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A Chicago man was shot dead while live-streaming a of himself on Facebook, police said last Friday.美国警方上周五表示,芝加哥一男子在Facebook上直播自己的视频时被杀。Antonio Perkins, 28, was shot in the head and neck on the citys west side. The is still available on Facebook and has been watched nearly 700,000 times.在芝加哥城西8岁的安东尼奥·帕金斯头部和颈部中。这一视频在Facbook上仍然可以播放,目前已经被观看了大约70万次。It is the second time in less than three months in Chicago that a shooting has been streamed live on Facebook. In March an unidentified man was shot 16 times while broadcasting live. No arrests have been made in either case.这是芝加哥在不到三个月的时间里第二次有人在Facebook的直播上被杀。今月份,一名身份不明的男子在直播中被6次。两起案件的犯罪嫌疑人都未被抓获。Facebooks live-streaming feature allows anyone to broadcast online in real time. It was launched in 2010 but has become more central to the social networks strategy in recent months.Facebook的流媒体直播功能允许任何人在线实时直播。这项功能在2010年的时候就发布了,但是在近几个月才成为社交网络上的战略重点。The of Mr Perkins shows him and a group of people talking before gunshots are heard. The phone then appears to tumble through bloody grass before going black.这一视频显示,在声响起前,帕金斯曾和另一群人交谈过。在画面消失之前,直播用的手机滚到了鲜血淋漓的草丛中。A spokeswoman for Facebook said the does not violate company policy. The social media site would remove a if it celebrated or glorified violence, she said.Facebook的一位女发言人声称,这份视频并没有违背公司的政策。她表示,如果一份视频赞扬或者美化了暴力的话,Facebook就会把它删掉。Earlier this month, the killer of a French police commander and the commanders partner broadcast on Facebook Live shortly after the killings, urging followers to kill prison staff, police officials, journalists and lawmakers.本月早些时候,法国一名警长和其妻子被杀,凶手在行凶后不久就在Facebook上进行直播,敦促持者们杀掉监狱工作人员、警官、记者和立法者。Chicago has one of the worst gun crime rates of any US city. There were nearly 500 homicides last year, and gun violence is up in 2016, police say.芝加哥的犯罪率要比美国任何城市都严重。据警方表示,去年芝加哥发生了近500起杀人案件,016年的暴力事件又有所上升。来 /201606/451339。

  • Authorities are refusing to rule out that an EgyptAir passenger jet that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea early Thursday morning was brought down by an act of terrorism.有关部门拒绝排除周四凌晨一架埃及航空公EgyptAir)客机坠入地中海是恐怖行为所致。Egypt’s foreign ministry said on Thursday evening that debris found near the Greek island of Karpathos, where Greece’s military radar lost contact with the plane flying from Paris to Cairo, was from the missing aircraft, according to a person close to EgyptAir. However, doubt was subsequently cast on that claim after Athanasios Binis, head of Greece’s air safety authority, told AFP that the debris was not from an aircraft.埃及外交部周四晚表示,在希腊喀帕苏斯岛(Karpathos)附近发现的残骸属于这架失踪的飞机。据接近埃及航空公司的一名人士介绍,那里正是这架从巴黎飞往开罗的飞机从希腊军用雷达上消失的位置。然而,希腊航空安全局局长比尼斯(Athanasios Binis)对法新社说,那些残骸并非来自一架飞机,此后,人们对埃及外交部的上述说法表达了怀疑。US intelligence services are helping French and Egyptians authorities analyse the list of 56 passengers for possible terrorist connections. However, Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, said: “It is too early to definitively say what has caused this disaster.”美国情报机构正在帮助法国和埃及有关部门分析56名乘客的名单,以寻找可能存在的恐怖分子线索。不过,白宫发言人乔#8226;欧内斯特(Josh Earnest)表示:“现在就肯定地说是什么原因导致这场灾难为时过早。”Asked if terrorism could be to blame for the disappearance, Sherif Ismail, the Egyptian prime minister, said his country was not excluding any cause at this stage.在被问及恐怖主义是否可能要对这起失事负责时,埃及总理谢里#8226;伊斯梅尔(Sherif Ismail)表示,他的国家在目前阶段不排除任何原因。Greek defence minister Panos Kammenos said radar showed the Airbus A320 veered sharply shortly after leaving Greek-controlled airspace. The jet plunged from 37,000 feet to 10,000 feet where it dropped off the radar before crashing into the sea between the Greek island of Karpathos and the Egyptian coast.希腊国防部长帕诺#8226;卡梅诺斯(Panos Kammenos)表示,雷达显示,这架空客(Airbus) A320飞机在离开希腊管制空域后不久急剧转向。这架喷气机.7万英尺高度骤降至1万英尺,之后即从雷达屏幕上消失,最终坠落于希腊喀帕苏斯岛与埃及海岸之间的海上。Fran#231;ois Hollande, French president, said the cause of the crash was unknown. “We have a duty to know everything about what happened. No hypothesis is preferred, no hypothesis is being ruled out,he said.