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阿拉尔市开个眼角多少钱新疆/冰点脱毛多少钱阿拉尔大腿激光脱毛多少钱 Obituary;逝者;Keith Colquhoun;基斯·科尔克霍恩;Farewell to an old Asia hand and The Economists previous Obituaries editor;一个写亚洲的老手、《经济学人》逝者专栏前编辑,再见了;In the 20-odd years he worked for The Economist, from 1981 to 2004, Keith Colquhoun never raised his voice. He did not need to. His soft, courteous, slightly smiling delivery encouraged people to listen, as to a favourite uncle. But steel lay behind it. “Ive just taken one or two liberties with your copy,” he would say, meaning that it had been completely rewritten into the best simple, accurate, sparely punctuated Colquhoun prose. “I would like to do X,” he would say gently, announcing the weeks Obituary candidate, who was often a complete unknown; and neither wild horses, nor the deaths of great celebrities, could persuade him to change his mind.1984年-2004年,在基斯·科尔克霍恩为《经济学人》工作的这20多年里,他从不提高声音说话。他不需要这样。他轻柔、谦恭、略带微笑的讲话风格使人们愿意聆听,就像听一个可爱的叔叔讲话一样。但是话语背后透着坚决。他会说,“我把你的稿子做了一两处处理”,意思是,稿子已经改成最简洁、最准确、标点最少的科尔克霍恩风格。当他宣布当周的逝者人选时,他会轻轻说,“我想做某某人”,通常是一个完全不为人知的名字;无论是野马,还是大明星的去世,都不能改变他的主意。Keith came into journalism the old-fashioned way, through provincial papers and Fleet Street, but got as far as Hong Kong, where he worked for the Far Eastern Economic Review. He loved Asia, though his view of it was really that of a 19th-century colonial administrator. He had a soft spot for geishas. Of one correspondent, non-productive though enjoying a lavish retainer, he once remarked: “I think perhaps if we do not hear from him next year, we should send him a note.” Though no stripling, he would hunger to get to Siam, Sinkiang or Tartary. He developed a fondness for the Pacific islands, and actually found stories there.基斯进入记者圈是那种很老套的方式,先在地方报纸做,然后进入伦敦报业街,但是他最远到了香港,供职于《远东经济》。他热爱亚洲,尽管他对亚洲的看法还像是一个19世纪的殖民地官员。他喜欢艺妓。他曾这样一个不出活却享受高价聘用金的记者:“我想也许这样,假如我们明年收不到他的信的话,我们应该给他寄一封。” 他虽然不是小伙子,却渴望去暹罗、新疆和鞑靼。他还对太平洋诸岛产生了兴趣,而且真的在那里找到了故事。When he took over the Obituaries in 1995, just after their launch, he kept the Asian flag flying. He also set an extraordinary standard for clear, dry, witty writing. The openings of his Obituaries were a particular delight. “One of Walter Linis minor pleasures was to get the better of the French.” “The achievement of Karl Kehrle, a Benedictine monk, was to breed a very decent British bee.” Or this:就在“逝者”诞生后不久的1995年,他接手了这个栏目,并且一直高举亚洲大旗。他清晰、朴素、诙谐的写作风格树立了一个卓越的标准。他逝者文章的开头能带给读者一种特别的愉悦。“沃尔特·里尼的一个小乐趣是盖过法国人。” “本笃会修士卡尔·科赫尔的成就是培育一只品种非常优良的英国蜜蜂。” 或是下面这个:Hunting around for something not too brutal to say about Tiny Rowland now that he is dead, those who knew him have remarked on his charm. The English language is helpful with the evasive word.认识泰尼·罗兰的人在脑中搜寻他那些不是太过残酷之处——因为他已经不在了,他们于是说起了他的魅力。英语这种语言很会描述这个含糊的词。It was an open secret, however, that Keiths dearest occupation was not The Economist. It was his own writing, at which he could be seen tapping eagerly for as long as he dared before boarding the homeward train to Mersea Island. He produced 11 blackly comic novels, the last of them (“Five Deadly Words”) this April. Those disarmed by his gentleness could never quite forget that in Keiths world guns would be suddenly drawn, blood spilt on the carpet and bullets lodged in a desk, “reducing its value a little should it ever come to auction.”然而,基斯最钟爱的职业不是他在《经济学人》的工作——这是一个公开的秘密。他最爱的是为自己写作。你能看见他在登上回家乡莫西岛的火车之前,热切地敲着他自己的作品,直到该上车的最后一刻。他创作了11部黑色幽默小说,最后一部(《五个致命单词》)在今年四月出炉。那些被他的温和缴械的人从来不会忘记,在基斯的世界里,会突然被拔出,血会溢到地毯上,颗颗子弹会固着在桌子里,“假如哪天把这桌子拿去拍卖,价钱也就微折。” /201209/200885Survival Of The Sluggish缓慢的生存Silkworms have been bred over thousands of years to behave quite unlike their caterpillar cousins in the wild. Thats because people purposely breed silkworms to fit this job description:蚕这种动物已经被人类豢养了上千年,这使得它们的行为远远异于野外的毛毛虫同类们。因为人类故意培养蚕,使得他们能够适应这样的工作岗位:WANTED–Superlative silk producers. Benefits include housing, unlimited food and protection from all predators. Wanderlust greatly discouraged. No opportunity for travel.诚聘:招优秀的产丝工。福利包括住房、包吃包喝、不受天敌威胁。不欢迎旅游迷。没有出差机会。Obviously, what makes a good silk producer in captivity is very different from what helps a caterpillar survive in the wild. Commercial silkworms are dynamos at silk production, and compared to their wild relatives, rather sluggish about everything else.很明显,造就人工饲养的产丝能手的条件跟让野生毛毛虫在野外生存的能力会非常不同。跟它们的野生同类相比,商用蚕在产丝方面是能手,但在其他任何方面的行动都很迟缓。Outdoors, you’ve probably seen caterpillars crawling to find food or hide from birds, but commercial silkworm caterpillars hardly move. For silk production, theyre kept on open trays because theyre content to stay put, as long as they have a steady supply of mulberry leaves. Even when they reach the moth stage, commercial silkworms are surprisingly immobile. Wild moths fly to evade predators and to lay their eggs in different areas. However, commercial silkworm moths havent needed to do these things for thousands of years. Theyve completely lost the ability to fly, even though they still have wings!在户外,你可能见过毛毛虫爬来爬去寻找食物或躲避鸟类,但是商用蚕幼虫很少活动。为了产丝,这些蚕就被放在敞口的匾上,因为只要有充足的桑叶供应,它们就 会满足于一动不动地呆着。即使商用蚕蜕变成蛾子,它们的活动力也惊人地弱。野生的蛾子会到处飞,以躲避天敌并且把卵产在不同的地方。但是,从上千年前开 始,商用蚕的蛾子就不用做这些事情了。即使它们仍然有翅膀,它们也已对完全丧失了飞行的能力。Heres another difference. In the wild, moths are often very particular about where theyll lay eggs. This ensures that baby caterpillars can chomp their favorite leaves as soon as they hatch. Commercial silkworm moths have lost that instinct too. Theyll even lay eggs on a sheet of paper, where its easy for humans to keep track of them.还有一处不同。野外的蛾子通常对产卵地点很挑剔。这可以保它们的幼虫一孵化就能吃到喜欢吃的树叶。商用蚕的蛾子连这种本能也丧失了。它们甚至会在纸张上产卵,对于人类来说可以很方便的找到它们。 /201206/188090乌市医科大学附属医院治疗痘痘多少钱

