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知名护肤品牌新加坡Bio-essence凯伊秀形象代言人、香港TVB当红花旦钟嘉欣用流利的英语向你推荐凯伊秀睡眠面膜,对于出生在加拿大温哥华的Linda的来说,英语小case啦。本文包含英语视频及文本中英对照。My favorite Bio-essence product is Bio-essence sleeping mask because after I finish using sleeping mask, my face is, it always feels like very hydrated and very firm. Even though Im really tired, I use this every day. So its really good. I hope all of you guys will like this product as well. Bio-essence Tri-action Aqua Boost hydrates and nourishes your skin while you sleep.我喜欢的剀伊秀产品是剀伊秀睡眠面膜,因为在我用完睡眠面膜后我的脸会变得水润有弹性。就算是我非常累的时候,我也坚持每天使用。所以它真的很好。我希望你们所有人也都会喜欢这个产品。剀伊秀三泉活水系列在睡眠时水润你的肌肤。201402/275604。

在经济困难的情况下,我们的探索性科学项目——从太空探索到大型强子对撞器——就会最先遭到预算削减。布赖恩 考克斯解释了以好奇心为导向的科学是如何养活自己,激发创新和对于我们自身生存的深入理解的。201409/331702。

The lipstick you just bought looked so divine on the celebrity walking the red carpet, but it makes you look like youre from another planet. Get the most flattering hues for you with these tips.你刚刚买的唇膏让好莱坞红毯明星看上去如同天人,但是你涂上去却像来自另一个星球。根据我们下面的建议,选择适合自己肤色的颜色。You Will Need你需要White sheet of paper白纸White shirt白衬衣Cream-colored shirt米色衬衣Makeup化妆品Universally flattering clothing colors普遍的比较讨喜的装颜色Gold and silver jewelry (optional)黄金或白银珠宝(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Assess skin tone1.评估皮肤颜色Assess your skin tone as either cool or warm. Hold a white sheet of paper up to your face to identify the main color you see in your skin. If youre still confused, put on a white blouse and then a cream-colored blouse. If you look better in the white, youre likely cool-skinned and if the cream one is more flattering, you have a warm skin tone.评估一下你的皮肤是冷色调还是暖色调。把一张白纸放在脸旁,鉴别一下皮肤颜色。如果仍然困惑不解,穿上一件白衬衣,然后穿一件米色衬衣。如果穿白色看上去更好,你可能是冷色皮肤。如果穿米色更衬肤色,你的皮肤可能是暖色调。See which jewelry tone is most flattering. Silver jewelry will look best against cool-toned skin, while gold jewelry will make warm tones glow.看一下哪一种珠宝更适合你。银质珠宝更适合冷色调皮肤,黄金珠宝让暖色调皮肤更加熠熠生辉。STEP 2 Choose foundation2.选择粉底Choose a foundation and powder with blue or pink undertones if you have cool skin. Warmer skin tones should wear a yellow-based powder and foundation.如果你的皮肤是冷色调,选择蓝色或粉色基调的粉底和散粉。较暖的皮肤色调应该选择黄色基调的散粉和粉底。STEP 3 Choose blush3.选择腮红Go for a pink, beige, or tawny-hued blush if you have cool skin. Warm tones look best in plums, auburn, copper, or bronze. If you have tan skin, try peaches, corals, apricots, and oranges.如果是冷色调皮肤,选择粉红色,米黄色或黄褐色腮红。暖色调涂紫红色,赤褐色,铜色或青铜色效果最好。如果你的皮肤经过晒黑处理,尝试桃红色,橘红色,杏黄色或橙色腮红。Cool tones should generally avoid earth tones, which work best on warm skin tones.总体来说,冷色调皮肤应该避免黄土色腮红。黄土色用于暖色调皮肤效果最佳。STEP 4 Choose lipstick4.选择唇膏Select lipsticks and lip liners based on their dominant color. If theyre primarily warm red, brown, magenta, or purple, theyll look great against warm skin. Cool skin will come alive with orangey red, light purple, and pink.根据主导颜色来选择唇膏和唇线颜色。如果主要颜色为比较温暖的红色,棕色,紫红色或紫色,用于暖色调皮肤最好。冷色调皮肤使用橘红色,淡紫色和粉红色最好。STEP 5 Choose eyeshadow5.选择眼影Choose white, silver, gray, pale blue, purple, or dark green eye shadow if you have cool skin. Warm skin will look great in bronze, coral, red, pink, cream, light brown, and soft green.如果你的皮肤是冷色调,选择白色,银色,灰色,淡蓝色,紫色或深绿色眼影。暖色调皮肤使用青铜色,橘红色,红色,粉红色,奶油色,淡棕色和柔和的绿色效果更佳。STEP 6 Choose clothing6.选择装Wear clothing colors that flatter everyone, regardless of skin tone or even hair color, due to the fact that they fall in the middle of the color spectrum -- not too cool or too warm. They are eggplant, Indian Teal, true red, and soft rose -- which is between light pink and peach.选择适合每一个人的装颜色,无论什么肤色或发色。这些颜色刚好在色谱中间,不会太冷或太暖。这些颜色包括深紫色,印度水鸭色,纯红色和柔和的玫瑰色——介于淡粉色和桃红色之间。A study by the University of Durham, England, found that athletes in sports competitions who wore red were more likely to win than contestants wearing other colors.英格兰杜伦大学一项研究发现,在体育比赛中穿红色装的运动员比穿其他颜色装的运动员更容易获胜。视频听力译文由。201403/280846。

