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Funding of 17.3 million pounds for artificial intelligence and robotics research to be carried out by British universities is to be announced by the government.英国政府日前宣布,将向全国各所大学投入1730万英镑,以用于人工智能和机器人的研究。It is part of the government#39;s digital strategy, to be published by Culture Secretary Karen Bradley last Wednesday.文化部部长卡伦·布拉得利在上周三表示,这是政府数字战略的一部分。#39;Backing our thriving digital economy to expand and grow by putting the best foundations in place to develop new technology is a vital part of this government#39;s plan to build a modern, dynamic and global trading nation#39;, she said.她说道:“持我们正兴起的数字化经济,把最好的硬件设施提供给发展中的新技术是政府计划的一部分,这一计划就是要发展一个现代化的、有活力的、国际贸易型的国家。”A report by Accenture released last year estimated that AI could contribute up to 654bn pound to the UK economy by 2035.Accenture公司在去年发布的调查报告中预测,截至2035年,人工智能对英国经济作出的贡献将高达6540亿英镑。But the government was criticised last year for its support of the UK tech scene.但是英国政府由于对科技的过高投入而在去年曾遭到批评。As part of the new digital strategy, computer scientist Prof Dame Wendy Hall and tech CEO Jerome Pesenti, former chief data scientist at IBM, have been asked to review the UK#39;s artificial intelligence sector.作为新兴数字战略的一部分,计算机科学家达梅·温迪·霍尔教授和科技公司CEO、前IBM首席数据科学家杰罗姆·佩森迪已经受邀重返人工智能领域。#39;Our scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the development of artificial intelligence and I#39;m looking forward to exploring how industry and government can work together to support the technology in the UK#39;, said Dame Wendy.达梅·温迪表示:“我们的科学家、研究工作者和企业家们都走在人工智能发展的最前沿,我对这一产业和政府之间将会怎样合作互助、从而推动英国科技的发展很期待。” /201703/497032

Shang Dynasty商朝General概况Thousands of archaeological finds in the Huang He, Henan Valley, the apparent cradle of Chinese civilization----provide evidence about the Shang dynasty, which endured roughly from 1700 to 1027 B.C.上千起在中国文明的摇篮——黄河河南流域的考古发现为商朝(大约从公元前1700年持续到公元前1027年)提供了据。The Shang dynasty (also called the Yin dynasty in its later stages) is believed to have been founded by a rebel leader who overthrew the last Xia ruler.据信,商朝(在其后期也被称为商殷)是由一个造反的领袖推翻了夏朝的最后一任统治者而建立的。Its civilization was based on agriculture, augmented by hunting and animal husbandry.它的文明以农业为基础,以打猎和动物饲养而扩大。Two important events of the period were the development of a writing system, as revealed in archaic Chinese inscriptions found on tortoise shells and flat cattle bones (commonly called oracle bones or ),这段时期有两大重要事件,一个是文字系统的发展,表现为在乌龟壳和凭的牛骨上发现的古老的中国文字(一般称为甲骨文),and the use of bronze metallurgy.另一个是青铜冶金的使用。A number of ceremonial bronze vessels with inscriptions date from the Shang period;很多在庆典上使用的刻有铭文的青铜器皿都源于商朝。The workmanship on the bronzes attests to a high level of civilization.对于青铜器的技艺实了其文明水平之高。 /201509/393967

