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Turkey detained a total of 103 generals and admirals for questioning, part of the governments latest crackdown over the failed coup that left hundreds of people dead, Turkish media reported.据土耳其媒体报道,作为该国政府镇压未遂政变的最新行动的一部分,土耳其拘留审讯03名将领。这场未遂政变导致数百人死亡。Separately, Turkeys Interior Ministry reportedly sacked 8,777 personnel across the country, including 30 governors, 52 civil service inspectors and 16 legal advisers. Also, seven prosecutors investigating the foiled coup entered Incirlik Air Base.此外,据报道,土耳其内政部在全国解除777人的职务,其中包0名省长,52名公务员督察6名法律顾问。同时,7名检察官进入因切利克空军基地调查未遂政变。Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirims office canceled all public servants leave and asked employees currently on vacation to return to their duties. A statement from the office said the order would remain valid until further notice.土耳其总理比纳勒·耶尔德勒姆的办公室取消了所有公职人员的假期,要求正在休假的雇员复工。总理办公室的一份声明称,直到进一步通知之前该命令持续有效。As many as 41 of those military officials were ordered jailed pending trial, according to the state-run Anadolu news agency. A Turkish brigadier general at Incirlik was detained earlier for his role in the uprising. The specific reason for the prosecutors appearances at the base was unclear.据土耳其国家新闻机构阿纳多卢通讯社报道,其中多达41位军官已被责令监禁候审。此前,因切利克基地一名土耳其准将因其在政变中的角色而被拘留。检察官在基地露面的具体原因尚不清楚。It is not clear how the post-coup purge will affect the judiciary, how the government will move to replace the dismissed judges and prosecutors, or where the trials for those detained would be held.目前还不清楚政变后的清洗会怎样影响司法机关;政府将如何行动以替换被解雇的法官和检察官,以及被拘留者的审判将在哪里举行。来 /201607/456579


  The ed StatesCentral Intelligence Agency tweeted the details of an operation that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden Sunday, drawing thousands of retweets and likes from apparent supporters while others responded with criticism.美国中央情报局星期日在推特上公布击毙基地组织首领本拉登的行动细节,数千次被转发,有些网友表示持,有些则提出批评。The operation was the one President Barack Obama approved in May 2011 that involved special operations forces flying helicopters into a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan and later dumping bin Ladens body into the sea.奥巴马总统011月批准了这项行动计划,命特种部队乘直升机进入位于巴基斯坦阿伯塔巴德的本拉登藏身地,后来又将本拉登的尸体抛进海里。Twitter has been around since 2006, but the CIA is a relative newcomer with an account dating back just two years. The agencys 1,600 tweets usually involve its history, profiles of agents killed in service or public comments from current officials.推特006年开始运作,而美国中情局两年前刚刚建立推特账号。中情局600条推特内容通常涉及中情局历史,以身殉职的特工的生平介绍,或是在职官员发表的公开。But with the fifth anniversary of the bin Laden raid, the CIA announced it would ;live; tweet the details as if they were happening again to its 1.3 million followers. Over the course of six hours, the tweets laid out the events that ultimately ended what had been a nearly decade-long search for the man whose organization killed nearly 3,000 people on September 11, 2001.但在突袭本拉登行周年之际,中情局宣布要以“现场直播”的方式在推特上30万关注者公布这一行动的细节。在先后6小时内,中情局在推特上展示了突袭行动的整个过程。这次行动最终结束了对本拉登历时将近十年的追捕。他领导的基地组织于20011日对美国发动恐怖袭击,造成000人死亡。来 /201605/440455。

