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2017年10月18日 21:00:24 | 作者:同城中文 | 来源:新华社
Traditional marriage proposals could soon be consigned to the history books – with almost half of them now happening at home in front of the TV.传统的求婚方式可能很快就只在历史书里出现了,现在几乎有一半的求婚是在家里看电视的时候完成的。A study of newlyweds has found modern men are ditching age-old traditional proposal custom in favour of a more lacklustre approach.一项针对新婚夫妇的调查发现,现代人渐渐地不再遵循传统的求婚习俗,而更倾向于没有惊喜的平凡求婚方式。The study found only a third of men now go down on one knee to pop the question as their fathers and grandfathers’ generations would have done.研究发现,只有三分之一的男性现在还会像他们的父辈和祖辈那样单膝下跪求婚。And the age-old tradition of asking the bride’s father for her hand in marriage is also on the verge of dying out with 63% of recently married males claiming they “didn’t bother”.而另一项古老的传统——就结婚事宜请求新娘父亲的首肯——也在慢慢消失,有63%的新婚男性说他们不再“这么费事了”。Even the idea of picking a romantic location to propose has fallen by the wayside, with the typical ‘Will you marry me?’ now most likely to take place at home.连选一个浪漫求婚地点的想法也乏人问津了。那句经典的“你愿意嫁给我么?”大多是在家里说出来的。Only six percent bothered to take their partner abroad on holiday – but the same number of men proposed in the local pub – and 5.5% popped the question in the car.只有6%的人会花心思把他们的伴侣带到国外度假然后求婚,但是也有6%的男性在当地酒吧就求了婚,还有5.5%在汽车上求婚。The study also found the average amount of time in a relationship before a proposal is now three years – so British women are taking matters into their own hands in a bid to get a proposal.研究还发现求婚前平均恋爱时间是三年,所以英国女性们都会自己想办法让他们的伴侣向他们求婚。Almost a third of women 29% now end up choosing their own ring, rather than letting their partner decide.约有三分之一(29%)的女性现在连戒指都是自己选,而不是让他们的伴侣选。The typical bride-to-be will also enlist the help of at least one friend to help speed up a proposal – as well as dropping two major engagement hints to encourage their partner to pop the question.一般准新娘也会至少让一个朋友帮忙推进求婚的进程,比如抛出两个重要的关于订婚的暗示来鼓动伴侣早些求婚。Casually asking ‘Who would you want as your best man?’, commenting on celebrities#39; engagement rings - and jokingly suggesting you apply for the TV show ‘Don#39;t Tell the Bride’ are the most common tactics.不经意间问他们“你想找谁当伴郎?”,一下名人的订婚戒指,还会开玩笑建议你去参加电视节目《新娘不得知》,这些都是最常用的技巧。Lorna Haddon, diamond ring and jewellery buyer at Beaverbrooks who commissioned the study of 1,500 newlyweds, commented: ;The stresses and strains of modern life mean we don’t always have the time to be as romantic as we would perhaps like to be.比弗布鲁克公司的钻戒及珠宝买手洛娜#8226;哈顿负责此次针对1500位新婚夫妇的调查。她表示:“现代生活的压力和负担意味着我们不是总有时间像期望中的那么浪漫。”;Busy lives and hectic schedules mean we have fewer hours in the day for romance – however our study shows women do still want the ‘picture perfect proposal’ – and it#39;s not only picking the perfect engagement ring that counts.“忙碌的生活和紧张日程表意味着我们一天中没有那么多时间来浪漫,然而我们的研究显示女性仍然希望有一场‘十全十美的求婚’。挑选完美的订婚戒指并不只是唯一重要的环节。”“The location, atmosphere and little details that mean a lot to them really make a proposal personal and truly special, and as it’s a once in a lifetime occasion it’s well worth making the effort.;“地点、环境和一些小细节对她们来说十分重要,这也能使求婚更具个人特色,也更特别。求婚是人生一次的大事,值得好好花心思准备。”Top 10 modern proposal destinations十大现代求婚地点1. At home – 49%1. 家中-49%2. On a day out – 7%2. 出门约会-7%3. On holiday abroad – 6%3. 出国度假-6%4. The local pub – 6%4. 当地酒吧-6%5. On holiday in the UK – 5%5. 国内度假-6%6. In the car – 5.5%6. 车内-5.5%7. At a restaurant – 4.5%7. 餐厅-4.5%8. In the garden – 2%8. 花园-2%9. On the beach – 2%9. 沙滩-2%10. In a Hotel – 1%10. 