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Today, there is a group of larger visitors here, too. A herd of mastodons led by the matriarch have just returned from their annual migration hundreds of miles to the north. 如今,这里同样迎来了另一批大型来访者。这是一群乳齿象,它们由雌性头目带领着,刚刚从北部几百英里远的地方迁徙回来,它们每年都会迁徙一次。Now the winter drought is over and the spring water has been topped up by recent rains. 现在,冬天的干旱已经过去。泉水池也被近日的雨水填满。Another group has also set up camp nearby, hunters, descendants of the first human settlers that entered the continent in the far north. Compared to the harsh conditions their ancestors faced, this place is paradise. Targets for the hunters spears are plentiful. 另一批来访者也在附近扎了营,而他们是猎人,他们的祖先是第一批来到这片大陆北部偏远地区的人类。相对于他们祖先所面临的恶劣条件,这片区域对他们来说简直是一片天堂。这里能充当他们猎物的动物数不胜数。Around the spring, lush vegetation attracts the giant ground sloth, too. Both mastodons and sloths are browsers. But the mastodons roam far and wide to find the kind of plants they need. The giant ground sloth isnt built to travel far, but it makes up for that by having a reach of a giraffe. 在泉水附近,绿色的植被也同样吸引了巨型地懒。乳齿象和巨型地懒都是食草动物。但乳齿象为了找到他们需要的植物,会四处游荡。而巨型地懒天生便不适合长途迁徙,但是它们高大的身躯却弥补了这一缺点。Its huge claws may also be used for self-defence, although even the most powerful predator would think twice before tackling so large a prey. 它们巨大的爪子同样也可能用于自卫,即使是最强大的捕猎者在攻击这么大的动物前也会三思。In any case, this female jaguar is little threat right now. Once shes quenched her thirst, she will find a shady place to doze in the heat of the day.无论如何,这只雌性美洲虎现在都有一丝威胁。一旦它解了渴,便会找一处阴凉的地方打打盹来逃避炎热的天气。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201310/259469。

Don:The anatomy of fear, on this Moment of Science.唐:今天的科学一刻为您带来的是恐惧的。Yael:One nice day youre walking along a wooded path.雅艾尔:在一个天气不错的日子里,你正在林荫小道里漫步。You come around a corner and there, coiled in the path, is a huge rattlesnake, its rattles abuzz.但走到小道拐角一处时,你突然发现一条巨大的响尾蛇就在那里蜷缩着!还嘶嘶吐着蛇信。You are deathly afraid of snakes.你可是天生怕蛇怕得要死。Don: Various parts of the brain signal the nervous systems and organs to prepare to take action.唐:这时大脑中的各个部分给神经系统各个器官发出信号以对此作出反应:The pupils of the eyes dilate, the thyroid gland raises the resting metabolic rate, the bronchioles in the lungs dilate to admit more oxygen, hairs stand on end, heart rate and blood pressure rise to supply the body and brain with fuel.瞳孔放大,甲状腺加快新陈代谢,肺部的气管扩张吸进更多氧气,毛发竖起,心率加快,血压上升以便供给身体和大脑能量。Yael:The liver begins to break down sugars for quick energy, blood vessels in the skin contract causing chills and sweating, the spleen pumps out white blood cells in case there is an injury, stomach and intestine enzyme secretion and muscle activity needed for digestion stop, and blood vessels in the stomach and intestines contract to divert blood to the muscles.雅艾尔:肝脏加速分解糖分供能。皮下血管收缩,身体发冷出汗。脾脏产生更多白细胞抵抗受伤。肠胃酶的分泌及肌肉活动引起食欲不振。肠胃的血管收缩,血液传输到肌肉组织。Don:The bladder and colon prepare to empty, the central portion of the adrenal medulla floods the bloodstream with adrenaline and noradrenaline, constricting the blood vessels, breathing quickens.唐:膀胱和结肠有可能排空,血液随肾上腺素和去甲肾上腺素汇聚到肾上腺髓质的中部,血管收缩,呼吸加快。The entire body is in a state of high alert, y to stay and fight or say ;Feet dont fail me now.;整个人都处于高度戒备,要么呆在那不动,或者人蛇大战,再或者告诉自己“我可根本不怕哦”。Yael:Did you follow all that?雅艾尔:你会有上述所有反应吗?Of course not, but all that, and more, happens in your body within seconds of your sensing a threat.当然不是所有咯!但是,当你遭遇惊吓,身体会在仅仅几秒内产生更多反应。Don:It makes us tired just thinking about it唐:光想想就够累人的! 201311/264730。

