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Fool cells, schmool cells, Elon Musk.笑料般的电池,迟迟不登场的电池,以及埃隆·穆斯克。Toyota Motor Co. TM Wednesday unveiled the car that it expects to go toe-to-toe with Tesla Motors Inc.’s TSLA 1.89% battery-powered ones in the next stage of green vehicle development.周三,丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Co. )发布了最新款汽车,希望在绿色汽车开发的下一个阶段,与特斯拉汽车公司的电池驱动汽车展开竞争。At a presentation webcast from Tokyo, head of Ramp;D and board member Mitsuhisa Kato said the company aims to launch the car, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, in the Japanese market in by April next year, and in the U.S. and Europe by the summer of 2015.在东京举行的网络直播发布会上,丰田汽车研发部总裁兼董事会成员加藤光久表示,公司的氢燃料电池汽车将于明年四月份在日本上市,并于2015年夏登陆美国和欧洲市场。The initial price will be a chunky 7 million yen (,000) and will have a cruising range of 400 kilometers, more or less in line with Tesla’s Model S. It’s about 30% below what Toyota had previously estimated it would cost–something that Kato put down, in part, to cross-fertilisation from the hybrid-motor technology developed by Toyota for its Prius models.这款汽车的预售价为700万日元(约合69,000美元),续航里程为400公里,与特斯拉(Tesla)的Model S不相上下。丰田这款汽车的成本比它之前的估算降低了30%——加藤光久认为,这主要得益于丰田为普锐斯(Prius)开发的混合动力技术所带来的交叉改进。Slow to take off initially, hybrid cars now account for over 10% of Toyota’s global sales.虽然最初发展较为缓慢,但现在,混合动力汽车已经占到丰田汽车全球销量的10%。Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity from the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, creating water vapor as their only exhaust product. Tesla chairman Elon Musk has been notoriously rude about the technology, calling it “bull****” and, more decently, “a load of rubbish”.氢燃料电池汽车通过氢氧化学反应发电,排出的燃烧产物只有水蒸气。特斯拉董事长埃隆o穆斯克因为对这项技术的评价出了名的粗鲁。他说氢燃料电池技术是“屎”,而体面一点的评价也不过是“一堆垃圾”。Toyota is relying on a Japanese government subsidy scheme to bring the final price down to a level where it can sell in the mass market. Japan, with no oil reserves of its own, has traditionally had a huge incentive to develop alternative motor fuels and is aiming to bring the retail price for fuel cell vehicles down to 2 million yen by 2025.丰田汽车借助日本政府的补助计划,降低最终售价,使它适合在大众市场销售。日本国内没有石油储备,因此一直以来,这个国家都有巨大的动力来开发替代性的汽车燃料。日本希望,到2025年能燃料电池汽车的零售价降低到200万日元。Arguably the biggest challenge for the new technology will be the need to invest massive sums in dedicated infrastructure. Unlike plug-in battery-powered cars, the fuel cells will need to be topped up like a traditional gas tank, only from a whole new network of hydrogen stations. On the plus side, Kato said the FCV could refuel in only three minutes.但这项新技术最大的挑战在于,必须投入巨资兴建专用的基础设施。与插电式电池动力汽车不同,燃料电池需要像传统油箱一样加气,而这需要一个全新的氢气站网络。不过,燃料电池也存在有利的一面。加藤光久表示,燃料电池汽车只需要三分钟就可以完成燃料补给。A spokesman for Toyota in the U.K. acknowledged that the infrastructure question makes the start-up phase a particularly thorny problem.丰田汽车发言人在英国承认,基础设施问题将是初始阶段的一个棘手问题。“It’s a sort of chicken-and-egg situation. You have to put the infrastructure where you think the cars are going to be used,” he said. “But the availability of the car will make a big difference” in generating momentum for the project.他说:“这其实是鸡与蛋的问题。你必须在你认为会有人使用这种汽车的地方兴建基础设施,”他还说。“燃料电池汽车的实用性将会发挥巨大的影响力。”这一点也会推进基础设施项目的建设。The U.K., like other countries, has brought together carmakers, gas companies and retailers together to work on a national strategy for rolling out such infrastructure, he said.他表示,与其他国家一样,英国也在召集汽车制造商、燃气公司和零售商,共同研究兴建这类基础设施的国家战略。 /201407/308786乌鲁木齐/治疗胎记费用新疆/自治区肺科医院去痘印多少钱铁门关腋窝脱毛多少钱