酒店-1% /201609/466779Damn Muslims! They have such a closed perspective on life!该死的穆斯林!他们对生活的看法如此封闭! /201610/471581Want to think outside the typical list of great gifts to give your mom this Mother#39;s Day? Forget the traditional flower bouquet, and treat her to a memorable family trip. From a spa staycation to a stress-free cruise to a relaxing wine weekend, here are the 10 great vacations to spoil mom with this May.这个母亲节,你是否想要给妈妈一个绝妙的礼物清单?那么,忘记送花那些传统的手段,带她来一次难忘的全家之旅吧。你们可以放一个水疗假,或是享受惬意的航行,也可以在品尝美酒中轻松地度过一个周末,以下是这个五月最适合带妈妈旅行的10个景点。1. Dallas达拉斯If your mom is an avid spa-goer, pamper her with a trip to the Lone Star State#39;s luxurious Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas.如果你妈妈是SPA的狂热爱好者,那么就带她去德克萨斯州的四季度假村和拉斯科里纳的达拉斯俱乐部吧。After undergoing a million dollar renovation (and upgrading their fitness and spa facilities), the resort offers plenty of opportunities to get a reboot. Start the day off right in the morning with a healthy breakfast before enjoying a yoga session or retreating to the spa for a massage.四季度假村刚花了900万美元用于提高其舒适度和更新水疗设备,旨在更好地帮助您恢复活力。早晨,你可以做做瑜伽,也可以在水疗馆做个,之后享用一顿健康的早餐后,开启新的一天。For added luxury, treat mom to an acupuncture session or a blowout. Afterward, take mom for drinks at the Agave Pool area.另外,带妈妈去做个针灸或参加宴会也是不错的选择。之后,你们还可以去龙池喝一杯。2. Florence, Italy意大利,佛罗伦萨Florence has long lured visitors with its seemingly endless skyline of terracotta roofs, its historic buildings like the Duomo, its enchanting sunsets and, of course, its fashion-forward shops and flourishing art scene.土红的屋顶似乎无边无际,佛罗伦萨的古建筑们宛如一座座大教堂。当然,不仅仅是建筑,迷人的日落,前卫的商店,以及欣欣向荣的艺术景观,使它一直是游客们悠然神往之地。For a stay to remember, retreat to The St. Regis Florence located on the banks of the Arno River near the Ponte Vecchio and top attractions like the Uffizi Gallery.如果你打算住宿,首推圣佛罗伦萨酒店,它位于阿尔诺河畔,临近维奇奥大桥,周围有乌菲齐美术馆等一系列知名景点。The property features a world-class spa, a well-stocked wine cellar, Michelin-starred dining and first-rate services, including Bentley chauffeurs and customized top attraction tours. If your mom loves history, art, fashion and authentic Italian cuisine, this charming city is not to be missed.圣佛罗伦萨酒店有着世界一流的水疗馆,货存充足的酒窖,米其林星级的餐馆和一流的务,包括宾利车专门接送以及私人订制的豪华旅游路线。如果你的妈妈喜爱历史,艺术,时尚以及正宗的意大利菜,你们一定不能错过这个迷人的城市。3. Sonoma Valley, California加利福尼亚,索诺玛谷For beautiful scenery, incomparable wine varieties and top-tier accommodations, splurge on a trip to Sonoma Valley.若你想看美景,品尝无与伦比的佳酿,享受顶级的接待,那么就到索诺玛谷来吧。With hundreds of wineries to pick from in California#39;s heralded wine region, you#39;ll have no shortage of locations to visit.加利福尼亚有上百所酿酒厂,你不愁没有地方可去。After checking out picturesque vineyards, consider retreating to the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn, before heading out to enjoy some of the amazing restaurants in Sonoma.巡游完风景如画的葡萄园,建议你在开始索诺马的美食之旅前,先去费尔蒙温泉度假酒店休息片刻。Crowd-pleasing restaurants in the area include El Dorado Kitchen, a bistro kitchen serving American fare and delicious cocktails, and Hana Japanese Restaurant, which dishes out inventive sushi creations. If Pinot and Chardonnay are more your mom#39;s style, head to La Crema where you can indulge in their new Pinot Noir Rose varieties.本地区的好评餐厅有以下几个:多拉多厨房,一个提供美式菜品和美味鸡尾酒的小酒馆;Hana日本料理,经常推出颇有新意的寿司。如果妈妈喜欢皮诺酒或霞多丽白葡萄酒,带她去La Crema 吧,在那里你们可以享受到它们新推出的玫瑰味黑皮诺。4. Tokyo东京With more than 100,000 restaurants and the most Michelin-starred restaurants outside of France, Tokyo is synonymous with delicious food.东京简直是美味食物的代名词,市内餐厅超过10万家,其中米其林星级餐厅的数量也仅次于法国。