Hybrid cars are known as hybrids because they use anelectric motor to augment the performance of a small, efficientgasoline engine.混合动力汽车简称“hybrids”,因为这类汽车采用电动马达增加小而高效的燃气发动机动力。But this isnt the only reason hybrids are moreefficient than gas-powered cars.但这并混合动力汽车比燃气汽车高效的原因之一。Did you know that Hybridcars are made of lightweight materials, so they require lessenergy to accelerate or drive up a hill?你知道吗?混合动力汽车选用轻型材料,所以加速或爬坡需要的动力相对更少。You know, Don, maybe you just need to trust that hybrid cars are interesting enough ontheir own.要知道,混合动力汽车本身就很有趣。I mean, did you know that some hybrids rely on a process known as regenerativebraking to recharge their batteries.我的意思是,你知道吗?一些混合动力汽车依靠“再生式制动”来完成充电。You see, when you brake, you remove energy from your car,which normally just dissipates in the form of heat.一般的汽车刹车时,通常以散失热量的形式损失汽车动力。In some hybrids, though, the electric motor isused to slow down the car, at which time it also acts as a generator so it can divert some of thatenergy back to the batteries.但是,混合动力汽车的电动马达让汽车减速,同时将这部分能量转换成电能,充当发动机的功效。And did you know?另外,你知道吗?In hybrids, instead of idling, the gas engine turns itself off, and you getpower from the electric motor and batteries.混合动力汽车发动机没气了,汽车并不会空转,而是由电马达继续供能。Also, hybrid carsaerodynamic design and specialtires reduce both air drag and drag against pavement, which also increases efficiency.此外,混合动力汽车采用气流设计和特殊轮胎,从而减少空气阻力和路面擦阻力,这也是混合动力汽车跑得快的原因。Cool!太赞了! /201407/308866。

This way, I want you to move, to follow me now.到这边来,我想要你移动,现在跟着我。Follow you now.现在跟着你。For the first time in two days, Yako is on edge in an instant.亚科2天以来第一次瞬间到了边缘。Just behind the scene. He knows we are here, and he can hear us. Aha.别看后方。他知道我们在这里,他听的到我们。啊哈。It’s difficult, because what you see is business.是有点困难,因为你看到的是一次狩猎。Yeap.Just stay there.对啊。就呆在那里。Yeap. I will do exactly what he tells us.对啊。我会按照他告诉我们的去做。Go go go, He’s still watching us.加油加油,他还在看着我们。But the young leaves a massive, and normally they are reluctant to leave their area, because this is his area.但年轻的离开了一只巨大的,通常他们都不愿离开他们的区域,因为这是他的领地。Ahm, it’s more he can hear us and see the movement.对,这是他能听到,看到动作。Anyway from here, this is his area, he’s not gonna leave it.反正在这里,这是他的领地,他是不会离开的。So I can we should all leave.所以我想我们都应该马上离开。201307/246745。

Its not fair!真不公平!Whats not fair?什么不公平?I was reing the Constitution of the ed States. It sayshere that “All people are created equal.”我又读了一遍《美国宪法》,上面写着:“人人生而平等。”Thats just not true!事实并非如此!What do you mean?你想说什么?Well, its always being my dream to become the Olympic champion in the 100-meter-dash.成为奥运会的百米短跑冠军一直是我的梦想。But no matter how hard I train, Im just not fast enough.可是,无论我多么努力,我就是跑不了那么快。You just realize this now.你才意识到啊!Some guys are simply faster than everyone else.有些人就是比别人都跑得快。Thats because some people are born with more faster twitch muscle fiber than others.那是因为他们天生比他人多快收缩肌纤维。With what?有更多什么?Thats a big part of what make people faster than others.快收缩肌纤维大大地决定了跑步速度。Muscles are made of two kinds offibers–fast twitch and slow twitch.肌肉有两种纤维构成:快收缩肌肉纤维和慢收缩肌肉纤维。Whats the difference?有什么不同吗?Slow-twitch fibers use energy aerobically and can work for long periods of time before gettingtired.慢收缩肌肉纤维用于有氧耗能,适合耐力性运动。So they can contract more slowly, but can keep going without burning themselves out.所以慢收缩肌肉纤维收缩更慢,但是持续时间更长。Exactly, since they have to keep going for long periods.说的对,因为马拉松耗能耗时长。So sprinters have a lot of fast twitch muscle fiber.那么,马拉松选手肯定有很多慢收缩肌肉纤维了。Right! Fast twitch fibers consume energy quickly and are good for short, powerful bursts ofmovement like sprinting and jumping.没错!慢收缩肌肉纤维富含肌红蛋白。肌红蛋白可帮助肌细胞将氧转运到线粒体,而线粒体是细胞能源工厂。World-class sprinters typically have about 80% fast twitchmuscle fiber.对,快收缩肌肉纤维耗能快,特别适合短而有力的爆发性动作,比如短跑和跳跃,世界级短跑健将体内80%肌肉都是快收缩肌肉纤维。Luck dogs!真是幸福!And, of course, they train incredibly hard to develop their natural gifts. Olympic gold is not wonby muscle fiber alone.当然,他们不仅仅靠天赋,还有艰苦地训练来完善技能。获得奥运金牌可并非肌肉纤维就可以。But it certainly helps!但是不得不承认肌肉纤维起了作用。 201408/321029。

