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In Rome at this time Christianity became the state religion, and almost contemporaneously, in Iran, the Sasanian Dynasty built a highly centralised state, in which secular and religious authority were bound together. At its height, this Iranian empire stretched from the Euphrates to the Indus-in modern terms, from Syria to Pakistan. And for several centuries it was the equal, and the rival, of Rome, in the long struggle to control the Middle East.当时,基督教刚成为罗马国教。而在伊朗,萨珊王朝几乎在同一时期建立起了高度中央集权、政教合一的国家。伊朗帝国的领土从幼发拉底河一直延伸到印度河流域,用现代地理概念来说,便是从叙利亚一直到巴基斯坦。在数个世纪的时间里,它的实力与罗马相当,是与罗马争夺中东控制权的强有力的对手。The Sasanian king out hunting on this programmes silver dish is Shapur II, who ruled with resounding success for 70 years, from 309 to 379. Its a shallow silver dish, I suppose its about the size and the shape of a small Frisbee, but its made of very high quality silver, and as you move it around you can see that its got highlights in gold. The King sits confidently astride his mount, and on his head he wears a very large crown, with what looks like a winged globe on the top of it. Behind him, ribbons flutter over the silver, giving an impression of movement. Everything about his dress is rich-pendant earrings, long-sleeved tunic with carefully embroidered shoulder pads, highly decorated trousers and ribboned shoes. What were looking at is an elaborate, carefully worked out ceremonial image of wealth and power.银盘上狩猎的萨珊国王是沙普尔二世, 他在位时间为公元309年至公元379年,他成功地统治伊朗长达70年之久。这是一个浅底银盘,大小与形状都类似小号飞盘。它用上好的白银制成,一经转动还会发现它曾用黄金点缀。国王镇定地跨坐在坐骑上,头顶巨大的王冠,冠顶的装饰就像一个带翅膀的地球仪,绶带飘扬在身后,表现出动感。他的衣饰极为奢华:垂坠的长耳环,带精美垫肩的长袖束 腰外衣,装饰华美的长裤以及带缎带的鞋子。一副精心塑造的表现财富与权力的仪式性形象。201505/373589北屯市黑脸娃娃多少钱When you turn a cars steering wheel,whether you go forwards or backwards.So it seems like it should be just as easy to steer going backwards as going forwards.But clearly,its not.Suprisingly,the difficulty of driving backwards has almost nothing to do with the direction youre facing and everything to do with the fact that you steer using the front wheels.当你扭转方向盘,车子都会随相同的弯曲度运动。所以看起来倒车似乎和前进一样简单。但是显然,事实并非如此。奇怪的是,倒车的困难之处在它几乎与你对方向盘的控制无关问题在于你所控制的是车子的前轮。When driving forwards,a car goes in the direction the front wheels are pointed.And when driving backwards,the car goes where the back wheels are pointed.Simple!But the difference is that going forwards,the direction of travel is determined by the same wheels you steer with,so you just point them where you want to go,and thats where you go,the back wheels follow automatically.向前行驶时,车子顺着前轮的方向前行。而倒车时,车子顺应的是后轮的方向。很简单,问题在于,前进时决定方向的车轮与你控制的车轮相同,所以你只要打好方向盘车子就朝你,预期的方向前进了,后轮会跟着前轮前进。In physics,we call this a ;stable;system.like dangling a pencil from your fingers-move your hand around and the pencil follows,no thought required.However,when driving backwards,the direction of travel is determined by the back wheels but you steer with the front wheels.在物理中,我们称之为“稳定”系统,就像挂在指尖的铅笔移动手指它就会跟着动,无需自具想法。但是,在倒车时,决定车子运动方向的是后轮,而你控制的却是前轮。So rather than just pointing the front wheels where you want to go,you have to point them in the direction that will get the back wheelsto point in the direction you want to go-its an additional level of separation before the car does what you want.与只需控制前轮运动不同,你需要通过控制前轮引导后轮向着你预期的方向运动。这是控制好车子的附加操作。