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John Marsh in Yorktown Pensil Villy send this in.Yorktown Pensil Villy (地名)的约翰·马什送来这个My friend has a lot pride in his heritage.我的朋友对自己的国家感到很自豪.And got this tatoo to prove it. Now he regret it.然后他就弄了个纹身去明 现在他后悔了.puerto rirco Puerto Rirco So Kolson is so permanent.波多黎各 波多黎各 那么巴基斯坦是这么永恒了Maybe there is Puerto Rirco,I dont know. I dont know, maybe its next to the Berharmers.也许有波多黎各 我不知道 也许挨着Berharmers.That is a shame. Rebecca Hershey Gaynes from Florida那有点丢人 来自弗洛里达的丽贝卡·赫而希·盖恩斯I think this person is taken his love of fast food a little too far. Oh...我想这个人已经带着他心爱的快餐走的很远了 哦...MacDonald arches says always loving it.麦当劳的拱形图案上写着一直爱它Oh when that was back says always loving it. Lets see the front of him.哦 当我们回来说一直爱它的时候 来看看他的前面.Yeah...yeah...Always loving it.是啊...是啊...一直爱它.I think we need something to help us forget that, lets see the panda game roll quick.我想我们需要一些东西来让我们把那些忘掉 来看看这只熊猫玩打滚 快点Ok. Oh. Cute...cute... Daaaa... All right. And that Hailee in the Forest Group Organ.好 哦. 可爱...可爱...嗒~...好吧. 还有在森林团体组织的海利Ive always love the show Frasier, but I dont know if I love it as much as this guy.我一直很爱Frasier这档节目. 但是我不知道我有没有这个家伙爱的深.Ah...haha.. Wow...its right. You wouldnt believe that was a fan base of Frasier that would do that.啊噢...哈哈..哇...对哦. 你们不会相信?Frasier 的粉丝会做这个Not really. Wow...Thats weird. Tony you have seen what tatoo of your favorate show?不见得 哇... 好怪啊. Tony 你看过你最喜欢节目的刺青吗?I do. Oh..hahahaha.... Wow...Yeah. Yeah.I remember when you got that.见过. 哦..哈哈哈哈哈哈 哇...是呀 是呀 我记得你刺那个的时候.Yeah. Its just healing.Yeah. Hahahaa....wow... Yeah. You looking good too, Tony.是. 现在已经没有了. 是 哈哈哈...哇... 是. 你看起来也挺好的 托尼.I try...Hahah...I try.. Gaby Hardcord in Owensbro...em..Kentucky.我尽量...哈哈...我尽量... 在肯塔基州Owensbro(地名)的盖比·哈德考My son got this wierd wold tatoo when he was 23.我的儿子23岁时弄了个沃尔德的刺青I dont know what he was thinking. Oh... Wow..我不知道他在想什么. 哦... 哇Dont..I havent found it you guys, so tell me..I havent...laughter不要 你们 我还没发现呢 那么跟我说 我还没...笑声Oh...my god... OH MY GOD...Hah...hah...哦...我的天哪... 我的天哪..哈..哈..I have to get that out of my head. Now please show me the panda again.我必须把那个从我脑袋中清掉. 现在请给我再放一次那个熊猫.Oh...hah...Oh.. Oh...Helps me forget that. Thanks for looking that.哦..呃..哦 哦...帮我忘掉那吧 谢谢让我看这个.Thats just cute. All right. Em.. thanks for sending those in.真可爱. 好了 额 谢谢送那些图片进来.If you ..em...see it..em..bad tatoos, send them to me.如果... 额...再见..额...奇葩刺青们 把他们寄给我Im gonna put more bad tatoos on my yahoo shine page.我会放更多的奇葩刺青在我的雅虎显眼的页面上And..em..like I said, send me some bad tatoos. If you dont have one, just go get one.还有..额..就像我说的 寄一些奇葩刺青给我. 如果你不想自己刺 就找一个Well be right back.我们马上回来201706/513939。

  • On mothers day we tell our moms how much we love them母亲节我们会告诉我们的妈妈 我们有多爱她们There are some things we dont ever tell whom但也有些事是我们从没告诉过她们的which is dishonest,and thats not right这样是很不诚实 也是不对的So to break those boundary used down所以为了打破这种谎言的界限When we went out the street today我们今天去了街上and we ask people what is the biggest lie you ever told your mom问路人 你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么with their mom standing right next to them and we,next up,please join the special mothers day confession.而老妈就站在他们旁边 那么 接下来 请观看 母亲节的忏悔Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom? Oh no!What should I answer for?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么 哦 不是吧 我为啥要回答这种问题Eh, me and my best friend used to sneak out and go to cabaret show.呃 我跟我最好的朋友 曾经偷偷溜去看人妖秀Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么That I wasnt out all night doing drugs News to me.我没整夜在外面磕药 我第一次听说啊When? High school Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom? Er.I love you.什么时候呢 高中 你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么 呃 我爱你吧Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mother?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么Maybe that I didnt bang into the neighbors mail box我骗她 我没把邻居家的邮筒撞坏Oh, I didnt know about that. With her car. My car?我还真不知道呢 用我妈的车撞的 我的车啊Whats one thing you dont ever told your mother?哪件事是你做过的从没告诉你妈妈的I hit someone on accidently then and I am got a castigation.