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Sharapova prepares for Roland Garros Maria Sharapova speaks to CNNs Open Court ahead of the French Open. Watch the full show Sun 23 June 1730 BST / 1830 CET. 法网即将开赛,俄罗斯网球一玛利亚·莎拉波娃期待罗兰加洛斯,重返红土大满贯,莎拉波娃能否卫冕我们一起期待!Riding French Open Champion, Maria Sharapova is clearly in the driver seat focused on defending her first ever Roland Garros crown. The world number two had always struggled on the claim until she found that footing a year ago and breezed to the title.I do enjoy a little bit more now, just because I feel like I worked on that aspect of my game and I really improved and now I feel I dont have any excuses. When I get to the core and when Im moving around, like just because I dont feel great one day, I cant, you know, I cant really won about it, because at the end of the day I didnt win the right topic. So Im doing my myself at that time. The French Open event kicked off a banning year that saw Sharapova briefly regained the world number one ranking, won a silver medal for Russia at the London Olympics and be named Forbes’ most successful female athlete.I do make, you know, great money for a living and, you know, for the one who wanna play tennis again, have enough money to live through the rest of my life. But I do respect the money that Ive made because I didnt grow up having a lot of money. Its so important to be able to look back at those days and think, you know, I really came from nothing. You know, we had a dream and I had a talent and we moved to the ed States.Her hard work paid off when she stunned the world and won Wimbledon in 2004. Grand Slam titles followed at the US Open in 2006 and Australian Open in 2008. But in 2012 Sharapova won the French Open and completed a career slam.I dont know. But its lucky or if its just things following to play, so the four Grand Slams I won, or all four of them that were different. You know, who knows what the future will bring me and who knows what I may add to that list, but so far I can say that, yeah, Im pretty fortunate to be one of the few that has achieved that. /201305/241235

Pope Called To Mediate In Falklands Argentinas President has urged the Pope to intervene in the row over the Falkland Islands on the eve of the Pontiffs inauguration, reports Skys Robert Nisbet.出访罗马的阿根廷总统克里斯蒂娜请求教皇方济各干预阿根廷与英国之间的岛屿主权争议,防止因英国使南大西洋军事化的行动而发生意外事件。They had disagreed over their approach to sexuality and contraception, but President Kirchner and the new Pope have both supported Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands. So when the two met in Rome ahead of his installation mass, Cristina Kirchner sought common ground, she asked him to intercede in the dispute between London and Venezuela’s. Now we sit with a historical opportunity, a much more favorable outlook in front of us. Both UK and Argentina are governed democratically, there’s no danger of anything more aggressive than the UK’s military presence in the area. There are few countries more peaceful than Argentina. The only thing we want is that the UK complies with the UN Resolutions so we can sit down together and talk. I asked the Holy Father for his mediation in achieving a dialogue between the two parties. And that is just the first in a series of important meetings the new Pope will be holding this week. On Saturday he will fly here to the papal retreat of Castle Gandolfo have lunch with the pope emeritus. It is an event without historical precedent. And they’re once again expecting large crowds to throng this beautiful hilltop town 50 miles outside Rome. When Benedict took out temporary residence here ending his papacy, 12,000 witnessed his farewell words. The mayor of the town says the meeting will be hugely symbolic. It’s been the pope’s last goodbye, he looked out from there, and said a very warm and simple goodbye to us. Pope Francis shows the same simplicity and affection, so it seems that there’s a sort of continuity in the passage between these two popes. It’s just 18 days since the extraordinary papal saga unfolded when Benedict flew from Vatican City. 4 days later, the Church started preparations for the Conclave. 115 cardinal electors from around the world were then locked in the 16 chapel. It took 5 secret ballots for white smoke to emerge from the chimney. Later that evening, the new pope was unveiled. He’s now fashioning his image as a hands-on parish priest, leading a church for the poor. The inaugural mass is meant to be a uniting moment for a global church above politics and diplomatic squabbles. But Argentina’s president has ensured the rumbling row over the Falklands has secured headlines just hours before world leaders attend the historic ceremony. Robert Nisbet, Sky News, Rome. /201303/231633

