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At the Hotel Room第十一章 旅馆客房务Part 1 Vocabulary第一部分 词汇1.air conditioner1.空调.light.电灯3.light bulb3.灯泡.safe.保险箱5.fridgemini-bar5.冰箱迷你饮料吧台6.lockbolt6.锁7.kettle7.水壶8.remote control8.遥控器9.hair dryer9.吹风机.blanket.毛毯.outletsocket.插座.towel.毛巾.toilet paper.卫生纸.pillow.枕头.shower.淋浴间;莲蓬头.faucet.水龙头.bathtub.浴缸18.bath mat18.浴室地垫19.toilet19.马桶.soap.肥皂1.shampoo1.洗发精.body lotion.身体乳液3.shower gel3.沐浴精.comb.梳子 3973One of Kim Jong-euns closest aides arrived in Beijing on Wednesday at a time when North Koreas nuclear activities and belligerent rhetoric have put Chinas relations with its traditional ally under increased foreign scrutiny.本周三,金正Kim Jong-eun)的心腹助手之一抵达北京。目前,朝鲜的核活动和好战言论,已使其与传统盟友中国之间的关系日益受到外界关注。Pyongyang state media said Choe Ryong-hae, vice-marshal of the Korean Peoples Army, had arrived in China as a ;special envoy; of Mr Kim, North Koreas supreme leader. He later met Wang Jiarui, head of the international department of the Communist party of China’s central committee.朝鲜官方媒体表示,朝鲜人民军次帅崔龙Choe Ryong-hae)以朝鲜最高领导人金正恩“特使”的身份抵达了中囀?崔龙海后来会晤了中共中央对外联络部部长王家瑞。Mr Choe, a boyhood friend of the late leader Kim Jong-il, was appointed to his current position last year and is regularly seen close to Kim Jong-eun during his public appearances. His visit to China is the first by a senior North Korean official since last August, when Jang Song-taek the countrys de facto second-in-command, and Mr Kim’s uncle met the Chinese president at the time, Hu Jintao.去年获任现今职位的崔龙海,曾是朝鲜已故领导人金正Kim Jong-il)的儿时伙伴。他经常在金正恩公开亮相时陪伴在其左右。崔龙海是继张成Jang Song-taek)去年8月会晤中国当时的国家主席胡锦涛以来,朝鲜派出访华的第一位高级官员。张成泽是朝鲜实际上的二把手、金正恩的姑父。But it comes at a time when the US is leaning on Beijing to put more pressure on North Korea. China supported UN Security Council sanctions against Pyongyang in January and March, in response respectively to a long-range rocket launch and nuclear warhead test.但崔龙海访华之际,美国正在指望中国政府加大对朝施压力度。今月和3月,中国对联合国安理UN Security Council)对朝制裁措施投了赞成票,分别回应朝鲜发射远程火箭和进行核弹头试验的举动。Official media and many Chinese users of social messaging sites criticised North Korea for its use of state media to issue repeated warnings of imminent war in March and April. A statement from Xi Jinping, Chinas new president, in April that no country should be allowed to throw the region into chaos was widely interpreted as a rebuke to Pyongyang.今年3月和4月,中国的官方媒体和许多社交网站用户都批评朝鲜使用官方媒体不断发出战争威胁月,中国新任国家主席习近平发表声明称,任何国家都不能为一己之私把一个地区搞乱,这被广泛解读为对朝鲜政府的谴责。Since the latest set of sanctions were introduced, several leading Chinese banks have said they have stopped all financial dealings with North Korea. The Bank of China said this month that it had closed the account of the Foreign Trade Bank, North Korea’s main foreign exchange bank.自从最近一系列制裁措施生效以来,中国几家主要的都表示已停止了与朝鲜的所有金融交易。中国银BoC)本月表示,已关闭了朝鲜主要外汇朝鲜外贸银Foreign Trade Bank)的账户。However, analysts point out that the relationship between North Korea and China has never been warm, and that Beijing is unlikely to cut off its extensive economic support for fear of a disorderly collapse of the Pyongyang regime.但分析人士指出,朝中关系长期以来并不友好,但中国政府出于对朝鲜政权无序垮台的担忧,不大可能切断提供给后者的广泛经济持。Mr Choes arrival in Beijing came soon after the seizure of a Chinese fishing boat, allegedly by North Korean forces. Its owner, Yu Xuejun, told Chinese media that North Korea had demanded a ransom for the release of the boat and its 16 crew, but they were later set free.在崔龙海到访北京前不久,一艘中国渔船据称遭到朝方军队的扣押。该船船主于学君对中国媒体表示,朝方曾要求中方先付一笔赎金再释放该船6名船员,但他们后来获得了释放。来 /201305/241115