我不小心打到人了 然后被警告了一次Was it really by accident? No. Whats the lie that you told your mom?真的是不小心吗 不是 你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么That I havent taken a makeup,but I take a lot actually.我不化妆 其实经常化What makeup have you taken? Ive taken some lipsticks and some foundation.你用的什么化妆品呢 我用过口红 还有粉底And? And powder,and mascara and my shadow,maybe and blush, I take some blush from her too还有呢 还有粉扑 睫毛膏 好像还有眼影 还有 腮红 我也用了她的腮红Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mommy? Stole... ...uh... ... I steal it你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么 我偷东西了What do you steal? Daddys wedding ring. What? Daddys wedding ring.你偷了什么呢 老爸的婚戒 什么 老爸的婚戒Where did you put the wedding ring? Under my pillow.你放哪里了呢 放我枕头底下了Was your husband freaking out? Yeah. We break the house apart.你丈夫当时被吓到了吗 是啊 然后我们把房子翻了个底朝天We are looking for, we came asking him.来找戒指 也一直问他在哪and he didnt tell us until we buy him an ice-cream然后 我们给他买了冰激凌 他才告诉了我们在哪So you did know where the loss. Are you lying? NO Can I go to pee now? Yes.那你知道在哪故意不说的咯 你又在说谎吗 没有 我能去嘘嘘了吗 可以Whats the worst thing you done that you never told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么The first kiss. Are you kidding me? No,not Kidding. Thats awkward, dude.我的初吻 你逗我呢吧 没有 这可不好玩啊 哥们Are you seem not allowed him to kiss? No,No.We are talking on the way home.他现在不可以亲亲吗 不不可以 我们要在回家路上好好聊聊Was it worthy? Yeah. Thats no.你觉得值得吗 值得 这不行Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?New younger.你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么Said I never smoke. I used to take her cigarettes.骗她我没抽过烟 我以前偷她的烟I used that, light moment on the stove in the kitchen and smoke all.然后在厨房的炉子点着了 然后吸掉and before she come home,I used to put the vents on in the house to get the smoke out the house然后 趁她没回来之前 赶紧把烟收起来并让烟味散去You really stole my cigarettes.你真的偷了我的烟啊Oh,you? I thought that I told my mom,my mom. Her mom?啊 你吗 我以为她是让我说我妈呢 是她妈妈Oh,ok. My mom. Thats another lie. Yeah.哦 这样 好吧 我妈妈 我又暴露自己了 是啊Wait.Do we just discover that you smoke?等等 我们刚刚是曝光了你抽烟吗Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么Said she looks good in new dress,even she didnt.跟她说这件衣好看 其实觉得并不好看What do you give to your mother on mothers day? Er.Flowers.你要给你妈妈什么东西当做母亲节礼物 呃 送花Maybe new dress,but doesnt one. OK. OK. Very good.可能是新衣吧 但不是那一件啊 恩 很好 太好了Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.谢谢 谢谢 谢谢你Do you love putting buttons in subscribing into things.Then click the button to subscribe喜欢点击订阅视频吗 请点击按钮my channel and youll finally be happy.订阅我们的油管频道 你会开心起来的201707/515959。
  • For five years, nothing.五年来 没有半点研究成果His debts consign him to jail.他因负债而身陷囹圄His family relies on handouts.一家人靠救济金生活But goodyear believes hes divinely inspired.但古德伊尔认为他如有神助Theres no object so desirable, so important,对人类来说 没有什么能像橡胶一样 and so necessary to the human race,as making rubber available for mans use.必不可少 举足轻重 而被人运用到生活的各个角落中Then, a breakthrough. He adds sulfur.之后 研究有了突破 他加了硫The result: a material tough like leather but flexible.一种如皮革般结实 而又富有弹性的材料诞生了He calls the process vulcanization,After the Roman God of Fire.他以罗马火神之名 把这个过程称为硫化He lost his fortune several times,went bankrupt a number of times,他曾几度倾家荡产 也曾多次破产but never gave up on the idea this is something that will change the world.但他从未放弃过那个念头 他深信这个东西可以改变整个世界And he was absolutely right.他所想的千真万确Almost every machine in the industrial revolution几乎工业革命中的所有机器relies on rubber fittings and seals to withstand the pressure of the steam.都靠胶垫和橡胶塞 来承受蒸汽的压力Hundreds of parts in a model t ford are made from rubber,福特T型车内数以百计的零部件都是橡胶做的Freeing mankind to travel further and faster Than ever before.这使人类走得比以往 更远 更快201605/442306。
  • 栏目简介:Starting tonight, Shanghai Live launches our weekend series, Wisdom of the World. The high-profile studio talks involve consuls general in Shanghai and their insights on Chinas 13th 5-year-plan. The series will air on Saturday nights and opens with the Israeli consul general talking about what it takes to develop innovative businesses.201702/490221。
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