Are you gassy? Do you have problems with noise and odor? Do you try to blame every episode on the family dog? Excessive flatulence can be embarrassing, but take heart; there is help available. Let VideoJug show you how to control your gas.你的肚子是否胀气?你是否受到不雅的声音和气味的困扰?你是否每次都要推卸到你的身上?胃肠胀气容易造成很尴尬的局面,不过不要沮丧,有一些办法可以帮助你。让VideoJug向你展示怎样解决胃肠胀气的问题。Step 1: Eat Right1.正确饮食Say goodbye to fried, fat and fiber and hello to peppermint and ginger! Fried food, fatty food, and too much fiber can give you bloat and gas, but peppermint and ginger ease digestion. Still gassy? Try cutting back on dairy, too.告别油炸,高脂肪,高纤维的食物,多食用薄荷和生姜。油炸,脂肪,和过多纤维的食物会产生很多气体,而薄荷和生姜可以帮助消化。仍然很胀气?奶制品也适当减少吧。Step 2: Eat Right For You2.食用适合自己的食物Eating right isnt enough; You have to eat right for you. Figure out what makes you gassy and cut it out of your diet. Some foods and beverages that could be the culprits include: beans, onions, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, artichokes,asparagus, apples, pears, prunes, peaches, gum, whole-wheat b, bran, beer, soda, milk, cream, and ice cream.食用正确的食物是不够的,你必须食用适合自己的食物。查明是哪些食物让你如此胀气,然后从你的饮食中除掉。有一些食物和饮料可能是罪魁祸首:豌豆,洋葱,西兰花,比京芽菜,花椰菜, 朝鲜蓟,芦笋,苹果,梨,梅干,桃子,口香糖,全麦面包,麸皮,啤酒,汽水,牛奶,奶油和冰激凌。Step 3: Eat The Right Way3.食用方法正确Its not just what you eat, its also how you eat. Slow down! Eat smaller meals. Take smaller bites. Chew thoroughly. Dont gulp. Take small sips. Dont use straws. Dont talk while you eat. Stop chewing gum. The less air you take it, the less air youll need to let out.仅仅选择合适的食物也是不够的,饮食方法也很重要!饮用速度要慢下来!每一餐少吃一点,每一口少一点,彻底咀嚼。不要狼吞虎咽。小口小口地喝,不要用吸管。吃饭的时候不要说话。不要嚼口香糖。吸入的空气越少,需要排除的气体越少。Step 4: A Little Help From The Drugstore4.适当用药物Still gassy? Get a little chemical help. Beano, lactase supplements and activated charcoal may help, and theyre available over the counter at almost any drugstore or supermarket. If you cant find activated charcoal, try the health food store.仍然很胀气?可以少量用一点药物。Beano防排气片,乳糖分解酵素和活性木炭也有帮助,几乎所有药店和超市都可以买到。如果找不到活性木炭,可以到健康食品超市看一下。Thanks for watching How To Treat Excessive Flatulence.感谢收看“怎样治疗胃肠胀气”视频节目。 /201212/217076

Today in History: Friday, April 19, 2013历史上的今天:2013年4月19日,星期五April 19th, 1995 - From my office, the door right normally enter and theres nothing in there any more.Its just, its from. these individuals the buildings gone. In Oklahoma City, a truck-bomb destroys the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building. The blast kills 168 people and wounds hundreds more. Timothy McVeigh is later convicted and executed for the bombing.1775 - The American Revolution begins, as colonial militias in Massachusetts fight British troops at the Battles of Lexington and Concord.2005 - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany is elected Pope, taking the name of Benedict XVI. He becomes head of a Roman Catholic Church just weeks after the death of Pope John Paul II.1993 - A fire into the 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. Flames consume the structure after Federal agents begin smash their way inside. Religious leader David Koresh and dozens of hisfollowers die in the fire.1956 - Oscar winning actress Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier of Monaco and becomes Princess Grace.And 2001 - We can do it, We can do it, We can make our dreams come true.In New York, the Mel Brooks musical ;The Producers; starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick opens onBroadway.Today in History, April 19th, Ed Donahue, the Associated Press /201304/235941犹太仪式艺术可以追溯到中世纪,而且现在仍然非常活跃。Jewish ceremonial art, also known as Judaica, refers to an array of objects used by Jews for ritual purposes. The tradition dates back to the middle Ages, and is still very much alive.Observant Jewish life is regulated by a calendar of festivals, and each celebration has its own set of ritual objects. They are called Judaica.Rachel Sarfati, curator of Israel Museum, said, ;Judaica is the ritual objects that were made for Jews during the years to help them to do their ritual Jewish festivals or during Sabbath. They need the Hanukkiah for Hanukkah, the Hanukkah lamp; they need the candlesticks for Sabbath; they need to bless the wine with a special goblet.;The Israel Museum collection includes hundreds of items from the Middle Ages to present times that belonged to the Jewish communities all over the world. With their different styles and interpretations of the same object, virtually all of the Judaica items at the Israel Museum are an example of this rich cultural variety.While until the last century, Judaica pieces were one-of-a-kind works of craftsmen, today they are mostly made in series and can be purchased from stores all over Israel. Hazorfim factory store is one of the largest.Aviv Shkeren, visitor, said, ;Once in a while we visit Hazorfim and we buy all types of items with.201205/181554

