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GE is dead in the water GE is the worst stock in the Dow this year. One analyst said investors have #39;thrown in the towel#39; on GE and that the company needs a drastic shakeup to return to its glory days.Remember when GE used to be the market. Everyone couldn#39;t wait for the company#39;s earnings reports. The stock was always on fire. Those days are long gone. GE shares down 7% this year, the worst performer in the DOW. And one analyst from Barclays is now suggesting that GE pulling ATamp;T in break-up, because the company is just too bloated. In a very sharply worded research now, the Barclay analyst pointed out that GE is now such a confusing mess that it took him several days to fully digest the last earnings report. So what does that mean for the little guys trying to buy GE? GE under CEO Jeff Immelt facing a lot of pressure to fuel more, to innovate and grow. This isn#39;t the company that Jack Welch once ran, the CEO of GE that no one probably remember that much anymore among the younger generation. This is just the guy that are occasionally seen on CN, known because he tweets every now and then criticizing the president. The GE once a bellweather, the glory days probably behind it. It may now be just a Wall Street awesome end. And that#39;s the Buzz, I#39;m Paul LaMonica @LaMonicabuzz on Tweeter. /201410/333521A better body image in six steps, and dieting isn#39;t one of them.六个步骤塑造更好的身体形象,而节食不在其中。You Will Need你需要A mirror镜子A bra that fits合身的胸罩Some sexy underwear性感的内衣And good posture好的体态A yoga class瑜伽班A masseur师Steps步骤STEP 1 Have a bra fitting1.购买合身的内衣Get professionally fitted for a bra. An estimated 80 percent of women wear the wrong size, which makes your stomach look bigger than it is and can give you back fat!购买专业而合身的内衣。估计80%的女性穿的尺码是错误的,这让你的腹部看上去比实际上更大,而且会让你的背部积累脂肪。STEP 2 Buy new underwear2.购买新的内衣Buy some attractive underwear. A psychologist who studied women#39;s underwear and its effect on their mood found that women who experimented with color and style felt sexier than those who stuck to white cotton panties.购买一些有吸引力的内衣。一位研究女士内衣及其对情绪影响的心理学家发现,选择不同颜色和款式内衣的女性比坚持白色纯棉内衣的女性更加性感。Buy some body slimmers. They#39;ll make you look thinner and better toned, and they#39;re not as uncomfortable as your grandma#39;s girdles.买一些纤体内衣。它们会让你看上去更苗条,更匀称,也不像你祖母的腰带那么不舒。STEP 3 Stand up straight3.站直Stand up straight. It can instantly make you look 10 pounds thinner.站直。这样会让你看上去比实际上轻10磅。STEP 4 Try positive self-talk4.尝试积极的自言自语Stand in front of the mirror stark naked, and acknowledge out loud what you like about your body. You#39;ll feel like a dope, but research shows this kind of positive self-talk works by helping you refocus on your good points.浑身地站在镜子前面,大声认可你喜欢的身体部位。你会觉得就像麻醉剂一样,但是调查显示,这种积极的自言自语会帮助你重新集中在自己的优点上。STEP 5 Take up yoga5.参加瑜伽课程Take up yoga. Researchers at California#39;s Preventive Medicine Research Institute found that women who practice yoga feel better about their bodies than women who take part in other forms of exercise.参加瑜伽课程。加利福尼亚预防医学研究所发现,练瑜伽的女性比进行其他形式的运动的女性对自己的身体感觉更好。STEP 6 Get massages6.进行Budget money for massages. Studies show they reduce stress and improve body image.留出一笔钱进行。研究发现,可以缓解压力,改善身体形象。Forty percent of men have body image issues, compared with 60 percent of women.40%的男性身体形象有问题。而60%的女性身体形象有问题。视频听力译文由。 Article/201503/363225

Both the WTO and APEC are set to advocate free and open trade within a non-discriminatory, rule-based framework as a tool to effectively contribute to economic growth, development and poverty reduction.世界贸易组织和亚太经合组织都提倡非歧视、有规可循的发展自由开放的贸易, 有效地促进经济增长、发展并且抑制贫困。World Trade Organization Director General, Robert Azevedo, spoke at the APEC CEO Summit discussion and shared what he thinks are the major concerns for doing business.世贸组织总干事罗伯特·阿泽维多在亚太经合组织工商领导人峰会上发表讲话,并且分享了他认为经济面临的主要问题。For business today,tariffs are not the most important thing, the two biggest concerns are 1, time and cost, the cost of crossing the border.在当今经济中,关税并非至关重要,最主要的2个问题是:时间和成本,跨界成本。What happened behind the border, the rules and regulations....the key is the trade facilitation agreement.其次则是边境另一边的情况,规定和管理...关键问题是贸易便利化协定。 Article/201411/341849

My Generation我的世代I#39;m part of a fearful generation, and I refuse to believe that I can change the world. I realize this may be a shock, but an independent Scotland will thrive is a lie. ;The U.K. is Better Together,; so in thirty years, I#39;ll tell my children I vote with my head. I have my priority straight: the Union is more important to me than Scotland.我是这个畏缩世代的一部分,而我不愿相信我可以改变世界。我了解这可能是个打击,但独立的苏格兰将会繁荣是个谎言。“联合王国团结起来会更好”,因此三十年后,我会告诉我的孩子我深思后才投票。我将我优先考虑的要事直接表述出来:联合王国对我而言远比苏格兰重要。As the experts tell me, 30 years from now, I would regret voting ;Yes.; I do not believe that I need to live in a country of my own making. In the future, the Union will prioritize Scotland#39;s needs, and I completely reject any suggestion that Westminster only wants us for our resources. The fact is my generation is fearful and unambitious. It is foolish to presume that we need change.正如专家们告诉我的,从现在起三十年,我会后悔投“赞成票”。我不相信我需要住在一个由我自己决定的国家。在未来,联合王国将优先考虑苏格兰的需求,而我完全否认任何英国国会只为了我们的资源而需要我们的说词。事实是我的世代都畏畏缩缩且毫无野心。擅自主张我们需要改变是愚蠢的。Or is it?或者真是这样吗?We need change. It is foolish to presume that my generation is fearful and unambitious. The fact is Westminster only wants us for our resources, and I completely reject any suggestion that the Union will prioritize Scotland#39;s needs. In the future, I need to live in a country of my own making. I do not believe that 30 years from now I would regret voting ;Yes; as the experts tell me.我们需要改变。认为我的世代都畏畏缩缩又没野心是愚蠢的。 事实是英国国会只因为我们的资源需要我们,而且我完全驳回任何联合王国将会优先考虑苏格兰需求的说词。未来,我需要住在一个由我自己决定的国家。我不相信从今以后的三十年,我会像专家所告诉我的那样,后悔投下“赞成票”。Scotland is more important to me than the Union. I have my priority straight. I vote with my head. So in 30 years, I#39;ll tell my children ;The U.K. is Better Together; is a lie. An independent Scotland will thrive. I realize this may be a shock, but I can change the world, and I refuse to believe that I#39;m part of a fearful generation.苏格兰对我而言远比联合王国重要。我将我优先考虑的要事直接表述出来。我是深思熟虑过投票的。所以三十年后,我会告诉我的孩子们“联合王国团结起来会更好”是个谎言。独立的苏格兰将会兴盛。我知道这或许是个冲击,但我可以改变这世界,而我拒绝相信我是一个畏缩世代的一部分。On September 18th, vote ;yes;.九月18号,投赞成票。 Article/201411/341961

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