At least 83 people died in US research on sexually transmitted diseases in Guatemala in the 1940s, a commission ordered by President Barack Obama concluded Monday.  The Guatemalan study, which was never published, came to light in 2010 after Wellesley College Professor Susan Reverby stumbled upon archived documents outlining the experiment led by controversial US doctor John Cutler.  Cutler and his fellow researchers enrolled 1,500 detainees in Guatemala, including mental patients, for the study, which aimed to find out if penicillin could be used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.  Initially, the researchers infected female Guatemalan commercial sex workers with gonorrhea or syphilis, and then encouraged them to have unprotected sex with soldiers or prison inmates.  Neither was the subjects told what the purpose of the research was nor were they warned of its potentially fatal consequences.  "We believe that there were 83 deaths and fewer than 700 people received some form of treatment as best as could be documented,said Stephen Hauser a member of the commission.  "It was not an accident that this happened in Guatemala," Commission president Amy Gutmann said. "Some of the people involved said they could not do this in their own country."  The US researchers "systematically failed to show minimal respect for human rights and act in accordance with morality in the conduct of research," she said, citing "substantial evidence" of an attempted cover-up.  Some experts have claimed that the research came up with no useful medical information.  Obama personally apologized to Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom in October before ordering a thorough review of what happened.  Meanwhile, The Guatemalan president has called the 1946-1948 experiments conducted by the US National Institutes of Health "crimes against humanity".  据法新社89日报道,美国总统巴拉奥巴马任命的调查委员会本周一(29实,上世纪40年代美国在危地马拉进行的性传播疾病实验造成至少83人死亡。  这项在危地马拉进行的实验是由一名备受争议的美国医生约翰#8226;卡特负责的,该实验直010年才被公布于世。当时韦尔斯利学院的教授苏珊#8226;里维尔比偶然发现了这些概述该实验的存档文件。  为了开展该实验课题,卡特和他的研究伙伴们共招收500名包括精神病患者在内的危地马拉在押人员,目的是验青霉素可否用于性病防治。  起初,研究人员给危地马拉的女性性工作者“接种”了淋病或梅毒病毒,然后再让她们与士兵或囚犯进行没有采取保护措施的性行为。  研究人员既没有告知受试者实验的目的,也没有警告受试者实验可能导致他们失去生呀?  调查委员会成员史蒂芬#8226;豪泽说:“我们确在该实验3人死亡,而现有文件只能明,当时只有不足700人接受了某种形式的治疗。”  委员会主席艾#8226;古德曼说:“这不是发生在危地马拉的一起意外事件。参与该实验的一些人表示,他们不会在自己的国家做这种事。”  她认为美国研究人员“没有给予人权最起码的尊重,在实验过程中违背了人伦道德”,而且也有“足够据”明研究人员曾试图掩盖事实真相。  一些专家称,该研究根本不能得到任何有用的医学信息。  去年10月,奥巴马亲自向危地马拉总统阿尔瓦罗#8226;柯隆表示了歉意,随后下令彻查这件事。  同时,危地马拉总统称这项由美国国立卫生研究院在1946948年进行的实验“违反了人类道德”。来 /201108/151909

The U.S. Senate has confirmed John Brennan as the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency after one senator threatened to hold up the vote indefinitely over the White House drone policy.美国参议院批准约翰·布伦南出任美国中央情报局局长。此前,一位参议员针对白宫的无人机政策,一度威胁要以无限期讨论的方式阻止对一提名的表决。Thursdays vote was 63 to 34. It came after the Senate held a separate vote to cut off any more debate and and proceed with the confirmation.参议院星期四的表决结果是63票持4票反对。在这之前,参议院另行投票,终止就这一问题再进行任何辩论,并启动确认提名程序。Kentucky Republican Rand Paul filibustered against the Brennan confirmation, talking on the Senate floor non-stop for 13 hours. He demanded the Obama administration specify limits on using drone strikes to attack U.S. terror suspects on U.S. soil.来自肯塔基州的共和党参议员兰德·保罗曾试图以无限期讨论的方式阻止对布伦南提名的表决。保罗在参议院不停地发言长达13个小时。他要求奥巴马政府具体说明限制在美国本土用无人机打击恐怖嫌疑人。Attorney General Eric Holder sent Paul a brief letter stating that the president does not have the authority to kill a U.S. citizen not engaged in combat on U.S. soil.美国司法部长霍尔德向保罗送交一封短信,说明奥巴马总统无权下令在美国本土击毙没有参与战斗的美国公民。Holder said earlier this week that while the president has no intention of ordering a drone strike within the ed States, he could do so under an ;extraordinary circumstance.;霍尔德本星期早些时候说,奥巴马无意在美国本土下令发动无人机攻击,但在特殊情况下奥巴马可能这样做。The Obama administration has used drones to kill terror suspects overseas, including U.S. citizens.奥巴马政府下令在国外使用无人机击毙恐怖嫌疑人,包括美国公民。Brennnan is a long-time CIA official who had been Pendent Obamas top counterterrorism advisor. He has said he supported the drone policy.布伦南长期在中央情报局任职,是奥巴马总统的反恐事务最高顾问。他表示持白宫的无人机政策。来 /201303/229079

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