乌市自治区人民医院去眼袋多少钱库尔勒脂肪丰胸价格 克拉玛依市去斑多少钱

博乐做激光脱毛多少钱His doctor was called, declared him close to madness, and ordered complete rest.他的医生被叫来,宣布他接近疯狂,并命令他停下来完全休息。Three difficult years were to follow with a number of disturbing failures before Tchaikovskys imagination would again take flight as it had done with the Storm.就如同之前完成的风暴一样,在柴可夫斯基的想象力翅膀再次展翅翱翔之前,这困难的3年中有很多令人不安的失败。Again, he was touched by the idea of the suffering woman, but this time it was Juliet trapped and finally destroyed in the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets.再一次,他被承受痛苦的女性想法感动,但这一次是朱丽叶被困并最终毁于蒙太古和凯普莱特家族的之间的不和。Tchaikovsky had again been drawn by a literary source which mirrored his own mental state.柴可夫斯基再次受到了这样一种文学源的影响,这就像是镜子一样映射他的精神状态。He was recovering from an infatuation with the Belgian opera singer Desiree Artot and aly convinced that his life was governed by a fate.他从对比利时歌剧歌手蒂塞奥特洛特的迷恋中恢复过来,而且已经确信他的生命是由命运掌控。注:听力文本来源于普特201210/203532 They were travelling on foot and their first sight of this mountains must have been daunting indeed. In front of them stretched one of the worlds longest ranges, spanning two thousand miles from one side of the continent to the other. The winds uphill are the fastest on earth. They reach speeds of two hundreds an hour. An ice capped mountain bears its cuts of the gales, bizarre sculptures carved from solid ice. Its not only the ice that yields. This sculpture spire is surrender of a mountain that raided from all sides by the ferocious elements. Beyond, a holy unexpected landscape, the dry valleys. Only one percent of Antarctica is free of ice, and most of that bear rock. Its here. The dry valleys are more like the surface of Mars than is any other place on earth. The floor is covered with extraordinary natural sculptures, created by the same winds that help to keep these valleys free of snow. Over time, entire boulders are weathered from the inside out until just a shell remains. At the head of these valleys, ice is making a breakthrough. Millions of tons are tumbling in slow motion into the valley.他们徒步旅行,第一眼看到这座山脉一定会感到畏惧。在他们前面的是世界上最长的山脉之一,从大陆一端到另一端绵延二千英里。在顶端的风是地球上最快的。它们时速达到每小时两百公里。一个冰覆盖的山顶削减了风的作用,山顶充满了奇形怪状固体冰的雕刻。它不仅是冰的杰作。这座雕塑是因一座山对于四面八方凶猛的因素侵袭的一种妥协才造成的。此外,这里还有一处神圣的意想不到的风景;;干谷。南极洲只有百分之一的冰是自由的,并且大部分都是坚硬的岩石。它就在这里。干谷更像是火星表面而非地球上任何其他地方。地上覆盖着非凡的天然雕塑,由相同的风创造,帮助保持这些山谷的自由积雪。随着时间的推移,整个大圆石由内而外风化直到最近的遗迹形成。在这些山谷的源头,冰正在突破。数百万吨的冰慢慢涌进山谷。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/170854新疆/伊犁哈萨克自治州中医医院口腔美容中心喀什整容医院哪家最好



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