Follow these five steps and youll create a simple business plan that is a working document you can refer to about your starting business.遵循以下五个步骤,你就可以制作出简单的商业计划书,为你开始创业提供指导。In this , Im going to be talking about how to write a business plan. Now, the business plan is the foundation for your business. It will help to give you clarity, help you focus on goals and milestones for your business, and also help you to identify those areas where you may need some help.在本视频中,我将为大家讲解怎样书写商业计划书。现在,商业计划书是事业的基础,可以帮助你更加条理,帮助你集中于事业的目标和里程碑,同时帮助鉴别出需要帮助的地方。Im going to show you five steps on how to write a simple business plan. Step one is to brainstorm. Get out the flip chart, any paper and post-its and just get all your ideas down on paper.我为大家展示书写简单的商业计划书的五个步骤。第一步是集思广益。取出配套挂图,任何文件和纸贴,把所有的想法都写在纸上。Step two is to do a swot analysis, so now, identify from all that information the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats in your business plan. Step three is to put some sales targets in. Now, be realistic because these have to be achievable to keep you motivated.第二步是进行swot分析,了解商业计划中关于强项,机会,弱势和威胁方面的所有信息。第三部是制定一些销售目标。现在,要符合实际,因为你的目标要切实可行,让你充满动力。Step four is to do some cash flow and profit forecasting. Now, youll know what budget you have so you can plan on what you need to spend to get those sales in and that will help you to forecast what profit you can expect. Step five is to now create a working document.第四步是进行现金流转和利润预测。现在,你明确了自己有多少预算,这样就可以计划哪些方面需要出才能获得预期的销量和利润。第五部是制作工作文件。So, turn that into an excel sheet or something similar that you cannot just put away and forget about. This is a working document that you can refer to on a regular basis as you progress with that business plan. So, those are my five steps on how to create a simple business plan.现在,将该计划转变为excel表格或者类似的表格,这样你就不能束之高阁或者抛到脑后。在不断取得进展的过程中,你可以经常查看这个文件。以上就是制作简单的商业计划书的五个步骤。Thanks for watching How To Write A Business Plan.感谢收看“怎样书写商业计划书”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201306/244515。

No talent, connections, or ability? No problem! You can still be famous—just look at some of the people who are!没有智慧,没有熟人,也没有能力?没问题!你仍然可以出名——看看这些出名的人是怎么做的。You Will Need你需要Low self-respect牺牲自尊A touch of exhibitionism暴露癖A complete lack of morals没有道德底线Steps步骤STEP 1 Get on a reality show1.参加真人秀Get yourself on a reality show. You don’t need talent, just a willingness to humiliate yourself. And once you do one show, you’re considered famous enough to qualify for a celebrity reality show!参加电视真人秀节目。你不需要很有智慧,只要敢于丢脸就可以了。一旦你参加了这样的价目,你就足够出名,有资格参加明星真人秀了。The best way to stand out on a reality show is to be the most obnoxious competitor. Can anyone say, Omarosa?在真人秀中脱颖而出的最好办法就是最令人讨厌。有人会说你像Omarosa那么丑陋吗?STEP 2 Date a celebrity2.约会明星Date a celebrity. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Just hang out at the in club; stars move around in herds. If you can actually get pregnant by a celebrity—or impregnate one—all the better!约会明星。这并不像听上去那么难。在明星俱乐部附近徘徊。明星会成群结队地出现。如果你能意外怀上某个明星的孩子,或者让某个明星怀,那就更出名了。