Whatever you do, don#39;t miss sampling authentic eats at Ramen Street inside the Tokyo Station, and visiting the sprawling Tsujiki Market.不论你此行的目的是什么,都不要忘了一品东京站内正宗的拉面,也不要忘了去筑地市场逛逛。For a lavish retreat, stay at the Four Seasons Tokyo Marunouchi, which is located in Tokyo#39;s buzzing business district. Wander through the Harajuku district for amazing shopping, and if your mom is into art, the Yayoi Kusama life exhibit at the National Art Center in Tokyo is worth checking out. When you need a break, stop stop by the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo for an afternoon tea and decadent spa experience.若你想要奢侈地休息一下,那么就去丸之内的东京四季酒店吧,它位于东京一个繁忙的商业区内。你也可以穿梭于原宿区,享受购物带来的惊喜。如果你的妈妈喜欢艺术,国立美术馆的草间弥生生活览绝对值得一去。累了?可以去文华东方酒店喝个下午茶,做个水疗过过瘾。5. Abu Dhabi阿布扎比Imagine a week away with mom spent exploring rich cultural and historical sites, touring iconic mosques and meandering through ornate palaces.想象一下,这一周,带着妈妈远离尘嚣,去探索文化和历史遗迹,畅游于传统的清真寺,漫步于华美的宫殿间。A luxury-seeker#39;s paradise, Abu Dhabi offers a wealth of is alluring attractions and experiences, from the Palace Museum to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the Marine Mall.作为奢侈品爱好者的天堂,从物馆到扎耶德大清真寺,再到海洋购物中心,阿布扎比有着大量的诱人的景点,能带够给你丰富的旅游体验。Plus, the brand-new Marriott al Forsan, Abu Dhabi, a sprawling 400-room property with a spacious, Olympic-size pool, a relaxing hamman and a variety of bars, offers an indulgent retreat with plenty of lavish amenities.另外,全新的阿布扎比万豪酒店有着400间客房,奥林匹克规格的泳池,令人放松的土耳其浴以及各种各样酒吧,用极尽奢华的招待让你就此沉迷。6. A Cruise to Croatia克罗地亚的邮轮之行A trendy 2017 travel destination, Croatia appeals to travelers of all kinds with its eclectic cuisine, vibrant culture and dramatic coastal scenery.作为2017的热门旅游地,克罗地亚以其兼收并蓄的菜品,富有活力的文化,及其引人注目的沿海风景,吸引着游人来此。Dubrovnik, Split and the capital city of Zagreb are must-sees. Enjoy the best of the entire Dalmatian Coast on an eight-day Windstar Cruise this August.杜布罗夫尼克,斯普利特和萨格勒布的首府是必去之地。在这个八月,坐着Winderstar好好享受达尔马提亚海岸线的八天之旅吧。Aboard the luxury cruise line, you can set sail to three cities in Italy, Montenegro and diverse destinations across Croatia, on an unforgettably sail departing from Venice on Aug. 22. What#39;s more, mom can indulge in top-tier wine varieties and pampering spa treatments.沿着这条豪华的游览路线,你可以经过意大利的三个城市,黑山以及许多克罗地亚的其他地方,这趟于8月22日从出发的旅程将会令你终身难忘。另外,你们还可以享受世界顶级的美酒佳酿和水疗。7. Tuscany, Italy意大利,托斯卡纳If your mom is a food and wine lover, take her on the trip of a lifetime to Tuscany, where you can leisurely sip Chianti and incomparable Brunello di Montalcino varieties, as you take in the verdant greenery of the region.如果你的妈妈是美食和美酒的爱好者,那么这辈子,你一定要带她去趟托斯卡纳,在那里你不仅可以小酌勤地酒和独一无二的蒙塔奇诺布雷诺,沉迷于这一片绿海中。The converted castles, weaving past with present, like Il Castelfalfi, an 800-year-old castle-turned-hotel, is a must-see with its excellent wine, authentic pizzeria, lovely spa and one of the most beautiful golf courses in Tuscany.经过改造后的古堡里,过去和现在交织,例如卡斯特尔法尔非,一个由城堡改建的旅馆,有着800年历史,它有着上等的佳酿,正宗的披萨,舒适的水疗以及托斯卡纳最美的高尔夫球场。Castello di Casole and Il Borro, which is owned by the Salvatore Ferragamo family, are other converted castles worth exploring.萨尔瓦多·菲拉格慕家族的Casole 城堡和和葡萄酒庄也是由城堡改建的,值得一探。8. Paris巴黎With iconic museums, architectural gems and legendary attractions (: the Louvre, Notre Dame, Musee d#39;Orsay and the Eiffel Tower), the City of Light is perfect for culture vultures of all ages.巴黎有着传统物馆,建筑界的精华以及传奇般的景点,这个充满光明的城市是各个年龄段文化爱好者的理想之选。