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And Mr Lime ordered grapefruits, but got pineapples. Tom. Yes.Listen.Lime 先生定了葡萄,但是收到的是菠萝。汤姆! 是的。听着。Were you responsible for these errors? Well...yes, but Paul...你能对这些失误负责吗? 是的,但是保罗……Mistakes happen. But it seems that Mrs Kumquat left our offices even angrier than when she came in and she says she will never use Tip Top Trading again.错误已经发生了。但是似乎Kumquat女士离开办公室的时候甚至比她进来的时候更生气,并且她说她再也不会光顾 Tip Top Trading了!I tried my best.我尽力了。I understand you told her to spray paint the bananas and to stop being such a miserable old witch.我知道你让她去给香蕉喷漆,并且不要像一个令人讨厌的老巫婆一样。Yeah, well look, shed been very rude to me.If you werent such a good salesman I would fire you for that.是的,她对我非常的粗鲁。如果你不能当好一名销售,我就因此开除你。Anna Yes.安娜。 是的。Well done. Not only was Mr Lime satisfied that his business would be resolved, but we might even get some extra business from him, thanks to your Imperial Lemon proposal.干得好。Lime先生不仅因为他的商业问题得到解决而满意,而且我们还可能和他达成了额外的订单,多亏了你的皇家柠檬建议。I hope so.希望如此。You were in a difficult situation and you handled it well.你处于困境却处理得很好。You remained calm, friendly and professional.你仍然很沉着,友好,专业。So, great job. Im really impressed. Im going to…干得好,给我留下了非常深刻的印象。我将要……Oh no. Its a call from the USA.不,是从美国来的电话。Oh god! What?上帝! 怎么了?Its the boss! Whose boss? Ours!是老板! 谁的老板? 我们的! /201612/483613

As expected, Senator Barack Obama has won the Wyoming caucuses, gaining seven more delegates to move him closer to clinching the Democratic Party nomination. But, Senator Hillary Clinton is also fighting hard, following her recent wins in Texas and Ohio. 正如人们的预料,角逐美国民主党总统候选人提名的奥巴马参议员在怀俄明州的党内预选中获胜,又增加了七名持他在党内获得提名的党代表。这距离奥巴马获得党内提名又走近了一步。但是,希拉里.克林顿参议员最近在德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州获胜以后也在努力奋斗。The western state of Wyoming has large areas of sparsely populated range land and wilderness and only a few relatively small cities, by national standards, so it offers only 12 delegates. But Senator Obama welcomes any delegates as he moves to widen his nearly 100 delegate lead over Hillary Clinton.  美国西部的怀俄明州有大片的荒野和人烟稀少的农场地区。以美国的全国标准,这个州只有很少几个不大的城市。这个州只有12个民主党代表名额。但是奥巴马欢迎他赢得的任何党代表,这将扩大他领先克林顿将近100个党代表的优势。Both candidates campaigned in the state Friday, but analysts had long assumed Obama would have the advantage partly because he has tended to do well in states that hold caucuses, rather than primaries. As the final results were being tallied it appeared he had won almost two thirds of the total votes cast. Obama is likely to take seven delegates from Wyoming. Clinton should take five. 星期五,这两位角逐者都在怀俄明竞选,但是分析人员早就估计奥巴马会拥有优势,部分原因是奥巴马倾向于在那些用党内预选的方式,而不是以选民初选的方式来推选党代表的州取得良好的表现。在怀俄明最后清点投票结果的时候,看来奥巴马赢得了将近三分之二的选票。他很可能赢得7个怀俄明的党代表,而克林顿应该赢得5个党代表。For the past week Clinton has been focusing much of her campaign rhetoric on what she describes as Obama's lack of experience, questioning his iness to be commander in chief. 过去一个星期,克林顿的竞选言论一直集中在她所谓的奥巴马缺乏经验方面。她质疑奥巴马是否作好了担任三军总司令的准备。"Often when lives are on the line and a decision must be made, experience counts for everything,' she said. "In this election we need a nominee who can pass the commander-in-chief test, someone y on day one to defend our country and keep our families safe." 克林顿说,“我们经常遇到的情况是,生死攸关,必须作出决定,这种情况下经验决定一切。这场选举,我们需要这样一个提名人。这个人能够通过三军总司令的考验,这个人从上任第一天起就能够保卫我们的国家,保护我们的家庭的安全。”Clinton cites her experience both as a senator from New York and her eight years working with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in the White House as well as her claim to have visited some 80 nations. But Obama says her vote in the Senate to authorize the war in Iraq shows her lack of good judgment and he also questions the basis of her claim to experience. 克林顿谈到她作为纽约州参议员的经历和作为前总统克林顿的夫人在白宫度过的八年时光。她也谈到她曾访问过大约80个国家。但是奥巴马说,克林顿夫人在参议院投票批准发动伊拉克战争,表明她不能作出良好的判断。奥巴马还质疑克林顿参议员自称的经验的基础。"One of the things I hope people start asking is what exactly is this foreign experience that she is claiming. I know she talks about visiting 80 countries. It is not clear, was she negotiating a treaty or agreements or was she handling crises during this period of time? My sense is the answer is no," he said. 奥巴马说,“我希望大家开始提到的一个问题是,克林顿自称她拥有的外交事务经验究竟是什么?我知道,她说她访问了80个国家。我们不明白的是,她在这个时期是谈判过协议,还是处理过危机?依我看,是否定的。”Obama supporters hailed the Wyoming victory as one more step to ultimate victory for their candidate, but Clinton supporters say the nearly even split of delegates keeps their candidate's campaign alive. Under the Democratic Party's rules delegates are split proportionally based on the vote in each contest.  奥巴马的持者说,他在怀俄明州的胜利是朝最终胜利走近了一步。但是克林顿的持者则表示,两位角逐者几乎平分了怀俄明州的党代表,这将保持克林顿的竞选继续下去。The next contest for the two Democratic candidates will be in the southern state of Mississippi, which holds its primary on Tuesday. Thirty-three delegates are at stake in that contest.  按照民主党的规定,在每个州的初选中,党代表的名额按照竞选人得到的选票的比例分配给竞选人。下一个举行民主党初选的是南方的密西西比州。初选时间是星期二。这个州将决出33个党代表的名额。200803/29596

