaches and helps students. Im not just flattering her, wrote one. 在网上,社交媒体用户也对程虹随行出访表达了赞赏。其中一位用户写道,“程虹的确有为人师表的气质,我不是在奉承她。Its like having a treasure to have such a wife, wrote another. 另一位用户写道,“家有贤妻,如有一宝。”来 /201405/294622乌鲁木齐医院哪个整形好 乌鲁木齐注射垫鼻梁哪家医院好

乌鲁木齐整形美容医院做彩光嫩肤好吗US-led coalition air strikes on Isis-held oilfields in eastern Syria have become so intense that locals say production could drop sharply, a move that would threaten the jihadi group’s most important revenue stream.以美国为首的联军对叙利亚东部“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)控制的油田进行的空袭变得如此激烈,以至于当地人称产能可能大幅下降,此举将威胁该圣战组织最重要的收入来源。A week of heavy strikes in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province has pounded Isis-controlled infrastructure and vehicles involved in the oil trade, which an investigation by the Financial Times estimates nets the group about .5m a day, and has helped embed it within civilian populations involved in the trade.对叙利亚代尔祖尔(Deir Ezzor)一周以来的猛烈空袭,已重创ISIS控制下与石油贸易相关的基础设施和车辆,而英囀?金融时报》的一项调查估计,石油贸易每天可为该组织带来约150万美元的净收入,而且还帮助该组织藏匿于参与石油生意的平民中。“The strikes are insane, sometimes 20 in a few hours,said one man who lives near Syria’s al-Tanak oilfield and whose family has been trading in Isis-produced crude. “If the strikes go on like this they could stop oil production.”“空袭太疯狂了,有时几小时内就有20轮,”一名住在叙利亚塔纳al-Tanak)油田附近的男子说,他们一家一直在从事ISIS所产原油的买卖,“如果空袭照这样持续下去,他们可能停止石油生产。”Deir Ezzor activists like Jad al-Hussein, based in Turkey, see a total cut in production as unlikely but anticipate a substantial drop in trade. “A complete halt seems impossible because it is so essential to the area, including for civilians. Isis even uses it to produce electricity,he said. “But I expect trade will decrease a lot.”居住在土耳其的代尔祖尔籍活动人士——如贾德侯赛Jad al-Hussein)——认为,完全停产不大可能,但预计交易将出现大幅下滑。“完全停产似乎是不可能的,因为石油对这一地区如此至关重要,包括对平民而言。ISIS甚至用石油发电,”他说,“但我预计,交易将大幅减少。”The coalition has escalated its campaign against Isis, which seized about half of Syria and nearly a third of Iraq in the past year. This week France led a dramatically increased number of air raids on its de facto capital, Raqqa, fuelled mostly by retribution for the Isis attacks in Paris last Friday.联军已经升级了对ISIS的军事打击行动,过去一年,ISIS占领了叙利亚约一半的领土以及伊拉克的近三分之一。很大程度上出于对上周五ISIS在巴黎发动袭击的报复,法国本周急剧增加了对ISIS所谓首都拉Raqqa)的空袭次数。Activists and Syrian rebels fighting Isis say foreign fighters and their families have been moved out of the city. The Raqqa RevolutionariesFront, which has joined Syrian Kurdish forces co-ordinating on the ground with the coalition against Isis, says it has seen some fighters moving to Isis’s stronghold of al-Shadadi, near the Iraqi border.与ISIS作战的活动人士及叙利亚反对派武装称,外国战士和他们的家人已经撤离了拉卡。已经加入叙利亚库尔德人武装——负责在地面配合联军打击ISIS——的拉卡革命阵线(Raqqa RevolutionariesFront)称,他们看到一些武装分子在向ISIS位于伊拉克边境附近的大本营沙达迪(al-Shadadi)转移。The UK-based monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, described a surge of Isis leadersfamilies and other members of the group heading towards Iraq’s second city of Mosul, which Isis captured in 2014. The observatory reported that the families said Raqqa was “no longer safeand that Mosul was more secure. The observatory says 33 Isis fighters were killed in the last three days of raids on Raqqa, and that at least two civilians died.