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兰州军区乌鲁木齐总医院打玻尿酸多少钱乌鲁木齐军区总医院开双眼皮手术多少钱Now, have any of yall ever looked up this word?好,你们中有谁查过这个单词?You know, in a dictionary? Yeah, thats what I thought.用字典?是的,我想也就这个样子。How about this word? Here, Ill show it to you.这个单词呢?看看解释:Lexicography: the practice of compiling dictionaries.Lexicography(字典学):编纂字典的活动。Notice -- were very specific -- that word ;compile.;注意,这是专用的说法,定义里用“编纂”这个词。The dictionary is not carved out of a piece of granite, out of a lump of rock. Its made up of lots of little bits.字典并不是从一大块岩石里凿出的花岗岩,而是由很多的小块小块合起来的。Its little discrete -- thats spelled D-I-S-C-R-E-T-E -- bits. And those bits are words.分离的,英语里边的串法是D-I-S-C-R-E-T-E——小块。我们这里说的小块就是指单词了。Now one of the perks of being a lexicographer --作为字典编纂者的好处--besides getting to come to TED -- is that you get to say really fun words, like lexicographical.除了有机会来 TED演讲以外,就是可以说很有趣的单词,例如,lexicographical,字典编纂学。Lexicographical has this great pattern: its called a double dactyl.这个词有一种很棒的押韵,“扬抑抑格”。And just by saying double dactyl, Ive sent the geek needle all the way into the red.只要说到“扬抑抑格”,古怪指数就可以飙升到红色警戒。But ;lexicographical; is the same pattern as ;higgledy-piggledy.;其实,lexicographical与 ;higgledy-piggledy;(“杂乱无章”的意思)有一样的押韵。Right? Its a fun word to say, and I get to say it a lot.对吧?这个词单发音就很好玩,我常常说它。Now, one of the non-perks of being a lexicographer同时,作为字典编纂者,一个让人郁闷的地方is that people dont usually have a kind of warm, fuzzy, snuggly image of the dictionary.是字典从来没有给人留下一个温暖,舒适的印象。Right? Nobody hugs their dictionaries.对吧?没有人会拥抱他们的字典。But what people really often think about the dictionary is, they think more like this.但是,其实人们通常对字典的看法是这样的。Just to let you know, I do not have a lexicographical whistle.告诉你一件事情,我没有什么纂字哨子,But people think that my job is to let the good words尽管大家认为我的工作是让所谓的好词make that difficult left-hand turn into the dictionary, and keep the bad words out.做一个有难度的左转拐入字典,而把所谓的坏词挡于门外。But the thing is, I dont want to be a traffic cop.问题是,我不想当交通警察。201704/502571乌市自治区人民医院整形 Another moon that were looking at is Titan.我们在研究的另一个卫星是土卫六。Titan is a huge moon of Saturn.土卫六是土星的一个非常大的卫星。It perhaps is much larger than the planet Mercury. It has an extensive atmosphere.它可能比水星还要大很多。它有着广阔的大气层。Its so extensive -- and its mostly nitrogen with a little methane and ethane非常的广阔,主要成分是氮气,还有一点点甲烷和乙烷that you have to peer through it with radar.所以你需要用雷达来观测它。And on the surface, Cassini has found liquid.在它的表面,卡西尼号发现了液态水。We see lakes...actually almost the size of our Black Sea in some places.我们看到了湖泊,实际上,某些地方的湖几乎,跟我们的黑海一样大。And this area is not liquid water; its methane.然而这块地方并不是液态水;它实际上是甲烷。If theres any place in the solar system where life is not like us,如果在太阳系里存在这样一个地方,那里的生命与我们不同,where the substitute of water is another solvent -- and it could be methane, it could be Titan.那里水的代替物是另一种溶剂,可以是甲烷,那个地方就可以是土卫六。Well, is there life beyond Earth in the solar system?回到这个问题:在地球以外,在太阳系中有生命么?We dont know yet, but were hot on the pursuit.我们还不知道,但我们正在努力寻求。The data that were receiving is really exciting and telling us我们现在接收到的信息非常让人激动,它告诉我们forcing us to think about this in new and exciting ways.并迫使我们以新的,令人激动的方式去思考这个问题。I believe were on the right track.我相信我们正朝着正确的方向努力。That in the next 10 years, we will answer that question.在接下来的10年内,我们将能够回答这个问题。And if we answer it, and its positive, then life is everywhere in the solar system.如果我们做出了解答,并且结果是积极的,那么太阳系中的生命将会无所不在。Just think about that. We may not be alone. Thank you.想想看吧。我们也许并不孤单。谢谢。201702/492898Ironically, it turns out, that its our differences, and our negotiation of difference,that unite us.讽刺的是,事实明,正是我们的不同和我们协商彼此的不同将我们连结起来。