  The ed Nations imposed new restrictions on North Korea’s ability to export coal on Wednesday, the latest attempt by the international community to tighten a sanctions regime that has not halted Pyongyang’s drive towards a nuclear programme.联合UN)周三对朝鲜的煤炭出口能力施加了新的限制,这是国际社会试图收紧对朝制裁的最新举措,此前的一系列制裁措施未能阻止朝鲜推进其核计划。The 15-member UN Security Council voted unanimously to approve the new sanctions which could reduce North Korea’s export revenue by as much as a quarter if fully implemented, diplomats said.多名外交官表示,联合国安理会(UN Security Council) 15个成员国一致批准了新制裁措施,这些措施一旦得到全面执行,将令朝鲜出口收入最多减少四分之一。The new round of sanctions follows North Korea’s fifth nuclear test in September and a series of missile launches that it has conducted in recent months which have all added to the momentum behind its nuclear programme.新一轮制裁是在朝月进行第五次核试验、近几个月还开展了一系列导弹发射活动之后出台的,这些试验和发射加大了朝鲜核计划的发展势头。Amid high uncertainty about how a Trump administration will approach North Korea, the new sanctions also come amid a growing debate in Washington about the need for a different approach towards Pyongyang.新制裁措施出台之际,关于特朗普领导的美国新政府将对朝鲜采取什么样的政策,存在高度不确定性。此外,华盛顿关于是否有必要转变对朝策略的争论也越来越激烈。The resolution builds on a package of sanctions from earlier in the year which tried to limit North Korea exports of commodities, including coal its biggest source of hard currency copper, nickel and silver.今年早些时候安理会就通过了一揽子制裁方案,试图限制朝鲜多种大宗商品的出口,包括煤炭(这是朝鲜最大的硬通货来源)、铜、镍和银等。US officials said that a clause in the previous sanctions designed to prevent undue suffering by the North Korean people had been used to accelerate coal sales. Under the new rules, a cap has been placed on annual coal exports at 7.5m metric tonnes or around 0m, which would reduce export earnings from coal by 60 per cent.美国官员表示,此前的制裁措施中一则旨在防止朝鲜人民承受过大苦难的条款被利用来加快煤炭销售。新规定对朝鲜的年度煤炭出口能力设了上限,出口总量不能超过750万公吨或出口价值不能超过大亿美元,这会令朝鲜的煤炭出口收入减少60%。Samantha Power, US ambassador to the UN, said that the resolution imposed “unprecedented measureson North Korea. “No resolution in New York will persuade Pyongyang to cease its relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons,she said. “But this resolution imposes unprecedented costs on the DPRK [North Korean] regime for defying the UN’s demands.”美国驻联合国大使萨曼莎.鲍尔(Samantha Power)表示,该决议对朝鲜实施了“史无前例的举措”。她表示:“联合国总部没有任何决议能说平壤方面停止对核武器的坚定追求。但是这一决议会让朝鲜政权为违抗联合国的要求付出史无前例的代价。”Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, said that it was incumbent on members of the Security Council to implement the new rules. “Sanctions are only as effective as their implementation,he said.联合国秘书长潘基Ban Ki-moon)表示,安理会成员国有责任贯彻实施这些新规定。他表示:“制裁只有得到执行才有效。”The impact of the new sanctions will ultimately depend on China’s willingness to enforce the new export caps. Liu Jieyi, China’s ambassador to the UN, said: “The resolution adopted by the council today demonstrates the uniformed stand of the international community against the development by DPRK of its nuclear and ballistic missiles.”新一轮制裁会产生多大影响,最终要看中国执行新出口上限的意愿。中国驻联合国大使刘结一表示:“当天安理会通过的决议,表明了国际社会反对朝鲜发展核导计划、维护国际核不扩散体系的一致立场。”The apparent advances in North Korea’s nuclear programme have led US officials to admit that the policies aimed at containing Pyongyang’s ambitions have largely failed. James Clapper, director of national intelligence, admitted in September: “I think the idea of getting North Korea to denuclearise is probably a lost cause.”朝鲜核计划的明显进展使得美国官员承认,旨在遏制朝鲜核野心的政策基本上失败了。今月,美国国家情报总监(DNI)詹姆克拉珀(James Clapper)曾承认:“我认为,让朝鲜无核化的想法也许注定要失败。”David Pressman, until recently US ambassador at the UN for special political affairs who was involved in the sanctions negotiations, said that the new restrictions if implemented were an important element in increasing economic pressure on North Korea, but would not by themselves change Pyongyang’s calculations.曾参与磋商对朝制裁事宜的戴维.普雷斯曼(David Pressman)表示,在对朝鲜增加经济压力方面,新制裁措施一旦实施将起到重要作用,但是它们本身不会改变朝鲜政府的盘算。“The idea that we are going to deal with this problem through more sanctions alone is a folly,said Mr Pressman, now at the law firm Boies, Schiller and Flexner. “We need more options on the table and we need more enforcement.”他说:“那种认为我们只会通过加大制裁处理这个问题的想法很愚蠢。我们需要把更多选项摆到桌面上讨论,我们需要加大实施力度。”目前,普雷斯曼供职于Boies, Schiller and Flexner律师事务所。来 /201612/481323

