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北屯市褐青色痣多少钱双河无痛隆鼻收多少钱Huawei, the Chinese telecoms hardware maker, has unveiled an 87 per cent surge in handset sales revenues in the first half of 2015 and says its consumer elec琀爀漀渀椀挀猀 business — primarily smartphones — accounts for one-third of global revenues.中国电信设备制造商华为(Huawei)报告2015年上半年手机销售收入激增87%。该公司还表示,其全球营收的三分之一来自以智能手机为主的消费电子业务。The privately held company, known for its telecoms network infrastructure business, has seen rapid growth in its smartphone division, which it launched under its own brand name three years ago.这家私人所有企业以电信网络基础设施业务闻名,但其智能手机部门增长迅猛。华为在三年前推出自身品牌的智能手机部门。Huawei yesterday published unaudited figures showing it shipped a total of 48.2m smartphones in the first half of the year, up 39 per cent from the same period a year earlier. Combined with a higher sale price, aimed at the top end of the market, revenues shot up even faster year on year to reach .2bn.华为昨日发布未经审计的数据,显示今年上半年智能手机总出货量达4820万部,比去年同期增长39%。由于华为手机以高端市场为目标,售价较高,营收同比增长更快,达到72亿美元。Huawei’s success comes as other smartphone makers grapple with slowing growth in China, where smartphone sales shrank 4 per cent in the first quarter, according to researcher IDC, the first such drop in six years.就在华为取得巨大成功之际,其他智能手机制造商正在艰难应对中国市场增长放缓。根据研究机构IDC的数据,今年第一季度中国市场智能手机销量减少了4%,这是6年来首次出现下跌。Homegrown rival Xiaomi looks set to struggle to meet an initial sales target of 100m phones this year and even a revised goal of 80m, after announcing this month that it sold just 34.7m devices in the first half of 2015.今年,华为在中国本土的对手小米(Xiaomi)看来将很难完成最初制定的1亿部手机的销售目标,甚至连调整后的8000万部的目标也有难度。小米本月曾宣布,2015年上半年只卖出了3470万部手机。Meanwhile, Apple on Tuesday said revenues from Greater China more than doubled to .2bn, thanks to a surge in iPhone sales, but saw bn wiped off its share price after overall iPhone sales disappointed. Its iPhone sales of 47.5m units for the three months ending in June were at least 1.5m below the number Wall Street was expecting.与此同时,苹果(Apple)周二表示,由于iPhone销量的激增,该公司在大中华区的营收增长一倍以上,达到132亿美元。然而,由于iPhone总体销量令人失望,苹果股价暴跌,市值蒸发660亿美元。在截至6月份的3个月里,苹果的iPhone销量为4750万部,至少比华尔街的预期数字低了150万部。Wang Yanhui, head of the China Smartphone Alliance, an industry association, said that while Huawei’s figures showed about half of its sales were in China, the figure was probably closer to 60 per cent. Technical features such as a long battery life and stable connection on China’s high-speed trains have lifted Huawei’s popularity, he added.行业协会——手机中国联盟(Mobile Phone China Alliance)秘书长王艳辉表示,尽管华为的数据显示大约一半的销量来自中国,但该数字可能更接近60%。他补充说,华为的电池续航时间很长,而且在中国的高铁上也能稳定联网,这些技术特性提升了华为手机的人气。Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s smartphone division, attributed the rapid increase in smartphone sales to a decision to target the upper end of the market, “a testament to our core business strategy to offer premium quality products”, he said yesterday.华为智能手机部门主管余承东(Richard Yu)将华为智能手机销量的迅猛增长归功于公司以高端市场为目标的决定。余承东昨天表示,这一增长“是对我们提供优质产品这一核心经营战略的明”。However, CK Lu, a China smartphone market analyst at Gartner, sounded a note of caution: “To become a truly global tier-one player, Huawei must find a way to enter the US market.”不过,高德纳(Gartner)中国智能手机市场分析师吕俊宽(CK Lu)告诫称:“要想成为真正的全球一流厂家,华为必须想办法进入美国市场。”Since 2012 Huawei has been effectively blocked from big business deals in the US by Congress due to concerns that the company founded by Ren Zhengfei, an ex-military officer, spies for China — a charge Huawei denies.自2012年以来,华为在美国实际上被国会挡在大笔商业交易门外。美方担心,由退役军官任正非创立的华为会替中国从事间谍活动。华为否认这一指控。 /201507/387778乌鲁木齐/整形医院抽脂减肥价格 新疆/省第一人民医院割双眼皮手术多少钱