总部位于英国的监督组织——叙利亚人权观察(Syrian Observatory for Human Rights)称,ISIS领导人家属以及其他成员正在奔向伊拉克第二大城市苏尔(Mosul),ISIS014年占领该市。该监督组织报告称,ISIS领导人家属说拉卡已“不再安全”,苏尔更安全些。该组织还称3名ISIS武装分子在过去三天拉卡遭到的空袭中丧生,至少两名平民死亡。Isis has made huge profits from oil despite the drop in the international oil price the benchmark Brent crude is currently at a barrel largely because local communities in war-torn Syria and Iraq are so dependent on its production. An effort to stop the flow of fuel smuggling across Turkey and Syria’s 100km border has therefore done little to dent Isis profits.尽管国际油价大跌(当前基准布伦特(Brent)原油价格为每5美元),但ISIS还是从石油中获得了巨额利润,很大程度上因为叙利亚与伊拉克一些饱受战火摧残的地区相当依赖石油生产。因此,阻止石油通过土耳其与叙利亚几百公里边境进行走私的努力,几乎没有对ISIS的利润造成打击。来 /201511/411666乌市眼耳鼻喉专科医院打美白针多少钱 乌市水磨沟区做永久脱毛多少钱

阿拉尔除皱的费用 CY Leung, Hong Kong’s chief executive who is at the centre of the storm over political reform in the territory, has come under renewed pressure following revelations that he received large payments from an Australian company.置身于香港政改风暴中心的行政长官梁振CY Leung)受到新的压力,有人爆料称,他曾从一家澳大利亚公司收到巨额款项。Fairfax Media reported that Mr Leung had been given two undisclosed payments totalling #163;4m from UGL, an engineering company, since becoming chief executive in 2012.澳大利亚媒体Fairfax Media报道,梁振英012年出任香港行政长官后,从工程公司UGL收取了两笔没有披露的款项,总计400万英镑。His office said there was no requirement to disclose the money, which was paid in connection with the sale of DTZ, a property company of which Mr Leung was a director.他的办公室表示,相关资金无需公开申报,这些款项与出售戴德梁行物业公司(DTZ)的交易有关,梁振英曾是该公司董事。The news of the payments comes as Mr Leung is under pressure from the democracy protests that have rocked Hong Kong for more than a week.有关这些款项的消息传来之际,梁振英正受到持续震撼香港一个多星期的民主抗议的压力。Martin Lee, a barrister and founder of Hong Kong’s Democratic party, said the revelations were “unbelievable while Alan Leong, head of the opposition Civic party, said the chief executive should explain the payments.香港民主党创始人、大律师李柱Martin Lee)表示,爆料内容“令人不可思议”,而另一个反对党公民党的党魁梁家Alan Leong)表示,梁振英应当解释这些钱的来源。“He owes it to the public to explain,said Mr Leong, adding that the revelations would “harm him even more“他有责任向市民解释,”梁家杰表示。他补充说,爆料内容会“进一步损害他的名誉”。David Webb, a corporate governance expert in Hong Kong, said Mr Leung should have disclosed the financial relationship with the Australian company on the forms that politicians in Hong Kong must file every year.香港公司治理专家戴维#8226;韦伯(David Webb)表示,梁振英本来应该在香港政界人士每年必须提交的表格上披露其与上述澳大利亚公司的财务关系。“The concept here is to disclose your commercial relationships, particularly when they involve money, which this did,said Mr Webb, who added that #163;4m was “more money than 90 per cent of Hong Kong citizens will earn in their lives“总的来说就是要披露你的商业关系,尤其是涉及到金钱的商业关系,这件事就属于这种情况,”韦伯表示。他补充说,400万英镑“超过了90%香港市民一辈子的收入”。The contract signed by Mr Leung shows that he agreed to act as an “adviser from time to timefor UGL. His spokesman could not immediately comment on whether this triggered a requirement to disclose the payments. But the spokesman said Mr Leung “has not provided any service to UGLafter signing the agreement.梁振英签署的合同显示,他同意“时from time to time)”担任UGL的“顾问”。对于这一点是否意味着必须申报上述款项,他的发言人无法立即置评。但该发言人表示,梁振英在签署合同后“从未向UGL提供任何务”。