Dan Buettner must be very used to being called “young man” by now– despite being nearly 50 years old and quite well-accomplished, he’s been researching the communities with the oldest citizens in the world, and has begun to unlock the secrets to a long and full life.So what is it, exactly, that makes people in some parts of the world (Buettner calls them “blue zones”) live so long?There are five things he has found as a common th from Japan to Costa Rica to Loma Linda, California.5. A Sense of FaithLoma Linda, California, boasts the highest concentration of Seventh-Day Adventists in the world, and the average Adventist man lives 11 years longer than the average American man. This is also a factor in Sardinia, where a large Catholic population fuels one of the “Blue Zones” and lives far longer than the average Italian.4. A Sense of PurposeJapan possesses an overwhelming sense of purpose, Buettner reports, and the concept has a name: ikigai. Loosely translated, it means “that which makes one’s life most worth living.” It strikes him then, as no coincidence that Okinawa has the longest disease-free life expectancies in the world.3. Low-Intensity ActivityLow-intensity activity does a phenomenal job of keeping the body in working order without placing too much stress on an aging system: getting out an walking, or enjoying some form or recreation also contributes to a sense of independence that allows the mindset needed for the other points to flourish.2. An Investment in FamilyFamily, like the previous item, helps develop support structures, as well as an essential mindset of caring; Buettner simply states that he’s never met a mean centenarian.1. A Plant-based DietFinally, yes, there is one essential oddity– a diet that’s drastically different from that of most Americans.Consistently, Buettner reports people eating small portions and not much meat in their diets. This accounts for the widesp success outside of the ed States, especially in places like Italy, Japan, and Costa Rica, where culture has embraced a different style of cooking. 丹·布特尼(Dan Buettner)肯定已经很习惯别人称他为“年轻人”了--尽管他已年过半百,成就卓越,他对世界上最长寿的地区做了不少研究,向人们揭开了生活丰富、健康长寿的秘诀。那么秘诀到底是什么呢?确切地说,是什么让世界上这些地区的人们(布特尼称他们为“蓝色宝地”)寿命如此之长呢?他认为有五点秘诀,这些是居住在日本,哥斯达黎加及加利福尼亚的罗玛琳达的人们的共同之处。5. 信仰加州的罗玛琳达以其高度集中的基督复临安息日会教友闻名于世,而在那里信仰基督再临的人比一般美国人的平均寿命要长11岁。在另一块“蓝色宝地(意大利的)”撒丁岛,居住着大量的天主教信仰者,他们的平均寿命也比一般的意大利人长许多,信仰也是这块宝地人口长寿的一大因素。4. 目标日本人的目标感是全世界无与伦比的。布特尼称,这种概念有一个名称:ikigai,笼统翻译过来的意思是“目标使人的生命充满价值与意义。”而让布特尼震惊的是,不出意外的是冲绳岛的人口寿命长度为世界之首。3. 低密度运动低密度的运动对保持身体正常运作有着显著的成效,它能抵抗压力对衰老的影响:出门散散步,或是进行一些消遣。同时,这也能促使心智的独立,使它在其他时间活力充沛。2. 对家庭的重视和前面提到的因素一样,家庭能建立起一个人情感上的最大持,同时它也是心智舒缓的一个重要源泉;布特尼只是很简单地说到,他从未见过一个吝啬的百岁老人。1. 遵循素食为主的饮食原则对,最后一个重要的特点就是--他们的饮食原则,这与大多数美国人是截然不同的。布特尼始终说道,长寿的人的饭量都不大,饮食中肉类含量也很少。这种做法对健康的重要性在美国以外的地区已经广泛得到实,特别是在意大利,日本和哥斯达黎加这些地方,那里的文化奉行的是一种不同于美国的烹饪方法。 /200805/38707

A good fight with your spouse could be good for the health, a new study has found.一项最新研究发现,夫妻双方在必要的时候斗斗嘴有益于身体健康。Couples who suppressed their anger have a mortality rate twice as high as those in which at least one partner stands up for themselves, according to the study which tracked 192 US couples for 17 years.该研究对192对美国夫妇进行了长达17年的跟踪调查。研究发现,夫妻间生闷气的比至少有一方为自己争辩的死亡率高一倍。When couples get together, one of their main jobs is reconciliation about conflict, said lead author Ernest Harburg, an emeritus professor with the University of Michigan.研究报告主要撰写人、密歇根大学退休教授欧尼斯特?哈伯格说:“夫妻相处的一个主要问题就是如何调解矛盾。”The key matter is, when the conflict happens, how do you resolve it? he said.“关键问题在于,发生矛盾时你应该怎样去解决它?”If you bury your anger, and you brood on it and you resent the other person or the attacker, and you don#39;t try to resolve the problem, then you#39;re in trouble.“如果你把怨气憋在心里,耿耿于怀,对对方愤恨不满,而不想办法去解决问题,那就麻烦了。”Previous studies have shown that suppressing anger increases stress-related illnesses like heart disease and high blood pressure.之前有研究表明,生闷气会增加患心脏病和高血压等与紧张有关的疾病的风险。This study looks at how suppressed anger and the resulting buildup of resentment in a marriage affects overall mortality rates.该研究对夫妻之间生闷气以及由此导致的怨恨积聚对总体死亡率的影响进行了探究。Harburg and his colleagues used a questionnaire to determine how the spouses responded to behaviour that they perceived as unfair.哈伯格及其同事通过问卷调查来测定受访夫妇对他们所认为的“不公平”行为如何反应。Both spouses suppressed their anger in 26 of the couples while at least one spouse expressed their anger in the remaining 166 couples.调查结果显示,有26对夫妇双方都生闷气,其余的166对夫妇中至少有一方发泄不满。At least one death was recorded in half the couples who suppressed their anger, whereas only 26 percent of the other couples suffered from the death of a spouse.生闷气夫妇的死亡率至少为50%,而发泄不满夫妇的死亡率仅为26%。And the anger-supressing couples were nearly five times more likely to both be dead 17 years later, the study found.此外,研究发现,经常生闷气的夫妇17年后双亡的几率为其他夫妇的近五倍。The study was carried out in a small, predominantly white and middle class town in Michigan and most of the women were ;housewives; born before the sexual revolution.该研究在美国密歇根州一个以白人和中产阶级为主的小镇开展,其中大多数女性为“家庭妇女”,均出生于美国性革命(美国性革命爆发于20世纪60年代)之前。An upcoming analysis of survival rates 30 years later will yield more reliable results, Harburg said.哈伯格说,研究人员将对这些夫妇30年后的存活率进行研究分析,这一分析得出的结果会更加可靠。 /200801/25613

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