I decided to have children while I was working on this project.当我做这个项目的时候我决定要孩子。And many people were astonished and said,很多人对此感到惊奇,But how can you decide to have children in the midst of studying everything that can go wrong?你怎么能做出要孩子的决定,当你的研究是关于不如意的,且只进行到一半?And I said, Im not studying everything that can go wrong.我说,我研究的不是那些不如意。What Im studying is how much love there can be,even when everything appears to be going wrong.我研究的是,有多少爱可以给予,甚至当一切似乎都是个错误的情况下。I thought a lot about the mother of one disabled child I had seen,我想起我见过的一个残疾孩子的母亲,a severely disabled child who died through caregiver neglect.这个有严重残疾的孩子,因为照料不周而去世。And when his ashes were interred, his mother said,当他的骨灰被安葬的时候,他的母亲说,I pray here for forgiveness for having been twice robbed,我在这里祈祷宽恕,我失去了两个,once of the child I wanted and once of the son I loved.一个是我想要的孩子,一个是我所爱着的儿子。And I figured it was possible then for anyone to love any child if they had the effective will to do so.我以为任何一个人都可以去爱任何孩子,如果他们有能力就会这样做。So my husband is the biological father of two children with some lesbian friends in Minneapolis.我的丈夫是两个孩子的亲生父亲,这两个孩子的母亲是,他在明尼阿波利斯市的女同性恋朋友。I had a close friend from college whod gone through a divorce and wanted to have children.我大学时期有一个亲密的朋友,她离了婚却也想要孩子。And so she and I have a daughter,所以我和她生了一个女儿,and mother and daughter live in Texas.母亲和女儿居住在德克萨斯州。And my husband and I have a son who lives with us all the time of whom I am the biological father,我丈夫和我有个儿子和我们一起生活,我是他的生父,and our surrogate for the pregnancy was Laura,为我们的女士是劳拉,the lesbian mother of Oliver and Lucy in Minneapolis.她是明尼阿波利斯市奥利弗和露西的女同性恋母亲。201604/436348乌市友谊医院整形中心

新疆韩式双眼皮Will you wilt under criticism, or will you follow your convictions?你们会屈从于批评,还是会坚守信念?Will you bluff it out when youre wrong, or will you apologize?你们会掩饰错误,还是会坦诚道歉?Will you guard your heart against rejection, or will you act when you fall in love?你们会因害怕拒绝而掩饰内心,还是会在面对爱情时勇往直前?Will you play it safe, or will you be a little bit swashbuckling?你们想要波澜不惊,还是想要搏击风浪?When its tough, will you give up, or will you be relentless?你们会在严峻的现实之下选择放弃,还是会义无反顾地前行?Will you be a cynic, or will you be a builder?你们要做愤世嫉俗者,还是踏实的建设者?Will you be clever at the expense of others, or will you be kind?你们要不计一切代价地展示聪明,还是选择善良?I will hazard a prediction.我要做一个预测。When you are 80 years old, and in a quiet moment of reflection narrating for only yourself the most personal version of your life story,在你们80岁时某个追忆往昔的时刻,只有你一个人静静对内心诉说着你的人生故事,the telling that will be most compact and meaningful will be the series of choices you have made.其中最为充实、最有意义的那段讲述,会被你们作出的一系列决定所填满。In the end, we are our choices.最后,是选择塑造了我们的人生。Build yourself a great story.为你自己塑造一个伟大的人生故事。Thank you and good luck!谢谢聆听,好运!201606/447179伊宁市玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 So whats that about?到底怎么回事?It looks like women got some power boost on a game,看起来好像女人像是里一样得到很多的力量。or like they snuck in some secret serum into their birth-control pills that lets them shoot up high.或者在她们的避药丸中偷偷地得到了种神奇的浆液,从而使得她们崛起。But of course, its not about that.当然不是那样。What its about is that the economy has changed a lot.其原因就是经济变化了很多。We used to have a manufacturing economy, which was about building goods and products,我们曾拥有一个制造性经济,也就是制造商品,and now we have a service economy and an information and creative economy.现在我们是务性经济,一个信息化和创造性的经济。Those two economies require very different skills,这两个经济模式要求十分不相同的技能。and as it happens, women have been much better at acquiring the new set of skills than men have been.正是由于这个变化,女性比男性更好地获取新的技术。It used to be that you were a guy who went to high school who didnt have a college degree,曾经是这样的,你从高中学校出来,没有大学文凭,but you had a specific set of skills, and with the help of a union,但是你有一些特殊的技能,借助于工会的帮助,you could make yourself a pretty good middle-class life.