博乐市去眼袋多少钱乌市高新技术产业开发区彩光祛斑的价格Ben Bajarin#39;s ;reality distortion; theory about why Wall Street doesn#39;t get Apple (AAPL) -- first published in Time Magazine#39;s Techland last week -- has been widely picked up by numerous Apple watchers (including this one). But nobody has had more fun with it than Daniel Eran Dilger, a regular (and relatively straightforward) contributor to AppleInsider who likes to let it fly on Roughly Drafted Magazine, his personal blog.华尔街为什么不看好苹果公司(Apple)?本?巴加林在上周的《时代》杂志(Time)科技版上就这个问题撰文阐述了他的“现实扭曲力场”理论,被很多苹果观察家(包括笔者)广泛引述。AppleInsider网站长期撰稿人丹尼尔?伊兰?迪尔格心直口快,他对这个话题的兴趣比任何人都大,他甚至还在个人客Roughly Drafted Magazine上发表了文章以示持。Bajarin#39;s theory was that the magic by which Steve Jobs could spin almost anything his way has been reversed; now the perception on the Street and in the media is that Apple -- whose main problem, according to Bajarin, is that it can#39;t make smartphones and tablets fast enough to meet demand -- is doomed.巴加林的理论是,史蒂夫?乔布斯扭转乾坤的魔力已经被人逆转了。巴加林认为,如今华尔街和媒体界普遍认为,苹果的主要问题是无法迅速生产出足够多的智能手机和平板电脑来满足市场的大量需求,苹果劫数难逃。Dilger has refined Bajarin#39;s theory and identified what he believes to be the source of the new distortive power. He calls it ;flexibly adaptive logic.;迪尔格进一步完善了巴加林的理论,提出了他眼中的全新逆转力量的源泉所在——他把它称为“灵活的自适应逻辑(flexibly adaptive logic)。”(即后文所说的“逻辑缺陷”——译注);Flawgic,; he writes, ;is neither hardware nor software; it#39;s installed directly into public mindshare via a virus sp by talking heads.;他写道:“逻辑缺陷(flawgic)并不是硬件或软件的问题,而是在人们的日常交流中,以口碑传播的方式,像病毒一样迅速蔓延,最终深深植根到公众心目中。”For example:例如:;If Apple were to release a cheap iPhone that cost or a luxury one that cost 00, it would receive intense scrutiny in either direction. The cheap version would be derided as flawed and worthless, while the expensive version would be laughed at for being ludicrously priced.“不论苹果要发布一款价格50美元的廉价款iPhone,还是一款价格2,000美元的豪华款iPhone,都会遭到严厉的批评。廉价款会被数落为粗制滥造;而豪华款则会由于高昂的价格遭到嘲笑。;Flawgic allows low end Android products to be hailed as volume sales generators, even if they are terrible products in every way. But it also does double-duty in allowing Google#39;s insanely priced devices, from Glass to Chromebook Pixel, to escape criticism of their inherently poor overall value or the likelihood of their ever selling in meaningful volumes.;“由于这种逻辑缺陷,即使低端的安卓产品从各个方面来看都很糟糕,还是被誉为走亲民路线的销量王。它还为谷歌(Google)提供了双重帮助:使从谷歌眼镜到Chromebook Pixel这样整体价值低劣、价格却贵得离谱的设备免遭诟病,还让这些设备大卖特卖变得可能。”他说,逻辑缺陷就是这么强大。Dilger really hits his stride when he talks about how the Flawgic gene was passed to Samsung, allowing it to argue with a straight face in federal court that it -- not Apple -- was the patent infringement victim.谈到逻辑缺陷这种基因如何传给三星(Samsung)时,迪尔格更是亮出了鲜明的观点。逻辑缺陷让三星敢于在联邦法院上一脸严肃地争辩称,它自己——而非苹果——才是专利侵权的受害者。;It#39;s like a rapist saying he had penetrated against his own will,; writes Dilger, ;and please lock this woman up before she is allowed to have forcible sex with other innocent rapists. And can I sue her for damages? I think I hurt my penis.;迪尔格说:“这就好比一个强奸犯说,发生性行为违背了他本人的意愿。放任这位女士与其他无辜的强奸犯发生强制性行为之前,请把她关起来。另外,我能不能起诉她,要求损害赔偿?因为我觉得我的性器官受到了损伤。”There#39;s more of the same at Google#39;s Android powered by remarkable new ;flexibly adaptive logic;这种非凡的、全新的“灵活的自适应逻辑”对谷歌安卓系统的撑更是有过之而无不及。 /201303/230704乌鲁木齐/有哪几家祛斑大型医院Smartphone maker Xiaomi has become one of the biggest Chinese brands to be publicly criticised by the state television station CCTV, after a report on Sunday night attacked the quality of its charging units.中国智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)已成为受到官方的中央电视台批评的最大本土品牌之一,周日晚播出的一个栏目抨击了小米充电宝的质量。