Mr Leung faces accusations that his administration is politically persecuting Jimmy Lai, a media tycoon who owns the anti-Beijing Apple Daily newspaper, for making donations to lawmakers that were not disclosed by the politicians. Mr Lai has helped fund the “Occupypro-democracy movement, which is pushing for Mr Leung to resign over his backing for a Chinese plan for electoral reform in the territory.梁振英领导的香港政府目前被指对香港媒体大亨黎智英(Jimmy Lai)进行“政治迫害”。旗下拥有反北京的《苹果日报Apple Daily)的黎智英被指向立法会议员捐款,而那些立法会议员没有披露这些捐款。黎智英帮助资助了持民主的“占中”运动,该运动要求梁振英辞职,因为他持中国中央政府为香港制定的选举改革方案。The Independent Commission Against Corruption, the official anti-graft agency that raided Mr Lai’s home last month, has denied having any political motive.上个月突击搜查黎智英居所的官方反贪机构廉政公ICAC),则否认该搜查行动有任何政治动机。Hong Kong is governed under a “one country, two systemsmodel created under China’s late leader Deng Xiaoping, which gives it a certain level of autonomy from the mainland. Critics of Mr Leung, who is seen as being pro-Beijing, accuse him of undermining that model.香港目前按照中国已故领导人邓小平设计的“一国两制”模式进行管治,这使其拥有一定程度的自治。批评者则指责梁振英破坏这一模式。According to documents published by Fairfax, Mr Leung signed the deal which UGL says was a non-compete agreement four days after he announced his plan to run for chief executive. His spokesman said the payments were related to his resignation from DTZ and “not any future service to be provided by him He added that there was “no requirement .#8201;.#8201;. for Mr Leung to declare the aboveFairfax Media发表的文件显示,梁振英在宣布竞选行政长天后签署了上述协议;UGL称这是一份“竞业禁止协议”。梁振英的发言人表示,这些款项与他从戴德梁行物业公司辞职有关,而“不是要由他提供任何未来务”。这位发言人补充说,“在现行制度下……梁先生无需对此申报”。UGL said the deal made no mention of what would happen if Mr Leung became chief executive because he was not expected to win the post. “Media coverage suggested that other candidates were favoured to be elected, so the possibility of CY Leung securing office was not the focus of UGL’s negotiations,said the company.UGL表示,这项协议没有提到梁振英成为行政长官会发生什么,是因为当时预计他不会当选。“媒体报道表明,其他一些候选人更有希望当选,因此梁振英胜出的可能性不是UGL谈判的焦点,”该公司表示。Mr Leung was originally considered a long shot to become chief executive. More than half the 1,200 members of the committee that picks the leader favoured Henry Tang, the scion of a wealthy family who was later forced to drop his campaign after it emerged that he had built an illegal wine cellar in his house.梁振英最初被认为不太可能成为行政长官。在选举委员会的1200名成员中,超过半数起初瞩意出身富贵家族的唐英Henry Tang),但后来传出了唐英年在自己家里违规建造酒窖的消息,此后,唐英年被迫退出竞选。Over the past two weeks, Mr Leung has been vilified on the streets of Hong Kong, with protesters depicting him as Dracula, the Devil, and Pinocchio. One of his biggest backers from 2012, the property tycoon Ronnie Chan, said that he had “no opinionon whether Mr Leung was handling the protest situation well.过去两周期间,梁振英在香港街头成为众矢之的,抗议者将他描绘成吸血鬼、恶魔和匹诺曹(《木偶奇遇记》主角——译者注)。对于梁振英是否妥善处理了抗议的问题,他012年以来最大的持者之一、地产大亨陈启宗(Ronnie Chan)表示“无可奉告”。Kenneth Yeung, one of the 27 lawmakers who make up the pan-Democrat opposition, said Mr Leung should explain the payments, adding that he believed his colleagues would have the same view.27名泛民主派立法会议员之一Kenneth Yeung表示,梁振英应该解释这些款项,他补充说,他相信他的同事们也都有同样的看法。来 /201410/333780乌鲁木齐蓝光祛痘多少钱乌鲁木齐哪里整形医院好



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