你可以让自己过上很不错的中产阶级的生活。But that really isnt true anymore.但是现在不再是这样了。This new economy is pretty indifferent to size and strength,新经济对个头和力量不再依赖,which is whats helped men along all these years.过去的时间里对于个头和力量的依赖显然帮助了男人。What the economy requires now is a whole different set of skills.现在的经济要求的是完全不一样的技术。You basically need intelligence, you need an ability to sit still and focus,基本上你需要智力,你需要能够稳定地坐着并保持集中,to communicate openly, to be able to listen to people开放地交流,能够倾听别人and to operate in a workplace that is much more fluid than it used to be,能够在一个更流动的工作场所下作业。and those are things that women do extremely well, as were seeing.这些正是女人们可以做的非常的好,正如我们所见。If you look at management theory these days,如果你观察一下当今的管理理论,it used to be that our ideal leader sounded something like General Patton, right?我们曾经的理想化的领导是像乔治-巴顿一样的人。You would be issuing orders from above. You would be very hierarchical.你可以从上向下发令。你可以非常的阶级化。You would tell everyone below you what to do.你可以告诉你下面的每一个人做什么。But thats not what an ideal leader is like now.但是这不再是今天的理想化领导。201610/472442乌鲁木齐微针美容需要哪家医院好

双河市去鼻唇沟多少钱网络社交英语口语 50:瞧你手汗流得SCENE① E 柔丝家 Sue: No. Another important thing is 1) physical contact.苏: 不。另一个重点是肢体接触。 Rose: What kind of a girl do you think I am?柔丝: 你把我当成哪种女人啊? Sue: You don't have to eat him, just 2) accidentally brush against him.苏: 你又不必把他吃了。只要不经意地轻轻碰他一下。 Rose: That's so 3) obvious.柔丝: 这样太明显了。 Sue: If he likes you, obvious is good. Then he'll have the 4) confidence to chase you.苏: 若他喜欢你,明显一点才好。这样他才会有信心来追你。 Rose: So, I just brush against his hand...like this?柔丝: 那我只要轻轻地碰他手一下……像这样? Sue: Well, that's OK. Your hands are 5) sweating...苏: 还可以啦。瞧你手汗流得…… 语言详解 A: It's so hot in here. I'll sweating all over! 这里好热。我满身都是汗! B: The air conditioner is broken. 冷气坏掉了。 【confidence 信心】 confidence是指“信心”,faith指的是“信念” A: I'll never get this job. Never! 我不会得到这个工作的。不可能的!B: Give me a break! Have some confidence and go get hired! 拜托!有点信心,争个工作回来! 1) physical contact 身体上的接触2) accidentally (adv.) 意外地3) obvious (a.) 明显的4) confidence (n.) 自信心5) sweat (v.) 流汗 /200708/16818 It was that mission 这就是学校的使命Not just to educate men, but to cultivate good men, strong men, upright men它不仅是教授知识 还要培育善良 强大 正直的人That brought community leaders together要能将社区领袖聚集在一起Just two years after the end of the civil war在南北战争结束两年以后They assembled a list of 37 men, free blacks and freed slaves他们聚集了37名自由黑人和被解放的奴隶Who would make up the first prospective class of这些人就是第一届充满希望的学员What later became Morehouse college而学校最后演变为莫尔豪斯学院Most of those first students had a desire to become teachers and preachers 最初这些学生中大多数人都立志成为教室和牧师To better themselves so they could help others do the same他们想先完善自身 然后帮助其他相同遭遇的人A century and a half later, times have changed一个半世纪之后 时代变化了But the ;Morehouse mystique; still endures但莫尔豪斯传奇仍在延续Some of you probably came here from communities where everybody looked like you你们有些人可能来自周围人都和你们一样的社区Others may have come here in search of a community有些人可能来这里是为了寻找这样一个社群And I suspect that some of you probably felt a little bit of我猜 你们很多人在国王礼拜堂Culture shock the first time you came together as a class in kings chapel第一次作为一个班级聚集在一起时 都会倍感冲击All of a sudden, you werent the only high school sports captain突然间 你不再是唯一的高中体育队长You werent the only student council president你不再是唯一的学生会主席You were suddenly in a group of high achievers你突然来到了一群成就卓着者中间And that meant you were expected to do something more这意味着你们应该担负起更多使命201604/435617新疆维吾尔医医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱新疆祛胎记费用



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