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乌鲁木齐/达坂城区割眼袋多少钱博乐市减肥医院哪家好Hundreds of fresh prayer flags are prepared and added to the pole. The head lamas sacred scarf adds the final touch to the proceedings.他们准备了上百条新的经幡等着放到番杆上面。大喇嘛神圣的哈达给活动画上了句号。But the significance of Mount Kailash isnt confined to Buddhists alone. Other faiths venture to this remote place, many from far beyond the Himalayas.但是卡伊拉什山的重要意义并不仅限于佛教徒。有其他信仰的人也都冒险来到这个遥远的地方,许多人是从比喜马拉雅山还远的地方过来的。Threatening to upstage the Buddhists, the Hindus arrive, adding their own mix of colour and music.像是想要抢佛教徒的风头似的,印度教徒来了,把他们自己的色和音乐加入其中。When suitable respect has been paid, its time for the newly dressed prayer pole to be raised.在适当地表达一下敬意之后,是时候竖立新装饰的经番杆了。The pole must end up straight or it will be a bad omen for Tibet. At last the pole stands true and the new prayers can be blown to the heavens.经番杆必须笔直,否则就是对西藏坏的征兆。经番杆终于弄好了,新的祷文也可以被风送到天堂了。Around this point, the power of the Tibetan landscape and the beliefs of many cultures converge.在这一点上,西藏山水的力量和许多文化的信仰汇集到了一起。More prayers, written on pieces of paper called ;wind horses;, are thrown into the air and flutter upwards towards the peak of Kailash, where the gods of the different faiths are believed to reside. Here at the axis of the world, is a rare vision of harmony.更多祷文写在了叫做“风马旗”的纸上,被吹到了空中向上直到卡伊拉什顶峰,具有不同信仰的人都认为那里居住他们的神。在世界屋脊这里有世所罕见的和谐。 /201403/283129新疆/石河子大学医学院第一附属医院做祛疤手术多少钱 Our chances of record-setting rainfall events相比于过去的五十年have increased, relative to the last 50 years.我们遭遇破纪录降水的几率已经增加Well never know for sure我们永远都不会知道if that six we roll, that extreme weather event,究竟摇出来的六 那些极端的天气is the natural one or the climate change one.是自然发生的 还是气候变化而发生的But we do know that但我们清楚地知道the chances of rolling those sixes are increasing.扔出六的几率正在增加More extreme weather appears to be the new normal.更多的极端天气似乎已经变得稀松平常So what, if anything, can we do about it?那我们又能做些什么呢One strategy is on display here, in Holland.荷兰正在采取一种应对办法But its not exactly visible.虽说它并不是很直观Half the country lies below sea level,整个国家有一半是低于海平面的which makes it vulnerable to weather extremes.因此荷兰很容易遭到极端天气的威胁Not surprisingly,不出意料theyve come up with a few clever solutions to the problem.荷兰人想出了几个绝妙的解决方案201411/340657lt;lt;gt;Against all the odds尽管一路上困难重重a few heroic individuals do make it to the top.少数英勇的鱼儿果真登上巅峰They find themselves in a near-perfect fish habitat...找到几近完美的鱼类栖息地..where the gobies can feed and grow and breed in peace.虾虎鱼可以在这儿 安详地觅食,成长和繁殖In time their own young will be swept downstream and out to sea等时候到了,它们的幼鱼 会被冲到下游,流入大海and the cycle will begin all over again.整个循环重新开始Fresh water presents particular challenges for fish.淡水为鱼类带来特殊的挑战Nutrients can be in very short supply in spring water,泉水的养分可能严重短缺so here fish must take every chance they can to find food.这里的鱼儿 必须把握每个觅食的机会The rain that falls on these Kenyan hills在这一带的肯亚山丘percolates through the rocks.降下的雨水渗透岩石Finally emerging as crystal clear pools.终于形成晶莹剔透的水潭Pools that are home to fish including barbel.包括小鲤鱼在内的鱼类 栖息在水潭里The fish share these waters with all sorts of creatures...鱼类和其他各种生物 共享这片水域201308/251958可克达拉市治疗胎记多少钱

新疆/正规的整形医院For most of us it just happens.对于大多数人 说话是自然而然的事Its such a sophisticated skill这是一项精妙复杂的技能and yet children learn it so easily with minimal effort at all.而孩子们却能够轻而易举地掌握Thats Mummy.那是妈妈And when you start thinking about it,当我们仔细回味时就觉得it is quite miraculous how the brain does it.大脑做到这一切的方式多么不可思议But despite decades of research,尽管经过了数十年的研究 how we learn to talk remains a mystery.我们如何学会讲话依旧是个未解之谜How did this ability evolve?这种能力是如何进化的Why is it uniquely human?为什么这是人类所特有的And is it something we are born with它是我们与生俱来的or something that we learn?还是后天习得的It strikes me its surprising and odd that这让我觉得很惊奇we know an enormous amount about, for example,我们知道很多东西 比如说the first fractions of a second in the history of the universe,宇宙历史开始时那零点几秒的故事but we really know very little at all但对于什么东西使我们成之为人类about what makes us human and where language comes from.以及语言来自何处 我们几乎一无所知201411/342554石河子做处女膜修复多少钱 新疆/医科大学附属医院激光去胎记多少钱

克拉玛依市驼峰鼻矫正多少钱 Now, its 41 degrees Celsius.气温已经升到了41摄氏度Soon, shell be baked alive.她很快就会被烤死Her survival instinct, in the end, over-rides her love for dung.最终 求生本能超越了她对粪球的热爱Much of the Sahara is uninhabitable,撒哈拉大部分区域都不适合居住but there are rare places where there is some possibility of survival.但也有极少数的地方可以生存Places where, by strange chance, there is water.比如那些在偶然情况下囤积了水源的地方Waw An Namus is an extinct volcano.瓦安纳姆斯是一座死火山From space,从太空中看its a remote, black scar on the Libyan Sahara.它就像利比亚撒哈拉上的一块黑色疤痕Yet there are other colours here,但也有其他颜色colours rarely seen on the desert floor.一些极少在沙漠中看到的颜色Blue and green.蓝和绿201404/293926石河子治疗黄褐斑要多少钱新疆/石油管理局职工总医院瘦腿针多少钱



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