With the special woman in your life, you can embrace the Paris#39; lesser-known charms, from leisurely meals at the Ritz Paris to shopping in the Marais to decadent meals and people-watching at The Peninsula Paris#39; L#39;Oiseu Blanc, which boasts legendary Eiffel Tower views and top-rate, Michelin-starred cuisine.和你生命中最特别的女人一起,尽情游览巴黎最鲜为人知的名胜,去利兹大饭店悠闲地吃一顿饭,或是去玛黑区疯狂购物,再到巴黎半岛酒店的 L#39;Oiseu Blanc“腐败”一下,打发时间,在那里可以一览埃菲尔铁塔的传奇般的景色,还能享受一流的米其林菜品。9. The Riviera Maya, Mexico墨西哥,玛雅海滨If you#39;re itching for a sunny escape, make your way to Mexico#39;s beautiful Riviera Maya.如果想要享受阳光,那么就去墨西哥美丽的玛雅海滨吧。If your mom loves spa treatments, pamper her with the traditional Mayan bath treatment at Fairmont Mayakoba, which includes a body scrub, a hot bath and a 60-minute massage. Afterward, enjoy beachside lounging or check out El Zócalo, a Mediterranean-style area offering a variety of shops and eateries located in the heart of nearby Playa del Carmen.如果你的妈妈喜欢水疗,可以带她去费尔蒙特酒店享受传统的玛雅洗浴,包括一次婴儿沐浴,热水浴和一次60分钟的。之后在海滩漫步,看看从索伽洛,一个地中海风格的地区,包括位于普尔拉德尔卡门各种各样的商店和小吃店。 /201705/507942

Women who give birth may be biologically ;older; than women who don#39;t, a new study suggests.一项新研究发现,生过孩子的女性在生理上会比那些没有生过的更老。For the study, the researchers analyzed information from 1,556 US women ages 20 to 44 who took part in a national survey from 1999 to 2002, which involved giving blood samples.在该研究中,研究人员们分析了20-44岁之间的1556名美国女性信息,她们参加了1999年至2002年期间的全国调查,并给出了血液样本。The researchers looked at the genetic material inside the women#39;s cells, specifically the length of their telomeres. 研究人员们观察了这些女性细胞内的遗传物质,尤其是她们端粒的长度。These are caps on the ends of chromosomes that protect the chromosomes from damage. 这些位于染色体末端的小帽子能够保护染色体不受损。Telomeres naturally shorten as people age, but the structures don#39;t shorten at the same rate in every person. 人们在变老的过程中,端粒也会自然缩短,但这个结构在每个人身上变短的速度均不同。The longer a person#39;s telomeres are, the more times their cells could hypothetically still divide, research has shown. 一个人的端粒越长,他们的细胞理论上能够分裂的次数就越多。Thus, telomeres are considered a marker of biological age — that is, the age of a person#39;s cells, rather than the individual#39;s chronological age.并且,端粒也被科学家们视为生理年龄的标记,即一个人的细胞年龄,而不是他们的实际年龄。Women in the survey who said they#39;d given birth to at least one child had telomeres that were about 4 percent shorter, on average, than those of women who#39;d never given birth. 在研究中,至少生过一个孩子的女性端粒长度平均比那些未生产过的女性短百分之四。The findings held even after the researchers took into account other factors that could affect telomere length, including the women#39;s chronological age, body mass index and smoking habits.即便研究人员们考虑了其它能影响端粒长度的因素(比如她们的实际年龄、身体质量指数和吸烟习惯),这些发现依旧站得住脚。These findings suggest that a ;history of live birth may be associated with shorter telomeres,; 这些发现表明生产史可能与更短的端粒之间存在着联系。The researchers wrote in their abstract, which was presented at the meeting of the American Public Health Association in Denver.该研究的概述在美国公共卫生协会于丹佛市举办的会议上发布。The study was not designed to determine the reason behind the link, the researchers said. 该研究并未探究这一联系背后的原因,But one hypothesis is that having children increases stress levels, and high stress has been linked with shorter telomeres, the scientists said.但有猜测认为生孩子会增加女性的压力,而高压与更短的端粒有关。;It is possible that pregnancy, birth and child-rearing can induce chronic stress, leading to shorter telomere length perhaps through an inflammatory pathway,; said study researcher Anna Pollack, an assistant professor and environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at George Mason University. 