US Finance Chiefs Urge Congress to Pass Emergency Measure美财经双长恳求尽快通过救市议案   Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Tuesday implored members of the Senate Banking Committee to quickly enact legislation that would permit the government to buy up bad housing-related loans that have negatively impacted credit markets. 美联储主席伯南克和财政部长保尔森星期二恳求参议院委员会的成员尽快制定议案,允许政府收购严重影响信贷市场的房屋贷款坏帐。Bernanke said quick action is required to stabilize financial markets and combat the threat of economic slowdown. He said markets wildly gyrated last week and dire consequences loomed as the government scrambled to come up with a plan to shore up bad housing related loans.  伯南克说,必须尽快采取行动,以稳定金融市场,抵御经济放缓的威胁。他说,上星期市场剧烈波动,可怕的后果赫然成形,政府匆忙拿出这份收购房屋贷款坏帐的方案。Treasury Secretary Paulson told skeptical lawmakers that the two-year long slump in the U.S. housing market is the cause of the crisis. 财政部长保尔森对持怀疑态度的国会议员们表示,美国房地产市场持续两年的下滑是这场危机的根源。"The root cause is the housing correction [price declines], as you have all pointed out, that has resulted in illiquid mortgage assets choking off the flow of credit, which is so vitally important to our economy," said Paulson. 他说:“根本原因是房地产市场的调整,正像你们所有人指出得那样,房屋价格下滑导致了无法兑现的房贷资产,窒息了对我们的经济至关重要的信贷流动。”Bernanke defended recent actions by the government to deal with the problem. Those measures since September 7, included taking over the two government sponsored entities most involved in home finance, allowing the Lehman Brothers investment bank to fail, taking over AIG - the world's biggest insurer, and then announcing Friday a 0-billion rescue plan that must be approved by Congress.  伯南克为政府最近处理危机所采取的行动做辩护。这些措施包括,接管两家政府赞助的房屋贷款融资公司,允许投资雷曼兄弟公司申请破产保护,接管全球最大的保险公司美国国际集团,然后于上星期五宣布了7千亿美元的救援方案,这个方案必须得到国会的批准。Bernanke denied that the government has been too generous to the shareholders and managers of failing institutions. 伯南克否定有关政府对于那些陷于困境的金融机构的股东和主管人员过于慷慨的说法。"We have insisted on bringing the shareholder value down close to zero, imposing tough terms and so on. But the firms we are dealing with now [with the proposed legislation] are not necessarily failing," he said. "They are contracting, de-leveraging and pulling back. And they will be unwilling to make credit available as long as market conditions are as they are now." 他说:“我们一直坚持把这些股东们持有的资产价值降到几乎为零,并设定严厉条件和采取其他措施。但是我们现在所要挽救的公司是那些并不见得会倒闭的金融机构,它们正在采取紧缩措施,减少杠杆投资和紧缩开。然而只要它们目前所处的市场条件不改变,它们就不会情愿发放贷款。”Lawmakers were insistent that bankers not be rescued at the expense of ordinary homeowners and consumers. Both Bernanke and Paulson agreed, but said without a comprehensive bailout all consumers will suffer. 国会议员们坚持认为,政府不应当以牺牲普通房主和消费者的利益来挽救家。伯南克和保尔森对此表示认同,但是他们强调,如果不实行全面的收购计划,所有的消费者都将受到伤害。Paulson, who was a top executive of the Goldman Sachs investment bank before coming to Washington, blamed weak regulation for the abuses in mortgage finance. 在华盛顿任职之前曾担任高盛投资总裁的保尔森把滥发房屋贷款的原因归咎于监管不利。"I was shocked, absolutely shocked [when I arrived in DC two years ago], to find that it was not deregulation or too much regulation or too little regulation, it was just a flawed regulatory structure built for a different model," said Paulson. 他说:“(两年前当我到华盛顿任职的时候),我就感到非常震惊,因为我发现问题并不是放松监管、监管太多、或管理不够,而是监管结构有缺陷,那个监管结构是为另一种不同的模式建立的。”In 1999 Congress gave increased freedoms to the financial service industry, but failed to create a comprehensive regulatory structure. 1999年,美国国会扩大了金融务产业的自由度,但是却没有建立起一个新的全面的监管机制。President Bush, speaking at the ed Nations in New York, said he is acting decisively to contain the financial crisis. The administration wants Congress to approve the rescue legislation before its scheduled adjournment on Friday, but there is no clear indication that that timetable will hold. 布什总统在纽约联合国大会上表示,他正在采取坚定的行动来控制金融危机。布什政府希望国会在星期五国会休会之前批准这项救助立法。但是目前还没有明确迹象显示国会将按照这个时间表如期完成有关的立法程序。200809/50169

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