新疆/激光祛痣哪家好When the monthlong marathon of men’s fashion shows kicks off this week, so will the scrimmage to cover it: the race by newspapers, magazines, television networks, social media platforms and blogs to get a piece of the action for themselves and their viewers.本周,长达一个月的男装秀开始了,报道男装秀的混战也烽烟再起:报纸、杂志、电视台、社交媒体和客竞相为自己和读者分一杯羹。Joining the melee for the first time will be Grindr, the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) social-networking app primarily for gay men. On Sunday, the app will live-stream the fall 2016 men’s wear show of J. W. Anderson as it hits the runway at London Collections: Men, the city’s biannual men’s fashion week.今年第一次加入混战的是Grindr。它是主要面向男同性恋的著名(看你怎么看了,也有人觉得是臭名昭著)交友应用程序。周日(1月3日),该应用程序在线直播J. W. Anderson在两年一度的伦敦男装周(London Collections: Men)上的2016秋季男装秀。Grindr’s purview has admittedly been narrow. The app introduces users to others in the surrounding area who are looking to make a connection — as often as not, a sexual one. Its buffet of thumbnail-size photos is, by design, bare-bones (and, not infrequently, bare-chested).不可否认,Grindr的用户群很窄。这个应用程序把用户介绍给周围想要交友的人(大多是想发生性关系)。它的用户照片库只提供简单的小照片(很多照片都是赤膊)。“Grindr is a very, very visual experience,” the app’s founder and chief executive, Joel Simkhai, said in an interview in 2014.2014年,这个应用程序的创始人兼首席执行官乔尔·西姆克海(Joel Simkhai)在接受采访时说:“Grindr非常注重视觉体验。”So, of course, is fashion — even if Grindr is more traditionally thought of as being for those dispensing with clothing than acquiring it.时装当然也是如此——虽然传统观念认为,Grindr是面向那些想脱掉衣而非穿上衣的人。“I think fashion is a sexy platform as well, ultimately,” said Jonathan Anderson, 31, the British designer behind J. W. Anderson, during a break from fittings in London. “We’re all humans, so we all have to be somewhat sexually attractive to someone. That’s the name of the game, with clothing.”J. W. Anderson31岁的英国设计师乔纳森·安德森(Jonathan Anderson)在伦敦试衣的间歇表示:“我认为,说到底,时装也是一个性感平台。我们都是人,所以我们都必须具有一定的性吸引力。装就是用来达到这个目的的。”The designer, who won British Fashion Awards for both women’s and men’s wear designer of the year in 2015, called Grindr “incredibly modern as a platform,” and his decision to put his show on it “a no-brainer.”安德森获得了2015年英国时尚大奖(British Fashion Awards)的女装和男装最佳设计师奖。他认为Grindr“是一个非常现代的平台”,称把自己的时装秀放到这个平台上展示“是自然而然的”决定。Grindr will be the only place to live-stream the show. Users of the app will receive a link and a code to stream the , which will not actually play in the app itself, but in phone and tablet browsers.Grindr将是唯一一个在线直播这场时装秀的平台。这个应用程序的用户将收到一个链接和一个代码,视频不是在应用程序上播放,而是在手机或平板电脑的浏览器里播放。The show is the first time Grindr is experimenting with fashion content, and most likely not the last. According to the company, it now has one million active users on the platform worldwide every minute, and is aiming to broaden its offerings and its appeal.这场时装秀是Grindr首次试验提供时装内容,这很可能不是最后一次。该公司称,现在这个平台每分钟拥有来自世界各地的100万活跃用户,它计划扩大自己的内容和吸引力。In the fall, Grindr hired Landis Smithers, a veteran of Ogilvy amp; Mather and Old Navy, to spearhead its marketing and collaboration. It made waves in the fashion industry when it signed the powerful publicity agency PR Consulting shortly after. (Not by coincidence, PR Consulting also represents J. W. Anderson.)去年秋季,Grindr聘请Ogilvy amp; Mather和Old Navy的资深创意总监兰迪斯·史密瑟斯(Landis Smithers)开拓市场和合作。不久之后,它与著名公关公司PR Consulting签约,在时装界引起轰动(PR Consulting也代理J. W. Anderson,这不是巧合)。Fashion is “a very big topic of interest for a certain segment of our consumer,” Mr. Smithers said, adding that he did not rule out future projects involving music or night life.