In a measure of how far Xiaomi has come in just four years as a technology company, it has now joined Apple and Nikon in being censured on air. Previously, CCTV had criticised Apple for threatening Chinese national security with its iPhone location features; and Nikon for failing to remove spots from the lens of its D600 camera.小米就此加入苹果(Apple)和尼康(Nikon)等大品牌的行列,受到央视的谴责,这突显出这家科技公司在短短4年里取得的进展有多大。此前央视曾批评苹果的iPhone定位功能对中国的国家安全构成威胁,而尼康未能去除其D600相机镜头的斑点。CCTV has also singled out the US coffee shop chain Starbucks – which has more than 1,000 branches in China – for being too expensive.央视还曾把矛头指向星巴克(Starbucks),称这家在中国有1000多家分店的美国咖啡连锁店要价过高。Some analysts say this focus on foreign brands was driven by economic nationalism and a corruption-fighting zeal – which plays well with Chinese viewers.一些分析师表示,对国外品牌咬住不放,是由经济民族主义和反腐败狂热驱动的——这个角度颇能迎合中国观众。However, CCTV’s own reputation has been damaged in recent months after nearly a dozen of its executives appeared to be detained in an anti-corruption sweep – including the head of the flagship consumer affairs programme.不过,央视自己的声誉在近几个月受到损害,10来名高管似乎在反腐败斗争中被拘留,包括旗舰消费者事务节目的负责人。Xiaomi’s offence is relatively prosaic: in a 20-minute programme devoted to mobile phone chargers, CCTV said it had found that only three of the dozens it tested were up to standard – and Xiaomi’s performed only half as well as advertised.小米的过错相对平淡:央视在一个聚焦于手机充电宝的20分钟栏目中表示,在接受测试的几十个样品中,只有3个合格;小米的充电宝偏差率超过50%。But, given the fierce competition for market share in China’s booming smartphone industry – the world’s largest – such a denunciation by state TV is potentially damaging.但是,鉴于中国蓬勃发展的智能手机行业(全球规模最大)对市场份额的竞争十分激烈,官方电视台的这种谴责潜在具有破坏力。Most brands, faced with the ire of the most powerful media force in China, tend to be contrite, make apologies, offer refunds – and hope to move on. Xiaomi, however, went on the offensive, and accused CCTV of doing the tests using a knock-off charger rather than an authentic one.多数品牌在面对中国最强大媒体势力的攻击时,倾向于表示懊悔,道歉,提供退款——并希望尽快翻过这一页。小米则以攻为守,指责央视用山寨(而不是真品)充电宝做测试。“The chargers were not purchased from official channels,” said Xiaomi in a written statement. “The authenticity of the products in the tests [was] not verified. Xiaomi has been agitated by knock-off products, hurting the rights and interests of Xiaomi fans.”“抽样调查的小米移动电源是通过非小米官方及授权渠道购买,”小米在一份书面声明中表示。“检测产品均为市场上随机抽样购买,并不对真假负责。小米一直饱受山寨假货的困扰,喜爱小米的用户经常被山寨产品侵害权益。”It added the company, its users, “and even national quality inspection agencies and the media are victims of knock-off products”.小米补充称,该公司、公司产品的用户,“甚至国家质量监督检测机构和媒体,都成为了山寨产品的受害者”。Some observers had fun with Xiaomi’s statement. Sina’s Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblog, had a steady feed throughout the day of comments on the irony that Xiaomi phones themselves bear an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s iPhones. “Xiaomi IS a knock-off brand,” said a Weibo user going by the handle of Pioneer B.一些观察人士取笑小米的声明。类似Twitter的中国微平台——新浪微(Weibo)昨日一整天都有人评述一个讽刺的事实,即小米手机本身在外形上酷似苹果的iPhone。一个新浪微用户称,小米自己就是一个山寨品牌。With its popular combination of high-end handsets at low-end prices, Xiaomi is by some estimates the largest selling smartphone in China. Its shipments in China grew 240 per cent year on year to 15.1m in the second quarter, according to research by Canalys.按照某些估计,以高端手机和低端价格这一受欢迎组合打开局面的小米,是中国销量最大的智能手机品牌。根据市场研究公司Canalys的数据,第二季度小米在中国市场的出货量同比猛增240%,至1510万台。Other consultancies put rival Lenovo in the number one spot.其他咨询公司将其竞争对手联想(Lenovo)排在第一位。Xiaomi, which was founded in 2010, is privately owned and was valued at bn in its last fundraising round a year ago.成立于2010年的小米是一家私有企业,在一年前的上一轮筹资中,公司估值为100亿美元。 /201408/324423新疆/省第一人民医院减肥瘦身多少钱

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