法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)表示,飞机坠毁的原因不明。“我们有责任彻底了解发生了什么事。我们不偏向任何假设,也不排除任何假设,”他说。The statement followed hours of confusion over the fate of flight MS804, which left Charles de Gaulle airport at 11.09pm local time on Wednesday and disappeared off radar at about 2.30am Cairo time, 10 miles inside Egyptian airspace.奥朗德发表声明之前,围绕MS804航班的命运出现了几小时的混乱。该机在当地时间周三19分从戴高乐机场起飞,开罗时间周四凌晨大0分在进入埃及空域10英里后从雷达上消失。The state-owned airline said there were 30 Egyptian nationals among the passengers, along with 15 French and two Iraqi, and one each from the UK, Belgium, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Chad, Portugal, Algeria and Canada.国有的埃及航空公司表示,乘客中有30名埃及人5名法国人和两名伊拉克人,还有来自英国、比利时、科威特、沙特阿拉伯、苏丹、乍得、葡萄牙、阿尔及利亚和加拿大的各一人。The Canadian government later said that two Canadian citizens had been on board.加拿大政府后来说,机上有两名加拿大公民。A large air and sea search was still under way in the area where the aircraft crashed. Weather conditions at the time were good, meaning investigators are likely to focus on the possibility that the crash was caused as the result of a deliberate act or a catastrophic mechanical failure.在坠机区域,一场大规模海空搜索仍在进行中。失事当时天气条件良好,这意味着调查很可能聚焦于这起飞机失事是一种故意行为或灾难性机械故障所致的可能性。The lack of radio contact with the plane is likely to be of particular significance to investigators, suggesting the flight crew was grappling with an emergency, incapacitated or prevented from answering before the aircraft abruptly changed course and crashed into the sea.该机在最后关头未能与地面保持无线电联络,这一点很可能对调查人员具有特别重大的意义,因为这似乎表明在飞机突然改变航向、随即坠海之前,机组人员在应对紧急情况、失去行为能力,或者被阻止应答。Konstantinos Lintzerakos, director of Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority, said controllers tried to contact the pilot 10 miles before the plane left the Greek Flight Information Region (FIR). The pilot did not respond, he said, and they tried to make contact for 10 minutes.希腊民航局长康斯坦丁诺#8226;林泽拉科Konstantinos Lintzerakos)表示,空管人员在这架飞机距离离开希腊飞航情报FIR)还有10英里时试图与飞行员联系。他说,飞行员没有应答,空管人员花了10分钟继续呼叫。Greek and Egyptian authorities said they had received no distress call from the flight crew.希腊和埃及有关部门表示,他们没有接到机组发出的求救呼叫。来 /201605/445137。
  • The leader of the Islamic States operations in the volatile Sinai Peninsula and mastermind of the October 2015 attack on a Russian airliner in the region that left 224 dead has been killed by Egypts air force, intelligence sources told Fox News last Thursday.上周四,情报来源告知《福克斯新闻》称,极端组织ISIS的首领在暴乱的西奈半岛被埃及空军所杀。他曾策0150月袭击俄罗斯客机事件,共造成224人死亡。ISIS Sinai leader Abu Dua al-Ansari was killed in Al Arish, the sources said.消息来源称,ISIS组织在西奈分的头目阿布·安萨里是在阿里什伏法的。A post on the Facebook page of the militarys chief spokesman, Brig-Gen Mohammed Samir, said al-Ansari was killed in an operation guided by ;accurate intelligence.;军方首席发言人、陆军准将穆罕默德·萨米尔在脸书的一条帖子上声明,据可靠情报,安萨里是在一次行动指挥中被杀的。He helped organize ISIS activities in the region including attacks against U.N. personnel in their Sinai base, investigators said.调查人员表示,安萨里曾组织过ISIS在此区域的活动,其中包括在其西奈基地袭击联合国人员。In the Metrojet plane attack on October 31, an air mechanic whose cousin joined ISIS in Syria is suspected to have planted a bomb on the Russian passenger plane at the Sharm el-Sheikh airport. The plane then exploded in Egypts skies after takeoff, killing all 224 aboard.01501日快捷客机遇袭一案中,一名飞机技工被怀疑在沙姆伊赫机场的一架俄罗斯客机机舱内安装了一颗炸弹。此人的堂兄参加了叙利亚极端组织。飞机起飞后不久,在埃及上空爆炸,机24人无一生还。Egypts military wrote on its Facebook page that its airstrikes also killed 45 ISIS fighters and ammunition depots used by the group, Reuters reported.据路透社报道,埃及军方在脸书上写到,本次空袭还杀死了45名ISIS组织的士兵,并缴获了他们的弹药库。Egyptian forces have been battling Islamic militants in Sinai for years but the insurgency there has grown deadlier since the 2013 ouster by the military of the countrys Islamist president.多年来,埃及军队一直在西奈半岛与伊斯兰武装分子对抗,但自从2013年前伊斯兰总统下台后,当地的暴动变得更加极端。来 /201608/460391。
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