史密瑟斯说,时尚是“我们的部分用户很感兴趣的重要话题”。他补充说,将来有可能增加与音乐和夜生活相关的内容。He envisions a future for Grindr well beyond the scope of its grabby classifieds, and wants to shed the stigma attached in some corners to using the app.他给Grindr展望的未来远远超越贪婪的分类广告,他想消除在某些地区使用这个应用程序的羞耻感。“There’s a generation out there that doesn’t seem to care if people know that Grindr is on their phone, and there’s a generation that does,” Mr. Smithers said.史密瑟斯说:“有些年龄层的人似乎不介意别人知道自己手机上下载了Grindr,但也有些年龄层介意。”“The app is free to download,” he added. “You don’t have to use it for what its prime function is.”他补充说:“这个应用程序是免费的。你可以不用它的主要功能。” /201601/421353新疆/丰胸一般多少钱 It was in 2010 that Lee Kun-hee, chairman of the Samsung group, warned that South Korea’s most famous company risked becoming a “corner shop”. In fact, at the time of his premonition, Samsung Electronics, by far the most profitable company in the sprawling Samsung empire, was on the verge of a golden streak.三星集团(Samsung)董事长李健熙(Lee Kun-hee)在2010年曾警告说,这家韩国最著名的企业面临变成“街角小店”的风险。事实上,在他发出这一预警之际,三星电子(Samsung Electronics)——在庞大的三星集团内,最赚钱的就数三星电子——即将进入一段黄金时期。It cemented its place as the world’s biggest technology company by sales, and as Asia’s most valuable brand, ahead of Japan’s Toyota, no less. It went on to become the first South Korean company to reach a market capitalisation of 0bn. Yet now, as 72-year-old Mr Lee lies gravely ill in a hospital bed following a heart attack, his paranoia looks almost prescient.三星电子巩固了其作为销量最高的科技公司的地位,还超越日本丰田(Toyota),成为亚洲最有价值的品牌。然后它又成为第一家市值突破2000亿美元的韩国企业。然而,当72岁的李健熙因突发心脏病住进医院,重病在床,他当初的多疑现在看起来颇具先见之明。Samsung Electronics is certainly no corner shop. It continues to dominate the country’s corporate landscape to an uncomfortable degree. Yet its problems are manifold and its horizons darkening. Last month it reported third-quarter profits down 60 per cent as margins on smartphones withered. Now, as it prepares for life after Mr Lee, who will be succeeded by his son, Lee Jae-yong, there is talk of a wholesale revamp. As if to rub salt in the wound, the market capitalisation of arch-rival Apple, whose third-quarter results were as rosy as Samsung’s were funereal, this week touched 0bn, more than four times that of the South Korean company today.三星电子当然不是街角小店,它在韩国企业界依然独占鳌头,简直叫人心里不平。然而它也存在种种问题,前景日益黯淡。上个月三星电子公布了第三季度财报,由于智能手机业务的利润率萎缩,季度利润同比下滑60%。眼下,随着李健熙之子李在镕(Lee Jae-yong)将接替他掌管这家公司,有传言说三星电子要进行大调整。而三星电子主要竞争对手苹果(Apple)的三季度业绩颇为亮眼,更映衬三星业绩惨淡。苹果的市值在本周触及7000亿美元,比这家韩国企业当前市值多出三倍有余,无异于往三星的伤口上又撒了把盐。What has gone wrong? Paradoxically, most of Samsung’s problems are down to its smartphones, the product for which it has become world renowned.三星电子出了什么问题?自相矛盾的是,三星的问题多数都出在智能手机上,而其享誉全球也正是靠着智能手机。At the premium end of the market, where handsets cost upwards of 0, its once-spirited challenge to Apple with its Galaxy smartphones has faded. The US company’s more stylish products command a higher premium and occupy an app-rich ecosystem that has proved far easier to turn into cash. Despite huge spending on marketing, Samsung has never managed to persuade consumers that its brand is as desirable as Apple’s. Nor is its generic Android operating system as easy to tailor as the proprietary iOS system. To top it all, Apple is now offering larger-screen phones, cancelling out Samsung’s biggest differentiating feature.在售价高于500美元的高端手机市场,三星电子曾以Galaxy智能手机向苹果发起挑战,如今这股雄心已渐渐消失。苹果公司的产品更为时尚,定价也更高,而且这家美国企业还打造了一个拥有众多应用程序的生态系统,现实明该系统更容易创造收益。尽管三星在营销上投入巨大,但从未成功说消费者,让他们像渴望苹果那样去渴望三星。其通用的安卓操作系统也不像苹果自有的iOS系统那样易于定制。