  In order to remind the public of its duty to protect the health of future generations, Secretary of State John Kerry brought his young granddaughter with him to the ed Nations as he signed an international commitment to curb the pace of global warming.为了使公众意识到保护后代健康的责任,美国国务卿克里携外孙女在联合国签订了遏制全球变暖步伐的国际协定。Over 150 nations signed the agreement on April 22nd, a truly historic feat based on a previous accord set in Paris that aims to limit the Earths temperature to 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.此前,世界各国在巴黎达成共识,一致同意将全球升温幅度限制.5度的范围之内。超50个国家在42日签署协定,这无疑是一个真正的历史性壮举。Kerry hoisted his granddaughter onto his lap in front of a large assembly gathered for the signing ceremony, kissing her on the cheek after adding his signature on behalf of the ed States. Isabelle, 2, is the only child of Kerrys eldest daughter, Alexandra Kerry, and her husband, Julian Dobbs-Higginson.在一个大型签署仪式的集会上,克里代表美国签名后,亲吻了放在膝上的外孙女。伊莎贝尔,这个两岁的小女孩,是克里的大女儿亚历山德拉和丈夫朱利安唯一的孩子。The agreement, signed on Earth Day, marks the first time the worlds most prolific polluters, including the U.S., Europe, China and India, have all agreed to set specific, verifiable goals to reduce carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels. The deal also calls on countries such as Brazil to enforce strict policies on deforestation.这个在“地球日”签订的协议,标志着世界污染物最多的国家们第一次在这方面达成了一致。包括美国,欧洲,中国和印度几个国家和地区,为减少对碳排放和化石燃料的依赖,设立了确实可行的目标。这个协定同时也呼吁像巴西这样的国家用政策严厉打击毁林行为。The deal still has to be ratified by each signatory nation. In the ed States, President Obama is expected to ratify the agreement through executive action. The deadline for ratification is April 21, 2017, one year from now.这个协议仍然有待于被每一个签约国正式批准。美国总统奥巴马也期待着能通过行政权力正式批准这个协定。正式批准的期限是一年后0171日。来 /201605/440774

  North Korea has released footage of a purportedly new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) test, three days after it claimed it had successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb.在宣布成功试验首枚氢弹三天之后,朝鲜又公布了一段录像,据称该录像为新型潜射弹道导弹试验的片段。But South Korean media suggested that the footage broadcast by state Korean Central TV late on Friday was an edited compilation of the Norths third SLBM test, conducted last month in the Sea of Japan, and a different ballistic missile test from 2014.然而,韩国媒体指出,这段由朝鲜中央电视台在周五晚间播出的录像是朝鲜第三次潜射导弹试验的剪辑,该试验是上个月在日本海进行的,014年的弹道导弹试验有所不同。The undated footage shows leader Kim Jong Un, on board a military vessel in a winter coat and a fedora hat, looking on as a missile is launched vertically from underwater and ignites in mid-air. The then cuts to a rocket flying through the clouds, suggesting that the missile was able to reach such altitudes.金正恩出现在这段没有标明日期的录像中,他身着冬大衣,头戴费多拉帽,站在一艘军舰的甲板上,观看一枚导弹从水底垂直射出,在半空中点火。然后视频切到火箭飞跃云端,显示该导弹能够达到这样的高度。But South Korean media said the image of a rocket rising through the clouds was, in fact, taken from footage of a Scud missile test broadcast in 2014.但韩国媒体称,事实上火箭飞跃云端的画面是2014年播出飞毛腿导弹测试的片段。North Korea first announced in May last year that it had conducted a successful SLBM test, a claim accompanied by pictures of Mr Kim pointing at the missile as it blasted out of the water at a 45- degree angle.朝鲜在去月份首次宣布成功试验潜射弹道导弹,而金正恩手指一枚成45度角跃出水面的导弹的照片则作为声明。A second SLBM test was carried out off the south-eastern port of Wonsan last November, but this was apparently a failure as only debris from its casing was seen in the sea and no traces of the flight were detected.第二次潜射导弹试验是在去1月份,从朝鲜东南部的元山港发射,但从发射地点海域的碎片和没有检测到的飞行轨迹显示,此次试验失败了。South Korean military officials say the North is continuing to actively pursue the development of SLBMs, which would take its nuclear threat to a new level.韩国军方官员表示,朝鲜仍然在大力发展潜射导弹,这使得其核威胁上升了一个新的级别。来 /201601/421741

  Two months after her election loss, Hillary Clinton plans to be in the crowd for the Jan. 20 inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.在败选两个月之后,希拉里·克林顿计划出0日当选总统唐纳德·特朗普的就职典礼。An aide to the Democratic nominee confirmed last Tuesday that she and former president Bill Clinton will attend this month’s ceremony.这位民主党提名人的助手于上周二实,希拉里会和前总统比尔·克林顿一同出席本月的就职典礼。It will be the first joint public appearance by Trump and Hillary Clinton since the three presidential debates.这将会是继三轮总统辩论后,特朗普和希拉釷克林顿首次一起公开亮相。Bill Clinton will be one at least three ex-presidents at the Jan. 20 inauguration of Trump; George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter have also announced plans to attend.至少有三位前任总统将会出席10日的特朗普就职典礼,比尔·克林顿就是其中一位;乔治·W·布什和吉米·卡特也宣布了出席计划。Bush and former first lady Laura Bush ;are pleased to be able to witness the peaceful transfer of power a hallmark of American democracy,; spokesman Freddy Ford said.发言人弗雷迪·福特表示,布什和前任第一夫人劳拉·布什“很高兴能够见权利的和平交-这是美国民主的一个标志。”Former president George H.W. Bush is not expected to attend because of health reasons.前任总统乔治·H·W·布什由于健康原因将不会出席。As is tradition, current President Obama will also be at the inauguration of his successor.作为传统,现任总统奥巴马也将会出席他的继位人的就职典礼。来 /201701/488255





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