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A: I finally found an apartment that I want to rent.B: Where did you see it?A: I saw it in this ad apartments in today’s newspaper.B: You found an apartment in the ads?A: I really did, but what’s so great about it is that it’s really afdable.B: Tell me about the apartment.A: Well, most importantly the apartment is beautiful.B: How much is the rent the apartment?A: The rent is each month.B: That’s pretty cheap out here.A: That’s what I said when I found out how much the rent was.B: Congratulations on the new apartment.

Bai, a young programmer, was working a technology company that provides technical support the ticket services of Shanghai Disneyland.这名白姓男子是一个年轻的程序员,就职于上海一家科技公司,该公司为迪士尼乐园票务务提供后台持As a result, Bai had access to ticket sales records.,白某才能够获得票务销售记录Since June, Bai, in collaboration with several ticket scalpers, has been releasing ticketing inmation Disneyland tickets on various social networks.从六月份开始,白某和几名黄牛票贩子合作,将迪斯尼乐园门票的购票信息发布到了不同的社交网络上Bai altered the dates of electronic tickets that had been paid by actual buyers, and then sent the order number and QR code to scalpers via email.白某篡改了这些已经出售的电子门票的日期,然后将预定号和二维码通过电子邮件发给黄牛During the summer, the official price of a Shanghai Disneyland ticket was 99 RMB; Bai price was only 0 RMB.夏季时,上海迪斯尼乐园门票的官方价格是99元人民币,而白某卖的票价格却仅为0元Bai counterfeit tickets could pass real during ticket checks, so many people believed that they had bought genuine, heavily discounted tickets.白某的假门票能安全通过检票口,所以很多人都以为他们买到了真的、折扣高的票However, when the true buyers of the altered tickets came to the park, they found that their tickets had aly been used, and they were not allowed to enter.然而,当真正的购买人拿着已经被篡改过的门票来到乐园时,就会发现他们的票已经被用过,并且不能再进入乐园了According to preliminary results of the ongoing investigation, from June 7 to July , Bai stole ,600 electronic Disneyland tickets and resold 1,700.根据正在进行的调查的初步结果显示,从6月7日到7月日,白某偷走了600张迪斯尼乐园电子门票,并倒卖了00张Bai earned over 90,000 RMB, and caused Shanghai Disneyland a loss of over 870,000 RMB.据悉,白某从中获利超过9万元人民币,并给上海迪斯尼乐园造成了超过87万元的经济损失 68680

补偿贸易Compensation tradeA: I have to tell you that were short of eign exchange. Could you undertake compensation trade?我不得不告诉您我们现在外汇不足能否采用补偿贸易方式呢?B: That OK. We often import y-made dresses from abroad.可以因为我们常常从国外进口成衣A: You agree to buy back? Then we can overcome eign exchange difficulties.您是说我们可以回购?那我们就可以克外汇短缺的困难了B: Yes, you can pay the equipment with the y-made dresses produced by the equipment.是的你们可以用该设备生产出来的成衣偿付该设备的购买成本A: That pretty good. Would you like to do total compensation trade or a partial trade?这太好了您选择全额贸易还是部分补偿贸易?B: It depends on your payment capability.这样看你们的付能力了A: In my opinion,total compensation trade is better.在我看来,全额补偿贸易比较好B: OK.好的A: We require that the equipment and technology to be provided by you should be up to our condition of production.我们要求你方提供的设备和技术应达到世界先进水准,价格合理,适合我方生产情形B: I agree with you. But how long will you need bee you can complete the payment?我同意但是你们需要多长时间补偿呢?A: The commonly accepted period is 3 to 6 years. Were sure to try our best. We shall reimburse you the total value of the entire equipment by installments in years.通常的惯例是3~6年我们一定会尽快的我们将在四年内向你分期偿付全部设备的总价B: That sounds great. Good products take good raw materials. So please make sure to use good raw materials. So please make sure to use good raw materials.听起来不错嘛但是生产好的产品必须要有好的原材料所以请一定要用好的原材料A: Please provide us with the good equipment and outstanding technical staff as well.也请贵方一定要为我们提供好的设备和优秀的技术人员;in my, your, etc opinion;意思是;照我的,你的;;看法;,例如:In my opinion and in the opinion of most people, it is a very sound investment. (照我的和大多数人的观点,这是很可靠的投资);opinionated;意思是;固执己见的,武断的;,例如:He is the most opinionated man I know. (他是我认识的最固执己见的人) 96

Are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge fighting over rumors of Kate Middleton pregnant, again?剑桥公爵夫妇又要忙着澄清怀传言了?Trouble may be brewing in paradise the world most talked about royal couple. After the birth of their second child, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana on May , , Prince William and Kate Middleton may be welcoming another bundle of joy as more and more sources are making claims of Kate Middleton pregnant again after just 8 months!这对最受世人瞩目的皇室夫妇再遇堵心事儿已有越来越多的消息源表示,凯特怀了——威廉王子和凯特王妃可能会迎来第三个孩子而这距离凯特上次分娩才刚刚过去8个月!他们的第二个孩子夏洛特·伊丽莎白·戴安娜公主于年5月日出生Life and Style magazine supported this claim of her pregnancy as they apparently expressed concern of how the couple will be raising their children, who would all be under three years of age at the same time.《品味生活杂志觉得;凯特怀;不是完全没可能同时该杂志还比较关心一件事:这对夫妇打算怎样养育孩子们呢,毕竟三个孩子还都不到3岁The insider from the magazine claimed that this was according to plan, since the two were planning on having a big family anyway. ;Kate and William have always wanted to have a large family,; the insider said. ;But they didnt think they would be expecting baby No. 3 quite so soon.; Kate Middleton pregnancy is said to be two months along. They apparently made this announcement to the family last Christmas.该杂志内部人士称,其实夫妻俩早有计划,因为夫妻俩打算开枝散叶建立一个大家庭;凯特和威廉一直都想要一个大家庭,;这位知情人士称;但他们也没料到这么快就要面临第三胎;据说凯特已经有两个月身了,他们在圣诞节时向家人公布了这一消息However, Gossip Cop has officially shut down such pregnancy rumors the -year-old mother of two. They denied any rumors of the couple making an announcement of a third pregnancy just months after the birth of Princess Charlotte.不过,《八卦警察却正式对;岁凯特再怀第三胎;的消息进行了辟谣他们否认了威廉王子夫妇在夏洛特公主出生数月后便宣布怀的消息Moreover, it seems that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may not even be up to the idea of having a third child as of yet. But to make it more specific, Movie News Guide sources have said that it wasnt the Prince who was hesitant another child, but it was Kate who wanted to take a break from babies. Prince William would be thrilled to have a bigger family and to try a third child, but Kate isnt willing to try another baby an indefinite period of time.不仅如此,剑桥公爵夫妇目前似乎连生第三胎的打算都没有不过《影讯指南的消息更加具体,称并非威廉王子对生第三胎犹豫不决,而是凯特王妃想要休息一下,暂时不生宝宝了威廉王子很乐意再要一个孩子,为家庭再添新丁,但凯特王妃暂时不想要,什么时候会再生第三个目前还不确定The Latin Post also confirmed that Kate Middleton pregnant was far off-course from the Duchess future plans, and she may be pausing on babies good. Her terrible morning sickness may be one cause, but as of now, talks of a third baby are only rumors and no palace officials have verified any sources claiming thus.《拉丁邮报也确认凯特王妃目前并没有怀的计划,甚至有可能不再生育第三胎她严重的晨吐反应可能是原因之一至少到现在为止,有关她第三胎的消息都是谣言,英国王室没有对任一消息源进行确认 0663

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