美国乔治梅森大学的助教、生态环境与生殖流行病学家安娜.波莱克参与了该研究,她表示:有可能怀、生产和抚养孩子带来了慢性压力,并通过炎症通路缩短了端粒长度。However, because the survey was conducted at a single point in time, the researchers cannot determine which came first in the women#39;s lives — giving birth or having shorter telomeres, Pollack said. 然而,由于调查是在某个时间点开展的,研究人员们无法确定生孩子与更短的端粒长度之间,哪一个先出现。It#39;s also possible that for some yet-unknown reason, women with shorter telomeres are more likely than women with longer ones to have children, Pollack said.波莱克说,有可能出于某些未知的原因,端粒更短的女性比端粒更长的女性更有可能生孩子。More studies are needed that follow women over time and measure the length of their telomeres before, during and after pregnancy, she said.她说,还需要进一步的追踪研究来确定女性的端粒在生孩子之前、怀期间和产后的长度。;It would be interesting to see how telomere length changes during pregnancy, after birth and during the child-rearing years, and how these changes compare to women who do not have children,; Pollack said.波莱克说:观察端粒长度在期、产后和养育孩子过程中的变化,并将其与没有生过孩子的女性比较是一件非常有趣的事情。 /201611/478328

I#39;m assuming you either have to give an entrance exam or you#39;ve enrolled in some professional course like CA or CS.我猜你应该是要参加入学考试或者报名某些专业课程,像CA或者CS。In either case, the syllabus is huge and cannot be completed at the last minute.不管如何,教学大纲其实很庞大,不会最后临时抱佛脚能够搞定的。Frankly, no one can study for 10–11 hours everyday nine months in advance. The fact is no one should study this way . This only helps when you know the exams are just a few weeks away.坦白说,没有人可以在预先九个月内每天持续学习10到11小时。事实是人不应该这么学习。这个方法可能在考试几周前作用比较大。WHAT YOU SHOULD Do:你该做的是:Switch off your phone or keep it on silent mode while studying.在学习的时候手机关机或者静音。Avoid using Facebook and Whatsapp.避免使用社交网络。MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL:最重要的是:BE POSITIVE积极面对1.Think that you#39;ve aly passed with flying colours and you#39;re celebrating your victory. Visualise it in detail. This will take only 2 minutes of your time but it gives a huge boost to your self-confidence. Do it whenever you feel you can#39;t go on.想象你已经以优异的成绩通过考试,此刻正在庆祝你的胜利。想象越细越好。这只需要两分钟,但却会给你的信心带来很大的提升。在你坚持不下去的时候你可以试着这么做。2.Do not get deterred by the pass % - If someone else can do it, so can you. Always believe that you define the pass % , the pass % doesn#39;t define you.不要被通过率吓到。如果别人有可能通过,你也有机会通过。要相信是你决定通过率,而不是通过率决定你。Other than that these are some general tips:除此之外,以下是一些概括性建议:Rise early in the morning and study regularly for at least 2 hours a day. Studying in the morning is much better than sitting up late at night because there are lesser distractions early in the morning.每天早起,每天至少有规律地学习两个小时。早上学习比熬夜效果好,因为早上注意力比较不会被分散。Get adequate sleep for at least 6–7 hours. Sleeping is not a waste of time. In fact, proper sleep facilitates learning.保持充足睡眠,每天至少6-7小时,睡觉并不是浪费时间,事实上,充足睡眠有利于学习。For theoretical subjects:对于理论科目而言:1. You should study slowly but regularly.你应该慢慢但却有规律地学习。[/cn]2. Always revise what you studied the day before going ahead.[cn]在学习新知识前回顾学过的。3. Write important points and make your own summaries of that certain topic. This will help when you#39;re revising.记下重点,归纳主题。这对于复习有所帮助。For practical subjects:对于实践科目而言:There#39;s only one way - practice. “ Practice makes permanent.” Don#39;t just answers for practical problems, actually write and do them.只有一个方法,就是实践。“熟能生巧”,不要只是死记硬背,更应该写下来并且实践。Stay fit - Make sure you exercise regularly. Even a 30-minute walk can do wonders.保持健康,确保经常锻炼,30分钟的跑步也能发挥其效。 /201705/507948

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