And in fact,if you dont make any corrections,then over time the back wheels point farther and farther away from the direction you want to go:instead of following the front wheels,they want to run away!This is an unstable system,like trying to balance a pencil on your fingertip.Its incredibly finicky and requires a ton of coordinated hand-eye feedback to maintain.事实上,如果你不采取修正措施,随着时间流失,后轮就会越来越偏离你预期的方向:不但不随前轮运动,而且还会失控!这是一个不稳定系统,就像尝试平衡立在指尖上的铅笔一样。这相当讲究,需要不停的进行手眼反馈协调来完成。Thats why you constantly have to just your steering when driving backwards-mathematically,your car is like an upside-down pencil! Of course,there are some successful rear-steering wheeled vehicles-forklifts,for example,only drive slowly and choose rear-steering for greater control of their forks.这就是倒车时你需要不断调整轮胎方向的原因-数学说法就是,你的车就像东歪西倒的铅笔!当然,也有一些很棒的后轮控制转向的车子-例如 叉车,行驶缓慢,并且选择后轮主控叉子。But lets go in the other direction and add a TRAILER to your car steering backwards has gained ANOTHER level of difficulty:you use your front wheels to get the back wheels to point in the direction needed to get the TRAILER to point in the direction you want to go.Not complicated enough?It becomes worse the more trailers you add each one adds another level of separation between the direction of your steering and the actual direction of travel.现在我们加点难度,给车子加个拖车,这下倒车难度又更上一层楼了:你通过控制前轮引导后轮的方向,同时还需要使拖车向预定方向运动。难度还不够?增加更多拖车后情况就更糟糕了,每增加一辆拖车就会使实际运动方向更加偏离预期的运动方向。Which is why its nearly impossible to push on one end of a chain or a rope and have the other end go where you want it to,and why you will never,ever blance a flexible rope or chain upright on your finger.which makes backwards driving seem downright easy!这就是为何将链条或绳索的一端置于指尖时你永远无法控制另一端的运动方向,也是你为何永远无法令灵活的锁链直立于指尖上的原因。相比之下,倒车真是简单爆了!201504/367542乌鲁木齐/缝双眼皮价钱多少栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201601/419777Vital aid for the besieged Syrian town of Madaya. A convoy with enough basic food to last 40,000 people a month is one of three which left Damascus after an agreement between the warring sides.叙利亚被围困城镇马达雅的重要救助。交战双方达成协议后,三车队之一携带足够40,000人维持一个月的食物离开大马士革。The deal to let the trucks into the rebel-held town was dependent on convoys reaching the government controlled towns of Foah and Kefraya.允许卡车进入叛军控制城镇的协议依赖车队进入政府控制的Foah和Kefraya镇。People have been trapped in Madaya for six months. The situation has been described as “quite horrific” by an aid agency which told one media outlet more than 250 people were suffering malnutrition. The ed Nations said there are credible reports of people dying of starvation.人们在马达雅被困了六个月。这一情况被一家援助机构形容为“相当可怕”,该机构告诉一家媒体,超过250人患有营养不良。联合国称有可靠报道关于人们死于饥饿。The 44 lorries had left Damascus on Monday morning carrying basic food items,medicines and surgical supplies. Twenty-one lorries were on route for Foah and Kefraya.周一早晨44辆卡车携带基本食品、药品和手术用品离开大马士革。其中21辆卡车在前往Foah 和Kefraya镇的路上。The aid arrived as France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called on Syria and Russia to put an end to suffering in the besieged town. Russia denies targeting civilians. Peace talks are scheduled to start in two weeks.援助抵达之际,法国外交部长洛朗·法比尤斯呼吁叙利亚和俄罗斯结束被围困城市的苦难。俄罗斯否认针对平民。和平谈判定于这两周。译文属。 /201601/421487乌鲁木齐/省妇保医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱

新疆/自治区中医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱乌鲁木齐/打溶脂针哪家医院好Home to a remarkable inventor:Abbas Ibn Firnas.也是卓越的发明家 阿拔斯·伊本·弗纳斯的故乡Astronomer, engineer, inventor.他是天文学家 工程师和发明家Hes invented a water clock,他发明了水钟A planetarium, a magnifying glass.天象仪 放大镜Now, hell risk his life for a new invention.现在 他为了一个全新的发明不顾个人安危A thousand years before the Wright brothers,在怀特兄弟一千年前He wants to fly.他就想翱翔天际An extraordinary experiment in an extraordinary city.在一个特别的城市 一项特别的试验即将进行Cordoba is home to half a million科尔多瓦是五十万穆斯林Muslims, Christians and Jews.基督教徒和犹太人的故乡In Europes Dark Ages, a beacon of tolerance and learning.在欧洲的黑暗时代 它也是宽容和学习的圣殿37 libraries, the knowledge of mankind,37所图书馆是人类知识的海洋Much of it rescued from ancient Greece and Rome.它们中的绝大多数是古希腊与古罗马的遗物What one wonders about is,人们不免会想if Islamic scientists had not played this role of nursemaid to science,如果伊斯兰科学家没有扮演 科学的哺育者这个角色how would we have gotten here?我们怎会发展到如今这地步?Because in the West,we had lost that with our Dark Ages.因为在西方世界 我们在黑暗时代时已经将它们遗失How would science have survived in the West如果没有伊斯兰学者if it had not been for the Islamic scholars?科学怎么还会存留于西方世界?201511/408406North Korea claims to have carried out its first successful test of a miniaturised hydrogen nuclear device.朝鲜声称成功试爆首枚小型化氢核装置。The announcement on North Korean state television followed the detection of a 5.1 magnitude earthquake at the Punggye-ri site in the north of the isolated country. 朝鲜国家电视台宣布之前,在这个被孤立的国家北部丰溪里监测到5.1级地震。It’s where Pyongyang has conducted nuclear tests in the past.这是平壤过去进行核试验的地方。North Korea which is under UN sanctions for its nuclear and missile programmes has so far conducted three tests. 在联合国对其核武器和导弹计划制裁下,朝鲜目前已经进行了三次试验。The last was in 2013 raising fears that the ultimate aim is to produce a device small enough to fit on a long range missile.最后一次是在2013年,让人担忧其最终目标是制造一个足够小的设备适应远程导弹。In response to the latest nuclear activity South Korean ministers are to hold an emergency meeting while Japan says it will not tolerate North Korea’s nuclear testing .为应对朝鲜最新的核活动,韩国部长举行一次紧急会议,而日本表示不会容忍朝鲜进行核试验。译文属。 /201601/420282乌鲁木齐/天山区割眼袋多少钱Russia is denying claims by U.S. officials that one of its jets recently intercepted a U.S recon plane in an ;unsafe and unprofessional manner.; 美国官员声称最近俄罗斯一架战机以“不安全和不专业的方式”拦截其侦察机,俄罗斯对此予以否认。On Sunday, Russias Ministry of Defense said the jets flight strictly followed ;international rules of the airspace usage; and said claims that the jet did a barrel roll arent true. 周日,俄罗斯国防部称其战机的飞行严格遵循“领空使用的国际规则”,并声称战机做桶滚动作是不真实的。According to U.S. European Command, the area in the Baltic Sea where the dispute took place isnt in Russian territory. 据美国欧洲司令部,争端发生的波罗的海地区并不在俄罗斯的领土。This most recent encounter comes after the U.S. Navy said the USS Donald Cook ;encountered multiple, aggressive flight maneuvers; when Russian jets flew past on April 11 and 12. 最近的冲突是继美国海军称俄罗斯战机于4月11日和12日飞过时,唐纳德·库克号驱逐舰“遭遇多次的,侵略性的飞行动作”。Russia said jets were performing training flights in both of those instances. 俄罗斯表示两种情况下,战机正在进行训练飞行。But the White House has aly said otherwise. 但白宫已经表示并不然。There have been repeated incidents over the last year where the Russian military, including Russian military aircraft, have come close enough to each other or have come close enough to other air and sea traffic to raise serious safety concerns. 过去一年出现了多次事件,俄罗斯军方,包括俄罗斯军用飞机已经足够接近对方,或者足够接近对方空中和海上交通,引发严重安全隐患。译文属。201604/438177乌鲁木齐/去肥胖纹哪家好

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