Science and technology科学技术Astronomy天文Throwing money into space往太空扔钱A shiny new telescope is crowding out NASAs other science missions新的望远镜正在把美国国家航空航天局其它科学任务挤出去THE Hubble space telescope, an orbiting observatory launched in 1990 by NASA, Americas space agency,哈勃太空望远镜是1990年由美国国家航空航天局发射的绕地天文台。has been one of that agencys most successful missions since the Apollo moon shots in the 1960s and 1970s.自六七十年代阿波罗登月发射以来,它一直是该局最成功的任务之一。It has produced a string of scientific achievements:它产生了一系列科学成就:confirming that most galaxies have a black hole in the middle;实大多数星系中心存在一个黑洞;providing a front-row seat for the collision, in 1994, of a comet with the planet Jupiter;为人们提供了1994年苏梅克—列维9号彗星撞击木星的最佳观测位置;and helping to uncover the strange fact that the expansion of the universe seems to be accelerating.帮助人们发现宇宙看上去正在加速扩张这一奇特事实。But beyond the science, it has also been a public-relations hit.但在科学以外,它也一直是承载科学和公众交流的桥梁。Its beautiful images have introduced a generation to the wonders of astronomy.它传回的精美图像引导一代人探索天文领域。So in 2002, when the agency considered plans for a successor that would study the universe in infra-red,因此,该局于2002年开始考虑筹划哈勃望远镜的继任者。rather than visible light, would be y to fly in 2010 and would cost just .5 billion, saying “yes” was easy.耗资25亿美元,通过红外线,而非可见光研究宇宙的望远镜将于2010年升空,计划轻松获得通过。Nine years later, NASA is regretting that decision.九年后,美国国家航空航天局对当时所作出的决定感到愧疚。The James Webb space telescope, as the new machine is called, is still in the workshop, and its launch date has been set back repeatedly.这个被称为詹姆斯·韦伯的新望远镜仍在厂房里。Its cost has gone up to .8 billion, a figure that, if history is any guide, could rise still further.其发射日期一推再推该望远镜耗资已攀升至88亿美元,历史如果有其它可能,这一数字还是会进一步攀升。Which would be embarrassing at the best of times, but with public-spending cuts looming and NASAs budget flat for the foreseeable future, it is causing real strains.这是最让人为难的时刻,但随着削减公共开初见端倪,美国国家航空航天局将在可预见的未来里保持预算不变,这正引起真正的紧张。In July, irritated by the JWSTs rising costs, the House of Representatives tried to cut .9 billion from NASAs budget for next year, in an attempt to have the project cancelled.7月,出于对詹姆斯·韦伯望远镜不断攀升的开不满,众议院试图从美国国家航空航天局下一年预算里砍掉19亿美元,以求取消这项计划。On November 1st, after lobbying from the telescopes defenders, the Senate passed a bill that restored the telescopes funding.11月1日,经为新望远镜进行辩护的人游说后,参议院通过了一项恢复望远镜资助的法案。But it is not just politicians that are restive.但并不仅仅是政治家感到不安,Astronomers have long worried that the ballooning costs of the telescope would affect NASAs other science projects.天文学家一直担心该望远镜激增的开会影响到美国国家航空航天局其它科研项目。Officially, the space agency will say only that other missions will be delayed,从官方角度看,他们只会表示其它任务将会推后,but there are fears that some could be cut completely.但人们担心其中一些会完全被砍掉。One potential sacrifice is WFIRST, an infra-red space telescope intended for launch in 2020.其中一个潜在的牺牲品就是宽视场红外巡天望远镜,一个计划在2020年发射的红外线天文望远镜。This is designed to probe the nature of “dark energy”, which is thought to be responsible for the quickening expansion of the universe that Hubble helped bring to the worlds attention.这部望远镜设计出来是为了探测自然界里的“暗能量”,A string of other, smaller projects could suffer as well.该物质被认为是经哈勃引起全世界关注的宇宙加速扩张的原因。The telescopes advocates say junking it now would be a false economy.该望远镜的持者称现在抛弃它不值当。Most of the hardware has aly been built, so cancelling it, they argue, would mean throwing all that away.他们认为,大多数硬件都已造好,就这么取消意味着将这些东西统统扔掉。