Avoid hot-tempered stars, like O.J. and Robert Blake.避免脾气太坏的明星,比如O.J.和罗伯特·布莱克。STEP 3 Start a blog3.开客Follow stars around and then write catty things about them on your blog. Soon, you’ll be interviewed on entertainment shows about what these celebs are doing, and then you’ll become a celebrity yourself! You may even get your own show.关注明星的近况,在你的客中八卦一下明星新闻。很快,你就会在节目中接受采访,讲述明星在做什么,那么很快你自己也会成为明星。你甚至会开创出自己的节目。STEP 4 Get on YouTube4.上传视频Upload a of yourself to YouTube. Singing or dancing badly, bawling over a celebrity, or getting yourself tasered by the police are all attention grabbers. Or stage something fake—like a bride chopping off her hair on her wedding day. Think outside the box!向YouTube上传一段自己的视频。以搞怪风格唱歌或跳舞,恶搞明星,或者自己被警察拿指着都很容易吸引注意力。或者筹划一些虚假的东西——比如新娘在婚礼当天剃光头发。打破常规!STEP 5 Make a porn tape5.色情录像带Make a porn tape with a celebrity. Accidentally let the tape get stolen and then complain bitterly to the press when it hits the internet.与明星录制一段色情录像带。然后这段录像带“不小心”被盗,然后痛批将这段视频传到网上的媒体。STEP 6 Be involved in a crime6.涉及犯罪话题Find some connection to a high-profile crime so you can make the round of entertainment/true crime/talk shows and put your two cents in—even if you have no earthly idea of what went down.找到与高级犯罪活动的熟人关系,然后在一些,真实犯罪或脱口秀节目,表达自己的意见——即使你根本不知道发生了什么事。STEP 7 Go nude7.裸奔Streaking at a public event is always a good way to end up on the news. Or take a cue from the New Yorker who wandered around Times Square in just his socks, talking on his cell phone.在公众活动上裸奔向来是成为焦点人物的好方法。或者可以受到只穿着袜子在时报广场走来走去打电话的纽约人的启发。Andy Warhol said in 1968, In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes. In 1979, he said, My prediction from the sixties finally came true.1968年,安迪·沃霍尔说,“将来,每个人都能够世界闻名15分钟。”1979年,他说,“我60年代的寓言终于实现了。”201411/339611。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了。The top speed record of what currently stands at about 150 miles per hour? If you think you know it, shout it out! 目前速度最高能达到每小时150英里的是什么?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it a rollercoaster, baseball pitch, cheetah or blimp? Youve got three seconds, go!是过山车、棒球场、非洲猎豹还是软式小型飞船?你有三秒钟的时间。开始!The fastest thing on this list is the rollercoaster, one of which has been clocked at over 149 miles per hour. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.这几个选项中最快的就是过山车,其中有一个超过了149英里每小时。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: And that was in the ed Arab Emirates. 那是在阿联酋。But it seems that rollercoasters designers are always trying to set a new bar. 但看起来过山车的设计者总是在打破新的界限。This one is not about speed. 这并不仅仅与速度有关。Its about going the distance. 还与距离有关。More than 4100 feet, the longest distance for an inverted coaster. 世界上最长的翻转式过山车,长达4100多英尺。Thats the kind where the seats hang below the track. Hold on tight. 这种过山车的椅子直接挂在轨道上,牢牢困住。The right time for Benchie (ph) is a screaming 2.5 minutes. 坐上Benchie,你要一直尖叫2.5分钟。Top speed, 68 miles per hour. 最高速度可达68英里每小时。It costs Kings Island million to build. 国王岛屿花了两千四百万美元建造过山车。There were surely twists and turns along the way, but they kept the project on track and built something that holds the record from coast to coaster. 当然其中还有翻滚和弯道,但他们的项目正在进行中,他们要保持好记录。The first riders called it a scream. 它的第一个乘坐者说它是尖叫。They say its railly faun, even if it throws you for a loop. 他们说这真的很有趣,尽管它会将你甩出一个圈。So, if you have nerves of steel, the Benchie will test your metal.那么,如果你的神经像钢铁一样坚硬,Benchie将会检验你的意志。 /201404/290807。