雪上加霜的是,苹果现在又提供大屏手机,这就抹掉了三星最大的差异化特征。At the cheaper end of the market, too, Samsung’s advantages are fast evaporating. A crop of Chinese companies based in the fiercely competitive Shenzhen cluster, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo and ZTE, is robbing Samsung of volume and pricing power. In the second quarter of 2013, Samsung accounted for more than 32 per cent of global smartphone sales, according to research company IDC. By the third quarter of this year, that had shrivelled to less than 24 per cent. “Samsung is being squeezed at both ends,” says Benedict Evans, a partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.在较低端市场,三星的竞争优势也在迅速消失。华为(Huawei)、小米(Xiaomi)、联想(Lenovo)和中兴(ZTE)等一批中国公司都在抢夺三星的市场份额和定价权。市场研究公司IDC的数据显示,2013年二季度,三星智能手机出货量占全球的近三分之一;到今年三季度,这个数字已缩减为不到24%。风险投资公司Andreessen Horowitz的合伙人班尼迪克#8226;埃文斯(Benedict Evans)表示:“三星在高低端两头受敌。”At home, Samsung finds itself under pressure of a different kind. Many South Koreans take great pride in the company’s achievements. There is, however, also resentment at the dominance of Samsung and other chaebol conglomerates, which are seen to have benefited from government largesse and to have prospered by squeezing the little guy. Official policy is slowly catching up with public anger. From next year, a tax on retained earnings is likely to come into force. Other measures will cajole big companies into distributing more of their profits in wages and dividends.在国内,三星则面临一种不同的压力。许多韩国人对三星的成功感到非常自豪。然而,人们对三星和其他大企业所占据的优势地位也感到愤愤不平,觉得这些大企业受到了政府的照顾和扶持,是通过挤压小企业的生存空间才兴旺起来的。政府政策也在逐渐呼应民怨。从明年起,韩国政府将开征一项留存收益税,并将采取其他措施,引导大企业通过工资和分红的方式将利润更多地分配出去。One might conclude Samsung’s best days are behind it. Certainly, the transition to the third generation of Lee family control will be testing. The group is in the process of an upheaval that some put down to an attempt by the family to reduce inheritance tax. That may be so, but spin-offs could also result in a simpler, more investor-friendly structure.有人或许会认为,三星的黄金时期已经过去。当然,管理权向李氏家族第三代的过渡将是一次考验。该集团正在经历一场剧变,一些人将这场剧变归结为李氏家族试图减少遗传税的努力。这么说或许没错,但拆分业务也可能造就一种更简明、更有利于投资者的公司结构。On the operational front, the position may not be quite as grim as it appears. The company has culled its smartphone range, a strategy that should bring economies of scale as well as simplification. Samsung makes more than 320m smartphones a year and has a market share nearly five times that of Xiaomi, its nearest Chinese rival. That means it ought to be able to go head-to-head on price, particularly as it steps up its big manufacturing operations in low-cost Vietnam.在运营方面,形势或许并不像表面看上去的那么严峻。三星已经削减了旗下智能手机的种类,这一策略应该会带来规模优势和简化效应。三星智能手机的年产量超过3.2亿部,市场份额比最接近自己的中国竞争对手小米大了近4倍。这意味着三星应该打得起价格战,特别是它已在成本较低的越南进一步扩大了生产规模。Mark Newman, an analyst at Bernstein Research, says the worst could even be over for Samsung’s handset business. He predicts the massive semiconductor division is entering a golden era of its own. According to his reckoning, it is worth paying current depressed prices for Samsung shares for access to the semiconductor business alone. If he is right, that would mean the market has marked down the smartphone business to zero, surely an overreaction. Even the corner shop of Mr Lee’s nightmares is worth more than that.伯恩斯坦(Bernstein Research)的分析师马克#8226;纽曼(Mark Newman)表示,三星手机业务最坏的时候也有可能已经过去。据他预测,三星庞大的半导体业务部即将迎来属于它自己的黄金时代。在他看来,即便只看其半导体业务,也值得趁眼下股价低迷之际入手三星股票。如果他的看法是对的,那就说明市场已经严重低估了三星智能手机业务的价值。即便李健熙噩梦成真、三星真的沦为了一家街角小商店,它的价值也不只这么点儿。 /201412/345439乌鲁木齐/整形美容医院溶脂针怎么样

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