And they play on fears that America is in danger of losing its pre-eminence in high-budget “big science”,继今年年初功率为世界第二的粒子加速器,设在伊利诺伊州的垓电子伏加速器关闭后,美国处于逐渐失去建立在对“大科学”following the closure earlier this year of the Illinois-based Tevatron, the second-most-powerful particle accelerator in the world.高投入的卓越地位的危险中,望远镜持者利用了这些恐慌。The JWST, if it does eventually fly, would surely do some spectacular science.如果詹姆斯·韦伯望远镜最终得以发射,它肯定会开展一些惊人的科研。The size of its mirror—25 square metres, as against Hubbles 4.5—and the location of its orbit far from the reflected light of Earth will allow it to study some of the earliest events in the universe,相对于哈勃4.5平米大的镜头,新望远镜达到25平米—它的轨道也远离地球反射光,可以让它对一些宇宙最早的事件进行研究,including the formation of the first galaxies. It will also help with the search for extrasolar planets.包括第一个星系的形成,帮助科学家寻找太阳系外的行星。Hubble, of course, was also late—and around billion over budget.不久前哈勃的预算也超过约20亿美元。It was lampooned after its launch when a wonky mirror meant that its images were blurred almost to the point of uselessness, and a mission by the Space Shuttle to fix the problem cost hundreds of millions of dollars.讽刺的是,发射升空后,其摇晃的镜头意味着图像虚到几乎没有任何用处,后经航天飞机完成的修补任务耗资上亿美元。Given its subsequent record, few now begrudge the cost.鉴于其后来的成绩,现在很少有人肉疼这笔钱。With all that in mind, NASA will press on with the JWST, at least for now.考虑到所有这些,美国国家航空航天局也许会推动詹姆斯·韦伯望远镜,至少现在是。All that remains for Americas astronomers to do is pray that their favourite mission is not one of those delayed, or even cancelled, to keep the new telescope on track.对于美国天文学家来说,他们剩下要做的就是祈求他们钟爱的任务没在那些被推迟的里面,或者即使被取消,也要让新望远镜保持运作。 /201306/243322。

On sunday,a girl friend of mine...they ...were having a playdate.这周日 我和一闺蜜约好把各自的孩子带出去玩She was like,;so honor has this new fashion thing that shes doing,闺蜜告诉我‘honor仔摆一个酷炫的新姿势the one shoulder look.; and I was like,;what are you mean?;Shes like,;she taught...; yeah....秀香肩造型’ 我一头雾水 ” 她说“honor在教我拗个造型” 对 就是这个She does the pose,i cant with the pose.Its out of control.她做起来倒是毫无压力 我可做不到这太难了So she like puts her arm through the hole...the neck hole.她把手臂绕过整个脖子And like wants always show her shoulder. to make it over the shoulder?感觉像是要显摆自己的肩膀 手臂穿过来放在肩膀上吗Honor does that at kindergarden?Honor在幼儿园也这么干吗Honor does that in life.Honor每时每刻都在秀这个动作and Haven is just funny.Haven超有趣的And she follows her sister. so she like always wants to make Mummy laugh.她跟她有样学样 总想逗我开心She has like mustache on her finger.她在自己手指上贴两撇八字胡She like has like silly glasses.带些傻乎乎的墨镜Yeah,we dress her up.我们把她打扮成And pretty much anyting. well, theres nothing cuter than that.各种样子 萌得我一脸血Thats ridiculous. shes really sweet.太搞笑了 她真的很可爱She looks like David Beckham a little bit in that picture though. she does.这张看起来有点像小贝 还真像Doesnt she? people call her boy all the time.很像是吧 大家都叫她假小子Yeah,no wonder. shes precious.不足为奇 她就是个小活宝And what are they gonna be for Holloween. did they have outfits?小姑娘们万圣节要办成什么 装准备好了吗Um...they... we havent figured out Haven.我们还没想好把haven装扮成什么Shes still the age we can kind of have fun with it.她还小 我们可以随心所欲逗她玩Like we can make her... you can make her anything.我们可以把她扮成 你们想把她扮成什么都行You can make her a pumpkin or something.可以把她扮成大南瓜啥的yeah, or a hotdog or like you know that something funny.或者热之类的 关键是有趣Well honors like, i wanna be a mermaid with theHonor跟我说 我想扮成美人鱼You know dress with no straps.穿着无吊带的裙子And Im like,no.And then shes like我告诉她 ‘没门儿’ 她又问我how about if im the mermaid that has the tail that you cant walk,那我扮成长尾巴的美人鱼好不好 这样一来我没法走路so you can just carry me up to the front door.你就可以把我抱着出门and Im like, thats not happenig.我赶紧让她断了这个念想Shes very smart, that girl. Shes so entitled ,its crazy.真是个极致的娃 她在这方面太有想法了 很不可思议注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/265469。