从社会公正的角度看,范;琼斯Van Jones讲述了一个针对塑料污染的案例。他表明,因为塑料垃圾首先影响贫穷的人们和贫穷的国家,而且影响也最深,无论我们的居住地在哪,大家的收入水平如何,这污染的结果我们都将共同承担。在TEDxGPGP大会,他提出一些好想法来帮助我们拯救我们被遗弃的地球家园。201204/178883Swearing is cool, everyone knows that - but there is more to it than being simply gratuitous and vulgar. So try some new swearing styles... Like this! 骂人的感觉非常酷,每个人都知道这一点。但仅仅停留在简简单单和循规蹈矩的方式上未免有些庸俗。所以尝试一些新的的说脏话风格吧,比如下面这样! Religion is sacred 宗教是神圣的 Dont go knocking peoples Gods, they are sacred, and you could end up getting struck by them, or by lightning. 别去找对方敬仰的神的麻烦,动这些神的坏脑筋。他们神圣不可亵渎,你最终也许会收到责罚,甚至被闪电击中。 Instead invoke the names of old Gods. no one cares about them any more!. The Romans, The Ancient Greeks, The Anglo Saxons - they all loved a good swear. How about... By The Beard of Jupiter!然而引用神的名字却完全没有问题。没有人在乎他们的名字!罗马人,古希腊人,英国盎格鲁撒克逊人,他们都喜欢这样。丘比特之神的胡子对你来说怎么样! Great Poseidons watery balls! 伟大的海神波塞冬的球球! Thor bescitan! 雷神托儿驾到!Body talk 身体语言 Peoples naughty bits are great for a good swear, but there are plenty of lesser known body bits that can sound just as rude... 人体有着很多顽皮的部位,而它们对于说脏话来说必不可少,但是很多身体部位表达的语气好像很粗俗; Stick it up your duodenum!夹紧你的十二指肠! You are such an urethra!你真是一个尿性不改的人! Blow it out of your terminal ileum! 把它吹出你的终端回肠! You great Bronchus! 你巨大的气管! Say that again and Ill tear you a new sigmoid! 再说一遍,我会把你的新结肠撕烂! Your Mother 你的母亲 Everyone loves a good your mum joke, so If you want to insult someones nearest and dearest, try these: 每个人都喜欢关于妈妈的好笑话,所以如果你想侮辱别人的的家人,试一试下面这些: Your mums so fat she bleeds gravy.你妈妈这么胖,她肯定流的都是汤子。 Your mums so hairy you were born with carpet burns.你妈妈这么多头发,你出生的时候地毯肯定烧着了。Your mums so ugly when she was born the doctor slapped her face. 你妈妈这么丑,当她出生的时候医生肯定抽过她的脸。Your mums so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone.你妈妈这么笨,她的脚肯定被无绳电话绊倒过。Your mums so heavy her elevator only goes down.你妈妈这么胖,她在的电梯肯定只下不上。 Obscure Languages 晦涩的语言 To confuse and annoy, there is nothing like swearing in an obscure foreign language. Try... 令人困惑而且使人气恼,没有比用晦涩难懂的语言发誓更为有意思的了。试试下面这些吧; Tarado entrenado (Argentine- trained moron) or... Orospu Cocugu (Turkish- son of a bitch) Tarado entrenado(阿根廷语的傻瓜)或者Orospu Cocugu(土耳其语的笨蛋) Muli lapoa (Samoan- fat ass) Muli lapoa (萨亚语的胖子)词语解释:1. duodenum n. 十二指肠2. obscure a. 晦涩的201111/162657

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